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Speaker is working on a new project. They need to whitelist the domain, but it won't let them. The track is called, thank you.

Speaker's job is to give talks and workshops. It dots works until it dot works consists of ciphers and each cipher is a three-hour block of time. There's a work session and a break session. Speaker explains why the video may not autoplay when the audio has been muted. Speaker has a new tool that allows you to create a clip or a highlight video.

Speaker has a list of upcoming ciphers. On the other side of the screen, there is an audio player with a band's music. Speaker has created a website where one can buy a song, share it on social media and promote it on twitter. Speaker has links to free web development resources for beginners. Speaker is a javascript developer advocate advantage. Speaker has three tutorials from their documentation. Speaker is showing jaco how to create a show-and-tell application. Jaco will come to one of these break sessions and talk about something. Speaker sends a video to help a coder / creator out. Speaker explains how the jaco works.

Speaker has added a text chat and an audio chat to jaco. Speaker has enabled text-to-speech in the audio chat. For people who don't have it, the speech will be turned into text and then it will show up in the text chat. Speaker is going to send them some traveling music.

Speaker created a project to set aside time to work on their side projects. They are a javascript developer. They have a lot of things they want to build and they need to keep himself accountable. They also needs to practice their speech.

  • break session
  • javascript developer
  • dots works
  • work session
  • autoplay video
  • web speech
  • chrome browser
  • countdown timer
  • phone number
  • view button
  • text chat

Welcome back your dreams or your ticket, welcome back.

Same old place that you like but those dreams everything, and they turned around.

Where will you tell us?

We got him on the spot.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

What's going on?

Y'all, welcome back.

All right.

So this is until-- it, that works.

And I created this because I wanted to set time aside to work on my side projects because I have got a lot of things I want to build and I know if I don't set some time aside, I am not going to get it done and it's not just setting time with side but also like having things to do within that To kind of keep me accountable, right?

So like going in live doing these things like these break sessions so that kind of helps me, like, all right, I am going to do these videos.

So while I am doing these videos, might as well work on his other projects, kind of thing that's at least it works for me.


So at least I am like creating some sort of content that can be put out there sort of thing.

And it helps me with practicing like speech because part of my job, I am a JavaScript developer, Advocate advantage.

And part of my job is to give like talks.

So this helps me be a little bit more comfortable with that.

So yeah, and I have got a few talks and workshops coming up so the more I can practice the better, okay?

So like I said, this is until--.

It dots works until it dot Works consists of ciphers and each Cipher is a three-hour block of time.


And within each Cipher, there are sessions and there're two types of sessions.

There's a work session and a break session.

Right now, we're in a break session.

This is a time when you get to kind of stretch and, you know, maybe get up, take a walk.


As long as it's something, you're not working on thing.

You have just been working on for like 45 minutes, right?

And so yeah, so if you ever hop Into one of these bricks sessions.

Like if you're a come to the site, while a break session is happening, the video may look like it's frozen.

And that's because browsers don't allow for autoplay video with audio.

Audio has been muted.

I may do that in the future, I am not sure.

All right.

So, that's why there's like, the little noticing that you may need to click play to start the stream.

All right.

Oh, next to that if you click that, Open closed caption, it will open up a space and hopefully the words that I am saying are being typed out into that space accurately, I am using the web speech.

Recognition API built into the Chrome browser to turn my speech into text.

Then we have adequate and create a highlights video if there's ever anything in these break sessions where you're like, oh that's interesting.

That's kind of cool and you wanted to create a clip or a highlight you just click add a clip and I will go back after a couple of seconds and then you can you will make like a five-second clip.

You get five of those.

And then if you can hit create a highlights video button, For I stop broadcast will happen is it will take those timestamps and the recorded video from the break session and cut out all the different timestamps put them together.

Put it custom intro, outro and then you will have your video to check out and I will show you where you can check that out.

All right, what else?

Oh, then we have a countdown timer, that's kind of down to win the next breaks when the next work session starts.

All right?

Then you can join the room by clicking.

Join the room where you can, if you want like to chat or ask questions, you will do that.

They're all right, cool.

Let me show you what the work session looks like also break sessions happen.

15 minutes after the hour.

Work session.

Now you're like site may look different that's because I am just pulling random images from an API Nature images.

So, all right.


Then we have the menu at the top.

Where is my mouse?

There is any other top with the home shop.

Subscribe log in, log out, depending on what your, if you're logged in a logged out, subscribe has a list of all the upcoming ciphers.

So, you'd be able to subscribe to either all of them or just one of them and you will get notified when we go live.

All right?

Towards the other side, we have an audio player.

So if you want to listen to music while you're working out what you're working on, I asked some really, really talented producers to send me some of their music for random projects like this, and they did.

And so this has a like it's like a band camp player and it's kind of Scrolls through a playlist and was About since the band can play.

You can actually purchase the song.

If you like it, you want to support the artist monetarily.

You can share two different like social media.

But then I added just a one, click tweet, click to tweet, and then you go to promote the artists on Twitter.

