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Since you hung around.

But those dreams everything and they turned around thought.

They'd need you.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Always good spot.

Here are, welcome back and that's my way.

Hey, welcome back to another Edition for the second break, Cipher of the first break session of the first Cipher.

You gotta love it.

When you have a certain way you do things.

Like for example, just throwing it out there.

How you promote.

You're a radio show by posting like Clips onto a various social medium, and it's always great when they just throw in a brand-new, like changes that totally mess up everything, your that you have had in place.

So, just doubled my work.

It's amazing before I was able to post like a minute clip.

And, so I created the clips to be like minute-long like, you know, like batches of The click to each section is a minute-long, the kind of, but now it's like 30 seconds and then there's like a rendering time thing now.

And so it just makes things much more you got.

You got to love it, when see, this is why I never liked to completely build like a whole thing on a certain third-party social media thing because they can just change it and then you're just Delta, just deal with it.

I just, it's amazing, huh?

Okay, so, I have been doing that almost kind of done.

I think I just totally forgot where I left off because it's taking forever now.

So neither here.

Nor there.

That is something that I will be doing dealing with behind the scenes.


Alright, so, For this break session.

I figured since it is October.

How is it October already?

All right.

So for anybody that's in, like, the coding realm, you may or may not be aware of this thing that happens every October.

I think it's been happening maybe like 10 years.

I think maybe going on, some are on there, Hector Tobar Fest.

So I figured we just kind of go over that real quick from you made him familiar and just kind of go to the website.

The official website of Oktoberfest and because you will see a bunch of stuff around October Fest as well, but want to kind of just show what's happening with hecto profess.

All right, cool.

Hold on.

Let me make a little bit bigger.

I can read the browser.

All right, cool.

So Here we go.

Hack Tobar fests 2021 can lose 20, 21 October.

What is up with time?

All right, so Okay.

So here we go.

And then Sweet this way.

This image is linkable, but it just takes you to the site either in there.

Alright, cool.

So Hector Tobar Fest is pretty much as I say here.

It doesn't say there.

Never mind my first time, looking at the site as you could probably tell.

All right.

So Oktoberfest is an opportunity for folks who haven't really contributed to open source before to kind of get their feet wet and it's a way of like incentivizing people to.

Hey come contribute to an open source project because I guess says open source is changing the world one country.

Mission at a time.

And so it's kind of just a way of inviting people, you know, longtime contributors or people maybe, first time to kind of contribute to this community.

That's helping make the world a better place and buy, you know, helping solve issues with certain things that, you know, and you bring your own perspectives and stuff which is kind of cool as well and you get practice for things.

So yes, so the hope is that you will also think it's cool because I think they were giving t-shirts away before not sure what they're doing it now, but all right?

So let us just go through the side real quick.

So that's the idea is to get people to contribute to open source projects and help make the world a better place.


So here we go to the top Hank, Summerfest School 2021.

Now, if I click Start hacking, what is this?


Okay, so you have to register So the guy three steps, welcome to get started.

You will need to sign up with your GitHub or gitlab account.

If you do not, if you don't have a GitHub account, yet, you can create one and then you can sign up with, you know, baguette lab here.

So I have both like, I have a GitHub from when I was back in the coding bootcamp days, and this was before, they had private repos.

So I actually created my own gitlab instance.

On like a server.

And so, I have been kind of using that for my own projects and things, but at work, we use GitHub, so I go back and forth to that.

So, yeah, so you can sign up.


So that's how you would sign up by the way, which reminds me.

I kind of like the animation.

That's kind of cool drawers in there.

All right.

I am going to post a link.

In this section that I created because I made the website to where the archive video will have links to anything.

We will have the links that I mentioned during these breaks.

So it's a bit easier.

You have to worry about trying to see what the actual site was and everything.

So, alright cool.

So then start hacking takes you to the registration shots to the people who are supporting it and sponsoring it.

Let us see.

All right.

So support open source throughout October.

October Fest encourages participation in the open source Community, which grows bigger every year.

Complete the 2021 Challenge and Aaron a limited edition t-shirt, and these things are pretty coveted, like, They what you call it that share this.

That's your audio.

I don't think so, whatever.

But they, yeah, people really love these t-shirts and so much so that okay.

Yeah, welcome back to a verse number eight, eight years cool.

But yeah, like and the last one.

I don't know if it was happened as much previous years, but there was a lot of like, spam contributions where it was kind of like, oh, Add this period here at this end of the sentence or add a random, somewhere, you know, things that didn't actually provide like actual value.

And the thing is, you have the people to make it contributions, which is cool.

But then you have the people who maintain those open source projects.

And so having like a flood of all these like just nonsensical contributions really made a lot more work for the maintainers.

And they.

Yeah, so it's a lot of stuff.

So they came up with like on the Fly solution to where the people like the maintainers of these open source lot of times the people aren't getting paid.

I am saying open source, so people are donating their time for these projects.

And so they made it to where it's kind of like an opt-in thing now.

So if you as a maintainer want to have contributions made to it, then you opt in and then you like do like a hashtag or a tag or Thing to let people know that you want to be a part of it.

I don't think I have audio so but this is Yancy's for real, some nice music when can narrate it just in case if I didn't share the Audio, I probably didn't.

Let us see, welcome to act over Fest.

So it's welcoming a digital ocean.

We believe the community against existing just digital ocean, which is why we celebrate the open source Community throughout the month of October celebrating.

The we started here Tobar Fest in 2013 started into and after the first year, we had nearly 700, participants really has But over the years Oktoberfest is grown to a community of over.

150,000 participant was like a hundred over a hundred fifty thousand on trees who participate by sharing their projects making any progress, make a pull request.

