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Beer and I know we went to see you again.

The more was their son in the faith and God never lead you.

Hey, what's going on?


I am not sure what just happened.

But we're going to do a just a retake of that whole last thing.

I think I might accidentally click something and it kicked me out.

I am not sure what happened.

But of course for the last break session, something of course, has to go wrong.

So I am not sure what that was about, but we're going to go over it real quickly again.

It's do a replay like it never happened.

Now things aren't working the way they were.

Before, so, hopefully it all still works.

Hopefully, we will see.

I don't know what's going on anymore.

All right.

So of course, I will add more time to make up for this.

But, again, sorry about that.

That's so weird.

I don't know what happened.

All right, we're going to go and do this real quickly.

So, like I said before, so, this is the final break session for this week for the final Cipher.

And yeah, let us just go into it and going to go over and artists.

Website will be played on the radio show before.

There are big fans of.

So, maybe you will become a fan at some point.

And yeah, so let us check it out.

Check out their website and listen to some tunes.

All right.

Oh, I cannot believe I just did that.

So it was going so, well, too.

And then everything just crashed.

That's awesome.

All right, so hopefully everything is still going.

Okay, my backup doesn't seem to be working.

So we will see how that works.

All right.

Got this going because the thing is I don't think I stopped the previous broadcast.

So I think that may still be going.

I am not sure what's happening.

Neither here nor there.

The purpose of the artists were going to talk about today is tall black guy out of Detroit, Michigan.

Super do producer, and we're going to take a look at his website.

All right?

And listen to some tunes.

Now here and now it's full screen like video.


This is his performance at the Boiler Room in London.

If you don't, I am sure the boiler room.

It's an event, and they do them all over the world.

And were they stream a DJ set from like a party or something?

And so yeah, so you see people around dancing and things that you can kind of see the DJ or producer doing their thing.

Sometimes they have like people like rhyming singing like full show.

It's kind of Pending on what the producer wants to do, and they have different GoPros all over the place.

So you kind of see the different angles and things.

Pretty cool.

Alright, so this is the website here, all these links here, just take you to the different parts of the page.

They discover all the different sections.

So ours is going to scroll through.

All right.

Now, I am not going to click on any links, and we will talk about why later.

But so like we got this, here.

It tells you about the new project, nice airplane mode, in those, not the newest project.

So the site hasn't been updated for the newest project, but we will listen to that later.

And yeah, airplane mode, nice, nice full album artwork and then you can listen to the tracks and if you want to buy the album, you can go to the band camp, which is what we will be checking out soon, and then you can listen to it on Spotify as well.


If you want to stay in touch, you can sign up for the mailing list email list, cool discography.

And it has a bunch.

Each of the tracks of the album's here, very nice.

Again, I am not going to click on anything.

I will show you what happens when I click on something.

But here's a biography.

Nice to get to see more about the person nice.

So far the able to get to you know, check out some music, get a little bit know more about them.

All right, cool upcoming events.

Nothing as of yet.

Looks like I think they said something about catch me in Detroit in November nice, but nothing specific and in the gallery, which is pretty cool.

So you can buy click these and see.

I guess that's a video or an image, or what have you, and then you can select whether you want all the ladies want to see just images or just the videos, get another, click anything.

I will show you why?

And if you want to load more and then here again that same video that is of the top.

You can actually check out the video itself here like with audio and everything.

So this is YouTube embeds.

You can check that out more.

Oh, by the way, let me put a link and save the link to here so you can check it out for yourself.

All right.

Good now.

Wonder why this thing isn't picking up the stream, says it's connected.

I don't know.

All right, continue on.

So we got the blocks and some updates.

Nice, nice different things happening.


So things, I guess, tall black guys, find interesting and stuff.

So cool.

And then the management and booking information, if you would like to book tall, black guy.

All right, cool.

Yeah, and then he has links to different Social Media stuff.


And so this is what happens when you click a link or anything.

It looks like it's supposed to pull up like something here, but there's nothing there.

So, I am assuming whatever you click is supposed to show up as like a modal or something, but it doesn't.

And like you have this x here which you would think would close it, but it doesn't.

And so you have to like, refresh it to be able to go any further or look at anything else.

So I thought that was kind of random.

And so, yeah, there's that cool.

And it takes you back.

Alright, so let us listen to some tracks from the latest album.

