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It's the 12th week. Speaker is going to meet with all the people who met them. Speaker is taking some clips from last night and this morning. Speaker gives people 2 ciphers a week to work on and learns how to do it. There are work sessions, break sessions and brake sessions. Speaker shares their screen with other stuff. Otherwise, they will just talk about things on the internet. Speaker is doing a Rick session.

Speaker will share their screen and audio. Finally, they found an amazing artist who dropped an album on the radio show.

Speaker is in the work session 45 minutes long. Speaker has a player up there and wants to promote it to the world. They want to make it a place where people can find new artists and producers. Speaker has to do their to-do list. Speaker is a javascript developer Advocate Advantage and likes the Vana tutorials they have worked on. They also has web users applications. They want them to be as straightforward as possible for people with different levels of coding. Speaker wants the steps to be clear and to show how it worked. Speaker has not done the free code camp and odin project.

They have a newfound love, and speaker is happy about it.

Speaker created a room which allows they to share their screen with other people. Speaker wants people to come together and give feedback on what he's working on. Speaker has some like demo ones, but they do not want to use them because they have to figure it out on their back into something. They suggest that people sign up for show and tell and then bring them onto their site to talk about something. Speaker is doing some speech recognition stuff through the browser. After that, they and their colleagues will add a five-second clip of the video and create a highlight video. Speaker created their own personalized highlight video. It worked. Now speaker posts stuff on his. Speaker is going to get things done.

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  • work sessions
  • dope tunes
  • tweet button
  • phone call
  • varying levels
  • social media

But those dreams have remained, and they have turned around each other.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

We always put spotted rare, welcome back and I smile when I think and I know what you see you again.

Learn to me.

Was there something they have never lead you?

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, what's going on?

Oh, alright, so welcome to be the 12th week of until it dot works.

Thank you all for hanging out.

Hopefully, you are setting up and getting whatever it is that you're working on working.

Yeah, I mean, yeah, I definitely didn't stay up too late.

Last night / this morning.

Just wow, but you know what?

We can make.

Up to something, you know, you just keep on going so word.

Just taking some clips here.


This is the first break session of the cipher.

So what happened?

So what I can do, there's two ciphers a day a week or what have you on now, all this is gonna be fun.

So the whole purpose of this is for folks who maybe have something that they have been wanting to work on, learn finish up whatever time because, you know if you're like me, you unless you have some time, designated for something, you will fill that space with whatever Randomness that pops up.

So by having like these slots.

Where you work on something and you have like a list of things that you want to work on.

You can start checking things off and you know work towards the goal.

So the way it's set up, there're work sessions and then there's break sessions.

So the work sessions are around like 45 minutes to an hour long.

And then the brake sessions are kind of like to be able to take a break.


I mean you have been working for that set amount of time and then here's a little break.

And this is what we do here.

And so with the break sessions, if you have anything that you want to like, show off, if you want to do like a quick lightning talk, feel free to hop on and show what you got.

Let me share my screen with the other stuff here.

Otherwise, I will just randomly talk about things.

I find interesting.

The internet.

And Also, been starting been doing these things where I look at different artists website, like musical artists that I like, and I am playing on the radio show.

Yeah, look at their websites.

Maybe you will find it.

Ours that you like.

I don't know.

So we share my screen.

Do not going to need any audio for this one.

So now that's the break session is pretty much just hopefully us.

You know you coming on here to talk about something you find cool.

Or me rambling about things.

I find cool and artist.

I find cool.

So that's the Rick session.

So you can also use that time to like, get up stretch.

Walk around do what you gotta do, right?

So, Now when we're not in Brick session, we're in the work session and the work session.

Like I said, our I like 45 minutes long and that's where you're getting and your focus on working on, whatever it is that you want to work on.

So this is similar to how your work session will look.

Now, okay.

So of course if you wanted to jam to some music or some dope Tunes, you know, some instrumental goodness.

We have this player up here.

And, so I know a lot of really good like artists like producers, and so I had a few of them submit music for these projects and stuff that I do.

So shouts of them.

And if you like what you're hearing, feel free to you know, support by sending out a tweet at least but there's also links if you want to like buy the music or what have you That too again.

I like I am trying to make it to a place where you could find new artists as well as get things done.

So, all right, cool.


So there's the player if you like it, tweet it here.

This section here is your to-do list.

This is where you type of the things you like to get done regular to-do list then.

So, this is the things you to do.

Then you click the done.

It will show you the things that you checked off and got finished.


And then at the end, you can hit this.

Tweet button and now actually send an open up Twitter with a pre-populated tweak with your list of things that you got finished.

Nice little, like, motivational goal thing.

I don't know.

So there's that here.

We have the timer to let you know the countdown until when the next break session is.

So that's, that's pretty cool tutorials.

Now, let us say you don't have a, you don't have an it that you want to work on.

We have the tutorials here and so full disclosure.

Mer, I am a JavaScript developer Advocate Advantage.

So there's some Vana tutorials on there that I worked on and I think a pretty cool.

So things like making a phone call from the browser to an actual phone the opposite from actual phone.

You can pick up an answer on the browser and then to like web users application.

Users speaking with each other through the browser, which is pretty cool.

