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Speaker has recently purchased a music room and shares a website with their friends who also play on the show. The website contains the band camp collection page.

Speaker likes how the ghost Funk Orchestra started off.

Speaker wants to work on their highlight video, not to watch them get stuff done. Speaker works on things that they might be interested in working on. Speaker is frustrated that the list is too long.

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  • local college station
  • lum nigh cools
  • record label publishing
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They need you here.

Where we need to welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

We always could spot a rare.

Welcome back and a smile.

The way I think and I know what to see you again.

Learn to me was this song is my favorite come back and God could ever lead you.

Welcome back.

Hey, what's going on?

Alright, welcome back to the final break session of this first Cipher of the date.

If you're not familiar, we run to ciphers every Sunday and so with three hours in between.

So this so each Cipher has three like sessions.

So there's the three break sessions, three work sessions.

This is the final break session for the first Cipher.

And then we will be back in like three ish hours and do it all over again.

So, yeah.

Alright, cool.

So, Hopefully, everyone is able to make some progress on whatever it is that you're working on.

So, all right, cool.

Let me see here.

All right, cool.

So if you love me and I know I have a radio show on at a local College Station here.

And I am a big fan of like hip-hop independent artist.

So it's cool to be on a college station where people are playing music that they're into, you know, so that's always goes up.

Put on like new music and that's one of my goals is to put people on to new music from artists who I think are cool.

So yeah.

So along with that band camp is a website where I go to support Independent Artists.

So, a bunch of artists has their music and albums and things on bandcamp.

And I like to purchase from there because they get more of the money you owe me because not every artist is on Spotify or whatever other streaming services.

Services there are, I am not I don't know about them.

But and even then if you're on there you need to make like thousands and thousands of plays because you get fractions and fractions of sense.

Oh, and have you.

So, I rather support and least this way.

I actually get like a digital copy of it.

And so, last week, I last Friday with band camp Friday, and that means so, since the pandemic hit, and a lot of artists.

But Independent Artists make their music on the road and throughout merch sales and all those things and that shows on tours.

So since a lot of people couldn't tour that hurt a lot of artists.

So bandcamp decided that on the first Friday of every month.

They're going to waive their cut of each sale.

So, you know, there's always like the processing fee and all that stuff.

They don't have control over that, but they wave their cut and so that goes towards the artist to help.

Then, you know, survive.

And so, last Friday's bandcamp Friday, and so let me share my screen.

So I figured that I would go and check out a website from someone who I recently, purchased a music room who have been playing on the show for a while, also, so share screen.

So this right here is our the radio show is called our show and this is our band camp collection page whatever over like 850 items which is kind of cool.

So the shell sub like a bit been a big fan of band camp for years.

Like I want to say the original URL was bandcamp a dot m.

You, when I first got on, but neither here nor there and you're not talking about that, but let me Post a link.

So this link will be in the video saved to the video.

So you have to check out the links if you want, check it out.

But yeah, so the group of going to talk about is so a ghost Funk Orchestra super dope band.

Where are they from?

I think La.

I think I am not sure what.

We will take a look at the website and find out and so like I said, we have been playing ghost Funk Orchestra for a minute.

So just recently played a The last show and so yeah, so we're going to hear that.

So yeah, so like been playing them for a while and since at least late last year looks like Octobers when we first started playing them.

This is a, I do like a playlist.

So I can keep track of all the music we played, and so I can always look it up.

If need be.

So, let me add this link as well.

So you can see all the different tracks we played from goes Funk, Orchestra.

All right.

All right, cool.

So now let us take a look at the website, which is Ghost Funk

I can appreciate that.

They got even though it'd be weird if there's already a ghost Funk Orchestra already taken, right?

Okay, so this is the website, and so we will take a look.

Will look at this because I like nice is clean.

I mean, it has like a nice big image and like face it to the background.

It's pretty dope.

So that's cool.

And then, so they have all the things to the side here, looks good.

And then here's like the different Spotify.

Facebook, Instagram and bands in town from I think I got that, right?

So I so this is the home.

Looks cool.

Not sure why we had to but maybe this is the image is not like in the background.

So that's why you have to scroll and on either.

That's cool.

I like it.

I know who I like how they have like, who questioned like they're answering like any possible questions about like, who are the ghost Funk Orchestra?

That's pretty cool.

And so like that.

