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Speaker spends most of their days writing and collecting old beach cruisers. They go without a phone. Joy is retiring and he's producing their final tbe album.

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That same old place that you live with another have all changed since you hung around, but those dreams every made, and they turned around.

I am back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, welcome back.

The final session of this second cipher of the day.

And whoo, I am tired, but I am so happy like So remember I was telling you in the last session that I was going to see if I can set up the camera that I want to use for my new side project at least the maker of it, you know, I mean because they discontinue that model.

So there's another model from the same maker that I will probably also use, but I want to see if I would have any issues with the audio and video being not in sync, and I am super excited.

To say that so far it has been running for maybe about 20 minutes and I have been checking it off and on, and the audio and video is still in sync.

And what's cool is I can even take audio from another place like, because if I have it far away the audience, not gonna be that great, but you can actually plug in.

You can actually use, like your phone if that's going to be closer to, you use its Mike for the audio of the video and that was in sync as well.

And so, I am just super excited that's Working now and I got my laundry done.

That's great.

Everything's great.

And the new Walking Dead season is starting up tonight too.

Oh, it's everything's going.


So now at least with this working, I can for my side project.

I can I feel better now using the server that I created randomly because again, I don't do much of this stuff and so forth to be working and working.

Well enough, I feel good about using it as like the beginning.

Part of this my side project, the kind of test to make sure what I am thinking can come into fruition kind of thing.

You know, I am saying.

So I don't have this too.

Whole big thing before, it's about to work out but at least with this is like a betta run.

I can hopefully make sure it works.

So yeah, so I am just super happy that works and it seems to be working.

So I am going to let it.

I haven't actually doing it now, and so I am going after this I am going to check back on it and make sure it still works because we're going to be.

I think maybe about an hour.

I think each thing will happen.

So yeah.

So super happy is working so far and cool.

So happy like I was so happy and want to go back to.

I forgot to post the highlight video.

So I have been catching up on trying to post those as well.

Neither here nor there.

All right.

So for this final session of this final Cipher for this week, one to speak about artists.

I have been a fan of for minute and I want to show you how long we have been a fan of this person.

Because for the radio show, I take the playlist and I put them like basically like blog posts and I use Blogspot just to throw it up there because we have been doing it for years.

And this way I can always search pretty easily for artists and songs or whatever, you know, I mean, and so I looked it up and so the artists talking about is Kendrick Lamar.

And you can see right here on 11:6 on November 6, 2010.


So, almost 11 years.

I was in playing Kendrick Lamar on the radio show and so quick story behind this.

So as you can see, so, the two songs here from Kendrick Lamar.

Now A friend of mine.

He had a segment on the radio show called his name is Sean J.

And he had thing Sean J.

So Is so Tech, and so he would talk about different text stories on the radio show.

I like, for this one.

It's not my Google Navigation app review.

So this again, like 11 years ago.

So Google Nav was totally different from it is now because it's I think it's Google navigation.

Now as I think it's all rolled into Google Maps, right?

All right buddy, and then stories from Cali, so he took a trip out to California, and then he came back, and he's like, yo there's this MC that everyone is talking about in California.

He goes by well, I think is like K dot previously, but then he as we switched over to Kendrick Lamar using his name.

And so he played a couple of tracks on there.

And if I remember, I think these were off of the overly dedicated mixtape, and so I went back and listened to some more tracks off of there, and we will listen to two tracks.

That's what I was like.

Yo, this, this person, this Kendrick Lamar is going to be a problem.

So, I am back then and so big fan.

Kendrick Lamar so fast-forward like 11 years to a couple of days ago on August 20th.

He posted this random tweet because Kendrick Lamar is not big on social media at least his personal one.

And so yeah, so it's almost like always, like a news event whenever he like puts out a tweet or something.

So he put a tweet and it's just a screenshot of like one of those old like Windows, 95 folders file folders and says new thoughts underneath it and a link.

To okay Mike.

Alright, let me check this out.

See what this is about.


Check it out.

Same thing.

So it's a site with just the file folder and new thoughts below it.

All right, now for anybody whose familiar with making web pages.

