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Speaker sends a link to the band's latest album on bandcamp. They recommend checking it out and ordering a physical copy.

Speaker wants to share sylvan esso's music with you. Speaker is going to add a link to sylvan esso. Com. Speaker is browsing sylvan esso's website. Speaker is having too much fun.

Speaker is listening to a band on bandcamp. They are on tour. They have a bunch of dates coming up and they're on tour for a while. Speaker went to the shoreline and then came to florida. Speaker wants to buy some vinyl, some long sleeve t-shirts and cassettes. Speaker is watching a music video of sylvan esso echo party.

Speaker asks how to get back to the actual front page of sylvan esso. Speaker is working on sylvan esso website. They will be back in 3 hours for the final break session. Speaker is going to send off their listeners with some traveling music from a japanese artist. Speaker needs to get back to speaking in japanese.

Speaker and their friends are listening to a live show. Speaker wants to know more about them, but there is no social media presence. They are checking out sylvan esso's website. Speaker likes the social media section. Sandy wants to listen to the song they played on the radio show. The album is out.

Speaker is taking a look at an artist's website during the final break session of the first one. The artist has a new track out and a new album.

  • final break session
  • website real quick
  • band camp player
  • historic dorm
  • esso dope website

Welcome back, welcome back, same old place, but those dreams have remained We got him on the spot.

Welcome back, welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, what's going on?

Welcome back.

All right, let us go through so stretch.

Oh yeah, for the final break session of the first Cipher going to be back in like three hours, but this is the final one for the first one.

And I figured why not take a look at an artist's website.

We actually just played them on the radio show.

Yesterday, they have a new track out and a new album.

Not sure if it's out yet, we will take a look but so yeah.

So I figured why not to take a look at the website real quick?

It's pretty dope.

Like it's The way is like formatted.

I dig it, I really like it.

So we're going to take a look real quick, me, share my screen.

So I figured it'd take a look at what some videos.

Listen tracks, why not?

So, here we go.

Maybe you will become a fan of them as well.

Let us see here.

Yes, share audio.


So this is a group that goes by the name of Sylvan Esso.

I am really hoping I am saying that right Sylvan.

Sy L VA ness010 me, going to cup?


Okay, we're going to add a link to be able to check it out to the recording of the video.

But Sylvan, right?

And I am going to refresh it because the intro does a pretty cool thing.

So, Check it out.


And so you can see like the like photos are coming up like one by one, which is pretty dope and so Sylvan, if you want to check it out and like I didn't notice the first time but like you see the hand there, like, you can.

Move these around.

Which I thought was pretty cool.

So like you can kind of swipe them out the way.

So I thought that was a pretty cool effect.

I noticed you like swipe down.

I just makes a page longer, so I guess they didn't have the up-and-down thing overflow.

But that was super cool.

I am probably having too much fun and then, you know, that's new album.

New no rules Sandy and so, so notice that website, parentheses Sylvan Esso.

All right.

The here is, so I couldn't find any other way to like navigate and so, the only other things this dot here, I am like, okay, let me click this pulls up the menu smart, I like it and then the music.

And so you see said like right there, no rules and again music in parentheses, so I can.

What's in the parentheses is like, where you're at?

I just found that like pretty cool.

And then so here.

So on the left here is the album cover, and we actually have it kind of like written out here.

And so this is like I said, this is the latest album, so they're on bandcamp, so if you want to check it out.

So I am open that with you, check that out later and then you can order it from the store also like a physical copy and then again, here's the Albemarle we got so it alternates, which is pretty cool.

So, you know, like this is a whole new thing here.

Dig it super dope.

What can I do?

I can't.

Click to play it is cool if you're able because I mean, like I said, they're on bandcamp.

So if you could put even like with this huge space here you can put a band camp player in there and have people.

Listen, well there's not so much space here.

But somehow it is cool to be able to listen to it on the site without having to go off the site.

Your, I mean, So yeah, cool.

Very nice.

So that was that, let us check out.


Okay, I like it.

Moves up a little bit.

Alright, so they're on tour.

Got a bunch of dates.

Coming up, very nice.

All over the place.

Bunch of stuff, sold out cool.

Rather, on tour for a while.

Hey, shots of Shoreline Amphitheatre.

