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They are using the same screen tv that they got from young cast.

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But those dreams everything and they turn around each other.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

We always could spot a prayer.

Hey, what's going on?

All right, we're forgotten to do the alright, we're back.

Officially what's going on?

How's everything going?

Hopefully you are all being productive.

If or at least, you know if it's like hanging out, let us say, you just want to get ready for the week.

And you're like, I just need to take some time.

I need to dedicate to myself, you know, and just make sure I am ready for the week.

Even if it's like, that, that's cool as well.

All right, so, I actually saw that I was, I was like a few seconds late because I am starting like a new project and I just got the Firebase stuff set up as well as like, a template using spells.

It's not a template.

It's a thing I have used before that, I created before for other projects.

And so right now is just a, like, an email login thing.

So it's password list.

And so, you first, I create like a list of allowed users emails.

And so what comes up, first on the application is a box.

We put in your email and so it checks to see if that email is in the allowed list.

If not, it says, not fam can help.


But if it is, then it sends you an email to that email address to where you can click a link and it will log you in.

So, because the thing I am working on is not probably talk more about it, once it gets, although when it gets done and whatever, but some friends in that from some friends and I chip into some office space in Orlando.

And so, so I am new.

I am new to the group, and so they're doing a thing where it's like a nap or something like where they schedule out like, who's going to be wear, whatever in the office, and it's like a nap but then everybody shares the same password or something.

And so, I was getting text messages about like, who changed the password, and what is it now and all these things?

So I was like, we could do something.

So this is like my contribute country contributions.

To the group.

I am just going to make like, a quick app to where everybody can log in with their own emails, don't have to worry about passwords and just be able to see the schedules for like a given day and add if there's like space or something.

So kind of rhinos what's happening?

So I am like I am just going to do that and so it is interesting like problem because anything with time and stuff like that is kind of interesting.

So I decide to take on the task and see what we can do.

So yeah, that's what I have been working on either.

So, oh, you know what?

And that leads into Master of the Segways and not the little motor things but, you know, going from one topic to the next.

All right, so that goes with, I am a big fan of creating things that help like smaller communities, you know, because this is like a niche problem.

Well, I see it as a problem, but And I think they placing the problem too, because same password doesn't make any sense.

But to where it's an issue for like us, and then we can work on it and then maybe other people maybe have the same issue, and then they can use that and create their own thing.

Without it being together is like a massive thing.

So, because I am a big fan of like, like, like, like small community.

Like-minded people coming together and having tools to help them, do whatever it is that they are working on and so it can't.

So I came across this thing.

So like so, So along with being able to, I like to be able to have instanced, I work at Vonage and things.

So I am a big fan of like video and reaching people and the easier the better I think, you know, and so I am always down for tools that will help people communicate better and especially if they're kind of like wrapped together and it's a few things at once.

And so yeah, long story short.

Let me just share my screen here.

I came across this thing called own caste.

And what's cool about own caste.

Let me show that my audio just in case.

Wait for that to load up.


So this is own caste and the website is own cast Dot online.

And since I set a website, I am going to put that as a link that you can check out Raider during the archives.


So now okay.

So this own caste is you can see here.

It says is a self hosted live video and web chat server for use with existing popular broadcast.


So, people may be familiar, like OBS and all these things.

And so a lot of times what people are doing, is you have your OBS, and then you're sending it to like twitch or YouTube or what have you?

So now I guess in owner, if you can do multiple.

I don't know if in OBS, you can send to multiple places.

I think in stream yard is a stream yard.

You can send multiple places.

I am not sure you'd have The that's on your own thing.

But instead of sending you to those places, if what is you had your own thing, where people could watch what you're doing, is like your own, like I said, self-hosted situation and to where you drive people to your own site.

It's because I am a big fan again.

Like I like when like communities can kind of come together and not have to worry about other pressures and things on the outside and having to like, try and Like reform to like other like to get more interest, you know, sometimes it just cool having just a few people, you know, I mean, like everybody's there for the same reason and everybody understands what's happening on happening in.