That's all there is just that and the file folder right now when you click the file folder, so it's just one image centered on a page.

You click new, new thoughts, and it pulls up this page, and again is just some text and a photo of looks like Kendrick Lamar in the studio with bottled water and light, like a black and white photo and some and look like two microphones.

I am not sure or they could be a camera.

I am not sure.

Looks like he's in the studio.

And on there, it says, okay, August 20, have 20 21.

So look like they did it quickly.

So because he did the tweet in 2021.

All right, neither here nor there.

Alright, cool.

So he says I spend most of my days with floating fleeting thoughts.

I spend most of my days with fleeting thoughts writing listening and collecting old beach cruisers.


The morning rides.

Keep me on a hill of Silence.

I go months without a phone.

Love loss and grief have this truck, this Disturbed, my comfort zone, but the glimmers of God, speak through my music and family.

While the world around me, involves.

I reflect on what matters of the most the life in which my words will land next.

As an as I produce my final TBE album, and so people are like, what does that mean?

No, he's retiring, or is it going to another label?

This whole thing that's happening around is around this statement.

I feel Joy to have been a part of such a cultural imprint for after 17 years.

So that means even when I started to know about them, you know, I mean like you was putting in work before that.

And so that's good to see like people like artists, having track records.

And so we will see more of that in the video on the plate.

Okay, 17 years, the struggles, the success.

And most importantly, the Brotherhood May the most high continue to use He's top dog as a vessel for candied creators.

I as I continue to pursue my life's calling, as I continue to pursue.

My life's calling that, okay?

There's Beauty in completion and always faith in the unknown.

Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.

I have prayed for you all.

See you soon enough.


Llama I am assuming like, okay the K I am assuming is Kendrick llamas.

Probably short form of Lamar.

I am not sure the always who knows?

Again mysterious.

So, but I was like, oh cool website, you know?

Like so.

People and straight to the point, you know, I mean, and I was like, oh, this is just two images, some HTML and just some text.

Cool, and barely even any styling.

I am like, oh, it's good to see like you don't need a flashy all these things moving around stuff like it's just plain, so I am like, alright, so at the most is just HTML.



So I look at the now this is as it is, I don't know if it's going to move.

Morph into anything more but then I looked at the actual trip time like they're using next JS.

A whole react framework.

With JavaScript for something that didn't require.

And this is coming from a JavaScript developer advocate here.

I mean you didn't need JavaScript for this at all because use HTML CSS now does it?

But again, I don't know what's coming next.

Maybe it's going to transform into something huge.

But if it stays like this that there's no use, there's no need for it.

It's just too like to HTML files and with some CSS with like one CSS.

File, that's all you need.

You could do this on like a glitch or like codepen or something.

Like you didn't need this full-blown thing.

So, I don't know again.

I don't know.

Just from my point of view and who knows, and I would hate to see how much somebody charged with this website.

So, I mean, maybe Kendrick Lamar's Dibble and Dabble in into web design and you know, coding, that'd be cool.

So, but yeah, so, shouts the Kendrick Lamar looking forward to whatever it is.

That you have coming out.

And I wanted to play a couple of tracks that I was like, oh, wow.

This person is amazing.

So I believe these are off of overly dedicated.

And this first one, The Heart part one.

If you notice it came out, April 14th.


That's important because in the video, you will see a date like when they were recording it.


So in this is them on the road, and they're using Umi says, from most F now known as Yasiin Bey.

And I was like, oh wow, this is dope.

So, all right.

Let me click play on here real quick.

Hello, Compton, n****.

Elbows near my microphone could be one until I see big hook got.

It has no addiction, still, no crescent moon for doing it.

Make room for the pool area to his music.

How was that the double XL trying to excel?


Meanwhile, the stomach-turning wanted to be a part of beginning with to my audience.

They correlate if you don't show up, think I can take place, maybe start laughing.

No pun intended is being sarcastic.

Only popped up with about 20 bags off the plane.

I couldn't even complain.

Hungry and like passionate about trying to get people to hear his music.

You could hear it in his voice.

