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That same old place that you like.

I will change since you hung around, but those dreams have remained, and they turned around to talk with nature.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, what's going on y'all?

Alright, so, This is the final break session for this Cipher.

We have got one more.

Work session is probably going to go a little bit, have more time than the previous ones.

You know, it's kind of like, really finish up anything that you want to work on.

Yeah, cool.

So, like I said before, I was on Twitter and being frustrated, but furthering, the frustration was that I saw that Stevie Wonder was trending and for people who may not know, anytime.

You see like a celebrity's name trending like nine times out of ten.

It's not for a good reason.

And, so I just all sorts of worried about what could have happened to Stevie Wonder, but it turns out.

So okay.

Let me share my screen here, move this around.

So start screen share.

Here we go.

I am definitely gonna do my share audio just in case.

But I am not trying to get into any issues with the music labels to where they start hopping out of like my computer screen like, oh you're playing Our Song and start suing people.

So I am probably not going to play any sort of music.

But you may be familiar with Stevie Wonder and if so, you can look them up.

Here's his Twitter handle.

So I was kind of like searching around and stuff.

Oh my God, what happened?

But this turns out, let me know by the way.

I am adding links to the video.

So you can always check them out later, but turns out and I Shot Stevie Wonder like and what got me first like he doesn't post much on Twitter.

So I the latest one was April.

And, so I was like, oh, oh, oh man, and so, but this more research and apparently it's because his album things like his 18th albums, might some, I saw something.

I wow.

Wow, but songs in the key of Life came out, September 28th, 45 years ago, so it's like We fifth anniversary of songs in the key of Life by Stevie Wonder and I guess that's why it was his name was trending and or I mean just Stevie Wonder's, an awesome person in general so but yeah, September, 28 1976.

Wow, and yet is the 18th studio album.

He was on number 18, in 1976.

Wow, and it's so many joints on here.

So, So yeah, so it's not about recording.

So oh, yeah, let me my post a link to the actual Wikipedia page before I forget.

You can check it out.

At your leisure, but yeah, definitely.

A classic as still as one of my top like five songs of all time Love's in Need of Love Today.


True Sir.

Duke of course could contusion.

All right, which oh, I wish knocks me off my feet.


If so many tracks on here for the be, the 18th album.


Let me see.

As like, I said before, Isn't She Lovely?

Of course black man, Joy inside my tears.

Yeah, just joints, just Classics.

So yeah, so I figured hey, you know, let us take a look at Stevie Wonder's website.

And so first, I went on his Twitter when here, right, and I was like, alright cool.

So normally the artist would put like the website that they want to like promote.

And it's kind of like the official one or what-have-you, right?

And so, went so dream, still takes me here.

And so this is the site.

And it's just like a one pager.

And so, So this is the site and now it has a video of not gonna play the video, but it's a video of people it's for, okay, so I will just read this on April, 4th 1968 at 7:05 PM Central Time.

Dr. King's life was cut, tragically short, dark.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Through The Years Later a need for his dream to be fulfilled is far greater than ever.

This is precisely.

Why the dream still lives.

Please create and post your own dream.

Still lives video with Dream still lives.

Spread love spread.

Hope Stevie Wonder and so, it's a video with all these people in there.

Many people, whole lot of people.

And so yeah, that's what the video, that's what it is.

I took a look at the source code because I am nosy and looks like they made it with Squarespace cool.

I was like, this is cool, I guess.

But I was like, let me actually look up Stevie Wonder's official site.

And so, then that brought me to Stevie Wonder dotnet If you notice not even secure website, but that's fine.

All right, so we're Made the site.

So now I think we could all agree.

Stevie Wonder's like a legend, you know, I mean and so Stevie Wonder deserves better like the website thing.

I like the menu button it made it look like piano keys.

That's awesome.

But like the latest thing is from like 2015, 6 years ago.

The man has done a lot of things since then.

So whoever like is in charge of the website.

Can we do better by Stevie?

I am just saying and so like I don't know.

It's got a and I don't want to poop on it or anything.

Yeah, I am saying is just it's Stevie Wonder You know, I mean like so all right?

So this is just some stuff like there's a news feed of some things that has happened to what have you cool?

I guess he was on tour, and that's pretty much it.

And what is social do?

So it just has a Twitter feed.


All right.

Okay, go back to this.

So then take a look at the super cool like menu thing.

I thought I was awesome.

And then so who's talking is basically just this featured albums.

You click that.

And it just like you just could get it on different, whatever sites and stuff like that.

That's okay.


You like, you can't listen to the drawings can listen to nothing random life factoids.

So if I refresh this, does this, at least change or Same thing.

So yeah, that's all right.

Tour dates again.

This hasn't been updated since like 2015.

So please rotate your device to portrait.


Okay, that's weird.


I can't even like, get back.

That is amazing.

Please do better by Stevie.

This doesn't make any sense.

This is, wow.

So I am going to press the back button.


Wow, and then Stevie's newsletter.

And I guess who sign up for an email but it hasn't been updated since like 2015.

So I don't know what's going to happen with that.

