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Speaker creates a back end so that Meetup organizers can log-in and stream the events themselves. Now speaker uses a camera called the insta 361 to do that. Speaker has different cameras that they used to live stream. Cameras have gotten the ability to live stream, which is cool. Speaker is interested in how they can create their own endpoint. Speaker was using an online service where they could point the feed into the software and it would do the job for them. Now speaker wants to do it himself. Speaker learned how to set up a rtmp server. They found it and as a node media server. Panel shows everything you need. It also supports hl, s — mp4, so speaker can record the streams. Speaker has created a simple web socket. It gives them the configuration for executing it. It also allows they to push the streams. Speaker decided to host it and they have been a big fan. Speaker is using the standard google app engine now. Speaker created a project for the node media server. Now they have created a project for the node media server. The streams are where the streams would show up if live streaming is happening. Speaker is working on the server. The profile has 2 gigabytes and the version of node media server is 17. 3. Cpu usage is a hundred percent. Speaker will try to feed the live feed from the rtmp server to the camera and see if it works. Speaker is going to try and stream from here to google app engine standard. Speaker is looking for a way to set up a media server in the Cloud. They will let all right know about it. Speaker will be promoting the past radio show from yesterday. Speaker will get back to work by getting everyone back to work. Speaker has almost forgot the outro music.

They turned around and they were spotted rare. Speaker wants everyone to get things done. They want to do a quick presentation of some stuff. Things do not work properly, speaker will apply a fixed before to the website. Speaker has been working on some stuff for the last 15 minutes. Now they want to go back and work on other projects. He's working as a javascript developer advocate. Videos is what they want to do. Speaker created a website to share the screen. They will share audio trans case. Now speaker created a website with the upcoming tech events. It would list all the upcoming events. Speaker is using the meeting Meetup Api to pull events. There's a 40 % sale in the shop. Now speaker is looking through the shop. Speaker created a live stream of the event.

  • javascript developer advocate
  • upcoming events
  • meetup api
  • google app engine
  • engine flex

And they turned around each other.

Welcome back, welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back, welcome back.

We always put spotted rare.

Welcome back and I smile way I think and I know.

Hey welcome back.

Alright, so I hope everyone is gotten getting stuff done.

Working on things actually just threw a load of clothes into the washing machine.

All right, so let us get started because I want to do a like a quick presentation of some stuff that I have been working on.

Because like I said I feel like the this website until it dot works is doing pretty well.

It's at a point where it's working and it's functional, you know, so and then until things start you know happening and people let me know stuff doesn't work the way they think it will then I will apply a fixed before right now.

I think we're at a good operating point so let me know if you run into anything and also hit me up in the chat room or if you have any questions you can ask questions there as well.

But I wanted to kind of go over some stuff.

Okay, so this is the thing I have been kind of working on.

So like now that this is kind of like I said, working pretty well.

I want to go back and start working on some other side projects.

I have been meaning to do so.

Anybody that knows me knows.

I am big into like streaming, right?

And so, working at Vonage as a JavaScript developer Advocate is great because we do a lot of streaming stuff.

So, like I am using it now.

To stream these videos.

And so that's cool.

So I am somewhat so much of a big of a fan that I go to a lot of meetups, and so I figured hey for people who can't make the meetups like be there in person.

I would stream it because I have streamed other events like different Hip Hop shows and all sorts of things like that.

So I have gone streaming before, and so I was like, hey I am going to be the meetups anyway.

Let me go ahead and stream it for people who can't make it.

Because there's like a because people you know, they have lives outside of work, and they have other responsibilities that they have to do.

So they have to be home for certain things and, you know, family and things important, things like that, but it's still like to be a part of the local community.

So with that I created a website, do let me share the screen.

I don't think I am gonna need any Audio.

Maybe I will share audio trans case.

So I created this website because, you know, I make random things.

So all right so this is otech dot events and so it's a website.

I created.

Let me refresh because there's a cool animation.

If we could have a Mauser go.

And so this is otech dot events, it's a website I created.

So it would list all the upcoming events in Orlando like the tech events.

And so here's this.

And then there's the, have a list of the upcoming ones.

There we go.

So you got some upcoming ones here and this updates, I think I have like a Cron job that checks an API.