So it's a drawing of the same folks and so you can see it's like a full band.

Like somebody do this for a flyer looks nice.

So, okay, so the current live band and so these are all the folks, so they got people on.

So, from what I understand is that it started off with Seth.

Applebaum, I think.

And the oh, yeah, bandleader and then it grew into like a 10-piece live band.

And so you got some so all the people and their instruments in the play nice then extended family and Lum nigh cools.

The people who have been a part of it or people who jump on every once in a while.

And so we can see I like having I like seeing acts in like their elements like performing and stuff.

So I like this is really cool and I can kind of see us though.

And they give credit to the people.

Took pictures.

Nice, nice action shots.

You can see gets kind of lively, nice and can't go wrong, like a horn section.

Like if you have a horn section in your show, is pretty much going to be a good time.

So yeah, it's pretty dope.

Yeah, cool.

So now how, so I guess it's like the history And so nice more images of dig it in, dig in it.

And so yeah, so ghost Funk, Orchestra is the brainchild of composer / multi-instrumentalist, Seth Applebaum.

So, yeah, so that's right cool.

So what started as a one-man recording project has now evolved into a 10-piece Powerhouse live band, nice nicely kind of talk.

So that's cool.

It gives a nice introduction.

Let us go.

Oh nice setup.

So nice behind the scenes.

It's really good.

Jeez, I like it, dig it.

So then what?

Okay, so I guess what gives you the album's nice little thing here slider.

Do they link?


Look like the link to stuff or no.

They don't like, do anything at school.

You can click on it.

It brings in front nice.

And then, okay, so they're mentioned on bandcamp weekly, nice.

A few times looks like nice looks like that.

Georgia's animals, jump shots of Georgia and Muldrow.


So these are all the times I guess.

They were featured on bandcamp Wiki that's dope.

Oh bandcamp weekly is like a weekly Roundup that band camp.

Does it kind of highlight different artists and things right?

Only got a video.

Alright, we're taken a real quick.

Look at this video right quick.

I have never seen this.

All right.

Yeah, that's just a little bit.


This is it tastes.

You can have the oh there's a video for this one.

I am going to play this later.

But all right there check.

They got a video nice.

All right.

Turns out we play this on the radio show and it's Super Fresh.

All right.

Here we go.

I know that sometimes it seems impossible to face the world so much drama and ugliness, right?

If you close your eyes, does it all get easier or is the darkness behind your eyelids or something more Sinister live?

Making bad decisions, but do you mind if I say grace tonight?

Alright, that's all you get again.

You have to go pick up the album.

Oh to escapism.

Oh, we play this one as well.



Let us check this out.

Never knew these videos existed, but this is awesome.

All right, cool.

It's a chainsaw.

So together they did a picture somewhere.

Okay, you got yeah, I get the album, but that's dope.

Okay, then we play, so they have got a bunch of videos.

All right.

We got some a tribute to Bill Withers nice.

This is overdue.

Oh, wow.

You see the whole band?

Gunk goes phones, quarantine Orchestra.


That's oh wow.

Okay, and they got live versions as super cool.


I tried to check out the website beforehand.

It is kind of.

Okay, they have got a lot of it so you can get a good feel for what they have got going visually and audibly.

It's not a word.

All right, so okay cool.

So now we're I am assuming.

That's where you can catch them.


So we got some owner.

Kendrick Morris is also done.

So if consumers has a website, we may look into that also, but okay, some shows and if I click it again, it goes right to it.

Nice, nice.

So these are past shows.

And the upcoming shows here.

It'd be cool.

If I guess is upcoming shows we're at the top because that's what you kind of expect because you want to catch them live but cool.


And so looks like they get around nice.

So, yeah, so like it feels upcoming shows and if they had Flyers maybe and then to break up between upcoming shows in past shows to have the Flyers.

That be cool.

But yeah, because when I first looked at like, oh, they don't have like any upcoming show.

Good then scroll down, but it's cool.

So if they're in your town should be a good time.

All right, cool.

Let us see what else.

So they have been to a lot of places, and they have pictures again.

Photos are like a big part of this page of this website.

I dig that.

So you kind of get like what to expect and get you kind of hyped.


Very nice.

I dig it.

Cool, I got press.

All right, so all the stuff.


Yes, super like this gives you a good.


They have got a lot of press.

Nice merchandise, of course, got some merch.

