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They are back at the same place.

Andreww wants to mount another shelf to an aluminum bar and attach it to their van. Andreww is going to do two by three on the shelves and then have 3 1 by 3 across the top for that. Andreww is going to build a housing for it and then attach the containers to the bar. Andreww is thinking about layout for their website. Andreww wants to puty' all on to a new artist. Orlando Talent is getting out there. Andreww knew Devin J Morrison when they were in high school. they gave Andreww one of their CDs. Andreww likes Devin Morrison's music. Andreww is adding their website Dream sold dotnet.

They were at home. They watched content, which is singles albums. The last time Jingles was live was two days ago.

Andreww dreamt about a miserable hot summers night in Tokyo when they were listening to new Japan's music. The music Andreww heard in the dream was the most beautiful thing they had ever heard.

Andreww knew David Morrison as the climb. they were raised in a musical family. David Morrison played in a 70s Chicago - based gospel outfit, Morrison Echoes. they made beats with their brother after High School. they went to Alabama's Oakwood University and worked with tokyo- they released their debut album busting. they moved to Los Angeles and then they came back to the States. En Rose is a record label based out of Paris. they are working on their next record. They are going through a couple dresses.

They are trying to figure out what is going on. Andreww has one too many hurt feelings and wants to keep them off of their main account. they don't have a job.

Andreww is looking for what is awesome.

Andreww is looking for their actual album. They are going to listen to a song featuring Joy strikes by Devin Morrison. They are also going to take a listen to With You featuring Joyce rights.

Andreww recommends buying the product and busing. Andreww watches YouTube videos.

They did a remix. They played it on the show.

Andreww and tall black guy looked at tall black guys website recently. Andreww watches YouTube videos again.

Andreww shares some information about the website, the store, the playlist and the sample pack from the

Andreww, Andreww and the rest of the group are listening to a song featuring Jones - Drew. It's the last break session of the day. Andreww is going to make the last work session last for an hour.

Andreww wants people to subscribe to the Subscribe section for all the upcoming ciphers to get notifications when they go live. Andreww is going to go back to making some shelves things and create a highlight video.

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Welcome back.

Same old place, the chicken laughs.

Well, the know-nothings have all changed since you hung around, but those dreams have remained, and they turn around each other.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

We always put spotted rare.

Welcome back and Ice my.

Hey, what's going on y'all?

Alright, so, As you can see, I got another shelf thing, done thing, and I am the whole, the whole thing is, I want to mount it to this aluminum bar here.

And, so I am trying to figure out the best way.

Oh, and sorry if I am late.

I just got AK delivery, and so I was handling that but so, the thing is, I have these two different types of shelves or whatever you call them containers or something.

And, so I want to put them on this bar and attach it to my van.

And, so I am thinking I am going to do two by three on these and then have 3 1 by 3 across the top for that.

And yeah, and I am going to build like a little housing for it and So and then probably like zip tie.

The containers to the bar to make sure they don't kind of like move around, you know, I am saying to the outer cage or whatever and so Yeah, it's pretty cool and have like these interlocking things and so both of them use the same one.

So I am thinking I can attach using to attach to this even though this is a little bit longer.

I am a space it out so that I will be able to evenly fit three across, and they will be like a little space in between and so maybe I can like put stuff in between there or something.

I don't know.

This is the stuff I think about.

And so that is right.

Now, the layout I am going with because These if they're too high then I have like reach into them and be like too high and trying to reach into the back.

So as with these I can always pull this down, right?

So that's the plan.

So I am thinking and depending on how high it gets with these.

Yeah, so that's just what I have been working on.

Okay, cool.

Now less talk about something.

That we do.

I want to kind of maybe put y'all on to a new artist and I have noticed artist for a minute.

They used to live in Orlando.

And I remember they went by a different name back then, and it was good to see them, kind of like progress and get bigger and stuff.

So it's super dope to see Orlando Talent getting out there.

So, the person I am talking about.

Let me see here.

Closing out some of these other random tag.


All right, so definitely want to share the audio.

Here we go.

Share audio.

So the person the artists were going to talk about today is Devin J Morrison.

I knew him back in the day.

Like he was, I think he was still in high school.

Yeah, you still in high school, and he was coming around to different events in Orlando, and he would like these are produced while he still is a producer, but then he was mostly a producer.

If I remember correctly.

He used to go by decline back in the day.

And yeah, I think I remember him giving me one of his like Pete CDs, it's somewhere.

So I have no clue where it is.

I move like five times since then, but uh, yeah, it's super cool to see Devin Morrison doing his thing.

He's out, and he was in Japan for a while.

He was doing like a study abroad thing, and then he moved to California.

So I think he took the music more seriously and release some stuff and work through some artists out there, which is always good.

Let me time to get it.

A chance to travel abroad and be there for a while, you know, immerse yourself in a culture.