You know what, just check out the website, that's where we're going to do because I, again, I do remember.

Now, this is cool because I think I remember how many years ago, but yet in lieu of doing a t-shirt, you can actually have a tree planted, which is pretty cool.

So, rather than receive tea, T-shirts as swag, you can choose to have a tree planted in your name and make Hector Tobar Fest 2021, more carbon neutral.

We're just really dope.

So that's cool.

Given to open source, open source projects, keep the internet humming, but they can't do it without resources donate and support their awesome Works.


So, you know, donate what does Oktoberfest, uh, Oktoberfest in its 8th year is a month-long celebration of Open Source software run by digital ocean during the month of October.

We invite you to join open source software.

Was yes beginners and the developer Community by contributing to open source projects.

You can do this in a variety of ways, prepare and share your project for collaboration.

Like we said maintainer say, hey, we would like to have contributions.

Welcome contribute to the betterment of a project via pull request.

So then if there's an especially if there's always been like open source project that you always use and you're like, it'd be cool like you found like You in it, but there was like maybe something that was kind of maybe missing or whatever.

Maybe you can add do a pull request to add that thing.

And it may help others or you could take a look at all the different issues that are in that open source, and you may be able to help out with one.

That's a good way of doing it.

Organize an event Mentor others and donate directly to open source project, which is cool.

How does it work?

Act over Fest is open to everyone in our Global Community?

Oh here you go.

Maintainers determine if they're open source projects participate by The October Fest topic.

And then quality, pull request.

Because this is the issue submitted on GitHub and get lab are rewarded.

And then engage maintenance of hack Tobar Fest taggers repositories are rewarded.

So I guess they also reward the maintainers for going through the pull request and things.

So, that's a pretty nice.

So yeah, so you sign in you log in, you sign up with your GitHub or get lab account.

And that way you can kind of Track your pull request and, you know, once they're merged they can track if it's merged and all those things.

So, yeah, pretty cool rules.

Pull requests can be made in any participating GitHub or gitlab hosted repository / projects.

You look for the heck, Tobar Fest topic, then you can sign up anytime between October 1st and 31st makes sense.

Because it's hack Tobar Fest, just be sure to sign up on the official Oktoberfest website for your pull request account.

So again, make sure is that Link that I have for this video added to this video.


So then the pull request must contain commits.

You made yourself.

If a maintainer reports, your pull request as spam.

It will not be counted toward your participation in October Fest if it maintained a reports Behavior, that's not in line.

With the Project's code of conduct.

You will be ineligible to participate, so don't mess around.

A pull requests.

I forgot to be adding clips and pull request is considered a prove, once it has an overall Improvement.

Overall, approving review for maintainers or has been merged by maintainers or has been given the hack Tober — accepted label.


And then Global events.

We have a bunch of events.

You can view all the vents like Essence, take a look at that and see what's happening all over the world events.

All right, cool.

So we have like an are table.

Looks like, so we got nice Phoenix, Arizona online, true.

India's dope, Spain India, India, India, India, India, New York India.


India Indians are represented.


A lot of (India).

More India.


Nice, Augusta, Georgia.

Nice Brazil, word, UK in the house.

All right.

Again, Brazil, Nashville, Tennessee.

Nice free.

Code Camp.


Germany Mexico, Jordan Germany again, California.


And I yeah Thailand pull in Nepal, that's dope.

So yeah, so a lot of places super awesome.

So shouts.

Everyone being involved.

Giving cool.

They have the Twitter LinkedIn.

Let us go back really quick.

Let us see here.

Here we go.

All right.

So if you all the Vans featured events, so we kick off October 4th, which is tomorrow is the official kickoff of number 2 for the asia-pacific region.


Oh, and then, October 6 is yet another one for Middle for Europe, Middle East and Africa region.


Good to see everyone.

Doing everything shots all the premium Partners here.

All right, make it have Community Partnerships and Community Partners spread the word.

Notice that you can join the Discord and yeah, super awesome.

So it's dope.

So shouts to everyone that's involved in Oktoberfest.

Yeah, so, you know again feel free to oh also before I forget Selfless, plug, selfish plug, I don't know, but let me see, cuz we just recently.


Shasta Mophie, my teammate released.

Let us see here.

So if you go to we have a post that went live.

I am pretty sure about the do's and don'ts of hack Tobar Fest somewhere.

Here we go.

See, I keep up with things going on at work.

Alright, so I am going to post a link to this as well.

So you can check it out.

So it will be along with the video archive.

So let me add that cool save the links, so we will be there.

All right, and yeah, shouts the movie.

It's a super dope thing.

Actually got to kind of review it.

So yeah, good stuff.

So, all right, that is going to be it for this.

Break session.

Hopefully you got to on a stretch, your legs do something.

What have you?

You know, I mean so haven't had any straw and tells yet.

So if anything we're going to do is go for the final break session, go over an artist website and it's a pretty large artist.

You may have known but you may know.

And so we will take a look at their website.

And yeah, so get you all back to work again.

Thanks for hanging out.

I think that's everything.

I got the video saved and everything.


All right.



Y'all and see y'all 15 minutes after the hour.


Yeah, let me just wait.

Wait, stop screen, share cool.

Alright, so I wish you much productivity.

Let me switch over so that I can get.

Send you all off with some tunes again.

So, this is Anthony Cruz, AKA butter from a group called.

The natural elements.

And yeah, it's track is called.

Thank you, because again, thank you all for hanging out.

So see y'all 50 minutes after our.

All right, bz, share my screen.

Be good.

It's still early for me.

It's yeah, it's and I stayed up late.

Last night should have known.

All right.

Thanks y'all.

Here we go.

All right, so you will be easy.