You know, me and that's one thing about Kendrick Lamar.

Like you can hear the passion in his voice.

And so and then I saw this video I am like, oh this is like footage of them.

The road putting in the work to be able to hopefully get more and more people to listen to their music, like they're trying to gain fans one set of ears at a time.

You know, I mean like going out there and actually putting in the work, and so I thought that was dope and all right, so then so yeah, and then he noticed that like one of these videos like the clip was like see, like right here.

It says April 9th 2010.

A billionaire witty.

Step 1 and the video came out, April 14th, so, they were just putting stuff like to me, that's dope.

So, shots and Kendrick Lamar.

And then this other one is like, my favorite Kendrick Lamar joint and just go do that real quick.

I know I am over going to add extra time to the end of these as I normally do some real to work on more stuff.

But this right here, this is over like a Roots joint and it's beautiful.

It's amazing.

So Kendrick Lamar The Heart part 2.

So that first one.

The Heart part 1, and then here we have the Heart part 2 featuring — now and the joint is done.

So, as a beautiful track.

Here we go.

And I am a place in part ways is just like you can feel like he's going to wrap till the end.

Like no air left in his lungs.

Like the passion is amazing.

That's why I was like forever fan of Kendrick Lamar.

So here we go.

I will tell you what, I don't believe.

Can I do that?

All right.

I don't believe in the laws or the system by any means.


I try not to obey them at any time.

What a great intro.

That's what I believe in.

Not believing it.

What keeps you alive for big bottles of water?

A day to facts and Marlboro Reds.

And I don't that f****** to me alive.

S*** music.

I can have to listen to music all day long.

I would say that keeps me going.

I am pretty dark person.

I thought about ending it a million times and I have to say the music keeps me here by far the main thing.

Thank you.

We're going to get into some of the rapper rap song.

We buy guns and more guns to give to the young.

I am living the life of an n**** trap n**** inside the system.

Are you envision is trap n*****?

My uncle doing life is our prison.

He wasn't wrapped too tight.

He told me rap about life, not rap n*****.

That's why I am shaking my head.

When you wrap distant, my stomach start turning my nerves, get the twitching.

I start evaluating them.

I find a winter wishing is that you wish to come up with just come up.

We used to be for Nova terrific beeping over first n***** dying mother f***** double entendre and this cop gun lying.

I am in the land of the Triumph wraps around.

Not defying.

His band is lying.

Put why you pick up these dailies?

That's your problem.

I mean, I am like the kids climb all hold dear.

The corporate will make decisions all pretty b****** and deliberateness killing my dreams.

Still, in our fish out, in Haiti, had a less barely have a home and has a everybody think they f****** know — Twitter.


We do big s*** who we Hangin wit and bragging about the iPhone.

I swear to God most of y'all Jack just don't know, can't cheat, you barely know.

So I get more, see, I should be offended and doing this for my health.

I am trying to purchase my mama, the business occupy.

My time with Rich justify my time and place it just cause I just go inside.


How to laugh while we live.

Look, The Mastermind took them back to Manchester.


I am just a mess of my just a mess.

Well with Precision.

Looked at my sister, we would like to call this an appreciation.

Take for those who recognize and Hendrix, my of this is a Kendrick Lamar Odom, like he rapped to the use out of breath.

With that.

I was like, yo, all right words out.

Yeah, that was like, yep.


I am a fan.

And so yeah, big shots of Kendrick Lamar looking forward to whatever he has in store and thank you for all this music that you have given us thus far.

And yeah, so that's it.

Thank you all for hanging out going to end this like I said, when I give more time so till about like 30 minutes after the hour and yeah, thank you all again.

I really want to get back to see if this audio video live.

Stream is still in sync.

And yeah, thank you all.

Once again for hanging out.

Maybe see you all next week if anything.

So, thanks y'all.

And yeah, so let me stop this screen share, so we can stop it.

Do the outro properly.

All right, cool, and we start screen share again, and I really hope that I had the audio share the audio with that last set listening to the music.

We will see.

All right.

Thanks again.

Y'all here we go.

Till next time.

I will be easy piece.