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It's the Intro break. Speaker is going to put a link to their radio show. Speaker offers to play some cool tunes. Speaker will do 15 minutes of random work. Speaker works as a javascript developer advocate. They give speaker some tutorials on how to create a chat application. There are links to the websites where speaker can get into cOding. Project is also a good one. Speaker shares their ideas. Speaker and their friends will have a lightning talk. Speaker is going to show a speech recognition api. They hit stop broadcast, speaker creates a highlight video customized to them. The status will be submitted and then it will be viewed. You can preview the clips by clicking on the link. There is a preview video and the embedded card preview card. Speaker needs to finish up some stuff for the radio show. They want to work on a dashboard for their neck. Speaker has to pay some bills and he's working on something else. Speaker has added a new cipher so you can subscribe to them. Speaker will talk when they come back in an hour. Speaker is going to be out again. They want to make sure they have done all the tasks. They will create a highlight video and save the links to the archive video. Speaker likes backing things up. Speaker will share their screen with all and listen to some music.

They once had hung out. Now he's back and has got to enable the speech recognition. Speaker helps them with fixing the lighting and transferring stuff for the radio show to their new laptop. It took speaker a little while because they had to switch over to a new laptop and also have a new recorder that they used to run the show's and the player. It took a bit longer because they were used to working on new equipment.

  • tweet button
  • audio chat
  • highlight video
  • preview image
  • chat room

Welcome back at same old place.

Well, the know about changed since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they have turned around.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

We always could spot a rare.

Welcome back and a smile way, I think.

And I know you went to see you again, learning what their son.

Hey, welcome back to another until it that Works study break.

All right.

Here we go.

I have got to enable the speech recognition.

All right, here we go.

So thanks everybody for hanging out.

Hopefully you got a nice little warm-up into what it is that you want to work on.

And my thing here we fix the lighting.

I was doing a bunch of stuff beforehand.

So yeah.

All right, cool.

Hopefully you are working on, whatever it is that you want to get, put some work into, you know, saying, so we do these things.

As you can tell, I am super.

I was running around.

And, so I have the radio show yesterday as normal and I decided to, finally transfer everything that I do for the radio show, from my previous laptop to my new laptop.

So that kind of, it's funny because you get so used to doing things on one laptop, that just even switching over to a new one, like remembering to log into different accounts and things that nature.

So I took me a little bit longer.

So not only did I switch over to my new laptop, but I also have like a new recorder that I used run the show through Mike's and the player and all these things and to stream it out and all that stuff.

So I basically got one piece of equipment that replaces like to which was great.

But I think replacing two things at once might have been too much because everything worked fine.

So but that's good.

It just took a little bit longer, so I can get used to working on new equipment to get everything uploaded.

So, yeah, so I kind of pushed me back.

So which kind of pushed me back from today?

So yeah, so now we're here.

So, thank you all for hanging out.

Hopefully, you are working on, whatever it is that you are working on.

On and get making some progress.

I wanted to just this is the intro break.

So I wanted to kind of just go over some of the things in the work.

If you're new, some of the things in the work session that may not be obvious.

If they aren't let me know please because, yeah, there's something I need to work on.

All right, come on to be as straightforward as possible.

All right, so we share a screen real quick won't need any sort of thing.


All right, but also I am going to post a link because we have that fancy new link links mentioned section on the archive page.

So let me put a link to my radio show.

No better

Hopefully, let me try that out.


So now what you see here is the when you go to the work mode.

So work session.

We I got to figure out a better name for it.

But here is like audio player.

You can play if you want to do some really cool Tunes.

Here's your to-do list.

And so if you select to do it shows you things that you need to get done.

And then done other things are things you finished.

Make sense task.

You can add a It's there.

Oh and then if you hit the Tweet button, it will send a tweet.

Like it will open up Twitter and have a pre-populated tweet with all the tasks that you got finish.

So kind of like little motivational thing.

Here's the countdown timer until we get into this, these break sessions, by the way, they happen around 15 minutes after the hour.

If I am not randomly doing something but yeah, 15 minutes of the hour.

If you don't have a thing that you want to work on, we have some tutorials here.

So, maybe you look like, spark something in your brain.

Where, like?

Okay, cool.

I can extend this to do something else.

So disclaimer, I work for Vonage as a JavaScript developer advocate.

So, I have some tutorials that I have worked on there.

So, we're always looking for feedback.

So if you check them out, so, I think the pretty cool like you can create like a I think I have the chat app.

You can create a chat application.

There's calling from a phone to the browser calling from the browser to a phone and I think calling to web users like using audio chat.

Yeah, I think those are the ones that are there.

Yes, also got links.

If you're not even sure.

