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Welcome back your dreams, same old place, but those dreams, everything.

God didn't need you here.

Where we need time.

We got him on the spot.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

We always could spot rare.

Welcome back.

Hey, what?

Come back.

We have got a second cipher of the day.

The first one, I was a, I was tired.

Let us put it that way, but I think it went well, because we actually went over some WebEx our stuff and how I am fascinated by it.

I just, it's amazing.

Gave some examples of also went over shall again.

Shout out to little Sims out of the UK.

Just put out their project.

I might be introverts came out.

We checked out the website and let us watch some videos.

And yeah, super dope.

So shots, a little Sims word.

Hey, Tanya, what's going on?

How are you doing?

Glad you're along.


Thanks for hanging out.

Word for people who may not know, I tiny.

And I work at Vonage.

We're both developer Advocates and so good times.

So thanks for hanging out.

What you work on.

Alright, so got a few cool things coming up.

So this is like the orientation.

So the first break session of the cipher is kind of orientation for people.

That may be new here.

Showing, you know, saying like I stayed up too late last night this morning, and I was feeling it the first Cipher this morning and but now I am feeling pretty good.

We're going to get some stuff done, right?

So what are you working on?

Let me know?

All right, so Okay.



Oh, Tanya will be presenting at the Pike on Malaysia next week.

So do you have a link or anything?

Because I have this.

Now, new fancy thing.

I added to the site to wear any links mentioned.

I can I save it?

And so the archive, the video, If people want to watch it later, they will be able to see the links that were mentioned.

So if you have a link, that'd be cool.

If you're cool with it, I will post it to the side but Pike.

On Malaysia siwan.

We get it.

We get around worldwide.

Yeah, I am saying, so I should go and see if you can find one word.

All right.

So while that's happening as want to kind of orientate, y'all orientate, I don't know.

But show y'all kind of like what's up with the site and you know if it's your first time kind of had a navigate around.

So this here that we're in right now is the break sessions and these happen, every 15 minutes after the hour.

Now that so here is where we kind of talk about what, whatever?

So we also have like show-and-tell.

So if you will show you how to sign up for that.

If you want to kind of come on and talk about something, you find interesting.

Feel free to get like, five ten minutes to talk about, you know, something you find cool, then below that.

You see that?

I have some closed captions.

So right now speech recognition that's in the browser is a web technology, which is amazing.

That is translating what I am saying into text.

Hopefully accurately, but I try to speak as slow and intentionally as possible.

So that it is accurate.

And it should open up like a little pain or what have you and act and type out?

What I am Saying.

Alright, then below that we have add a clip and create a highlight video.

Now, there's anything ever in these that you find that happened and you're like, oh that was interesting.

You just click add a clip and I have it set up to where it will go back a few seconds and move forward a few and a few seconds, if you like a 5-Second clip, so you have like five seconds to capture, whatever you thought was interesting and you get five of those.

And then whenever you're done with your Clips, you just hit click create a highlight video.

And then what that does are once we stopped broadcasting, it goes and sends off your time stamps and your username because it's a customized to you to a back-end thing.

I have going to different apis, and making stuff and things.

Put them together and stuff is pretty cool.

A big part of it is shot.

Stack shots a kpi?

Pretty cool.

I think I spoke too.

About them before and Okay.

So Tanya says here's a link but I don't think they have all the talks up yet.


I am sure that.

I mean if it's next week, I am sure at some point.

They will get it worked out.

All right, so I am going to add this to the links so afterwards.

If anyone wants to check them out, you can if you're viewing this after the fact, all right, so let me share my screen.


I am not going to eat any audio.

So, okay.

So that's the break session.

Now, we're not when we're not in the brig session.

There's the work sessions.

And so most a lot of times.

Those are, like, 45 minutes to maybe like an hour depending on how long I ramble on during the break sessions, but I always try to even it out for the last session.

Normally those are like an hour long.

So this is hopefully similar to what you see on your screen.

We're in the work session here me.

I always like to have some like really dope, Tunes, to listen to while I am working.

So, we have this player here.

I know a lot of like amazing producers.

And so I asked a few of them.

Hey, you want to submit some music for these things.

I work on and their gracious enough to submit some music.

So if you like it, so this is a band camp player shouts.

The band camp.

They're just they The Producers.

I know they have like, bandcamp accounts.

So just easier for me to Be able to have something consistent player that's going to be consistent.

So they're all like bandcamp players and you can see you.

Can I click the link to find out more?

You can buy it you can share it and then if you really like it you can send out a tweet of the track.

So if you like what you're hearing, maybe support an artist and send out a tweet.

Here in the middle, is your to do section.

So this is where you will load up all your tasks that you're trying to get done.

And so we can click to do it.

Shows the task to do, click done.

It shows you the task that you checked off, and then you add them here where it says, add a task and then right here.

So you can hit either hit enter or Plus or press the press, the plus or press, the plus button, and then and maybe towards the end if you want.

You can hit the Twitter icon and that will open up Twitter with a pre-populated tweet with all the items that you have got done.

And so it's kind of like a little, like, hey, I got this done, feel good kind of thing.

So, yeah, so that's there for you.

Here is a timer and it's a web component.

I think I spoke about before and into web components.

So this is a web component timer that I created and so it counts down to whenever the next break session is going to be so you can kind of plan it out below that we have some tutorials.

And so let us say you don't have a thing that you want to work on maybe need some inspiration or whatever.

It's just kind of something to kick started, you know, and so, got a couple of things there.

And again, like I mentioned just for full disclosure.

I am a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage.

So along with that, I work on tutorials.

And so I have some tutorials there.

And so I think they're cool.

So the tutorials you're able to get a phone call from your browser to an actual phone number.

