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Page is where they and dl will listen to a couple of tracks of easties album.

There's a shop where speaker can buy t-shirts. There's an api to create a website where people can listen to albums and embedding it as a bandcamp player.

Shasta is a big into jazz and Hip-Hop. Dilla tribute. Speaker will give them some more time on the final work session.

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  • funky dlls record label
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Welcome back your dreams were your ticket.

I welcome back that same old place that you since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turn around each other.

Hey, what's up?

Alright, so welcome back.

This is the final break session for this Cipher today.

We will be back in like three hours later for the second cipher of the day, but I wanted to be able to thank you all.

I am saying, hanging out.

If you are wanting to join the chat, you just go ahead and click join the room and then start typing.

They're also there's the closed caption so you can open that it's below this video and then below that is the Highlight Clips so you can add Clips.

Alright cool.

So hope everyone's doing well yeah so that I haven't got a chance to test the camera yet, so I am probably going to do that during the longer break but I have been I am almost done with the post radio show promo stuff so all right, so I am thinking So for this break, I wanted to go over and check out an independent artist website because again I am big into hip-hop and like Independent Artists and music.

That's why the radio show and as like a day job in as an another hobby I do web stuff.

So figure to combine them both and look at artists websites.

Just so you know, and play music, the kind of like promote you know, in different artists.

So if you're not familiar with them, maybe become a fan and check them out.

So that's the whole plan.

All right.

Let me share my screen.

I will need audio for this cool.

So what we're looking at is my band camp collections page and if you been here before, you know, I am a big fan of band camp, and then they support like Independent Artists, which do because they just had a band camp Friday.

So they decided to continue it on the program.

So it's where they, they for go.

Their share of the sales.

So everything — like processing fees goes to the artist.

So it's a good way of helping Independent Artists out because they get a bigger share, and they can continue to make the music that, you know, they enjoy and hopefully other people enjoy.

So this is, this is our page, and so I figured I would just go through and so this is who are going to talk about.

This is a funky.


So I figured let me just, he just released a project with an artist out of it.

He's based in the UK.

And he just released a couple of projects EPS with an artist based out of Atlanta, by the name of easties.

And so, we're going to listen to a couple of tracks of that.

But so, this is Page.

You just released an album called 20 the album.

So it's like, I believe this is XX album.

And marks 20 years, creating music, it's kind of amazing.

So that's like one album a year.

So okay.

So this is bandcamp page.

So, you know, funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MCS and producers to come out of the UK.

Now, globally, known for delivering albums, with both Musical and lyrical finesse cool.

He's also done stuff with another artist.

I am a big fan of nujabes.

And so, and then he's also working with an artist that we spoke about last week, substantial.

So they have got a project.

Dropping so pretty dope.

So looking forward to that.

All right, so I figured let us take a look at his website.

And yeah.

So funky., right, funky

Let us go check that out.

All right, so as you can see it just automatically redirects to another website called Washington, and so I believe Washington Classics is funky dlls record label that he created.

And so yeah.

So it just goes directly to the store.

So yeah, so funky DL, the Washington classic store.

And so it has right here, a carousel image, Carousel of all the projects that are out now in the vinyl and things that nature.

So there's not really a funky DL website.

I guess nothing about him himself.

Like he just has a redirecting to this store which I believe is a Shopify app.

So cool.

So, yep.

Got some T-shirts and things cool.

And He kind of scroll down and that's it pretties much.

All right, cool.

And then you just go to the vinyl Cool.

So he's got a bunch of stuff in vinyl.

Get them while it lasts while they're stuck.

Cool a wide variety of stuff.

Nice it's like package deals to we could get so three album vinyl bundles.

Cool CDs.

All right.


T-shirts by the way, I am walking one of my like OG t shirts.

The needs balance, right?


Just a shop at the top.

So if you feel like you want to purchase a t-shirt, there you go.

All right.


NICE T-Shirts.

Always want to have they do like these full print drawing these pretty dope.

All right, so All right, hats.



So not too much there.

So just kind of straight to the point, so that's cool.

I have been cool.

Like, I know it's Shopify, there's an API so you could actually, instead of just having the store, you can have your own site that has things like videos and it's where people can listen to albums or what have even like embedding it bandcamp player, what have you?

Because like there's no way of even going to Like the bandcamp page.

Like there's YouTube, see what the YouTube videos.

Okay, so there's there YouTube.

Well, here moms will take a listen real quick.

He's like a real smooth Jazzy, kind of vibe to his music.

All right.


All right.

Word, is there any other videos?

Let me see here.