A fun memory serves me.

I think that's where they hold the Google IO.

That's where I went to the Shoreline.

I am pretty sure it's really doped spot.

So, and then coming to Florida.

All right.

Very nice and occasion.

This is so using a seated and so you can follow them on seated.

All right.


Let us check out.

The store.

Okay, so if you want by like some vinyl, some long sleeve T-shirts cassettes.

So, I would like everything.

Like the whole, no rule Sandy.

Like, everything is like, like clean and minimalistic kind of thing.

I dig it.

Very nice.

So whether they change their site like every album or something, because it's kind of like following along with.

They have this pretty cool.

Let us see.

And then video miles of check out some videos, right?

So I so it pops up with this one.

This is a I guess Echo Party official music video.

So let us take a listen from Sylvan Esso Echo party.

Check it out.

Okay, let me click it again.

First day in keeping in a minute, watch me move over.

Can find that street knows where they will be.

Follow Me Down.

Let The Echo.

Nice, nice.

All right.

Let us see.

Alright, a little drop down.

Super cool.

That's its like it go that way.

Okay so official oh so the audio is that just like the okay cool?

I am going to check out this video.

I think this might be alive.

The coolest.

Check this out.

This check them out live.

So this is Sylvan Esso and historic dorm Athletic Park as well.


They're from Durham North Carolina I believe that's what was it.

I didn't notice here.

It'd be cool if there was like an about also kind of like know more about them.

I guess you go like social media.

That's another thing is this.

There's like no Social Media stuff here.

Okay, Cool.

Alright, let us check this out.

My favorite way to ruin me to eat this sweet.

But when I see you and never stopped, it comes to me, naturally.

To get his face cheese again.

So we're cool.

Very nice but like, it's like a live show.

It's very nice.

All right, cool.

We probably listen to some more tracks but for right now, so that was video store and then the contact So name, email signup.

All right, do they do here?

Okay, here are the Social Media stuff.

Alright, very cool.


I like it like this.

Like it's just simple and just kind of here's information.


Alright so yes let us listen to some tracks real quick so want to listen to the one we played on the radio show called don't care.

So look, I get it.

The album is out.

All right.

No rule Sandy.

Very nice for the pick that up.

Let us see here.

So yeah, okay didn't care.

The track that we played yesterday on the radio show.

So let us check that out real quick again.

Sylvan Esso off of, no rules Sandy and this is didn't care.

Here we go.

But I didn't hold you in my man.

I was busy playing shows you a busy, wasting your time.

And appalling, you.

Acting like a new little lap guy was threatening boom.

Finish feeling willing, it is quaking.


All right.

You go have to pick up the album if you wanna hear anymore.

But yeah, Sylvan Esso dope website.

How do I get to the actual front page again?

See, I don't think I can interest.


But yeah.

Sylvan Esso.

Dot-com, as I really like the websites like this and it loads like since there's not a lot, just loads quick, you know, I mean, and so later this person, hold on.

Oh, does this stop loading pictures?

Once I started doing it?

I don't know.

It keeps going Okay.

Has like a crane thing.

That's pretty cool.

Let us move stuff all around but a super cool.

Yeah, so think of the website.

So, shots is Sylvan Esso.

All right, let me get job back to work.

Now for this final break session, stop screen share, So for this final break sessions will be like an hour-long, give you some more time to finish up what you want to finish up.

Be back in like three hours again.

If you want to check out all the upcoming ciphers, check out, subscribe have a list there, you can subscribe to get notified when we go live again but yeah, so thanks for hanging out.

I am actually set up a new project for since I just finished his last one got another one that I want to get done, and so I am going to work on that as well and now that the radio show stuff is done.

We will work on that and I need to get back to my studying Japanese lessons.

So yeah need to get back on that speaking.

In Japanese, I am going to send you all off with some traveling music from a Japanese artist.

One of my favorite producers of all time, new Jabez R.I.P new Jabez the track is featuring a Pawnee be and it's called thank you.

All right.

So thanks again and I will see you all later.

See you next time and until next time we meet I wish you much productivity.

All right, so thanks again.

Here we go.


All right, this is a nujabes featuring upon EB.

Thank you.

See you later.

Easy piece.