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But those dreams everything, and they turned around thought they'd need you on the spot.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome always back good.

Spot rare.

Welcome back and a smile way, I think and I know what to see you again learning.

Was there some it?

Favorite come back and God never leaves you.

Welcome back.

It is the second cipher of the day.

Yes, hopefully you if you joined us earlier, hopefully, you know, you guys have stuff done and you continue to get things done or if you're just joining us for the first time, welcome.

Hope you're ready to maybe get something done or get something started or what?

Have you made some sort of progress?

Yes, after these sessions.

So alright, let us go through.

So right now we are in the break session.

This is where you get a chance to like, you know, stand up stretch.

You know, I am saying, maybe take a walk or what?

Have you?

You don't say.

You don't have to look at my face or what have you, but this is where you kind of get to take a.

Take a little bit of a break, like a nice little 15, 20 minute break, you know, let your mind reset and whatever it is that you're working on and if you look below this video, you will see you may need to click the player to start the stream.

And yeah, if you needed to do that, you probably wouldn't hear me saying that anyway, so it's a thing with browsers that you can't autoplay videos if you have interacted with the site yet.


Next to that is the open closed caption right now.

I am partaking of the web speech recognition.

Pie, and that's built into the browser.

So anything I am saying is being transcribed.

Hopefully accurately and transmitted to that section where it opens up.

And so hopefully it's actually you can read what I am saying.

Hopefully, it members automatically generated and sorry, if anything like strange is typed out.

All right below that.

You will see two buttons.


This is a thing that created in hopes that maybe it will help spread the word about what we're doing here.

And also just kind of Capture Moments of these break sessions.

So if there's anything that you found interesting that happened, where you can do is add a click, the adequate button and that will take like five seconds of like the clip.

So hopefully it captured what you found?

Interesting, and you get five of those and then when you're done with all the clips, you just use click create a highlight video.

And then what that will do is once I hit stop broadcast, they will go to the back end.

I have that created to call Api.

Do some things put together, a highlight video, custom for you and so have like your username and all that stuff in your Clips put together that you can then share.

And I will talk about how you can share it.

How you can see it to share it?

Now, I guess.

So again, so this right here is the break session and then below, you see the countdown timer.

That's how much time is left in the break, and we go back to work, right?

So now let me show you what happens.

Hopefully, you saw a little bit of this and hopefully made sense to you.

The work session, but if not, let us go over it really quickly.

And so, now what we have here is the what similar to what it should look like, because the background and the music player, it changes randomly.

So with that said up here, and so you should look similar to this.


Here in the left-hand corner, upper left-hand corner is the audio player.

And so if you want to listen to some music while you're working on, whatever it is that you're working on some very talented artists, submitted some tracks for everyone to enjoy so you can check that out.

And if you like the tracks, I just keep see right here.

It says by so you can always, you know, purchase it.

You can also share it and this is a band camp player.

So I am using band camps in bed.

Player 2 for these tracks, and if you like it, you want to spread the word, just the tweet, and that will open up a new tab on Twitter, Twitter with a pre-populated tweet to help, you know, promote the artist a little bit.

Cool, and then bottom center of the screen below the player.

You will see, this is where the to do task list is now the to do are all listed the ones that are to do, and then, if you click done, those are the tasks that you completed to add a task.

You just type it in where it says, add a task can either hit enter or press the plus button there and then towards the end when we're shutting down.

Everything closing shop.

You can hit the Twitter icon and that will send it.

Again, open up Twitter in a new tab and pre-populate a tweet with all your completed tasks listed out.

So it's kind of like a little achievement, you know, makes me feel good.

Like oh, got some stuff done today.

Not too shabby, you know, all right.

Make you feel accomplished.

I mean, so here similar to the timer.

That's below us.

The countdown timer until the next break happens.

And again, they have been 15 minutes after the hour cool tutorial.

Now, let us say you have you don't have an it that you have been wanting to work on, right?

Have these tutorials there, where and feel free to add your own tutorials.

If you came across anything cool, you can submit your own tutorials.

And let us make that list bigger, but I am primarily into like coding and stuff.

So you will see coding tutorials and so things like it.


If you're just hearing about like coding, and you're wondering if that's something, you may want to pursue, I have links to free code camp and the Odin projects curriculum.

And so they're free from the time of this recording and well one has an in the title, free code Camp.

So, I mean But I haven't done them personally, but I look through like what they're teaching, and they seem pretty good and I think if you go through them, you will get like a good feel of what it takes to get into coding and to go programming and at least to the point where you can decide whether or not you want to spend more time and more money on it, you know, so maybe you will have like a so, let us be kind of cool.

Like this is a thing that you can know, you can come back to.

So if you want to do like the freak Ocampo do, Project.

We have enough, much time.

You guys come during this time, because we're here pretty much every week at this time.

And, yeah, and it's block that time to get it done.

And who knows, maybe after a few months, you might be able to, you know, change your life if you want.

I am saying, so our learning the skill and which would change your life as well.

So cool.

All right.

All right, so then there's that.

So this is the free code camp and the Odin project.

You will also find some other tutorials.

I work at Vonage.

Each as a JavaScript developer advocate.

So I have like three tutorials there that I have like worked on, and I am pretty I like them.

So like one of them is able to from your browser.