So this is the bandcamp page.

So this is the latest album.

So let me go ahead and add that to the list of rinks, and we're going to listen to a few tracks.

All right.

Here we go.

So we were listening to this before and then everything kind of like shut down on me.

So it's like listening tall black guy and pose a more process and regression.

My wallet, that's what me how to pray just to make it through the day and never look the other way — can I move that butter?


Black, the your body answer the way you from.

Knowing that question, can't be satisfied by claiming a spot on a map.

See I make you a millionaire.

And unfortunately, in my life, I would have to fight the let us take a look.

Listen to the track yesterday.

Call mud, featuring, Sean.

See, Johnson said, listen.

Without deep down inside.


You got the pre-order of processed and progression from tall.

Black guy and Jose more.

Yeah, super dope.

All right, let us take a look at the discography for some other stuff.

Make sure you know, support, you know, and like I said, it's coming out October 22nd 2021, so check that out.

All right.

So, let us see.

Let us take a look at the discography.

All right, now, I think.

Oh, so check this out.

So he does like a different (remixes), and he will like remake tracks as well.

So we're going to take a listen to that.

So this one is, Andre 3000 prototype, go.

Go in the pocket remix.

Let us check it out.

Here we go.

Again, you have to purchase it.

Yeah, I mean, so yeah, if you want the one that goodness.

All right, let us take a look at some another one thinking.

Michael Jackson one.

Where is that one?

Oh tall.

Black guy and Jay-Z Marvin Gaye's.

You can kind of get a feel for the type of Donny.

Hathaway Aretha Franklin, a lot of dope Kevin Moore.

Alright lot, don't joint going to end off with.

Where is it?

There's no, here's Michael Jackson.

Here we go.

Check this out.


He took like samples.

And are you just going to do it?

All right.

Here we go.

Listen to like one track.

Let us see here.

What's a good one off?

The wall is try.

Listen Off the Wall.

Check out real quick.


Black guy versus Michael Jackson.

Here, we're doing.

That's dope.

All right, let us take another one real quick.

Rock With.

You should take check this out.

Dope, super dope.

So yeah, shouts.

Ooh, tall black guy.

Super do producer out of Detroit, Michigan.

I guess I like the website.

I just can't click anywhere.

Like I want like it has everything that I want to know if I just can't learn more.


I mean, he's so, yeah, so it's super dope again.

Shots, too tall black guy.

And yeah, I am Gonna Give You All more time because of the hiccup that happened.

I am not sure what happened there.

That is so weird, but hopefully, It works.

I think maybe so we will see.

So hopefully I didn't I think the issue is I never got a chance to end that previous broadcast so that may cause an issue.

Like with my I should still be able to be fine because I am going to end this one because I think I created a new one or maybe I didn't.

Oh, I have to see how the check, the archives and find out, but we will see.

So we will see.

But at least I will have my highlight Clips have to figure it out.

I am not sure how that because I have never done that before, huh?

Well, I guess you know, we're like 10 weeks in had to happen at some point, right?

So I can't believe I did that though.

Oh, because the thing is, if I click another page, I can't go back because every time you go, you click on pages, like a brand-new session.

So there was no way for me to stop the broadcast previously and I think that's what's messing up.

My backup, I have a YouTube backup, and I think it can't connect because the previous one is still going or some in the white hit end stream on that one and try to create a new one here.

I don't know.

We will see.

So, yeah, right.

I stop the stream because I did a quick testimony in between and I stop the stream.

I don't know.

We will see.

But yeah, thanks you all for hanging out.

I am going to give you some extra time and thanks for hanging out.

All right, y'all be easy.

Thanks again.

Let me stop sharing this screen.

So I can get ready to do this but again shots at all black guy and yeah, they're so well this week 200.

It's always something.

Alright, thanks, you all once again, be out of here, since you always some traveling music and good luck.

Have a great week.

See you next time.

Oh, if you look above, you will see uh, subscribe.

I am probably gonna change it to schedule because that probably makes more sense, but I will show you all the upcoming ciphers and you will be able to subscribe to And so, you get a notification when we go live next.

All right.

So again, thank you all for hanging out and putting up with me.

Alright, so to next time, be easy piece.

All right, get you all out here.

Anthony Cruz again.

A butter track all, thank you.

All right, here we go.

See you later.