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That same old place, the G cloud with another have all changed since you hung around, but those dreams everything, and they have turned around each other.

Hey, what's going on?

Welcome back.

This is the second cipher of the day and maybe it's your first or is your second either.


Thanks for coming out and saying, having a good time.

Hopefully you have an it that you are working on and hopefully make some progress with.

All right, so Hey Tonya, is he made it?


Nice, would you got working on?

So let me know in the chat, by the way, there is a chat.


So this first break session is an orientation for the simple fact that it gives me one less thing to plan for.

So let me go through it.

So right now what you're looking at is the break session, right, up above this video that you're looking at, you will see there's like home shop, subscribe, and like, A gout if you logged in yeah, if you're logged in, you would see fewer things.

But if you're logged, if you're logged out, you see fewer things, but you're logged in, you will see more things.

All right?

And the day for me.

All right, so subscribe if you see, subscribe then.

All right.


All right, cool.

So yeah, working on some bondage, video, API stuff.

All right.

Full disclosure Tony and I work as developer Advocates Advantage.

She is a python developer Advocate, and I am a JavaScript developer Advocate.

And so yeah, fun times.

And so got some bondage.


I need to figure out what happened with that thing we were talking about before.

But that's, you know, other stuff.

All right, I got to figure because it's weird why I am getting that.

Like, Invalid token thing when I am not passing a token in at all either.

Okay, we can work on that like during work or something, but for everyone else.

So here's the break session.

Again, above you see, the Subscribe.

I may change at the schedule.

I am not sure, but you can go there and it will show all the upcoming ciphers that are happening, and they're to your time zone.

So you have to do any time zone math in your head and You can subscribe for each one, each one separately or all together.

So that's what that does.

Here is the video where you're looking at my face on.

And so you may see the message below that if you just happen to stop, if you stop by and it's already in break mode and you have an interactive with the site massage.

It's going their browsers.

Now, I think especially if you have audio, they won't autoplay.

Video if you have interacted with the site yet, so that's why I have that disclaimer saying, you may need to press the play button on the stream next to that is the open closed caption, where I am doing right now, speech, recognition in the browser.

So everything I am saying is, hopefully being correctly and accurately.

Recognize an interpreted and typed out.

In that section that opens up below that you will see some other buttons two more buttons.

One is to add a clip.

So if there's anything you find noteworthy during these break sessions, you can actually hit that and it will sit like a timestamp.

And I will take like a five-second clip.

You get five-second Clips.

You hit create a highlight video.

Once you're done.

And then when we're over and I send you all back to work and I stop the broadcast.

It sends it off to the back end thing I created and it does a bunch of stuff.

API calls makes a highlight video for you with your actual like it's customized to your stuff and it will have your username with whether you sign in with Twitter or GitHub.


Oh, so then, so once I hit stop by the way, the timer there that's below that is the time.

So the next work session, yes.

All right.

So let me go back and share my screen.

So when we're not in break mode, we are in work mode.

And so hopefully, it looks something like this for you.

Now, in the upper left-hand corner is the player.

I know a bunch of like, really super dope producers.

So they kindly submitted some tracks for y'all to listen to while you're getting work done.

So, if you like it, you can buy it, share it.

And then also, if you want to help spread the word, you can click the tweet'.

Now, open a new tab with a pre-populated tweet that says the name of the artist and the You're digging into what have you and all that stuff.

So a way to help support the artists and maybe spread the word on what we're doing here below that, is it to do section.

So this is where you add the task that you need.

You want to get done so you can add a task here at the bottom, or is it a task hit enter or press the plus sign?

They now show up in The To Do List.

Now, if you want to see what was done, you just click done and I will show you done then, get back to the dues to do and I will show what you haven't done yet.

When it's all said and done and you're ready to finish up?

You can it's hit the tweet twitter icon logo thing.

And now again, open up Twitter with a pre-populated tweet with all your completed tasks.

So it's kind of like a little, like reward, like a good job.

Got these things done.

You're good, kind of think.


All right over there is another countdown timer and that's the countdown until the next break session happens.

And that is normally 15 minutes after the hour.

Cool below that we have view tutorials.

And so let us say, you have no clue about coding but you want to try maybe dip your toe into it.

I have two different like curriculums that I heard a pretty good.

Haven't done it myself, but I heard they're pretty good.

One is free code camp and one is the Odin project and I heard good things about both.

So let me know.

So check them out.

Also, if you are familiar with coding you looking for like some sort of inspiration on something that you were looking to get into or what have you.

I have three different tutorials there.

And again, I work at Vantage.

So they're Vonage tutorials things that I have worked on and I just want to get feedback.