And if there's a thing that you have always wanted to do, you know, that might be the best time to do it, you know, and to link with people like-minded.

All right, so I am adding his website Dream sold dotnet.

All right, it's a nice website.

And so, so that's cool.

So like there's like an eye in the moon and the moon makes the D in dream Soul, that's dope.

And so, I alright?

So then we got home.

Content, which is singles albums.

(Reductions) features Jingles.

So it does it all store gallery and the Discord.

All right, then we have the Instagram, Twitter and twitch and this dream Soul TV is Twitch.

It's a link that goes to Twitch.

I think they're the same length.

This one's

This one's, which I believe are the same basically, so let us click that.

Cool, when's the last time you was live two days ago?

All right.

Nice look like he's making beats live.

All right, cool.

That's always good to see.

So if you're into seeing producers work behind the scenes is dope.

Okay, so it is the same thing.

I guess just to maybe draw more attention to that.


So now what's dream, Soul tells you right there in the beginning dream.

So is a spirit child of songwriter, Devon, James Morrison, and then, so what is dream?

So, again Upon A miserable hot summers night in Tokyo.

So yeah, so when he's in Tokyo, I dream, took place, whatever.

I heard in that dream was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard.

And he was playing some new Japan's or something.

Again, new Jabez.

One of the oh, beautiful music.

It's easy to do.

Whatever I heard most beautiful thing.

I have ever heard spiritual surreal nostalgic, though.

I never heard it before sounds like nujabes who could have written it in search for an answer and through Discover these.

This elusive, Beauty unknown.

I create a dream Soul.

Most of what I have made since has merely been a Sonic exploration towards that world.


So it gives a nice, little background behind it.


Then we have about and contact.

So let us and then some more Let us go with about.

There you go.



Yeah, so My bad, Orlando, Florida.

And I like, my brain was like, what's happening?

So yes, a native Orlando, Florida, word up.

Just again.

I knew him as the climb.

Does he say?

Be quite anywhere here?

That'd be cool.

So, he was raised in a musical family.

I remember that the son of David, David Morrison who played alongside his siblings in the 70s chicago-based gospel outfit.

The Morrison Echoes did not know that.

So, to panel listens, He's making beats with his brother.

So yeah, so I remember him making beats After High School.

All you want to Alabama's Oakwood University.

All right, and then he spent time living in Japan and working with tokyo-based hip-hop, artist fits Ambrose, and Buddha monk left.

Think we played on the radio show and then so, yeah.

A couple of years ago.

He released, so he moved to Los Angeles, when he came back to the States, and then he Yeah, so then he released his debut album busting and that's like a Florida term.

So if you're wondering and En Rose NBN label based out of Paris.


And as we played tracks over there, so yeah, so we drugged as Dillinger, Joyce rice.

Yes, we played all that stuff.

Oh, and I didn't know it had his father and brother.

Okay, so they have a group or sometimes dope.

So we play the track width font an on the show as well.


So he's now working on his next record.


Let us do some contact.

Contact opens also opens up a new page.

So all these opened a new page.

All right, cool form, good.

All right, let us go back too here.

So let us go with the single.

Let us check this out.

See what this is about.

All right, so done Morrison mc2.

You okay, and it goes.

The band camp.


But it opens in the same window.

See, that's odds.

I would think would be the opposite way around like the about.

And the contact would open in the same window, but then links to outside of your domain.

Your website would be in a new window.

At least.

I don't know, for me.

That's how in my brain would work.

All right.

So let us go through a couple dresses.

We played on the show before, so we played Casper.

So let us check this out.

So, is it?

To open in the same window.

Oh, no, that one open in a new window.

I don't know.

What's happening.

All right, cool.

So, yeah.

So yeah, you can see we own this here.

And so yeah, let us take a quick.


This is Casper by Devin Morrison and real dope like music like is though.

So check it out.

Here we go.

I have one too many hurt find main account, and my mind are made of them to my heart.

How's you made a keep them off of my, if I gotta make another instead of a friend, follow me and follow me because we are.

Giving me anxiety.

Are you just have to purchase that but I noticed Devon Jay here on his Twitter?

It was the others.

What does this go to?

Let us check.

This out.

I have never looked at this, so be wary.

All right, and let us go to a family.

Ain't got no job.

What is awesome?

All right.

Yes, I don't know.

That is, so, maybe that's an older one.

But this may be a newer site.

Not sure.

Alright, cool.

So that's good.

Let us see.

What else have we played?

I am looking for his actual album.

Okay, let us continue with the website.


Yeah, so these are the singles, right?


So we went under singles, now under album.

Let us take a look at their albums.

Cool, and there's album busting that were talking about before, you know, let us take a listen to a song off of that.

We recently just played bi.

So again, own it I like with you too.

Okay, we're going to take a listen to With You featuring Joyce rights?

And yeah, so this is Devin Morrison off of busin.

