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Speaker has created an immersive web dev website. It gives you a lot of information about hardware and benefits. Speaker shares a model viewer that they saw before and finds very cool. He's a big fan of web development. They like the model viewer and the new version of it. Shasta it arose cannon.

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That same old place that you laugh about with another have all changed since you hung around, but those dreams everything, and they have turned around thought they'd need you.

We always put spotted rare.

Welcome back and I smile when I think and I know hey what's going on?

Oh, this is going to be oh I am still dragging.

So Alright, so 2nd break session.

So let me tell you a little bit behind the scenes because it's been amazing time.

I got a new phone, right?

And so I have a bunch of different accounts.

And as I was signing into the new phone with a different account, I forgot the password for the one that I pretty much used to do this stuff.

And, so I was like, oh no, it's fine.

I can work around it.

No, apparently I can't.

So I just basically spent the whole time trying to remember the password and my passwords are really weird.

And they're not like in any language or anything, so they don't make sense.

And I think I only remember because repetition of the tie being over and over again because they're all different.

It's all weird.

And yeah, so I just totally just went out of my brain, and I was like, I have no clue what the password is.

So now I am kind of dealing with random things, logging me out and having to log back into them.

So dealing with that this fast time.

So and of course, like I said, I stayed up way too late and stuff.

So, yeah, so we will see how these go.

All right, so-and-so I kind of Rushed to put together this like little presentation went to go through right now.

So all right.

And so yeah, so these may be pretty short.

But so thank you for hanging out.

Let us see.

Now what we're going to do is want to talk about something that I have been finding kind of cool and I will probably talk about it, more in future ones, but I saw someone posts something super cool.

So I want to talk about it.

Start talking about it now and so the web is an amazing place and some things I really excited about for the web are web components and like WebEx are, which is, which is cross reality, which encompasses virtual reality and augmented reality on the web.

And, so I have always liked its amazing technology.

Just VRA are in general but to put it on the web is Mind-blowing to me and it's a lot of stuff goes into it.

And so it kind of like put it off for me to like, I will try that later kind of thing to where I can put more time into all the things you have to do to get it working even like ass.

Like it's a regular, like just sample thing like, Hello World type thing.

It was kind of lot of stuff, and so I focus more on Web components, so I started diving into that and as I was doing research for presentations and things I actually came across.

So let me start sharing my screen and I don't know if I spoke about it here before.

Can't talk about it.

A lot of kind of amazing.

This is what really got me into and go.


Let me start playing around with WebEx are so screenshare.

I am pretty sure I am not going to need my Any audio.

So cool.

So this right here is model — viewer and it's a web component where you load up a Model A like a 3D model and you're able to interact with it.

Like, this is amazing.

So this is just now all the webgl, all this stuff, lighting shading, all my stuff is handled within this web portal.

So you basically just put this into your thing.

Pointed to your file and you have this working.

So, like to get this to work.

This is the code that you need right here.

So you can see, it is a model that so you need the JavaScript.

So that the browser understands like, what this thing is.

And so when it comes across model — viewer, it knows, okay.

This person created this and here's a link to tell me how to handle this.

And so yeah, so then you see you put in a link to the actual model.

You have the alt tag.

Which is good for accessibility.

Always good to have that and you have some different tags that you could put in there kind of amazing stuff.

So it handles all that stuff that I was like.

I am going to put off till later to learn about before I start delving into it.

And so it did all this.

Now with this I was even able to create this.

So this is a WebEx are Tic-tac-toe game with voice chat, and so I was able to make this demo and so you can see right here by the way, Chelsea, my van in the back.

So, here I am looking through my phone.

That's why I am recording on.

And so you can see I placed a tic-tac-toe board in the real world, and I am playing on my tablet over here on the same website, and so we can see I am able to make moves back and forth.

And there's also again, I work at Vaughn Image.

And, so I use our apis to be able to create like a voice chat and that's also like kind of like one of the demos with the voice being transmitted between two browsers, pretty much this with us doing and then you can see like I am able to just play and transmit back and forth nachos tic-tac-toe because that's, I want to have like a base understand because everybody play.

Well, I don't say everybody but lat.

Familiar with tic-tac-toe.

I think they call them noughts and Crosses or something like that, in other places.

I don't know, but the level of understanding of what tic-tac-toe is, is there.

And, so I didn't want to complicate things by, like, oh, how do you play this game?

I just wanted to show that through the model, viewer web component.

I am able to create this thing.

We're in the real world.

I can interact with it and transmit data, back and forth.

To a website that I created.

So that was that and that's pretty cool.

But then she will say DeRose Cannon.