It doesn't matter.

If it's millions of people, everyone there wants to be, there is having a good time kind of thing.

So I am probably blabbering but to me, this is pretty cool.

Oh, and a good thing, I share the audio cause there's like a video I am thinking about playing so now to get started It.

So this looks like a look at the website.

So now it's self, hosted, an independent, and I am big fan of Independence.

And so like, where the be hip-hop, you know, music whatever.

I am a big fan of people coming together and doing a thing.

So have complete control and ownership over your stream, allowing you to create the content and Community, you want?

See they basically said what I wanted that.

I took like three minutes to say.

And then there's also a chat built in which is pretty cool.

So that's good.

Oh, and then looks like you can do include custom emotes and build chatbots to encourage engagement from your viewers at school and works with its software.

Some point.

Your existing broadcasting's software at your Own caste server and begin streaming.

So that's pretty cool.

So the same as rtmp blah, whatever like for YouTube or twitch, you would point to your own server, which is pretty cool.

And then looks like external storage.

So you can scale your videos, too many viewers, using a low only low-powered Hardware.

Oh, that's cool.

So you can be able to like make like a Raspberry Pi.

I think they're talking about is stuff.

So cool.

Let us see that stuff.


User digital.

All Digital Earthling.

Finally, that's, that's cool.

All right, so here are some examples, but I think did they have the one where you could show how you?

That's cool.

So these are all the folks that contributed, and they have some donors.

That's pretty cool.

So, let us take a look at one of their.

So, this is their demo server and then these are like other people who have their own see.

But let us look at the demo server.

So let us take a look what that looks like.

As you can see its own website, own domain, watch own, watch that own cast out online right now, as you can see here, now since in the browser and you may notice that here, also, when you open up a new page and there's like a running video browser, don't allow autoplay videos, and I understand that.

So just click play.

And so now this dream has been online for 24 days.

Let me unmute that and so Here is a live stream happening.

And so you can see says it's live one.

Viewer, which is me.

It gives me like a random chat ID, mystifying Trinity.


Sound like some Matrix stuff and then, yeah, your own demo server and then what a pleasure to meet you.

So that's pretty cool.

And so this is what you get, and they can kind of scroll up here.

And we will give you more information about that.

You can tweak this and For yourself.

So you can have like your own links here and stuff like that.

So yeah, it's pretty cool.

Oh and here's the video I wanted to show.

So here it is, getting started on cast.

And so this person kind of steps you through on how to do it.

So let me make this bigger I guess and then, here we go.

Hey everyone.

So today I am going to strange men are crossing using own caps.

So let us pop over to Young cast website, and come get the latest installer.

Let us run the installer.

Go and we will run the server.

And keep in mind, this default screen TV that they gave us.

All right.

Now, it's running.


Let us go to OBS, and we will update our settings to use our own cast server.

So come here, and we will switch it to custom and point it to our server and use that stream key that we just obvious.

Okay, start streaming.


So now I can see that.

It's green things are running our live.

Let us go over to the own cast.


You see that we have been online screen and running, and we go over to the old cast site.

And it's ready to go.

I am ready to go.

Explore the island on the first day of snow.

Thanks for watching.

See, and that's, that's pretty, that's pretty cool.

So now I let me see if I remember.

Okay, so in the past, I created a server, my own server using node media server and it's up at let me see.

Let me see if I can remember.

That one.

Hold on.

Oops, no wait.

Let me move this real quick, so I can hold on.


Is it this one?

Where's my server down my server, maybe down.

I don't either way.

Is it this one?

My server maybe down.

Well, good thing.

I have to look into that then.

All right, I will look into that but I kind of created my own node media server.

So but this is cool because it looks like it gives you this whole interface because mine gives you an admin and, you know, a rtmp that you can go into with.

This will give you everything.

So like even the player like I had to create my own player.

I don't have like a chat for you.

And so that's pretty cool.

I think that's kind of cool.

I am going to Look more into it.