So that's one of the tutorials.

Another tutorial is doing the opposite calling from an actual phone and then answering in the browser.

And then there's another one where it's to web users speaking back and forth in browsers, which is kind of awesome as well.

And these, I think so.

And, so I put them there not only because I think they're awesome.

But I our goal for me and these tutorials is to be able to, People of all levels to have people of all levels of coding knowledge, to be able to take the tutorials, follow them and get the desired outcome, but not only does it, get the desired outcome, but understand what was happening to create that desired outcome, so you get a better understanding of the whole process.

So those are my two goals.

So if you happen to take on, let me know if it achieves those and if not you No, let me know like this.

Send me a, you know, message or something.

I don't know.

Like my Twitter and I will put in my Twitter here.

So its lifelong debt Bev on Twitter.

So that's easy for folks or whatever.

I lifelong.

But or the crap long life, long div.

Yeah, I think that's it or my website.

Probably preferable.

Life long dot Dev.


All right.

So that's the tutorial section.

Now, let us say you're working.

Oh, as far as tutorial.

I also have a free code camp and the Odin project.

I haven't done those myself because while coding they weren't a thing, but I have heard good things about them.

So if you have no idea if you like coding, there's that.

So maybe you can figure out if you do like coding, and They're not.

You want to invest more time and our money into it because cool thing with coding.

You can learn a lot for free.

You can definitely tell if you did something.

You maybe want to turn into a career.

So there's that as well.

Awesome, cool.

Yeah, so then below that, so let us say you get stuck on whatever is that you work on?

You can create a hot cocoa.

Jaco stands for help a coder / Creator out.

So you basically create like a little room and you're able to invite people.

So you get your own link send that link out on social media or two people that you know, or whatever, and then they're able to join the room.

If you want them to you will see a list of people who want to join the room and then you can accept them or decline them and you can make your decision based on there because you have to log in with either Twitter or GitHub.

You can look at their profile to see if you know, maybe if it's a person that you want to give input or what have you so you have that power and then as the owner, so I have like a chat room.

There's audio chat, all sorts of stuff again brownish Technologies.

We will talk about that.

I like to build things like using the Technologies.

We have to make sure I have a better understanding of it.

You know, I am saying like what they call it dogfooding.

So yeah, that's all something.

All right, cool.

So yes, so the chat, there's audio all sorts of stuff.

Pretty cool.

So, you know, you check that if you want, but yeah, and then oh and as the owner, you can share your screen and so you be able to present what it is that you have an issue with.

And my hope is that everyone can come.

Come together and collectively come up with a solution and maybe if you're not stuck, maybe you want to show something that you have been working on.

I want to get some feedback.

You can do the same thing.

So I am not going to tell you how to do it.

It's your hot cocoa.

All right, and then also there's the view and then you will be able to see any ones that are been created.

Cool below that.

So like I was saying before, if you want to come on and show, you know, something that you're excited about or what you're working on or whatever, something new that you learn to be able to do.

Ooh that you can sign up for show-and-tell.

I will get so that in my dashboard here comes up, and then we can set up like a quick thing to make sure everything is looking good.

Your sound and your video.

If you want to share video, you don't have to share video, but your sound everything is cool and you can screen share.

So yeah, that's that.

And then below that like I was saying we have the highlights.

So all the clips.

If you take an eclipse and you want to create a highlight video.

What happens is that once?

Click that create a highlight video that kind of locks in all the data.

So when we're done broadcasting send it off to my fing in the cloud that I got worked out.

And so right there, you can see the status of your highlight clip and then it was first been a status submitted.

And then once it's done doing what it does in the cloud it looks just like that where it says status done and then view click that you be able to see your highlight video and then you can download them.

M, he's got a message, got a new phone, by the way, and that's part of the reasons why I am all up late.

All right, so then you will be able to click view, brings up your video so you can preview it and then you can download it if you so choose and or you can hit the tweak, send a tweet.

And again, it will open up Twitter with a pre-populated tweet and then it will have a link to the archive video, but the preview video for that.

That is your video.

Now a thing.

I have just noticed that I guess it's only desktops where it shows like the preview link and you can click it and see the video.

So I am going to start trying to do is that I am going to cuz I download the videos anyway, and I post them to Instagram.

I am going to see if I can just upload the videos to twitter as well with the thing and see if that gains any traction or what have you?

So but yeah, I mean, I have it might, as well use it, right?

So there's that.

So that is the site in general.

So I hope you find it.

Let me stop sharing my screen.


And so, that is the site.

I hope you find, it useful, for whatever it is, that you're going to be working on and I wish you much.

Progress and productivity in these upcoming ciphers, these sessions.

And yeah, so I am going to get you all on your way.

That was not what I want to do.

Alright, so I am going to get you on your way.

Let me just set up the time.

So for all 15 minutes after the hour, we will be back, and we will talk about this cool thing and I came across, I am a big fan of like streaming and like Niche communities, like smaller communities coming together and doing things together now, like, huge, you know, a million members kind of thing.

Let me just like, smaller communities coming together and being able to like, like-minded people kind of thing.

We will talk about this thing that came across and I thought was pretty cool and you can like set up your own twitch or something if you want.

It's kind of cool.

So yeah, so that I am going to set this, you know, And then, all right, cool.

So, thank you all for hanging out.

We will be back 15 minutes after our and cool.

Yes, and I am glück Tanya with everything and yeah.


See you all 50 minutes after the hour.

Good luck.


All right, send you some music, right?

Just a butter.

Okay, Anthony.

Cruz tracks.

All thank you, Chancellor, natural resources.

All right.

Thanks, Joe.

See you soon.

I almost forgot to click create a highlight video.

I would have been upset, would have been upset.

All right.

Thanks, though.