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Speaker is going to work on a media server thing. They want to stream video feed from their phone to an rtmp server and then show it in the dashboard.

  • javascript developer advocate
  • vonage
  • free code camp
  • presents red camera
  • actual camera


Hey welcome back, speech recognition.

Alright so back for the second cipher of the day and hopefully you are all doing well yeah I have just spent like the break between the first set and this set of ciphers just trying to do all this like Cloud stuff and just Time went by so quickly.

I, I think I am almost there but this reminds me on why I don't do Cloud stuff.

So it's a lot.

So hopefully getting their little by little, you know.

So, hopefully, you are getting ready to get started on.

Whatever it is that you're working on.

Please let me know in the chat room.

If you like, you know what you work on and if you don't forget, if you ever need any help or anything, there's the Jaco.

So if you get stuck and Jaco is help a Creator / coder out and pretty much use click it, it creates like a room for you and where you can invite people in and you can share your screen and the hope is that together, you're able to figure out the issue or what have you or maybe looking to get feedback on something just you know, a quick way of being able to see what's going on.

Also, if there is an anything that you're working on, you don't know what you work on, you don't have a thing, you don't have an it, we have tutorials in the tutorial section.

So feel free to check those out again.

Full disclosure, I am a I work at Vonage, I am a JavaScript developer advocate, so some of the tutorials are stuff like I work on.

So I am putting them out there for people to check out.

And if you have any issues, please let me know.

Because I am kind of like I want to make sure it's good.

And everybody is able to Get the tutorials and get the goals accomplished, you know, so, all right, what else?

Oh, and then, if you're new to coding and you're like, oh, I want to check out this coating thing I have been hearing about, I have got a couple of links to free code camp and Odin project.

So I hear those are good places to start to learn how to code and things.

So to see if you kind of dig it, and they're free.

So yeah.

All right.

So there's that.

So he spoke about Jaco tutorials.

Now, if you do have A thing and you want to kind of share it and talk about it.

We do have the show and tell.

So they're kind of like lightning talks where you can just sign up, come on for like 5-10 minutes and talk about what it is that you're working on.

And so there's that cool.

What else I am trying to think my brain is still working on this Cloud stuff, I had to port forward stuff from this thing to this thing.

So, when I am running, locally is accessible to other places and then Why have it deployed and I see it.

I don't know if the port's to where I deployed, it to are open so that's what I was testing locally.

So I don't know.

Hopefully have something to show even if it's locally or what have you?

I got it kind of working.

Not necessarily with the camera that I want.

I didn't really test it but Yeah, a lot of stuff.

So, she will say any Cloud engineers and everything out there because You all do a lot.

So I just look at come using Google cloud and look at the dashboard, and I am like, there's a lot of stuff here that I normally just use like Firebase or something and it's just a lot more succinct because you know, there's like guide rails and stuff so but for this project that I am working on oh which but yeah so everything here So until it dot works, I believe is at a stable place as far as the code and things are working, shaza.

Tanya there was an issue with hashtags being in the to-do list the done list.

When you tweet it out, got that fixed, I believe.

So check that out.

Thank you, Tanya again.

And so if there's anything, you know, a little weird thing that pop up, you know, feel free to let me know please and I will get that worked out but Right now, everything seems to work like the whole video.

Once I Hit N broadcast, it does what it needs to do in the background.

So it gets uploaded to the videos page.

The, the descriptions are all automatically generated as far as I am good.

As far as I can tell.

Everything's working great.

So yeah, so I decided I am going to work on another side project that I have been meaning to do and that's included with that.

Is this whole I am doing like a media server thing where I can stream to from a camera and then pull that up?

So yeah.

Spoke about it.

And the last second so that's one of the previous videos so you can go to the videos page and check that out.

But yeah, cool.

So working on that, please let me know if there's anything that's your working on again.

Feel free to use any of the resources that are on the site thing.

That's pretty much everything.

So I give you all some more time so that I can go and work on this thing.

But hopefully next break session I will have a demo of what I have been working on and like So the plan is to take video feed from my phone pipe it to a rtmp server.

And then show that in the dashboard that I got set up.

So, yeah, and maybe if I can the actual camera, well, not the camera, I want to use presents Red camera that I spoke about in the last Cipher, so we will see is a whole lot of stuff and yeah.


Alright but yeah, that's it.

Thank you all.

Once again, we're going to be out of here.

Yeah, cool.

So, thank you all for free to hit me up if you need anything.

And yeah, don't forget, if you want to do a show and tell we only have two bricks sessions.

So if you want to do one, let me know.


If you want to set one up in the future, what have you all right?


So let me set this up and give you some more time back because I am probably going to go over trying to show what I got working.

So be prepared for that.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

I am going to be out of here.

I am just getting my timer things set up, right?


All right.

Share my screen.

But again, anything let me know if you need any help with anything.

Alrighty, cool.

Hopefully, this is a productive time for you and work.

Good luck.

Talk to you later.

All right.