Call an actual physical phone in the real world, like you dial the number and the phone ring.

Another one is the opposite where you dial a phone number a virtual one and then your browser can answer it and you can talk back and forth and then there's another one where it's to web browsers and people can carry.

Patience kind of cool stuff.

So if you get a chance to check it out.

Let me know what you think?

My goals are that not only can you follow the steps and get the desired outcome, but you understand what went into the steps so that if you ever want to like expand on it or create your own thing or something, you have like the knowledge on what it takes to make it happen, kind of thing.

So there's that.

So if you happen to take it, let me know what you think below that we have the Jaco section now, Jaco.

O stands for help a coder / Creator out.

If you click create, well, happen is, you will be able to create your own room and you will get a unique URL for that room.

And so, if you run into any issues, or maybe you want to get some feedback on a project that you're working on.

You can actually just share that URL, guess some people to join the room.

And now before they now it's not just anybody drawings room, they have to Best to join the room and so that way as you as the owner can see who's trying to get access to what you're showing, you be able to click on their name and see either their GitHub or their Twitter account and you can kind of get a feel of who they are and whether or not you think they would be able to help you out in your time of need or what have you.

So yeah, so there's that.

And then again as the owner of the room, you be able to share your screen and by sharing your screen.

Hoping that as a collective, you all will be able to come to a solution for your issue or maybe you will be able to get the feedback that you want on the thing that you're working on.

So that is my Hope For What can come out of that and then view is able to see what other Hawk goes are happening.

And if you join those and then if you have something that you wanted to kind of show and be like, oh this thing is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Then you will be able to sign up for show and tell you get like five ten minutes.

Do a quick lightning talk.

And so, yeah.

Now, if there aren't any of those things.

So for these break sessions, so normally, if we don't have any show and tells the first one is kind of just like what we're doing.

Now just kind of orientation of what's happening and it helps me not have to think of another thing to present and then the second one is if we don't have a show and tell its kind of something that I found interesting this week or what have you and I thought was cool and maybe want to share.

So there's that and then again, the third one, and third and final Accession.

If there's nobody wants to do Show and Tell.

We will take a look at an artist's website.

That I am a fan of.

Now, we played on the radio show and that maybe you will be a fan of.

Also, if you find a new artist that you like and you know, support or what have you so that'd be cool.

Yeah, and then below all that is the Highlight section.

So previously I mentioned you being able to create your own highlight like real of the stuff you thought was interesting during the break session.

It's so here.

You will see the Highlight box and once you submit because you will have to hit create highlight video.

And then what that does are that saves all that information in the database so that I can pull from it later to be able to create the Highlight clips.

And so yeah.

So once you once we return back, if you did click create a highlight video, the status will say submitted, and then Is doing what it's got to do in the background.

It will change to look like that were says status done and then you will be able to click that view button.

You will be able to preview it, check out the video.

Make sure it looks cool.

Then you can download it to your whatever device and then there's another button to click to send the tweet.

And then, yet again, it will open up a new browser or tab with Twitter loaded and a pre-populated.

Sweet ready to go.

And what's cool is the link, not only goes to the archived video but like, depending on how Twitter renders, the thing, like if it does the preview, it will be your video that you created, which is cool.

Now, again, sometimes it's weird.

I don't know what I think they may have changed stuff.

I don't know, but what I have been doing is on my Twitter feed, taking the downloaded video and then adding that attaching that to the Tweet that I send out, so you can check it out if you so choose, you know, see what they look like and stuff.

So, that's pretty much everything.

And so, hopefully, that helps and then you will be able to get stuff completed and I even necessary completed.

But a start, you know, making some sort of progress because again, little by little, you can accomplish great things.

I am a big believer of that.

So, just making consistent actions, you know, I think helps, and so I do it.

Oops, me.

And so, hopefully by doing this, it helps others as well.

And so that's why I am doing this.

It also makes me like, accountable to where I have in my mind.

I like, I have to be here to do this.

And while I am here, I might as well work on some stuff and some work on some cool thing.

So, like earlier, I finished all the post radio show promo stuff.

So that's good.

Got that done.


I am just working on the different pages of a new side project.

I have been working on and as we're going, pretty good.

I am using Astrodome.

Build, and I wasn't to sure if it but it works.

I got it to work.

For what I need, which is cool because before I was like, I don't think I can get this work.

Then, like, the next day I worked on it and like I was able to get it to work because there're certain things that I need to work make happen, and I was able to make it happen with astronaut build.

That's amazing thing with programming.

Like one day.

He like us not gonna never going to work the next day you get like inspiration like It's like the greatest thing ever.

So that's good feelings.

Good feelings.

All right, so I am gonna send you all back.

Let me set this timer to get y'all remember 15 minutes.

After the hour.

We will come back with the break.

And yeah, I wish you much productivity and what it is that you're working on.

Feel free to hit me up.

And again, if you want to show something it's time for show-and-tell.

If you get stuck, send a hawk.

Oh, and yeah, thanks y'all.

I am gonna send you all out with some.


And at this is Anthony Cruz, AKA butter from a group called natural elements.

And the trans call.

Thank you, because I would like to thank you all.

So, again, I am out of here.

We're out much success and productivity to you.

All right.

See y'all 15 minutes after our?

All right, be easy.

Thanks again.