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They discuss oasis and french caribbean singer nightshade. Speaker's production credits include the sun-drenched summer jam mango for atlantic records. They also have an ep called at the oasis and a youtube series called colors. Speaker has got the latest single from keyshia cole. They played on the radio show before lee fields got a new track from liefeld. They are going on tour this fall. Big freedia performed at Speaker's summer stage in central park.

Speaker and their friends are going to listen to the new single of oasis featuring jamila woods. They will play it on the radio show. Speaker is listening to abby oasis, featuring jameelah woods.

Speaker recommends a band to a doa. Com. They want to play them on the radio show. They have an ep coming out. Speaker is going to get back to work. Speaker is working on a new demo. The demo is similar to the other demo, but Speaker is using it for another purpose. Speaker sends people off with some traveling music. They are going to see Speaker 15 minutes after the hour.

Speaker and their friends are watching kemal's music video. Speaker and their friends are listening to adeline's new song adi oasis. Speaker was the song that was referred to before. They are going through a website. Speaker has been to paris, france, amsterdam, spain, uk, switzerland and sweden. They have not been to switzerland yet. Nightshade has a website.

Speaker is working on a project to show a demo. They created a dashboard and a serverless function on google cloud. Now they need to add the data to the firestore. Speaker wants to finish the project in order to be able to demo it on their trip. They will take a look at an artist's website during the break session. They are going to talk about the artists show my screen.

  • text recognition
  • web app
  • break session
  • video
  • body oasis
  • mailing lists
  • woods
  • jam mango
  • atlantic records
  • sound stages
  • youtube series
  • central park
  • site talks
  • radio promoter

Welcome back your dreams were, you're welcome back, same old place, but those dreams have remained, and they turned around.

Well we need time.

We got him on the spot.

Welcome back, welcome back.

Welcome back, welcome back.

Hey, what's going on y'all?

Welcome back.

Alright me just fix something really quick.

I have got to this change something right quick?

All right so Welcome back and thanks for hanging out.

So I know I said I was going to see with this new project, I am working on to actually show a demo.

I am so close because I had to create like, an admin section, like a dashboard so that I could read and write data so that the front end can respond to that data.

But in order to do so, I created the dashboard and I got it to where it's reading and writing and then I need to do the speech to text recognition stuff, so I got that working and then I set up a like a serverless function on Firestorm Google Cloud function.

Firebase Cloud functions which is on Google Cloud.

Okay so I got that deployed in everything.

So now I just need to work on being able to add the data to the firestore.

So that shouldn't be too long too much longer and so that I can, then select it to be able to do a speech to text recognition.

That can then translate and then write that to the back to the database, the translations, so that it can show on the web app.

So long story short, I am calling an audible.

And so, I think if I just one more work session, I can knock it out and then be able to demo it.

So, for this break session, I am going to take a look at an artist's website.

Cool, instead of doing that last, and we do that now.

So have a little bit more time to finish this thing up.

I want to get it done because I want to use this project on my trip, right?

So it's got a few more things, I am almost there.

So with that being said, let us go through this thing here.


So the artists we're going to talk about is Show my screen.

Okay, here we go.

I figure we will take watch some videos, listen to some tracks.

And so the artist goes by the name of body Oasis, all right?

And Addie,

ADI OAS is alright, copy the URL.

Place it into here, so that the link will be right next to the recorded video.

Alright, you can check it out from there.

And so, yeah.

So got a new single out and this is the song we have.

We haven't played it on the radio show yet, I don't think know, we have it.

And so that's coming up on a future show so fat.

So I figured why not take a look at the website.

All right, so the top we got the whole menu, so we got home about videos, shows, nice, the name, Nightshade, which I believe is another group that audio Ace is the part of mailing lists and contact.

All right, cool.

So let us take a look at the home page.

So here's the new single, they want you to watch it because it's right there in the front.

So let us take a look.

All right, so this is adding Oasis featuring Jamila Woods who we have all played on the radio show a bunch.

I have actually seen Jamila Woods live Here in Orlando really Dope, Show was opening for Raphael Saadiq.

Great show, great show.

Alright, so here it is.

Abby Oasis, featuring, jameelah Woods.

All right, red to velvet red to Violet tired.

All right, here we go.

Did you try?


All right, you got to check out the website if you want to hear more.

All right, so we will watch wall and then that's it.

And it's made by Squarespace.

All right, so we got YouTube Spotify and then Instagram.

All right, so I guess.

No Twitter.

All right, cool.

Let us check out about see.

Who are the Oasis is?

French Caribbean singer.

All right basis, so you saw them playing the bass nice.

Oh I thought my screen was like going black.

It's like huh?

Not now please.

It's a mailing list thing.

Okay, cool.


Soul jazz funk and R&B to form her own distinctive.

Retro futuristic sound.

Alright, then we got.

Okay, the guy.

Let us see.

Okay, so they were playing in other people's bands, cool.

And then went solo in 2018 and then has an album in two EPS, dope, And they collaborated with a bunch of people, very nice.