Right now, I also have, so I have those, they're not only because I think they're cool.

But because since I worked on them, I want them to be as straightforward as possible for folks who are all varying levels of coding, you know, like whether you're, you know, a seasoned professional or just starting or what have you like.

I want.

I want the steps to be as clear as possible.

To where you get the desired outcome, but not just that but you understand what went into it kind of so you understand how it worked.

Not only that it did work, but how it worked as well.

So those are like my two main goals for those.

So let me know.

I am always down for some feedback and things.

So, thank you.

Also, on there we have Some problems I have heard like if you not even sure if coating is a thing that you want to do.

There's the free code camp and Odin project and I haven't done it myself.

But from what I understand, they're supposed to be pretty good.

So gives you like a nice.

I looked over like the what they're showing.

It seems like a pretty cool like General introduction into it and to the point where you can decide, Whether or not you want to kind of keep going, you know, spending time and or money on developing the skills and stuff.

So as and again, that's the cool thing about like coding is that you can get a feel to see if you like it for free, you know, I mean, and so I think that is amazing.

And so if you dig it, you can go on further and stuff.

So cool.

All right.

Next we have the huckle.

Now how goes the thing I made for?

It's called it stands for help a Creator / coder out and with that if you click create, you're able to create like your own room where you as the owner can share your screen and then you can invite people into your room and as the owner of the room, you can accept and deny people.

So you can kind of see, who wants to join the room, and they All linked to their social media that they logged in with.

So, either their Twitter or GitHub and you can get, I am hoping that will help with like any random spamming or anything like that.

So, all right, so you will be able to review the people before they come in and decide whether or not you wanted to join your session and you're able to you as the owner able to share your screen.

And so my hope is that if you get stuck, whether on your coding Journey or whatever it is that you're working on now?

You be able to invite people in and hopefully collectively as a group, come to a solution or maybe if you're working on something, you want to get feedback.

Same thing so you can show off what it is that you're working on and maybe get some feedback from some folks who know about that area of expertise or something internet's amazing place.

So, yeah, so that's that.

And then you will also be able to view any tacos that are in progress.

I think I have a couple of like demo ones.

So don't join those because I have to figure out on my back into like, delete them or something.

But right now really being used.

So they're all right now.

This like I said, if you want to show something that you find interesting and you just learned about and if you want to talk about it, you can sign up for show and tell and then bring you onto here, and we can discuss whatever that you find.



Now on your site that you're looking at.

Now that you're looking at my face on right now below there.

You will see open closed caption button.

So I am doing some speech recognition stuff here through the browser.

So hopefully it's being represented properly in that block.

You know, it understands what I am saying.


Hopefully, then below that we have the add a clip button and create a highlight video.

They're if there's anything you find interesting while during these breaks sessions.

You can just click that.

It will take like a five-second clip of the video.

Now you have five of those and then once you're done with the clips, you can just create Hit create a highlight video.

And then what happens is when we go back to work this session, this section here where it says highlight the status will say like submitted and then once everything is done on the back end creating.

Your own personalized highlight video.

It will look like this say status done have a button to click to see for view, click that button for view.

It will show, it will open up like a modal, and it will show the video that you created, and then you can download the video or you can click send a tweet, and then that will.

Again, open up a Twitter, open up with a pre-populated.

Tweet with your video being the priest.

So it opens up with a link to the archive of the full video.

Well, then, your unique custom-made highlight video is the preview image in the Twitter card, which is kind of cool.

I think so.

Yeah that took a minute to figure out but got it working.

And so yeah, so you may notice I post stuff on my Twitter.

So I do that and I post it on my Her.

And so if you follow my Twitter, lifelong Dev, you will be able to see it.

And I also download it and put it on Instagram.

So, let me so, I have this fancy new link section.

So, for any links that I mention, I can put them in here, and they will be along with the What you call it, the archive video?

So, let me add my Twitter.

Lifelong div, cool.

And then my Instagram, if you want to check out how it looks on Instagram. / Dwayne dot IO, I think it is whatever.

Cool, and then there's also my website.

That's where all my Twitter.

You can find my Twitter and Instagram.

So that one is a life.

Spell life, long dot div word.

All right, so that's pretty much it.

Hopefully you have got the thing that you want to work on and you're going to be working on that and hopefully this site helps.

You meet your goal of working on things and getting stuff done.

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or anything like that, but yeah, so I am going to get you all back on your way because again, I have got stuff, I got to get back to.

So, what am I?

Well, you know, we will talk about when it comes.

Come back.

But yeah, good luck with everything.

Let me know if you need anything.

And again, thanks for hanging out.

Well, send you on your way with some music.

Let me share my screen along with the audio cool.

So again, thank you all.

So when we come back, if there's no sort of like anybody want to share show until some cool stuff.

I found like on Twitter by some amazing people that I have been following.

So we will talk about that.

Ready, so, and then we will have an artist who's been playing on the radio show who's amazing who just recently dropped an album and it's super cool.

So yeah, so we will see y'all soon.

Thanks again for hanging out and back to work.

Yeah, that's it.


All right.



Here we go.

We're shots of Pawnee, be and nujabes.

Thank you.