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Details automatically generated.

Speaker is going to show them some examples of how to send you video files, audio files and text files via phone. There is a comprehensive suite of apis for analyzing natural human conversations without the use of upfront training data, wake words or custom classifiers. Speaker is using topics summary and speech-to-text. They send a link to the archived broadcast through their web hook.

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  • sink apis
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  • final break session

Welcome back.

Same old place that you will.

The new have all changed since you hung up, but those dreams have repaid.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, welcome back.

All right, so few things, the, I forgot to put on, okay?

I am going to test some things real quick.

As normally do.

All right?

Okay, let me try.


Okay, got it.


So I am hoping that the actual speech to text will work, but I am not sure.

So I am working.

I am testing stuff out.

All right.

Still working on it to see if it's working.

Let me double-check something here.

I say we do this live because it's working on my machine.

Okay, I think I see the issue.

Alright, I will need to fix that.

All right, I think I got it.

Next time.

We should be good.

All right.


So it's a good thing that nobody really checks these things out.

So I can do all this stuff on the fly.

So if you are there, let me know.

But I think I see the issue.

Yeah, cool.

All right, so I will be able to fix that and the next one, great then.

You shouldn't have to do anything because it's in my dashboard is where I made the issue, which is weird because it worked previously.

I don't know.

We will figure it out.

All right.

But again, thank you all for hanging out.

Hopefully, it was a good productive session for you.

For me, it wasn't too bad, I will just super excited that the details thing, the automatic generation of the details worked.

So if you don't know what I am talking about, Let me do a quick demo.

I sent a tweet about it.

I was super excited.

So alright, let me share my screen.

So I think, so I just spent pretty much this last work session, kind of just trying to figure out this issue with the closed caption, which I think I may know why I am seeing an error in my dashboard and I think I know why.

So that's good, right?

But also, I will just super excited that the video analysis worked properly, so for people may not know that me share my screen.

All right, so this is when you go to the website, this is what shows up we're live.

So that's why it says we're live.

Otherwise, it would be a countdown timer, or like the next date which is a web component, by the way, shouts of web components.

All right.

So now if you go to videos, so this past week, I actually made it because before it was going from oldest to newest.

Now, the videos list from Newest to oldest.

So did that this week?

That worked now here is the latest video.

You can see right here and now you can see by the date and time again, web components, all these are web components the same one.

That's on the front page with the countdown cool.

Alright, so when you click watch, it brings up the video.

And oh by way the let me go back just kind of walk everything.

We spoke about it before.

You're so like the thumbnails are automatically generated as well.

So what happens is I am recording these broadcasts these breaks right and then at the end I just hit stop broadcast and it sets off a chain reaction of a bunch of things that happen in the back end.

So I don't have to do any of this stuff.

So things like the thumbnail generation that's being taken care of automatically, the uploading to Vimeo that's being done automatically.

So I have to do that.

And also now we have the video details, so when you go to click on the video, So this is the video from Vimeo.


And now you can see right here.

So again, another web, the same, web component and use before, and as I make sure to say that these details are automatically generated, and we will talk about who is generating for me.

But just because if it says anything wild just you know, disclaimer that's what happened.

So as you can see, I get the summary, the topics and the transcript.

So let us take a look at the summary.

So speaker is in the chat room.

I was in a chat room speaker has got some radio post radio show.

Yeah I said it that way I if this one thing taught me I need to speak clearer and as a developer Advocate you know that when I do meet ups and talks and things and workshops, this is going to believe, help me to speak clearer so that it's more understandable.

All right, so then there will be looking at another hip hop artist website.

That's true.

So this is pretty good speakers working on some stuff.

I have got to be more specific in what I am actually working on.

He's going to send a chat to see if check is it's working.

I did that and it was working cool.

Speaker has worked on the closed caption stuff this week.

Yeah, I did the video will be analyzed, and we will have some tags and a summary generated.

So the summary is pretty good.

So far.

So that's cool.

Now, let us take a look at the topics.

The topics that had got back were radio.

Post highlight reel video.

Free code camp and inspector window.

I mean I guess I did say those things so that's cool.

And then this one is funny, the transcript and again this is where I need to be able to say, I guess speak clearer so the transcript Oh, it's fun.

It picks up some of the intro and outro video looks like as well.

So, but those dreams everything, and they turned out each around each other, that's from the song.

And so that's from song and then I am not sure if I said Mom Aspire, but pretty sure I didn't?

And so welcome.

I say, all right, quite a bit.

So this is telling me I should probably not say that as much.

But this is pretty.

I think it works sounds like something.

I would say.

So yeah, also worked on maybe I said that once I hit broad scap broadcast on this and I guess.

So how's everyone doing that?

Sounds like something I would say.

Thanking people.


So it looks cool.

I say cool, a lot as well.

So that's another one.

Alright, and cool.

Those are like my crutch phrases.

Let us see.

And so yeah, I say that as well.

No, no, the cool.

Yeah, so it looks like not a bad, not a bad transcript.

So let us talk about how all this works.

I am using a service called symbol dot Ai and the reason why I know about, and they just started following me on Twitter for whatever reason.

I like, oh let me check this out, see what this is about.

