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Andreww is back at the same place where they used to hang out.

Andreww is back. There is a second cipher of the day.

Andreww is starting a new side project. Andreww uses Astro for previous project and they want to use it again to get more familiar with it.

Andreww is a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage. Andreww was able to upgrade note 14 package to keep the base glitch project working the way it was before. Andreww has learned something today. This weekend, the plural site is having a free weekend trial. Andreww recommends it to others.

Andreww is looking for someone to help them learn how to code in JavaScript. Andreww signed up for the free weekends at the plural site and got reimbursed for it. Andreww will post a link to the recording of the video. They are doing ciphers every Sunday, unless Andreww has a meeting at the station.

Andreww explains how to subscribe to the home shop and log out. Andreww is going to work on getting the autoplay video with audio removed from the website during break sessions.

Andreww explains how the website works. Andreww has seen other websites twitch.

Andreww explains how the highlight video works.

Andreww has created a band camp player with music from a number of producers. Andreww will create a pre-populated tweet to help promote the artists. Andreww explains how to-do list works.

Andreww explains how the website works. they have links to free code camp and the Odin project. Andreww thinks the syllabus for learning to code is solid and will help people decide whether or not to pursue coding.

Andreww explains how to create a room and invite people to join it. Andreww is a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage. they have three tutorials on how to make a call from a browser and how to talk to each other through the browser. Andreww is interested in getting feedback from people. Andreww is a big fan of lightning talks at meetups.

Andreww explains how to create a highlight video on Twitter. Andreww is working on a project. Andreww wants to build the project on top of the glitch project, but right now he's just testing stuff out. they have a bearer token, so they can authorize the call to get the data. Andreww is working on a project. they have never worked with before. Andreww likes it because they don't need to set up a server. Andreww thanks everyone for hanging out. Andreww is going to see how far they can push it and wants to send them all with some traveling.

  • plural site
  • break session
  • speech recognition
  • highlight video
  • task enter
  • web development
  • chat room
  • phone number
  • preview video

Welcome back.

Same old place that you laugh about.

Well, then since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turn around.

Hey, what's going on?

Welcome back.

So, this is the second cipher of the day.

And this is just kind of like a moment in time a set spot in time, set schedule, set hour, duration of time.


You work on whatever it is that you have been meaning to work on and so you work on it until it that works or something.

I don't know.

But yeah, thanks for stopping by and been worked.

So I had earlier Ciphered before, and I am starting a new side project.

Just a quick thing.

I want to see how far I can get done because it should just pretty much be making a call to an endpoint retrieving some data and Is putting it on a page and it shouldn't be too involved.

And, so I am throwing together real quick like a glitch project so that I can just get the mechanics.

Kind of worked out your, I mean, before I go and do cause I want to use Astro again.

I use Astro for previous project and I want to kind of like use it again and get more familiar with it and seemed pretty cool.

So, and again, it should be not too bad.

I think.

I think so.

We will see.

So I just kind of went through a whole thing of like upgrade because the glitch template that I had before the for the express it was like using an old node version like no date.

So I upgrade a no 14, but then certain things like dur name aren't there anymore?

So when I was trying to call a directory, it was like, I don't, that is fam.

So then I did some more digging and I found it.

So it's working.

So I was able to successfully upgrade my note 14 package to keep that base glitch project working the way it was before your, I mean, so, but just upgraded now, which is cool.

So I will do a lot of nodes.

You know, I am a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage, and I do some know but not too much, you know, I mean, just enough to kind of like just play around with but not like, upgrading a previous project and doing all the other stuff, but got to working.

I have learned something.

I am much smarter.

(Today) than I was yesterday.

So that's, that's the win.

Speaking of smarter.

Let me share my screen real quick.

So this weekend, plural site is having like a free weekend trial thing.

And so it ends today because we do these on Sundays and yeah, so you can check out their whole website for free basically.

And so it's cool stuff, and they have like different paths.

So if you ever were like, oh there's so much stuff to do and I don't know where to begin and stuff, things like this.

I feel help so because it's like here's this path of things.

So let us say it was JavaScript or what have you?

And so, yeah, so you started getting started the talk about the syntax variable and types objects prototypes classes and functions.

So, it gives you a path for lack of a better term on like, how to kind of learn these things, which is cool.

So if you ever felt yourself kind of being lost, you're like, oh there's so much stuff, could be something like that.

So that's why the free weekends are cool.

You can always check them out.

Now if you're already a developer and you're looking for someone to learn because I was like before I was kind of dabbling with react native until I didn't have too anymore.