I am thinking.


Oh, what is happening?

I am getting a lot of random stuff popping up now.

Not sure what's happening.

I am going to look more into it and I need to figure out why my node media server is not working anymore.

Yeah, figure that out at some point.

But, yeah, so I think it's cool.

And what I am also thinking is that, I am now this is for it to, for you to stream from like a no BS to something else.

Now, what if you wanted to, maybe, Have like a conversation with somebody and bring them on as well.

So, what I like about like Vonage, like our stuff, let me stop sharing this here.

And this is what I might like create like some content around this because that's part of the job.

So, so own casts, pretty cool.

Alright, I posted a link to.

All right, so now, stop screen, sharing.

So now what I am thinking is, is that, maybe let us say, you don't have OBS or whatever.

You know, or maybe you just want to use the browser.

Let us say you want to set up an interview and you want to talk with someone and you don't want to have to then worry about sending their signals and all these other stuff.

So what I am thinking is like using Vonage like our stuff and I don't want to sound like a commercial, but we make it eat like straight forward to be able to have video chats, right?

So, and I use it here.

And so what's cool about hours that we can broadcast and you can set up a rtmp like endpoint or whatever like that, you want to send to and so you can have that.

So in the browser, you create an application, where is like video chats, right?

And then, same way, I am here, I asked, and I am I am sending it to YouTube right now, and I am also, so I can set up another rtmp to Where it will go to my own cast demo server.

And so that chat that we're having or whatever presentation that you build with the bondage apis, can go directly to your own cast demo server.

So I am thinking I may try that and maybe do like a blog post, like a step by step on how to set up your own thing.

So, yeah that big that'd be kind of cool and then you have like the chat and everything.

They're like, it seems pretty cool.

But now I am wondering is there any way to get there?

Has to be some sort of API that they're using, so I can be able to get that chat information, that's showing up there on the own cast servers and in have that going to Maybe like the dashboard where I am having my Vonage application where I am doing like a video chat or something.

I will look into that more.

So that might be a plan.

So maybe look forward to that.

So that might be a new thing coming up.

So yeah, so I just wanted to shout out on cast.

It came out I saw that and again anything that's going to help smaller communities.

Build and be able to communicate and connect, you know, I am always down for, and I am going to I want to show more of that here, and I am distracted because they're the trailer they're showing on the own cast.

Demo server is Black Panther and yeah RP Chadwick Boseman.

But yeah now this is cool.

And, so I am going to do some more stuff with this is pretty cool.

So yeah, okay.

So a couple of things I learned from this own cast is pretty cool.

Let me put their Twitter also and so just in case you want to check that out as well, but I have their website there.

So if you're watching this video later, you know, in the future, I will have the links there and everything.

So yeah.

No, so that's cool.

All right, I will get you all back to work for the final break session, and we're going to when we come back.

If there's no show and tells going to go over a website of a an artist.

I am a big fan of, and he does some amazing music, and so we will check out his website and listen to music.

All right, cool.

So I am going to go back and try figure out.

Well, not that figure out.

I think it's working so far that administer the login email login of My application.

And yeah, so hopefully I hope you much productivity and things of that nature.

Well, see, I am again.

Almost forgot to hit the create a highlight video.

I would have been upset.



I think that's it.

Thank you all.

Once again, for hanging out, be back, 15 minutes after the hour, and I think that's it.


So, what do you think about on cast?

Is that something you might be interested in or do you?

Just going to like huge like I guess we could have some audience.

Maybe they will find you or something.

I don't know.

Like what do y'all think I am again.

Like, I am a big fan of just sitting it out.

Like, hey doing this thing here.

Come along, if you're interested kind of like, with this site is doing until it got works, you know, so, all right.

I blabbed on long enough.

All right.

Thanks y'all.

Good luck with everything and get you out of here and get some traveling music.

Some outro music.

Take for y'all and cool.

Thanks again.

Y'all see use 15 minutes after the hour.

Yes sure that audio.


Thanks again.


See you later.