We just listened to this one.

This is a recent project, you put out called Denison point, this is where you grew up, I believe.

It's like a whole story behind moving in and all this alleged pretty dope Storytelling track album.

The whole album is like that.

Welcome to the DEA.

So there's that.

So shouts to Funky DL.

That's Dennison Point.

His new project, think it's like its newest where he's rapping, but this is his newest project period and where he's doing all the production.

So again this is with an artist by the name of easties out of Atlanta Georgia.

Remember correctly.

And let us play a clean version because you know, that's always good.

All right, here we go.

It's called jam and as we play this on the radio show.

So here you go.

My play this all the way through because super dope.

Yeah, like a real smooth, like Jazzy vibe to his music.

So if you like that, check them out.

Yo, back in the day, I was bracing for the Limelight.

Do some guy, my mom, right?

And I am Pete the vision of mine site.

So, Divine Light, from tight, for me, strong.

I wasn't quite like it.

They just wait on some striping and it's a shame.

I was putting on my faith in the game to try and catch my name Association to pay homie.

I am saying gonna have to give a little to gain and get the way no plans.

Y'all wanna be kinda most high because Billy take the trip up the foxy, trying to steal butter Gonna Get You slice this life.

So he's trying to, like the shine team of the Beats, be surfing.

All this work with my boot is full of love.

Not feel like seed a while whenever I am spitting, I am going soft.

The slow jam for the toast, which coffee thought it was famous.

Even small chatting too much spicy White Fang.

Plus, I like pain.

I need it in my Danes.

Don't know, another way, the best thing the pages, scratch, the lid again with no restraint celeste's in the yard, chanting the name Beast, easy, easy like the breeze on the summer day and my heart wouldn't want to think of the way I take strikes to make me some money like boys, I would do the time 10,000.

I was in the room with the booth handing out on that.

Exhale, I do the same breath fell.

And that words, my family that's for Danny.

I got a couple Grand knees just to give me some my granny.

All right, cool.

So that's a jam off of the honey pack.

And this is actually the second EP from funky DL and VC's.

They had a one they released earlier this year, early last year, it was called the Lilac pack.

So all right, so let us take a look at some more releases.

And yeah.

So yeah, here we go.

The Lilac pack is what they released before he has instrumentals out.

So you can see he has a lot of projects that he has released over the years and so yeah.

So that's wanted to shout out funky DL.

It's been put a lot of Dope music even though it's new Jabez you know again he worked with nujabes.

So Shasta him a rest in peace tribute to the sounds of new Jabez and then yeah, he's all this Jazz Matic joints, he has Nas remixes.

Yeah, so he's really big into jazz.

So if you're into jazz and Hip-Hop, you know, you just want to let you know, you can check it out.

You did a tribute to Dilla and nujabes, where it up to of like some of the greatest producers, you know?

Let me check that out.

Oh, he did look like some Amy Winehouse remixes to Too nice.

So I believe me check out this Dilla.

I don't think I am gonna do I have this that?

I buy this Samantha actually cop this.

Okay, let us see.


Was Ellie has an interview and stuff oh that's cool.

Might have to check this out but yeah.

So while I am doing that, You know, I am going to give you all some more time on this final work session to really, you know, get into whatever it is that you're working on again.

Thank you all for hanging out.

I think that's going to be it for this week at least for this first session.

Like I said, we will be back again later in like three hours.

So you can get notified.

If you there should be subscribed at the top of this of the page that has all the upcoming ciphers.


And so you can subscribe to get notified.

All right, so cool like I said, so again, shouts of funky DL.

Not much of a like actual website about him.

But, you know, there's a lot of stuff out there about him so word.

So there's that cool.

I would like to see an actual website though.

Yeah, I am saying the place we can see like interviews and like reviews and listen to the songs and, you know, see the videos all in one place but you know, maybe it's coming.

Who knows so.

Alright, cool, if you like it.

Hey, maybe you can reach out to Funky DL like, hey, I saw you didn't have a website.

You know.

I like to put something together for you.

You know?

I mean so that might be an opportunity to put into your portfolio.

That'd be cool.

Alright, so again, thank you all for hanging out.

Going to send you all back.

We will be back later today.

I am not sure your time zone, but we have you asking about three hours?

Alright, so if you kind of want to still work on some things, cool, if not have a great week, thanks for hanging out.

And yeah, let us let me The outro going.

That's this one.

Let us go with this was because new Jabez, let us go out with a track Upon A defy MC and new Jabez is called, thank you appropriate.

All right.

So thanks y'all and yeah, see you later.