I think I am using.

Yeah, I am using the meeting Meetup API and so, we will see.

But yeah.

So this pulling that like every three hours I think, if I remember correctly, it's a while since I did this.

And so these are different upcoming events.

Here's an archive.

Of the different events.

So, these are the ones that I was streaming will come back to that.

And, and so, from meet up, here are all the different groups that I am pulling the upcoming events from Cool.

Then of course you know there's a shop by the way, I think it might still be happening.

There's like a 40% sale or there's something sale I think happening in the shop so you can check that out.

It's the same shop.

That's right there above, there's a link for shop so there's that one.

And then the about now, come on.

All right, cool.

So yeah, so here's all the different things I used to make it.

And stuff.

Yeah, all right.

So but here's the archive and so let us take a look real quick.

Oh, so I am doing a horrible job at this.

So I am just all over the place.

Well, they say you wanted to see this event, click that and it shows you information about the event.

Also, there's a map so where it's happening and then you can tweet it as well.

Cool, go back.

So now let us check out the archive so this is one of the last ones we got to actually Stream.

So in C so view info and so here's the video that I created.

So this is the live stream.

Here're two parts excess, I am gonna see So I had this whole elaborate setup, so I could show the person speaking.

And their screen is a whole lot of stuff so on his head like the details on stuff too.


Now, so I was doing all that and then like the pandemic hit, and I was like, oh, we could still use it.

So I create like a whole back end so that Meetup organizers can log-in and stream the events themselves or what have you, cool?

So that's kind of like, you know what I like to do as far as like, streaming and stuff.

So, all right, there's that.

Now, one of the cameras that I use, let me stop screen, share.

So, real quick.

So there's this camera here that I have been using and it's called the insta 361 are, it's pretty cool because it like comes apart.

So like here is like the brains here is the lens where you can actually take these apart.

Here's the battery, you can take it apart and put on another lens.

So they have different lenses that you can use.

And so this is pretty cool.

I have a bunch of different cameras that I used to live stream.

Mmmmm because like I said I have been in it for.

I have been into it for a while and so let me share back my screen.

So now one of the things I ran into was that in order to live stream that you would need like a rtmp server.

So let me share my screen again.

So recently, so these cameras have recently gotten the ability to live stream, So, which is pretty cool.

So a lot of cameras are going that way because it just some software updates And so this instant 361 are actually in the, like I said, see there's one of the lenses is a 360 lens, so you can shoot 360 videos.

All right, this is not an ad for instant 360, but they make some good stuff.

And so now they're saying like how you can stream with it, which is pretty cool.

So, they have the different kinds like you can reframe the shot, or you can just have the viewer, look at the 360 bunch of stuff.

So, did you do so it all pretty much involves, like you go to YouTube live, you know, directly, you can go to, I think, Facebook, and but it's tough, but the one I was most interested in is you can do your own endpoints.

So some of the software I was using before, like the OBS, for example, you could create like a rtmp Sir, end point.

And it points, you point the camera to that, and then you'd be able to stream and bring it in as a source.

So if I remember correctly, but I was using an online service where you would be able to point the camera, the instant 360 or whatever.

Camera else camera you have me.

Bow is another one I have been using.

Also, you can point that feed into that software.

And it will do all the stuff for you and then you can send that out.

That's what I did for otech, DOT events.

So that's what I did there.

So now I am thinking, I want to see if I could do it myself because although I don't want to have to log in to this and this instead of all the other stuff I just kind of want to have a place where I can just point the feed and be good to go.

So, I didn't need all the fluff and stuff.

So when I researched all that, you could set up a rtmp Server, which is what I needed.

But then you have to set up this whole thing with nginx and downloading these packages and setting this up and all these things.

And I was like, no, I am good.

And it wasn't until recently that I came across this project from a list pass I ll U s-- Pas on GitHub and as a node media server, and I am like oh I have done stuff with now before so cool.

So let me check this out and the way it's set up is its amazing.

Like everything is there for you, is just you set it up and you even get like an admin.

Panel and it shows you all these things.

So, and then you can the feeds, you actually look at a preview of the feed, through the dashboard.

So it's kind of amazing and it has everything that I needed.