Yeah, I don't know, like, I don't know.

I expect better to be done for by steep for Stevie Wonder.

Yeah, I mean like the man's a legend.

A living legend lets you know, let us do better by Stevie.

Yeah, I mean hashtag do better by Stevie because this is not it?

So then I was like so disappointed by this.

I looked up some more stuff and I found this site from the UK and it has way more information.

Like, the latest news, September 20, 21.

A fan site is kept up.

To date then the official site do better.

That's all I gotta say.

So talking about two new songs, so I am not sure who owns Stevie.

Oh, by the way, let me post a link post.

This link to the archive.

I don't know who owns Stevie Wonder dotnet You know, I mean, but please do better.

I don't get it siblings.


Oh, you know, this is the actual site.

So I was looking at it earlier.

So speak.

So, Stevie Wonder dot org.

Dot U k--.

And I mean, It's a functional site.

I am doing it's like the latest news to even like new music.

Stevie Wonder.

All right, so you like this has a bunch of joints likes current releases, you know, the other one didn't have like two albums.

Like I said 45th anniversary of like his 18th album What's Happening?

Charting like different charting stuff like this pretty.

It's a nice say you don't like a fan put in time and effort into this.

This The dope.

Recent site updates.

They just updated the 27th.

Like last week.

This is amazing.

This is awesome.

Charles is person that put this together.

Look at all this stuff here.

And so yeah, so like what is this?

This is the news.

We took a look at this, is this is great.

Look at this.

This is awesome.

See, where these.

The biography nice.

Look at this, got links to stuff like chapter 1, this chapters.

This is amazing.

Wow, like way more information.

Then what's it called?

Official website.

Doesn't mean this guy, goofy.

Look at this out.

Look at it.

They got it.

Broken down.

Look, this is amazing tributes.

Stevie around the world samples Odes to Stevie unreleased songs, and this is awesome.

Shoutout to this person.

We're my at this discography multimedia.

More stuff than what's McCauley, the actual official website.

This is amazing.

Well, as using flash, so that's one thing.

Let us see.

I was videos.

Videos can be using flash.

Look at this more videos than the actual official website.

This is, this is awesome.

Look at this.

What is this Awards?

Look at this.

How on the official Stevie Wonder website, then you have like Awards?

You know, I am saying look, like look at this.


What else?

Let me see.

What else we got here.


From was gets 2018.

So I guess, yes, we even more updated than the actual website because that stuff that 2015.

This is what others have to say, praise nice.

Look at this.

This is and shelter.

The people I put this together and then links and then yeah, get to other Wonder site.

So that's the official site which is again.

The Stevie Wonder dotnet which is not much.

But yeah, look at this other stuff.

The man is a living legend, you know, I am saying?

Like do better by his website.

But yeah.

Shouts of these folks and I posted a post this link, right?

Let me post to the actual.

Yeah, so that's all I wanted to say.

Whoever owns Stevie Wonder's official website.

Whoever is like handling it.

Please do better because that's just a shame.

Like, it's a shame.

I mean, at least make it secure or something.


I mean like it's a WordPress site so it couldn't be that difficult to update.


I mean like, I don't know.

I don't know.

I just please do better by Stevie.

That's all I want to say.

So, and then this thing with the whole I don't even understand.

This means the store date thing.

Like, I don't understand that.

Like, what does that mean?

Let me see if I can please, rotate your.

You want me to rotate my lap.

So like, so I what I have to do this for it to show up and there's nothing there.

That is mazing.

So it basically broke the whole navigation.

I can't even get out of here.

That is amazing.

Y'all know do better by Stevie.

That's all I gotta say.

Hashtag do better by Stevie and yeah, but you know, at least the music is good.

Can't say too much for the website and I don't want to be like, but come on like it.

Literally it breaks.

Stevie Wonder, yummy fine.


So yeah, Shot Stevie Wonder.

I don't know do better by Stevie with his website because that doesn't make any sense to me.


Yeah, just do better please.

Alright, so with that, I am going to get you all back on your way.

Thank you for hanging out.

We make sure I create a highlight video for this bad boy.

All right.

So stop screenshare.


But yeah, just so much disappointment.

That is this.


All right, I am Gonna Give You All some more time, maybe like an hour to finish up.

Whatever is that you have been working on?

And yeah, I think that's going to be it again.

Thank you all for hanging out, send you on your way.

So this, like I said, is the final break session of this Cipher after this.

Work session.

That's coming up won't be back for like another three hours again.

If you want to check everything out above it says subscribe again, I should probably change out the schedule.

I got to make a note of that.

You will see when the next time we will be live and you can actually subscribe to get notified when we do go live, you know, you want to be want to work on something again, so hopefully this has been productive for you and hope to see you around again, but Yeah, thanks for hanging out.

Give me about an hour to finish up.

What you work on.

But yeah, thanks again.

See you all later.

Good luck.

Have a great week.

See you next time.

Here we go.

Please share.

Here we go.

Alright, thanks.

Y'all busy.

Till next time.

Unique opportunity.

I am gonna watch.