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Speaker is working on the same old place as before.

Speaker will give them a tour of the place where they work today. Speaker is in the break session. They advise them to click play to start the stream. Speaker is doing speech-to-text through the speech recognition. They send a video to speaker for the highlight later. Stack api creates a highlight video and personalizes it with whatever you signed in with. They stop broadcasting, they will get everyone back to the work session. Speaker asked some amazing producers to send them some music for random projects. Speaker works on several projects. They have added a task. Speaker starts a pre-populated twitter account and starts a countdown that counts down to the next break. Speaker has links to free code camp and the Odin project. Speaker is a javascript developer advocate. One can make a phone call and answer a question in a browser. Jaco helps a Creator / coder to create a room.

Speaker has been downloading and uploading the video. Speaker is going to stop their screen share. After that, speaker will get back to work. They have three breaks. Speaker created a rose as a side project for their friends. They will be back 15 minutes after the show-and-tell. Speaker will share their screen to make sure they have not lost the highlight video.

Speaker gives you the power to let other people in and then ban them if they do not want to join jaco. Speaker wants everyone to share their screen and get feedback on something. There's also the view jaco so that you can see any tacos that are happening and request the joint. Speaker gives people a lightning talk section where they sign up to be notified about something new. Speaker is making a presentation. They like to do meet-ups. Speaker has done the clips and created a custom video. The video preview shows speaker's video for that link.

  • autoplay videos
  • highlight clips
  • phone call
  • video preview

See you never lead you.

Welcome back.

Your dreams were your ticket.

Same old place that you will the new?

You hung around but those dreams everything, and they turned around each other.



Yes, so it would be nice if I actually chose the Right microphone.

It's still early for me.

So I actually got up earlier.

So let me there's double-checking.

Make sure the audio is good.

Please world have the same muted.

Give me a second.

Okay, so we're all right, cool.

Now we're working.

It's a good thing that I put this because it happened before and I think it was an issue with the mic then but I put an audio level here now.

So I can actually see if audio is being put into the video and so all right?

So let me just Start back over.

Hey, how's everyone doing?

Hopefully, you are getting whatever.

It is, getting ready to work on, whatever your it is and be productive today.

This is the first Cipher of the day.

We have to ciphers and every day, but today, Sunday a week.

And so, this is the first one.

And then we have another one later on in the day.

So, now, this here is the break session.

What you were just in was the works.

So I am going to go over kind of like, give you a tour of everything here so you can maximize your time here.

So again, like I said, we're in the break session right now.

So what you're looking at is my face, but below that you see that you may need to actually click play, because there's a thing in browsers that don't allow for autoplay videos if you have an interactive with the site, so if you just come to the site now, Now, and you probably can't hear me.

Anyway, that's why I put they're saying, may need to click play to start the stream.

Cool next to that, is the open closed caption box.

So, I am doing speech-to-text through the speech recognition API.

And so, whatever I am saying, is being converted to text automatically and then being shown in that spot that shows up.

Hopefully, it's accurate.

I try to speak in a way to make it as accurate as possible.


Really cool below that you will see at a clip, that is, for the Highlight Clips later.

So, if there's anything that you thought was cool that happened during these break sessions, you're able to add a clip, you get the five seconds of Peace, you get five of them.

And whenever you're done, you can just click create a highlight video.

So at the end.

So once I hit stop broadcast that information on your Eclipse, the timestamps get sent to a thing.

I set up in the back end, and he uses the shot.

Stack API takes all that information, creates a highlight reel of whatever it is, that you thought was cool.

And then it actually personalizes it with whatever like a social network thing.

You signed in with whether it be Twitter or GitHub.

It's kind of cool.

So, That brings me to what happens when we're.

So once I hit stop broadcast and I get you all back to the work session.

You should end up on a place that looks like.

Let me share my screen.

Do you do cool.

Don't need to show the audio.

Now, you will end up at a place look similar to this.

Similarly, similar to this here up here in the top left corner is the audio player.

I know a lot of amazing producers, and so I asked a few of them to send me some music for any random projects.

I work on, and this is been one of them.

And so here is a player.

They will go through some instrumentals that were submitted for these projects also below that you will see the to do section.

And so, you click on to do is shows the list of things to do done things that you have done Mark completed below.

That is the, add a task.

That's where you add a task.

You can hit enter, or you can hit the plus sign.

Now, when towards the end, you can hit this Twitter icon.

And well, they will do is open up Twitter.

And with lll, start like a pre-populated tweet that lists all the things that you got done that you mark done in your done section pretty and nice little way to kind of end off, you know, like yeah, got some stuff done.

Yeah, here is a timer and so that countdown that counts down to the next break.

So let you know how much like work focused on you have below that.

Now, let us say you don't have a project.

You have no clue what you want to work on, but you want to work on something, have these tutorials there.

Now I have maybe you're thinking he's seeing all this stuff about coding and you're like, oh this seems cool.

Let me explore by have no idea where to start.

So I have links to free code camp and the Odin project.

I haven't done them personally, but I have heard good things.

I have looked at the free code camp like syllabus seems pretty legit.