So you can set up rtmp has support for HL, s — MP4, you can record the streams.

You can do web sockets, like there's a lot of stuff and like it's so you see, here's the rtmp stuff.

So my thought is that alright create this?

Node media server, which I am more familiar node than having to all the nginx stuff in setting up this environment, all these things.

So it's like, oh let me get this shot, I am like cool.

Let me try work it out because this seems pretty straightforward.

So like you have the configuration like this is the code to run it.

So you get the configuration, you said your rtmp Port, your HTTP port, and then you just create and run it pretty amazing.

And then, then you push the streams.

Then you can do it from OBS as well.

And so this is what I am looking for.

So this is what I would need to put into the application, for the camera so that the feed knows where to go to send the video.

So yeah, so this creates that endpoint for me, and so they have all hls — its kind of amazing so it's pretty cool.

So, I was like, well where would I host it?

Because it's going to be, I think it'd be too much for, like Firebase, and so I came across as video big shots to Fire Ship dot IO.

I have been a big fan, I am like a lifelong member on there.

They had like a deal where you pay a certain money and you have like lifetime access to the courses, so I did that.

So fire ship that I oh I remember when I was like angular was it?

Angularfire or somebody that I think it was back in the day but it's Fire Ship now.

And so he had this whole thing about seven ways to deployed node.js app and one of them was a Google app engine.

Now, I am using the standard one.

He spoke about flexible environment and standard environment and from what he said.

In the video, I went with the standard.

So he talked about Cloud VM at engines standard from using App engine Flex kubernetes, He's Cloud functions and Cloud run.

And from what he was saying, I felt like the cloud, the app engine Google app engine will be best for my needs, and so I went through.

And, so I went through a tutorial like a guy to set up a basic one.


So then I went and then I create another project for the node media server and so this is what I have ever deployed now.

So this is it pretty cool.

So we have got the streams.

So this is where the streams would show up if I am live streaming.

So I am still working on that part.

I just wanted to get this server up and running.

And then we have the profile and so it looks like 2x unknown CPU and so is the OS.

Linux the memories 2 gigabytes and the version of node 14.7 17.3 and in the up time.

So this how long I have been running it for now and then the version of node media server and now the thing is that I am not sure about is that.

As you can see, the CPU usage is a hundred percent.

Not sure where that means so What I am going to do is I am going to at some point hopefully today, take this camera and start feeding the live feed from the rtmp server and point that I get from here and see if that works.

So I am thinking I will try that and see if and say if it works like show if it works or not in the cipher that's happening later today.

So you Check that out.

You can always get the notifications for that.

Yeah at the top it says like subscribe.

You will be able to check out that.

All right so now my question is anybody has anybody done this before with the node media server and have you deployed it to Google app engine standard does this?

And if you have, is this normal with the CPU usage, I don't know that seems kind of worried.

Awesome to me.

But do you see the memory usage is basically zero and stuff?

So we will see.

I am going to try and stream from here to there and see what happens.

Would you go this way?

Do you know of another way that you would set up a media server like in the cloud?

This is what I am looking to do.

All right, so if you have any thoughts, please let me know.

And that's where I am at with this project.

And so yeah, so I will give like little updates.

Things on the progress of it, I guess if you're interested but yeah, so that should be cool.

All right, yeah so let me know again if you ever have any sort of like experience with this and you done this before and yeah, hoping to get that worked out soon because it's pretty cool project.

I want to work on.

It's just a thing that I think would be super cool and helpful for folks as well.

So yeah, nice little Side project.


So, thank you all.

Once again for hanging out, I am going to get you all back to work and hopefully everything you work on is going well, and I still got some promos stuff.

So I am going to be on Instagram and Twitter promoting the past radio show from yesterday.

So alright, I think that's going to be it.

Let me get you all back to work.

Thank you.

Once again, we will be back.

So the next break session, we're going to talk about a Pin it hip-hop artists and look at their website and maybe play some music and stuff.

All right, cool.

So again, thank you for hanging out.

See you soon?

Good luck with whatever is that you work on?

All right, easy piece, I forgot.

Let me almost forgot the outro.

You're not official if you don't have an outro music, right?

Okay, we go.

Thanks again.

Y'all, If this would go, all right, cool.

Here we go.