Towards the middle, we have the to do section whereas it's a task, you type in, your task hit enter or the plus sign, it will add it to the section toward the center.

You can click the text, the tap, the text, the text of the task, if you would like to edit the task, you can click X to delete it and then you can check mark put a checkmark in the checkbox and that will send it to done if you want.

You all the things you got done, you just click done and I will list them.

Oh, and then when it's all over and before I shut down the room, if you click the Twitter icon there it will open up Twitter and it will list all the different things you got completed for the day.

So all right then we have a countdown timer again that's kind of down to the next break session happens.

Again, those have been 15 minutes after the hour then we have the view tutorials.

Now, if your brand-new to web development and you have been always meaning to do it.

Well, now's the time because I have links to free code Camp, dot org, and The Odin project and from what people have told me for what I have seen in the curriculum seems really solid to the point where if you go through them.

I think you will have a good understanding of web development and not just that you be able to make an educated like decision on whether or not you want to spend more time and or money in pursuing it.

And, so I think with that you can kind of get like you to be able to decide whether or not you want to do it or not.


So now I also have liked I mentioned before I am a JavaScript developer Advocate Advantage.

So part of my job is to kind of like, look, tend to tutorials.

And, so I have three tutorials there from our documentation and Yes.

So one of them is you create an application, you put a phone number into their web application, hit call and the phone actual real-world phone that you just typed in the number 4 will ring and you be able to have a conversation back and forth.

There's also the opposite where you get a virtual number, your real-world phone calls at virtual number.

And then the application you build, you can answer the call.

Then I have one, the third one is where you have two users.

The application you create has like two pages, one user logins, to one another user, login to another one and one calls the other, and you have a conversation in between each other in the browser, super cool stuff.


Okay Jaco will come back to if you want to come up to one of these break sessions and talk about something.

You found interesting, maybe you're working on something super cool.

This is sign up for the show-and-tell right there and now to step you through it.

Now that video that you created with the Highlight clips and sent it off at first.

Under this highlights section, it was a status submitted And then when it's done is a status done, you will be able to click it, the view button and then now open up like a place where you can open view, you can preview the video, you can click a text to open up Twitter and it will have the video in there sometimes.

So sometimes Twitter shows the video sometimes it doesn't.

And, so I just been downloading the video because you can do that.

Can right click save as and I have been attaching.

To the tweet and so that.

And because I also post to Instagram.

So, yeah.

So I have the file anyway, so mild check it out.


Now, back to Jaco stands for help a coder / Creator out, right?

And so if you wanted to view the hot coals that are being created, you can click and find out.

You can click the Creator's name to view, either their Twitter or get her profile depending on what they signed in with.

Excuse me, tired.

All right, cool.

Now let us say you create a hot cocoa, you will be presented with a form where you can enter the top of the hot cocoa.

And three keywords that help people kind of understand what your room is about.

Then you click create and now create a unique URL, you can copy the URL or click the link to share it to Twitter, right?

And then when you join the Jaco, So this is what it looks like.

You will have your title at the top, you can as a button to leave, as a button to open the menu, we have a text chat over the right-hand side.

On the left-hand side, we have another countdown timer, you can copy the URL to your room again and then you can also click the share on Twitter.

Now when you send off the link and somebody clicks it, they just don't hop into your room.

They actually have to request the join the room and so that will look like this.

And you will be able to check out their profile by clicking the username and then deciding either go to Twitter or GitHub.

Then if you like what you see, you approve, or you can deny them.

Now let us say you do approve them, and they turn out to be a terrible person.

You can click band and kick him out, all right?

Now you as the owner of this Jaco, you can share your screen.

And the whole point is that, by you share your screen, everyone else in the room would be able to kind of see what you're seeing, and He will give you the help or feedback that you're looking for, right?

And so that's the whole point of that.

So the person can actually so that people can actually see what it is that you're going through, or you want your feedback on, oh, then we have the text chat and so it's just like a regular text chat, but I also added the ability to enable audio chat.

So anybody who has any audio chat enabled?

Be able to hear and speak with each other, all right?

But for people who don't have It the speech will be turned into text and will be put into the text as well.

Okay, I went back too far.


So the speech will be turned to text and then it will show up in the text chat.

Then I have the opposite of enabled text-to-speech.

So if you're not looking at the chat room, you will be able to kind of follow along because anything that's put into the text chat will be read out by your browser and yeah.

And then you will be able to check out all the other different Tacos ever created.

All right, that's pretty much it.

So hoping that helps you out.

And you get much usage out of it.

So I am going to get you on back to work.

I am going to send you all with some traveling music.

This is Anthony Cruz, AKA butter.

The track is called, thank you because I want to thank you all for hanging out.

See y'all 15 minutes after the hour.

And then until then I wish you much productivity.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or what have you and cool?


I am working on this new project and I think I need to whitelist the domain, but it won't let me because it's like a weird number thing.

So I have to figure that out.

All right, so that's the joy of creating these random projects, right?

So all right, thanks again for hanging out.

This is Anthony Cruz, AKA butter.

The track is called, thank you.

All right, see you later.

Easy piece.