And, so I threw my job, we get like an educational budget, and so I was able to sign up for plural site and just get reimbursed for it.

So, you know, check to see if there's anything like that where you work at or what have you if you do that or something.

So, but yeah, so it's cool to be able to kind of test drive different platforms.

I was wanting to say, there's that.


All right.


So, yeah, so there's that.

Let me post.

I will post a link to it.

Also, so will be attached to this recording of the video so you can check it out.

All right.

Now you stop sharing screen.

So let us talk about what we're doing here today.

So, In my time Sundays, it depends on where you are.

But Sunday's every Sunday, unless I have a meeting at the station.

We do these ciphers so is until-- it.

That works like an online study group and there's two, three hour blocks called ciphers.

Each Cipher is consisted of two different types of sessions.

There's the work session, which you may have just came from.

And we will go over afterwards and breaks Essen break session.

Is this right now?

So you can look see above.

You will see that there's the home shop, subscribe, and log out.

If you're, if you're logged in or vice versa.

Now, subscribe has a listing of all the upcoming ciphers able to subscribe to them and get notified when we go live.

So there's that if you want to see and the time zones are in your time, your local time.

So work that out.

So it's pretty cool.

All right.

Now then below that you see this video this is where we're talking about stuff and here we will come back.

Come on, you know, the brakes are kind of like for you just spent all this time, focusing on getting a project you're working on your project.

You need a little time, you know, little break, you know, a little time away.

And so that's what these are and, you know, it's time to like stretch maybe walk around or what have you and so yes, it would just like we will talk about whatever, you know, you could do.

Show and tell.

If not, I will just talk about whatever I find.

Interesting, pretty much, then below the video If you ever join the site, and we're in a break session, in the video is going browsers.

Don't allow autoplay video with audio.

I am going to work to see more got another product.

See if I can get it to where the video will play, but just not the audio.

I have seen other websites kind.

Of do that like YouTube or what have you and so and twitch?

So I will see you how that works.

I may do that, but it may look like it's frozen and just that little warning they're like, hey, you may need to click play to be able to watch the stream next to.

That is the open closed caption button.

Because right now I am doing the speech recognition, the API built into the browser to be able to take the words that I am saying, and turn them into text, and that's transmitted to the block.

That's opens up.

You hit open closed caption below that.

We have the add a clip.

So if any time during one of these breaks sessions, you found something interesting.

You be able to click that button.

It will take a five-second clip and you get 55-second clips.

And then when you're done, you can hit the create a highlight video and then there we go.

Then we have the timer is there's the countdown timer to when the next work session starts then.

You can join the room and you know chat and leave a question if you have a question and that's what that is.

All right?

Now when we're back to so when I send you all back to work.

Oh, yeah.

So what happens is that highlight video?

So the clips once you hit create a highlight video I save that data to the database so that when I stop the broadcast, a whole bunch of stuff happens in the back end.

And one of that is to take those timestamps.

Come out of the video, the recording of the video join together and create your own like customized highlight reel and is even has like your username in it, which is kind of cool.

And so yeah, that's that.

And then you will be able to take a look at it, preview it, download it and like upload.

It's like Twitter or what have you?

So that's done in the work session.

Let me go over the work session.

Work session present and let me share my screen.

All right.

Now the work session, once I send you all back, you will see something that looks similar to this.

The background may be different, the audio player, the artist may be different.

It may start off with a different artist.

But an upper left-hand corner.

We have the music player.

I know a lot of cool producers, and they make great music, and they allowed me, they submitted some tracks to allow me to be able to create these projects.

And use their music, which is great.

So it's a band camp player.

So you'd be able to, if you would like to buy the track, you can share it.

And then below if you want help spread the word, you can send a Tweet about it.

And so, what I will do is open up a new tab with Twitter, and we will create a pre-populated tweet to help promote the artists.

Then we have the to-do list.

We're in the middle of the screen below the player where you can enter in your task that you want to get done right where it says, add a task enter or hit the plus sign as it to the space of the to do.

You're able to edit the students.

If you want to change what the text says, and you're also able to check them off and once you check them off, they go under done.

So you can click done, and you will see a list of what you have been working on what you got completed.

And then once everything's All said and done.

You can hit the Twitter logo that open up Twitter again with a pre-populated.

Tweet of all the things that you got completed.

Pretty cool.

Then we have the countdown timer again, except this one time this countdown timer counts down to when the next break session is and those typically happen 15 minutes after the hour.

Alright, then we have view tutorials.