If you want to get into coding, I was always great about coding is that you can give it a try and see for free.

Before you decide, okay, I want to learn more and maybe invest more time and or money.

So I have got free code Camp up there, which I heard is a good one and the Odin Camp Odin project.

Odin's project, which I heard is also a good one.

So those are up there as well.

So feel free to check those out below that we have the hakko which is help a Creator / coder out.

That's where you can create a room where you as the owner can share.


And then you can invite people into your room.

So that my hope is that together, you will be able to solve whatever issue that it is that you're running into, or maybe you want to get feedback on something or what have you?

So that's what that's there for that.

You can view, also any hot coals that maybe in progress, if you have something cool that you want to present.

So like a lightning talk.

Get like five ten minutes to talk about something cool.

And that's what I do.

Like, for these the next break.

I am going to show something that I got heard about that.

Seems pretty cool.

So good talk about that.

And, but yeah, this is the opportunity to do that, so you can sign up for it, and we will get you all situated for it.

And then here, if you look at the video now.

Towards the bottom of the video.

You should see some buttons.

One of them is to open the closed captions, which is what's its typing out.

What I am saying.

Hopefully accurately is the web speech, recognition API speech recognition API in the built in the browser.

Then below that you can see that there is the adequate and the create a highlight video.

So if you click adequate, it takes like that.

At that moment like 5 Seconds around there so you can create a clip in create five clips and then when new and that's over up to 5, you can hit create a highlight video.

So once I hit stop broadcast on here, What happens is it sends off all the information to a back-end and it does a bunch of stuff.

It will create a highlight video customized to you.

It has like your username in.

It's pretty cool.

And it will let you know when it's done.

So the status will first say submitted.

And then, when it's ready to be viewed, it will say done.

And then the view button will show up.

You can click that.

You can preview the clips, then you would be able to download them or click a button.

Click I think says like send a tweet and it will open up Twitter with a pre-populated tweet in a new window that will have your video as the preview image in the card or something.

So the preview video and the embedded card preview card that Twitter does.

So yeah, that's that think that's pretty much everything.

So Cool, if you ever have any questions, there's a section off to ask questions in the chat room.

And so yeah, I think that's it.

So got stuff.

I got to get done.

I need to finish up some stuff for the radio show.

I want to work on a dashboard for my neck.

My current side project that I am working on so long work on that.

It's like the first it's getting close to the first of the month.

So got to pay some bills laundry.

Looks like that's where y'all working on.

Let me know in the old chat room, and if you want to see some of the preview stuff got those check out my Twitter feed.

Let me put that also in here.

Since I have these fancy new links.

It actually is a twice life.

Lifelong Dev at link.

Save links.

All right, cool.

So I think that's pretty much it.

Hopefully, you are, you're going to make some progress.

I hope that you make some progress on, whatever your it is, that you are working on.

Feel free to reach out also, feel free to use the hot goes.

That's what made them for.

Let me know if you have any bugs, if you try any tutorials, anything like that.

And yeah, thank you all for again, for hanging out.

Oh, If you just happened upon this above you will see like subscribe there.

You can check out upcoming ciphers.

I just added for September and so you can actually subscribe to get notified when we go live.

So you can subscribe to all upcoming ones or you can subscribe to specific ones.

So got that working as well.


I think that's pretty much it.

Going to give you back some time because I want get more time when we come back.

I got it.

Email about a pretty cool-looking service.

I have used them before for like web stuff.

So they look like they added an iOS component.

So we will talk about it when we come back.

But till then so 15 minutes after the hour, we back to, then I hope you get what I am working on.

Whatever your it is, kind of come out better catchphrase.

So if anybody has a better catchphrase, please let me know.

I am down to hear it.

All right, so going to be Out here again, and thank you all.

And let us see here.

Cool, it's want to make sure I got everything done.

I pressed create a highlight video.

So I should be getting that you can check it out on my Twitter feed.

I saved the links so that the archive video will have them in the link section.

Yeah, I think that's it.


Oh, I also want to do some backups of some of the past videos as well.

So I back them up in like two different places.

It backups in one place automatically.

And then I take those and back them up somewhere else.

As well just in case, you know, because, you know, a lot of knowledge is being dropped.

Not at all.

It's just, you know, I like backing things up.

All right, cool.

Thank you all again for hanging out again.

Hopefully you will make some progress or whatever it is that you're working on.

Even if it's small.

As long as you make some consistent like efforts.

I think it can lead into big actions and changes.

All right, so that's what these are about.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

Going to be out of here.

So let me share my screen.


I am going to need the audio for this one.

We got some music.

All right, cool.


Thank you.

All and see you soon.

50 minutes.

After our good luck.