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Speaker is working on the website. They have to create a section for the admin section and a section with the coupon code. The outro music is by anthony cruz.

Speaker is going to do a lightning talk at a meet-up where people don't speak english. They created a website to translate their talk into their language. Speaker is working on a website. They are got it working, but still has a lot of work to do. Speaker is preparing a website for the slides. The website will have a link to the transcript and links to links for more information.

Speaker's presentation is working, but they still needs to fix the scroll thing. Speaker is tired after a lot of work. They are going to use a qr code on their slide to direct people to the presentation.

Speaker is a big fan of a song. Speaker is going to be on a plane tomorrow and after that they are going to japan, korea and new york. They took a covid test. Speaker is happy that they got the css stuff done. They are trying to meet as many people as possible at the conference.

  • speech recognition
  • speech text
  • text recognition
  • qr code

Welcome back your dreams were your ticket.

I welcome back that same old place but those dreams have remained, and they turned around.

We got him on the spot.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Yo, what's going on y'all?

All right, did it?

I got something that I am able to show for this demo.

So yeah.

All right now I learned my lesson last time that I can't just What some call it just use the speech recognition while I am using speech recognition on another project so you can't do it more than once, so I have my other like laptop here, so I created like a quick admin thing.

So now I am able to connect.

So why I wanted to do was like I showed earlier in the previous Cipher that from our workshops, I am going to be doing Them where people may not speak English, right?

Well, I am sure they probably do.

I will be doing a meet-up where they said, it's basically just like Japanese.

So I am gonna do like a quick lightning talk, and so I want to be able to have people kind of understand what I was saying.

So I created like I wanted to create like a little thing that little website that they can go to and using the speech text speech to text recognition, have that be translated to what I am saying into their language.

And, so I did that for the workshop and I wanted to do it for my slide, like my presentations.

So that's what I was just working on.

Got it done.

I got like the thing deployed, and so I kind of want to do a quick demo of it.

Now it's super rough.

I still gotta work with this.

A Thousand things but right now, it's not too bad, it's kind of working.

So here is let me share the screen.

I still got to pack and stuff.

All right, I am glad got it working.


It's to the point where I can, you know, it's cool start screen, share.

This one right here, don't think.

I mean audio, but it's fine.

Okay, so this is the site, basically, I saw the do the domain things, but right now, I got deployed on Firebase hosting and so you can see, I started some test ones already.

And so you will be able to select the language from up here.

So there's that, I had to work on the spacing because it looks like me.

The Japanese characters are had more spacing, so I have to work on that.


The whole point is I give them a URL like on the slides, they will be able to scan it with their phone their device and then pull up the website, right?

And so it will have like the transcript, and then we will have like a list of the links and things.

So, like, like, we have a coupon code for the coupon code will be there.

There will be like, links for more information, stuff like that.

So just these two buttons, pretty straightforward, right?

And yeah, so let us just I guess go ahead and give it a shot so on my.

So what I will do is when I am presenting I will go to the admin section, which I saw the deploy, but it's working here locally, and now I can just enable audio, right?

And so hold on, let me put it to English.

You sure that it's actually like working enable audio.

Now, it should be working with the speech to text recognition.

It should also work with the translation.


So I needed to oh I didn't do the scroll thing.

That's right I need to have a scroll thing.

I forgot to add to that but it's working so far.

Yeah, so that's pretty cool.

I think it's cool.

We will all be in whatever language that I can go.

So through the admin section, I can select the target language that people can use.

But yeah, so that's it.

I have got to fix the scroll thing.

I didn't do that.

I think yeah, I got do that.

But other than that, it seems to work.


So that's it.


I am tired.

That was kind of lot, but I am happy to get it done.

Feels good.

And Yeah, let us see here.

Oh also I forgot.

So now I am going to use a QR code on my, on my slide so that people can go directly to the site.

Now, if somebody doesn't, because you need this ID, so that's how I find the actual presentation.

And so if you don't have it, this is what you get a nice little Easter egg.

I like to have in my sights and things.

So And so for those that know, don't know, that's Deborah Cox.

Nobody's supposed to be here.

So it's kind of like a 44 thing.

Like how did you get here?

So let us take a quick.

Listen to the song, I am a big fan of the song.

That's what I have.

It's kind of like my Rick rule.

You don't mean, so here we go.

So that's just basically like yo how'd you get here?

Yeah, I mean, so yeah.

Good times.

Whoo, got that done.

Like that.

It all today.

Feels good.

Feels good.

Oh yeah.

And I had to go and get my covid test that I took out time of me, working on this because live kind of far out and so, oh, I should probably check my results to so it should be back by now.

But yeah.

Got all done.

I am going to be on a plane tomorrow and then after that trip, going to Japan then Korea then come back for a few more days and then I am going to New York so yeah.

So I won't do any sort of stuff but Yeah.

Oh, I think because I played that track YouTube like Stopped My Stream, which is fine because I use YouTube as a Backup, so it's fine, they will be fine.

All right.

Yeah, that's it.


Thank you very much for hanging out.

Feeling pretty good that I got that done.

He's got like you can see I got to work on some of the sizing and but it's just that CSS stuff.

So yeah, so if you're in any of these places feel free to if you see me out in a conference, please say what's up, you know I mean I am trying to meet as many people as possible and yeah I think that's going to be it.

Thanks for hanging out.

This final break session is gonna be an hour long, all right, so we will have more time to work on what you want to work on and Yeah, thing.

That's it.

I am just so happy.

I got this done.

Oh, okay, well, not done but working, right?

So just got a few things, I have got to make it.

I will also have to have a section like, for the where I put in, I just thought about that for the, in the admin section when I create, I am going to need something for the all the slides, like all the different links and things, so, Yeah, and the coupon code.

So I have to put that in there as well.

That's not too bad.

So I am just happy.

I got this worked out.

Okay thing, that's it again.

Thanks for hanging out.

Going to be out of here.

With the outro music, which is not this one.

You see here, this one.

All right, we're going to end off with Anthony Cruz.

AKA Beretta, the track is called.

Thank you.

Thanks again for hanging out.

See you all around.

Remember, if you want to find one, the next one is subscribe says on this site.

Under subscribe has all the upcoming ciphers and go to subscribe to get notified when we go live.

Alright, so again, thanks for hanging out.

Here we go.

Screen share.

This and this thanks again.

Y'all see you later?