So like with the plural site if you ever wanted to get into coding and you want to kind of like dip your toe into it and not have to pay.

Anything I have links to free code camp and the Odin project, which from what I understand are like really good resources.

They weren't around when I was learning to code, but I heard that I looked over at kind of like this syllabus seems pretty solid.

So at least you will get kind of like a grasp of what coding entails at least web development, you remain.

So there's that and it will kind of like help you decide whether or not you want to spend more time and more money in pursuing coding.

And then maybe go to places like plural site or udemy or all these other places.

Cool, then below that we have Jaco which stands for help a coder / Creator out.

You can create a room where you, as the owner of the room get a URL.

You post that to social media would have you even invite people to come?

Check out your room to come.

Join your room and now they just don't jump in your room.

They have to request to join the room.

So that way you as the owner can see, who wants to be in your room.

You can take a look at their profile where they'd be GitHub or Twitter, depending on what they logged in with and you decide whether or not you Want that person to come into your room once everyone's in the room, you as the owner can share your screen and the hope is that everyone together as like a collective can help solve, whatever issue may be running into and or if you're looking to get feedback on something you can get some feedback.

There's the chat room, but you can also do like audio to audio chats.

There's text-to-speech, and speech-to-text.

Also, I try to cover all the ways, people can communicate with each other.

Speaking of that.

Also, in the tutorials, not only free code camp and Odin project.

But let us say you already familiar with coding and you just look for a quick project to get done.

I like I said, I am a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage.

And so, part of that is like, kind of like, looking over the tutorials there.

So, I have three tutorials and I think they're pretty cool.

You're able to make a call from your browser, you put in a phone number in the browser application, and you're able to call a real world phone number and have a conversation back and forth.

Another one is the total opposite calling a virtual number on a real phone and be able to answer that in the browser and then be able to have a conversation and then there's Also having application to users of the same application, being able to talk to each other, through the browser audio with audio cool stuff.

And so if you check them out, let me know what you think.

I am always interested in getting feedback and then as well.

So if you don't want to, if you have something that you want to kind of talk about you just found you thought was super cool.

That's all we have show and tell.

I am a big fan of these things.

Like lightning talks at meetups.

You get like five to 10 minutes.

No pressure.

Just talk about whatever you found.

And fascinating interesting or whatever you want to talk about and then below that.

Remember those time stamps that you used to create the highlight video?

Well, there it will give you a status.

So once you finish and you send it through, it will say status submitted.

And then once it's done doing what it was doing in the back end, it will say, status done.

And there you will be able to preview the video.

Download the video, and you have also said, it's Tweet with a link to the archive video where the preview video is your video.

Sometimes Twitter doesn't show it.

So what I have been doing is just attaching the video that I downloaded just to make sure the video is there.

And yeah, I think that's pretty much everything as far as that.

I am going to get you all back to work.

As I really want to get this, this glitch project working so that I could build the project on top of that.

But right now I am just kind of testing stuff out.

So, Yeah, so 15 minutes after the hour.

We will be back with the next break.

I am wishing you much productivity.

Wish me luck on what thing I am working on.

I don't think fingers crossed knock on wood.

Hopefully, it's not too complex.

I think it should just be an API call like well it authorized API call.

I have a bearer token, so I can authorize the call to get a nice.


Send some data and retrieve the data.

Then do stuff with that data.

So as pretty much, like every like internet thing any application, pretty much anyway, so yeah, so this is like, some new stuff.

I am working on.

Like, it's a new sky, like a new endpoint.

I have never worked with yet.

And so, it shouldn't be too bad.

So that's cool.

But I want to also, like I said, learn more about Astro and kind of see how that works.

And so it seems pretty cool so far.

I like it because I really don't need to set up.

Like a server per se, because anytime is working with spelt before, that kind of wanted to have, like, routing and things, always use sapper.

But then to use sapper.

I don't have to create like a server that I could route the messages like that the requests through and stuff.

Like it's just, I, it's a little bit easier with Astro.

There's less stuff to set up, then it's so easier less stuff set up.

So I am going to see how far I can push it and Yeah, alright cool.

So, thank you all.

Once again, for hanging out.

I wish you much success going to send you all with some traveling.


This is a butter.

Okay, Anthony Cruz.

Well, his real name, Anthony Cruz AKA butter.

The track is called.

Thank you, and I want to thank you all for hanging out.

So, yeah, share my screen.

Get you all back to work.

And again, thanks for hanging out.

Y'all talk to their bz piece, that sharing cool.


Thanks again.


See you later.