This is featuring Joy strikes, which is called with you.

All right, let us take a listen to this.

Pete Rock on.

Now, I see the most important thing that you take labs for Sunday.

They become, good laces.

You got me.

I am Peter.

The favor and unconditional can, are you just gonna purchase the product?


Let us go through.

Be alright, real quick.

That's another joint.

That's when we just played again on the show yesterday.

Yeah, here we go.

So a quick one.

I like that new school.

That's all you get.

You have to go.

And purchase bussing if you want to get the rest of that.

But yeah, alright cool.

So, we checked out some joints.

All right, so cool.

Oh, there's a video.

All right.

Let us see what this video is about and okay, quick again.

Okay track.


All right, music video, nice.

It's been cool.

If it said hey, check out the music video cuz I thought it was an image because the play button kind of like, you know, faded in Orlando Regional and oh nice.

Let us see what we got here.

Okay, it's got some joints.


So these are YouTube videos.

All right.

Oh nice, you gotta check out little brother.

All right.

Did I do that?



Some more fonte.

I think we played this on the show.

Actually that track.

They chalcedony count bass.

Di, I am saying, oh, we did a remix.

All right, shows the can't be easy.


So these are all like YouTube links.

I wonder if I click it.

Will it play oral note?


It takes me right?

Takes me to YouTube.

If you know anything like you can fall down some rabbit holes and YouTube.

So it'd be cool.

If it was like maybe a pop just like how the no video was like the popped up.

That'd be cool.

Alright, nice.


Summer production drawings features.

Let us check out features.

All right, so same question.


Nice is on tall.

Black guy.

Nice Shot tall.

Black guy.

We played them on.

I think we looked at tall black guys website recently for as well.


More Crush.

All right?

Zou is that font a track again?

Nice been putting in work, get to see.

It's good to see nice.

All right, cool.

And these are all like YouTube videos again.

All right, cool.

If you Jingle, this is what kind of Jingles like for commercials and stuff for.

I think, okay, take a look at this one.

This one looks funny.

I think he remade like a commercial or something.

See how that like actually just is in the player, not opening in like YouTube surprise.

Sounds like a playlist.

I think or something.

All right, what's this?

Another one?


Oh, that was the playlist.

Nice, super random.

All right.

Okay, that okay.

So, there's two of the same playlist.

All right.

Okay, some okay, so they're probably right.

You have to check them out.

Okay, bunch of them.

Not sure why they're not like all the same size of looks like, I don't know.

Okay, that's cool.


Let us see, the store.

We have got the store.

Digital Goods.

All right.

Muhsin bites.

Wonder what that is.

The official sample pack from the okay.

So I guess if you want to remake joints, so as all the different sounds, all right, cool.

Innovative way of its kind like selling the stems or what-have-you of the tracks.

So, all 65 of these bites have been Tastefully mixed using my favorite effects for maximum flavor.


Cool gallery.

So we got some images, cool.



All right.

And then there's the Discord.

So if it gets you want to chat with Devin J Morrison you can and yeah.

Bigot nice website.

How about we check our one more track?

Let us go with what?

Which one, which one the dads Jones-Drew?

I can't because it had the curse word in it.

Let us try the call.

407 represent Orlando.

Yeah, I mean, so yeah, let us check that out.

Featuring we are king, and then we will finish up there.

All right, cool.

Let us go.

I definitely get you get a minute.

That's all, that's all you get for free.

All right, so that is Daniel, Daniel tired.

You can tell it's the last break session of the day.

So, this is Devin Jay Morrison.

I knew him as decline back in the day, but you know, he's still doing its thing.

Which is super dope.

The website again is Dream, sold dotnet, and yeah, super dope.

So if you like what you heard, you know, go ahead and support that and Yeah, I think that's it.

Also, the links will be along with the archive video that you can check out for yourself.

All right, so let me stop sharing the screen.

Get you all back to work here.

Because this is the last work session.

And, so I am gonna make a little bit longer.

And so how about an hour so you can finish up whatever it is that you need to finish.

And yeah.

So again, thanks for hanging out.

Do these again, you can check out the Subscribe section for all the future upcoming ciphers?

You can subscribe to them to get notifications when we go live.

And yeah, I am going to go back to making some of these shelves things.

Thinking about it.

Now in the back of my brain.

It something may not work.

I might have to rethink something.

We will see.


So again, thanks again for hanging out.

Y'all have a great week and let me share this screen.

And oh, we make sure I create a highlight video.

There we go.

All right.

Thanks again.

Y'all share the screen and then I am going to get you all out of here.


Thanks for hanging out.

I hope you get many things done.

Not only today but throughout the whole week and then maybe see you again on the next one.

All right.

Thanks again.


This is Anthony Cruz.

AKA butter, the tracks called.

Thank you.

All right, till next time, I will be easy piece.