They just did something that is super cool.

And, so I just want to shop them out and it's okay.

Let me I am gonna post a link to these things while I am remembered.

So I am going to post a link.

To the model.

The so that the archive video, you know, it's check these out as well.

So let me add that link.

Add a link.

Add a link whoop, what just happened?

Oh, that was weird.

At a link to this.

Cool, and now here's the thing that it arose Cannon created.

It's an AR roller coaster.

How cool is this?

Look at it.

So it's in their living room, and they set up the tracks, which is cool.

And then it takes the cart, the roller coaster thing and travels along it.

That is awesome.

And so let me post a link.

Did I do this already?

So, I am going to do this tweet.

But now they actually took it further and have it out of the website.

So it's not just like a regular just demo like, hey, I made this thing.

You can do it yourself, which is awesome.

And, so I can't do it because it's not connected to like my phone or anything, but you can kind of see it working right here?

And so this is just VR here.

That's what's cool about WebEx are, it's in the browser.

So in your browser, like, on your computer, what have you It's like a VR experience?

But if you're on your mobile device where it's available.

But I am doing way too many things at once.

Now, in your mobile device, where if you have like a our capabilities, you're able to do all that.

In your browser, on your phone and you can so you kind of like scan your area.

And then once it kind of knows where things are you're able to, the way Ada has it set up as like a little marker.

And so you set down the first place like the station where it's at and then you go through like your location and you like you tap on different things and somehow it.

Like elevation, I guess, and so things like it will go up ramps or what have you to like the higher thing that you placed, and you could do loops and all type of its kind of amazing.

So I just wanted to shout out Ada and all the amazing stuff that's capable of with WebEx are.

And so a couple of other resources.

So, Ada put me onto because I Was preparing for a talk and it will put me on to this.

Website, immersive, web dev.

And, so I am going to add that to the list of links.

And yeah, so this one is super cool because it gives you all the different like stuff that's available.

Like Hardware.

You can check out some demos.

Also, some more like links to other things, some stuff like benefits, some examples more examples.

Now, this is cool because it gives you kind of like The different frame used to create web XR and with, like, code Snippets.

So, like a frame Babylon JS.

Here's model viewer that showed before, which again is super awesome.

P5 from IP five people play a canvas react, or all my react, folks.

Sumerian three.js is the one that was looking at.

I was like, yeah.

I am going to take some time to get into that later.

Unity Verge, Wonderland.

Engine things I have never even heard about.

And so, yeah, when I saw this, I was like, yeah, I am going to come back to that when I have more time.

So that's why I delve more into like web components, but then I found model viewer, and I was like, oh when you get back to this thing and so yeah, so there's all this stuff is pretty amazing.

It gives you like the compatibility support for in different browsers.

So that's pretty cool resource.

And another one.

I am a big fan of web dev, and they have like, a whole WebEx or Our thing.

And so they talked about model viewer, the new version and positioning virtual objects in real world a lot of cool stuff.

And, so I am going to add that to the list of links as well.

And yeah, so that's pretty much it.

I kind of like put this together super quick and hopefully you learned something about it.

But again Shasta it arose cannon.

That is just super awesome.

And it's kind of amazing, so word.

So you.

Yeah, I posted a link.

So there you can follow and learn about some cool stuff that they're working on and yeah, cool stuff.

All right, I am gonna set you all back to work.

Thank you all for hanging out.

Let me stop the screen share.

So what do y'all think?

Have you done anything with WebEx are you know, let me know because the tic-tac-toe game is pretty much my extent.

As far as creating anything like with WebEx are I am looking to do more stuff?

But for right now that is where I am at with that.

So again, so have you done anything?

Is it?

Something you are looking to get into?

Let me know and let me make sure I got all the highlights stuff done.

Worked out cool.

Going to get you all back to work because I have got a lot of work to do because like I said this whole what you call it, the password logging in thing kind of threw me.

And so yeah, hopefully everything's back on track to do MC roller, coaster track.

See what I did there.

All right.

I am tired.

So you could tell.

All right, let us go.

Get you all back to work.


Thank you all for coming out and hanging it hanging.

Yeah, let us see.

That's everything.


All right, get you all back to work.

Let me send you all off with some music because I am a big fan of music and here we go.

So Jessica Anthony Cruz, AKA butter shots and natural resources the trucks all, thank you.

All right.

See you later, 50 minutes after the hour for the final one.

Oh, we're going to talk about an artist big fan of out in the UK.

Doing amazing stuff.

Just put out an album.

We're going to check out the website and listen to music and watch some videos.

All right cool.

Look forward to that.



Talk to you later.

If I can press play.