So then, let me see here, writing producing under the moniker Nightshade, which is here with her partner Morgan.

Wiley guesses, other groups more than while he's in.

I heard production credits include the sun-drenched Summer Jam mango for Atlantic Records.


Oh come on.

Al I think I saw a video for that.

I think we played come out on the show too.

Pretty sure.

Alright then we got some accolades and stuff here.


Let us see.

So they got an EP out called at the Oasis.

And oh, so then also, yeah.

So this whisper my name Joe.

I think I saw the video for the colors.

Colors is a cool like YouTube series.

Well it's a channel on YouTube but I think they have their own website and everything as well but like they have artists perform on the sound stages and it's like these different colors.

It's pretty built.

So we might watch that video as well, if it's on here.

We have got the latest single.

Alright, then touring Anderson POC, very nice Keyshia Cole.

All right, jungle we played on the radio show before Lee Fields got a new track from liefeld.

I believe I think Big Freedia think I have heard of them and performed at us Central Park summer stage right afropunk.

Very nice.

Funk on the Rocks, I know Red Rocks.

Oh, that's cool.

Very nice and London.

London, Jazz Fest.

All right, and then on tour with Chet Faker, this fall.

Very nice.

Got some presses stuff here.

All right, cool.

Very nice.

I will check out some more videos you have got here.

Okay, we don't get.

This is the artist Kemal so looks like you got to track together, so I let us watch it, might as well right?

Here we go.

So this is a DOA sis featuring.

I am pretty sure I am pronouncing that right Kemal stages.

All right, here we go.

Got the bass in the back.

I see it.

I see it.

All right, here we go.

Parental advisory just in case.

Turn it out on the stereo, and I am just gonna do me.

Very nice.

Very nice.

Sounds dope.

All right.


Oh, here's the thing, that's cool.

When site talks about things and have the video for it, that's pretty dope.

So, let us this is what their time I see people to check out the colors thing to which is super dope.

So here we go.

ADI Oasis, whisper my name.

Here we go.


Happy, every time that I breathe goes inside of me, my birthday pull me into your aura.

And now we become another entity.

Very nice, very nice, Joshua colors as well.

All right cause we got here.

Very nice.


That's the song that was.

Let us watch it.

Because I was the song that was referred to before.

So and then.


Well we hold on, we have.


Then this like last 10 I believe she went by Adeline before or something.

So this is like an older video.

So finding her groove Nightshade.

That was talked about before.


So yeah.

So I guess we will do is we will go through more of the site and then maybe come back.


A live performance right to?

All right.

Very nice.


I like one, they have like live performances.

This a, maybe an interview cool, a lot of videos.

Very nice and then you can subscribe to YouTube.

All right word.

Okay, let me scroll back to the top.

You cool, there's like a thing.

I can just scroll through.

All right, show somebody.


Alright, okay, but like we said on tour with Chet Faker, very nice.

Going all over like the layout of this.

Pretty cool.

Where they're pulling this from like an API or something?

Oh, now the winds.

Very nice Paris, France.

All right.

Frances pretty dope.

I have been to France now.

I have Been to Spain yet.

UK very nice.

All right.

Look like a lot of west coast of the US stuff.

I was in Amsterdam.


It's dope.

So yep.

There you go.

Very nice.

Have not been to Switzerland yet and Sweden.

Definitely trying to go.


Very nice.


Then out.

Nightshade goes to another site.

Which is yeah, so cool.

So there it is.

Very nice.

So you want to find out more, you can check out their mailing list.


And then contacts.



Pretty much everything you need a website, dig it.

So if you like it, can check out more from a DOA.

Says that any

And yeah, super dope, shouts to them, looking forward to playing them on the radio show and more so as mentioned the EP so where can you get the EP?

They have a band camp.

I don't know if I have a band camp after look that up.

Because I think the track was submitted to us through the radio promoter for the radio show.

I am like 90% sure or maybe I saw it on bandcamp and I picked it up.

I don't remember.

But yeah.

So looks like they have got something coming out.

I don't know.

Like Maybe, they have an album coming out but I don't.


Maybe it's on their social media.

I am not sure, but it'd be cool to be like, hey album, pre-order or like purchase the album or when it's coming out or something.

But either way, it's dope, shouts of them.

I am going to get you all back to work.

Thanks again for hanging out, and so I will be doing my best to finish up.

Getting this product, I want to demo it and stuff.

So it should be cool.

I think was it similar to the other demo?

But it's like a whole new.

I am using it for another purpose.

Pretty much.


All right.

Back to work.

Thanks again for hanging out.

Let us see.

Send you all off with some traveling music.

This is going to be nujabes featuring upon EB track is called, thank you.

Thanks for hanging out and yeah one more break session.

And I am not going to be doing it for a while, come to be traveling a lot.

So yeah, there's that.

So hopefully you enjoyed this.

All right, cool.

Alright, here we go.

Thanks, just setting up the timer.


And we're out.

Thanks again for hanging out.

See you 15 minutes after the hour?

All right, here we go.

New job ads, featuring a Piney be.

Thank you.