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They are going to play a song off the bandcamp page and watch it. All rights to the song are given to the movement for black lives.

Everything is going well, from the chat room to the web and independent artists. Speaker will share their screen and listen to some tracks and watch some videos. In the meantime, they will talk about awkward artists.

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I welcome back to that same old place that you laugh.

Well the nervous about changed since you hung around but those dreams everything.

And they have turned around Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, welcome back.


So this is the final break session of this final Cipher.

Oh of the week.

So yeah, hopefully it was productive for y'all.

I think I may have found a possible solution to my whole trying to get the deployed node media server to accept rtmp requests.

Maybe it's amazing because I will find like, like almost like what I am looking for.

There's like, okay, well check out this feature and Starry or whatever so that the devs.


Hey because it's like a known issue, so they want to Work on it.

And so if you start it, it kind of lets people know that owe a lot of people want to this issue to be fixed.

Yeah, the thing was from like 2015 And then there's like somebody checking in like, every year until like 2018.

So I don't know, but I think I might have found something else.

Something about Target, instance, IP, addresses, or something like that and then I found something about outbound and setting a static IP.

Again, big shout out to all the cloud Engineers.

Y'all are the real MVP s for real.

Because this is.


But we will figure it out.

One way or another.

You just hope he doesn't get too expensive.

All right, so yeah, so now 1 & 2.

So for this final break session wanted to kind of talk about a I wanted to dedicate this time to an independent artist because again I am a big fan of the web and Independent Artists and I figured got this going on.

I needed something to talk about and I totally forgot to enable speech recognition.

By the way, if you're in the chat room, feel free to go ahead and say something.

Let me know how everything is working out for you.

All right, but again, so the web and Independent Artists to things I support.

So I figured I got some time for these break sessions.

Why not talk about independent artist websites?

So that way I can kind of explore new artist that you may not have heard of it may become a fan of And see how they are represented on the internet, right?

So cool.

So let me share my Screen here, definitely go to where listen to some tracks and some watch some videos as well.

So all right.

Sure audio.


So this is the Mi band camp collection, and so I was kind of scrolling through to see who we're going to talk about.

And in the first Cipher of the day we spoke about funky DL and went through some his catalog.

So, feel free to check that out earlier today but this today we're going to talk about awkward.

That's a w k wo Rd awkward, right?

So here's this page and super dope artists we have been playing on the radio show for a minute, and he's got a lot of Like social, social, social commentary, hip-hop.

And so he's speaking on things happening like now, so it's pretty dope.

So I just bought this truck.

We played in the show for why it's called why we March and let me see.

So about the track The medicare-for-all Anthem World premiering at the March m4a.

So the medicare-for-all marches across 50 plus cities on July, 24, 21, so, which is passed all proceeds.

Go to help fund the creation of a documentary on the healthcare crisis in America by Kenny Valentin.

So he's doing a lot of things to help you know the regular persons Situation.

You know, I mean, economic status, and let people know what's going on with that.

So, we will listen to that afterwards, but I wanted to check, oh, and some other things I guess.

Andy, now said he's an antifa militants.

Chuck D, says quite profound.

And so, yes, let us check out his website.

This is

And again awkward is a wkw ORD word so you click it.

You go to the website and here's this Website, here's how it starts off.

Also, you got the audio video, journalism, text and video, speaking us thing they have they created 10 for justice will talk about that as well.

Any press and contact.

So it's a good amount of stuff that you learn about awkward from his website, which is the point I believe of websites.

So you won't be able to kind of like for me having my own website is a place where I can control what I Like the world to know about me from me kind of thing.

I am say, so my point of view, so being able to kind of control that is always a good thing.

All right, so awkward.

Cool ain't got some graphics here.

Where's this go?

It's a link but I don't want to quit because I am not sure where it goes to.

So yeah and then we have this video.

So 10 demands, co-founder rapper, generalists organizer, activist and speaker.

So like all in one line.

Kind of tells you everything you need to know which is dope.

Let us hear from Awkward themselves.

So going to play this video real quick, Is real Brooklyn?

Plymouth Connecticut and worldwide.

What's your f****** champagne?

Parental advisory.

Yeah, definitely.

Wrong is wrong.


Its song is how you live your life while you're singing along and the people's Champion Torah Bible to run, right is right.

Is wrong Super Bowl, the mis-advice?

I am singing.

This song is how you live your life while you're singing along.

I am a people's Champion, Torah Bible, Quran compassionate person who's always cared about people on the rooftop of the building picking off of gum lethal.

Nobody ever understand but and death were all equal.

But the f***** no, you don't get it.

Obsessed, the killings not legal.

Wow, I am called evil fighting nice to meet you.

So simple to me, I view this s*** is if it's see-through, what your tattoo of the Star of David, the sacrificial Hebrew cleaning up the world.

Yes, that's the dirt that we do.

Is it better to be miserable, living your life, Hearst on this Earth or better to be delivered in a harsh, you whole family, it still hurts.

The pain is inevitable but the pain is relative.

Is it better to be resting in peace, of dragged down by sedative said, well in the present it to be broken down by the president, but I ain't gonna let that s*** happen.

Not for my, some City residents, come your Renegade, destroy a single burning my own pad on the sick.

Sadistic say, if you don't you're doing the wrong, Man, I Need Is Right.

Get em.


Alright, cool.

So that was the people's Champs, The Peoples Champ by our Weirdo.

Let me go and scrolling down.

So I was awkward so then I can nice bio, batam, cool.

Let us see what's your worldview.


So it's like a So oh what's your worldview?

I guess that's a project and made possible by a grant from the Morgan Stanley Foundation.