So if you do happen to do them, let me get Feedback, I have to like goals for tutorials one is that you can work through each step and get the desired outcome and to being that.

You understand what happened in every step so that if you need to you can actually take what's in the tutorial and build upon it and feel good about it or create another one or what have you and I will tell you saying that free code Camp is wonderful nice.

Alright, so yeah, so there's that and you can also submit your own tutorials.

So the tutorials that we have their from bondage are actually from your browser putting in a phone number and calling it actual physical phone and the real world.

Then we have the opposite of that from a real world phone to answering it in the browser.

Then we have two web users speaking to each other like audio chat.

So that's there.

So if you are, that's there for you, if you want to check it out.

All right.

Below that we have Jaco.

Which stands for help a coder / Creator out.

And so let us say you working on something and you get stuck and or maybe you want to get feedback on something.

You can click create.

Well, they will do is give you your own unique URL to where you can set, put that into like whatever the internet.

So like Twitter or social media or what have you, you know, asking people to join your room to help you out and people that join the room.

They Quest to join the room and so on your dashboard will have you in your room, you can see who is requesting to join the room and you will be able to click their name and it will go to either the Twitter profile or the GitHub profile depending on what they logged in with.

And so you will be able to determine whether or not you want to let that person into your room.

You can always ban them afterwards if they don't act right as well.


And then in your room, since you are the owner, you can actually share your screen.

And so you will be able to say, hey, this is what I am running into or hey, I would like to get feedback on this yada.

And then we actually have text chat audio chat like speech to text, and text to speech.

So pretty much any way people want to communicate.

Hopefully, there's a way for you to communicate and it's just a way of hopefully collectively as a group come together and, you know, help the original person.

Whatever is that they needed, so that's that?

And then you also be able to view.

If you click view.

You can click, you can check out what other hot coals are happening in stuff.

I haven't towards this even past tacos or there.

I gotta, I gotta make it to where once you leave, maybe clears it out.

I don't know.

That's for a future version.

Right now.

It works.

I am happy with it below that.

Now, if you have something that's your you find, interesting, and you think is cool, and you want to like, speak about it.

Do like a quick lightning talk?

There's the show-and-tell sign up and with that you get like five ten minutes to kind of talk about whatever you think is cool.

And that's pretty much that and then below that.

So remember that highlight video clip thing.

So, right here, under the highlights section the status.

Once you submitted it, you will say submitted, and then once it's been, you know, put together and also have raised be You just click view, open up, and then you will see a preview of the video that you can download it, save it to your device.

And there's also yet another Cent send a tweet button, which again will open up Twitter with the pre-populated tweet and you will have like a unique URL to you to watch the archive of the video and depending on the device or whatever.

I don't know.

But the preview link like the car that comes up on Twitter will be a video and it will be your video that you created or what I have been doing now is downloading the video and just attaching it to the Tweet.

So that way, I know it shows up regardless of wherever, however, if Twitter wants to submit it.

I don't know how they do their preview stuff.

And yeah, so that's it.

So, yeah, so that's pretty much the site there.

Let me stop sharing the screen.

So hopefully that was cool orientation.

Find your way around, you know if anything, I guess, hit me up on Twitter or whatever.

I really don't have a way for like people to speak with because I wanted to be like I want to focus on this thing.

So there was like a chat during the work thing.

Then people may just do that whole time and not do whatever work they wanted to do.

So, yeah, maybe I will add it out.

Don't let me know.

I am always open to additions and stuff.

So, all right.

So what I am going to do is now send you all back on your way.

I almost forgot to totally click the create a highlight video.

Let us see.

So I am going to set the timer so that 15 minutes after the hour.

We will be back.

And if we don't have any show and tells we're going to talk about a random.

API, that's coming to the browser or is in the browser.

Now, I think we got them a certain version of Chrome.

It seems pretty cool.

And so if not, we will talk about that?

And then if there's not another one for the final break session, then we will go over the website of an artist that we played on the radio show recently.

And so maybe you will dig them and become a fan and follow their Journey.

Yeah, that's the hope.

All right, cool.

So let me get this going.

Sure, cool, make sure I hit create a highlight video.

Alright, so again, wish you all much productivity and good luck and thanks again and see you 15 minutes after the hour for the break session.

All right, cool.

Good luck, everyone.

Thanks again for hanging out and word.

All right, share my screen to someone sends you all out with some music.

The way I brought y'all.

Lynn and this track is by Anthony Cruz.

AKA a butter.

The track is called.

Thank you.

Because I want to thank you all for hanging out and yeah, good luck.



See you at peace.

I want to say thank you.