And as you can see, it says conversation intelligence for automation, call tracking coaching, etc, etc.

And I have been wanting to kind of out.

I knew I was doing this whole until it that works and I knew I was going to be doing brakes and I knew that I was going to be recording the brakes and having them in the video section.

So I was like well how can people kind of tell what the videos were about?

And so then when this came across as like oh this solves my issue.

So what they do is so like you send them video or audio, and then they will analyze it and then be able to spit back a bunch of information back at you about the videos or audio about the media that you sent to them.

And it's pretty cool.

The bunch of stuff.

So beyond speech-to-text, like I said, topics of discussion conversation and analytics entity and intent recognition.

So there's some other stuff that Could have done because it knows it's that speaker.

I believe I can send more information to be like.

Well Duane said this, so feels multiple people.

You'd be able to tag each speaker so that in the information that comes back to be attributed to the correct people real-time insights because you can do it as well.

Real time they have a streaming API, but I am doing everything afterwards.

So I believe they call it a sink so you can do it real time.

I am doing it after the fact and I just figured I would just be easier because I already have the recording.

Let us get that done as for past events.

Anyway, so don't need to real-time and I yeah, cool.

And then, so they had examples which I thought was cool about how to send you know, video files, audio files, text files and that's it with the streaming and through phone.

Also, it looks like got that.

So a lot of cool stuff a lot of goodness.

So here's a documentation and then again What is symbol that AI symbol offers?

Comprehensive Suite of apis for analyzing natural human conversations without the use of upfront training data, wake words or custom classifiers, cool.

So, so the streaming API, so like I said, he's, an async ones.

And so you look under a sink apis, what I am doing is I am actually posting a video URL because I will show this, I have my one, my one, slide explanation, explainer.

So we're going to go into that.


But basically, I am sending Vonage.

Sends me, the recording of This broadcast.

I then take that link, and send it to a bunch of different places.

But in this case, I send it to symbol and then you can see here all the conversation stuff that you can get.

So you can do follow-ups, action, items, speech-to-text the topics, any questions that may occur came up Analytics?

Whole bunch of things.

And then I am using this summary, which I guess is like in beta, they call it labs.

And so I am using.

So I am using topics summary and the speech-to-text, cool.

So let me talk about kind of overall of how everything works.

So, here we go.

My one slide explainer.

Okay, here you go.

So like I said, I from Vonage, I get archive link of the broadcast.

I send.

I get that through my web hook because again, web hooks are awesome.

I am still learning about stuff.

I am having like an issue.

I think with it, but everything is working so far.

I am just not, sending back information fast enough, I think so working on it, work in progress.

That's what these things are here for.

All right, so I get the link back from bondage through my web hook cool.

So I have a link then I take that link and any other information that I want symbol to give me back so for Example, the topics the summary and the text-to-speech a transcript as send that to symbol, symbol gives me a like an ID, like a couple of IDs to kind of, so that I can track, which job they are running for me for which, with which video broadcast cool.

And so, then it does its thing in the background and then it lets me know, it sends the information that I requested to the web hook so that I know oh, Done so that I can match like the IDS with the one they sent earlier.

So I know which video it's talking about which information and applies to, and then I take that information and then I set it to the database, we're on the video page, like you saw before.

I can then pull up this information here.

And that's pretty much it.

So it's pretty cool and it worked which is amazing, and I am just super happy about it and I kind of wanted to if you want to check out symbol dot AI as well.

See if you can work it into your things.

I think I am going to maybe now that I kind of have a bit more experience, I may work it in with some bondage stuff at work, you know.

So yeah because part also as like a developer Advocate, at least Advantage part of it is kind of looking to see what other Technologies out.

And see how it can be incorporated with our stuff because we want to make things as easy as possible for and straightforward for developers.

And so, if this is something you were looking forward to as well, and using our stuff then, you know, we will have a way of being able to use them together, just like how I did here.

Again, a lot of this stuff I used to kind of like, dog food the stuff that I am working on.

I am super happy, it worked.

All right, so this is great.

I am going to, I don't know if I can work on it.

During this break without breaking stuff.

But I may try work on the closed caption stuff during the break maybe in between the ciphers.

So be the three-hour break between ciphers.

Maybe I will try work on it and get it worked out for the next round of Cipher.

The next Cypher and break sessions.

Alright, so again cool.

Yeah, it worked, that's awesome.

You can check out symbol dot AI for more stuff.

If you have any questions or anything about my experience, let me know.

And yeah and then hopefully how can With violence and stuff with it as well.

So going to, uh, send you back to work again.

Thank you all for hanging out.

Oh, totally.

Click play on that accidentally.

Alright, so at least we know.

It works.


So I am going to send you back the final break session for this Cipher will be happening 15 minutes after the hour is normal, and we're going to look at artists website and that's super dope and playing on the show and on the radio show and yeah, hopefully you will enjoy it as well.

Just like hopefully you're enjoying the music from the music player there.

So all right.


Sub screen share.

I am going to get you all back to work.

All right.

Okay, let me get the outro worked out, cool.

All right.

Yeah it's cool.

Thank you all send you back.

I am going to play this outro real quick.

I need to have liked it easier to be able to just share the screen so maybe that's something I will look into the future.

Alright again, thank you all.