The 38 track 164 minute, double-disc worldview album was produced over the course of five years and released in 2014 to critical Acclaim.

Wow, okay, so talk about like one of his albums though.


Nice about him.

All right, oh, they can actually listen to it here dope.

So a band camp in bed.

All right.

Got a SoundCloud joint.

So this is Listened to this track off the bandcamp page.

But, yeah, so not, this is the play this on the show before, but a few of his joints on show before and then ending up with a nice quote, from Chuck D of Public Enemy, somebody who really is quite profound and actually happens to get his mind body and soul across in his rap lyrics as though so Chuck D of Public Enemy.

All right, so that's just from the first page, you get like a good amount of who Ooh awkward is.

Let us really do, let us see the video.

Yeah, that looks like So videos.

Oh, okay, so the videos age restricted and only available on YouTube.

Didn't know.

That was a thing.

Okay, cool.

You can download all proceeds go to the movement for black lives.

All right.

Oh there's a video for that.

Another video for this song.

Yeah let us watch the video because we're going to play the track but let us see what the visuals look like.

It's sort of strange with all the rich.

There's all this pain.

Sometimes, I fantasize about sticking up a bank.

I am a husband, a father, a freaking law-abiding, citizen serve.

I gotta come my child crying for her medicine.

Trying to force a smile when she can't get out of bed.

Again, the first step is denial, is the next upon some letting them?

I heard a story of a dad who robbed a pharmacy opened up.

This bag like poverty is policy?

He left a note saying, sorry, I feel horribly saved my kid's life.

I will be a criminal if I gotta be The guy's a God to me, I lost all of the faith.

Healthcare is a human right for all the human race.

I heard they're marching.

Maybe this will force the change.

Tell me how could CEOs and politicians show their face?

This will my gonna lose our insurance companies deny that we should have the rights to our names.

We deserve better and will die without a chair.

So she CEOs and politicians pores are coming for because world the 30 million of us still are uninsured.

We have the million of us lose it, all the pay, the bills each and every year, this is how big Pharma kills plus the 30,000 dead from no insurance and the workers losing coverage because the boss don't need the service.

We occupied Congress bailing out big business, we March in 40 cities because it's time to end the sickness.

This will not go be our insurance companies deny another human beings.

We have rights to our names.

We deserve better and will die without a chair.

No, don't join social, so awkward.

All right, so you can download that all right, some more stuff, cool.

And then I got a joint with us.

Sean Price, R.I.P Sean Price.

All right.

Daytona Shakespeare, no doubt.


So yeah, check that out.

So he's got collaborations with people.

We saw that already.


All right.

So you see like a lot of now, you got the visuals as well.

So you read about them before now you see like the visuals do so Shasta awkward.


And then he's been interviewed on a bunch of different, like news stations and stuff.

So that's cool.

All right good.

So now I like having at the bottom, the same menu that was at Topsail stick at the journalism.

So he's written for some articles jobs in.

Go check that out, you can read more.

So it shows that, you know, he's also like a journalist which is super dope.

Nice, Cool.

Let us see what else.

Journalism video.


What kind of stuff he's getting into?

Okay, so like he's interviewing some folks, covering some things.

All right, awkward interviews.

All right.

So, like he goes to marches and interviews people at Super do.

All right, cool.

Check that out speaking.

Let us see.

Okay, cool.

So he has a key notes.

Speaking spot here.

This is cool nice.

All right.

So you he's also speaker press, I am going to see the 10 for Jessica.

I think that opens in a new thing.

So okay, so more him being in the press.

All right.

Cool video.

Links to videos and articles.

Nice contact with contact looking like Oh, it opened up an email app.

Okay, never mind.

How do I close that?

I want to close that.

Oh, that's awkward.

Okay, I will fix that.

Let me close this.

Okay, cool.

Nope, I don't want to say anything up.

No, thank you blows.

All right, so that's an email.

Okay, that's good to know.

Let us see, 10 for Justice real quick.

All right, cool.

So 10 demands for justice the road to abolition.


And so it's a nice.

So it's another website and yeah.

So let us go.

Maybe we will take a look at this later but it's a nice like sub-site.

So it's pretty dope.

So okay.

Alright, cool.

So and so the website that he for a topic he believes in SoHo, another one that's dope.

So is the prettiest a good?

A nice well-rounded web presence that he can control, which is dope.

So it sounds awkward.

This is a dope site and so yeah.

So if you think it's cool and you want to know more about awkward check out, this is and that's a WK W ORD, this is and now linked to him when I send out the Tweet with the video and everything, once it's all done in process.

All right.


So again shots awkward this ends.

This concludes our final break session for the final Cipher of this week.

If you want to know a more upcoming ciphers.

You just look above.

You will see above this player.

It says, subscribe and I will have all the links.

It will have all the upcoming dates and you will be able to describe to them and get notified.

Or you can subscribe to the one at top to get notified about all of them.

So cool.

And also it shows in your local time, which is cool, too.

So it's a thing I made.

All right.

Web components are great.

So here we go.

I am going to want to give some more extra time.

The final work session to be able to get all of the stuff you need to get done for this week and or you can just keep going on afterwards.

So yeah, cool.

Thank you all.

Once again, let me stop screen share, so I can go ahead and share.

The outro was about to be at though.

All right, cool.

So again thank you all shout an awkward again.

Yeah, big fan.

And cool.

Yes, that's it.

Alright, thanks y'all, and we will be out of here.

So have a great week, hope to see you next week and hope you been productive.

And yeah, you have a great one.

Thanks let me share my screen.

Do cool, share that.

All right.

Thanks to all y'all have a great week.