And yeah, I think you will get like a good Idea of what goes into coding and if you like that, then maybe you will determine whether or not you want to spend more time and or money into it to pursue it further.

So that's hope for that.

There's also some other tutorials.

And as a disclaimer, full disclaimer.

I am a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage.

So I have some tutorials that I have helped work on there.

And my goal is to be able to have other people of all sorts of varying.

Those try them out because with each tutorial, I want it to be straight forward.

So you go through it and you get the desired result at the end, but not only that, but also that you understood kind of like what went into each step to make that goal happen, right?

So got some tutorials where you can actually make a phone call from your browser to a phone.

Also, have the opposite, you can make a call from a phone and answer it in the browser.

And then also having to web browser user application.

People speaking with each other through two different browsers, got that as well.

So if any of that seems interesting to you, go ahead and check it out.

If you do it, let me know what you think about it.

And yeah, so that's that.

Now, let us say you get stuck, maybe in a tutorial where it is that you're working on.

We have these things called Jaco help a Creator / coder out that is where you create a room.

Whereas the owner of the room.

You can share your screen.

Now, you can invite people.

So you get your own unique URL to where you can send out and have people join the room.

What's cool?

Is that as the owner, you can see who wants to join and it will show a list?

You can click on their name and look at their eat, whatever they logged in with whether their Twitter or GitHub.

So then you can see whether or not you want that person to be a part of your Jaco.

Hopefully trying to keep out any sort of like spam or any troll stuff.

So give you the power of being able to let people in and you can also ban them if they turn out to be like, you know, not so good person.

You can actually just kick them out.


There's that.

So, my goal my hope is that by sharing screen and everyone working together, that collectively can come together for a solution.

And is that only for that if you get stuck, but let us say you want To get feedback on something.

This would be a way for you to get feedback and, you know, whatever it is that you're working on or the design or audio or video or whatever.

You can share it and get some feedback and maybe, you know, course, correct from there.

All right, cool.

Then there's also the view Jaco so you can see any tacos that are happening and request the joint.

If you see something that you feel that you either want to learn from or maybe you can Add to all right, contribute to that's the word.

I want, think contribute.

All right, then below that, let us say, you have something cool that you have been working on or something new that you just learned about, and you wanted to kind of just tell people about it.

So we have the kind of like a lightning talk.

So we have the show-and-tell sign up and that's where you sign up to show-and-tell.

Something you found cool or something that you're making and you get like, five ten minutes.

So just real quick, no pressure.

Kind of thing.

And it's like here you Go.

I am a big fan of meetups and any times that anytime there's a meet-up, and they allowed like lightning talks.

I always try to go up there, you know, help me with my speaking public speaking and all that things and just kind of show like hey, I find this interesting, anybody else find this interesting.

Let us talk about it, you know, and kind of build like it, you know, relationships.

So that's that.

And then below.

Now, let us say you're taking those clips, right?

You did the clips and you create a highlight video.

Right there, where it says, highlight that section.

It will say status and if they submitted and then while it's doing all the stuff in the back end, doing, you know, creating your custom video when that's over.

It will look like that sir has a status done and you will be able to click view bring up like a modal and you will be able to view the video preview it.

You can download it and then you can also click a button.

And again, it will open up Twitter with a pre-populated tweet where a link to the Archive of the video and in the preview.

It will show your video for that link.

Yeah, in the in bed or whatever on Twitter.

Now, Twitter sometimes shows it.

Depending on guess what device you're on?

It may or may not show it.

So, what I have been doing is I have been downloading the video uploading it to my Instagram, but also recently been uploading the image.

Now, the video to Twitter.

So, and so I know there's a preview for it.

So yeah, sometimes do that seems to getting some traction, you know, so just try to get the word out about what we're doing here.

And so that is the work session.


Let me stop my screen share.

Be careful not to press any other random buttons.

Stop screams.

You're cool.

So yeah, so that's pretty much it.

I am going to let y'all get back to work, remember breaks.

So work sessions are about, like, 45 minutes and the final break session.

We get three breaks.

Breaks three work sessions, the final work session that goes a little bit longer and so maybe like an hour or what-have-you 15 minutes.

And so yeah, so unless there's someone that wants to sign up for stuff to show something.

The next break.

I am going to show a project that I have been working on this.

Just a quick side project I made because I saw a need like a rose in my own life, so I created it for a group of friends of mine, and we will talk about that when we come back.

But yeah, I think that's it.

Thank you all.

Once again, for hanging out.

We will be back 15 minutes after the hour with hopefully a show-and-tell.

If not, I am going to go over one my side projects and then the final break session is like going over an artist's website.

If we don't have a show-and-tell.

So show-and-tell takes precedence over whatever Randomness I want to do.

So, yeah, cool.

Thank you all.

Once again, let me close this out.

I am going to send you all off with some dope music to get.

You ready to get back to work.

And yeah, thanks again.

Y'all here we go.

Oh see almost forgot to click.

Create highlight Clips.

Then I wouldn't have my highlight video.

See oh, that would be bad all around.

Alright cool.

Here we go video.




Share my screen.

Make sure I showed the audio.




Thanks y'all and good luck with everything.

Thanks bz, cui 15 minutes after the hour.

Here we go.