So this is the album I bought before, and I am sorry.

Look, I got some other stuff.


Do I have this one?

Not sure.

But yeah, did they put?

These are t-shirts nice.

It'd be cool to see it on a t-shirt.

Like, if you had a picture of a t-shirt.

I thought these are just like albums until I actually red shirt.

But yeah, but they're sold out anyway, so this is bad.

And then, of course, bandcamp shells, the bank and it opens in a new window shouts of that.

I appreciate that opens in a new window, van campen and contact was that dude.

Cool, and then for booking United States and Europe and UK say if you're looking to book them, there's that and the record label publishing.

So they have everything there.


You join the mailing list.

That's its a really cool website.

So this is grid view.

What's this and see this?

Because I do that does nothing.

All right, cool.

But okay, but now yeah, this is super dope.

Shouts too hard ghost Funk Orchestra as a really cool website.

I dig it.

Hey, Ben what's going on?

My bad, sorry.

Of the countdown clocks shots have been.


I work with been over advantage and glad you made it along.

Yeah, probably the figure out.

Oh, how did join yet?

Okay, so I saw that you ask if we're live, so the whole purpose of these sessions is not to watch me like do stuff like these are just breaks.

So the focus is to work on something that you have been meaning to.

NG to work on your, I mean, and so we create this highlight video and so the purpose is for people to get stuff done.

Not to watch me get stuff, done.

I don't think that makes any sense.

So there's these longer breaks where you just work on, whatever it is that you want to work on the things that you may have been wanting to work on outside projects or what have you?

And then we break that up with like, 15 minutes of just Randomness like this.

And Yeah, hesitant do with like watching me.

So even if you like want to take a break and take a walk or something, but the whole point is working on something that you're working on.

Which list is too long and you should only be like one countdown clock, but that just lets, you know, when we're about to go live, you know, and how much longer in the break?

I appreciate.

Glad you like the concept.

So yeah, so it's so something different, I guess than what's normally out there.

And so a lot of its for me, so I can actually get stuff done because I can't get stuff done when people like watching me so it's weird.

So yeah, all it is amazing.

So that's what it is.

Little by little you have the thing and you just check them off as you go along.

You know, I mean and so, yeah, and so that's about it.

Yeah, there's always so much stuff to do and so that's why I am like, all right, we will take this time to get this worked out.

And, so I know every Sunday I am going to work on are they but okay but real quick shouts a ghost Funk Orchestra super dope site and super dope music and yeah check them out if you like dope Funk live band music.

So yeah, you know her Two of them.


You have heard of them.

Let me stop screen.



So, yeah.

So again, this is mostly about y'all working on, whatever it is that you need to work on.

Not so much me, looking at me.

All right, so I am going to give some extra time because this is the final session till the next Cypher starts in about three hours.

So I am going to give like about an hour.

Let us make it 12:45 so you can leave whenever you want, but I will leave it open.

I will leave it open to one.

And so that way you can work on until you need to work on or leave whenever you know, so hopefully you got some stuff done.

Hopefully you got what you need or at least a start.

And yeah, so I think that's going to be it.

Thank you all again for hanging out, going to watch this, show it once we stopped broadcasting.

The archive will be up with all the links.

So if you want to check out the music, you know, support an artist if you can, you know, I mean, that'd be cool.

So weird up.

Thank you.

Thanks, Ben.

Yeah, I am saying for a hanging out.

Appreciate you.

Hopefully, you're working on something.

That'd be cool.

And then, oh, if you get stuck, there's the hakko where the help of quarter / Creator out.

So kind of create your own room and you can share your screen as the owner of that room and you can invite people on.

So if you get stuck with anything, you can help each other, you know, come to a solution and stuff.

So that's the plan but I, yeah, so, yeah.

Focus time.

There is no joining of anything.

You know, I mean you just work on what you need to work on, and then we have these break session.

So if there's something cool you find you could do these show and tells as well and so you could kind of show what is that you're working on you things.


So yeah, so I am going to get you all back to work and thanks again for hanging out and I make sure I got the create a highlight video.

For right now, I only do these on Sundays because I work during the week.

Yeah, I mean Saturday's are further radio show.

So yeah, so I figured, you know, I am not busy enough on the weekends with the radio show on Saturdays.

Why not do something on Sundays?

So yeah, radio show is Saturdays, is the focus and then Sundays is this and getting stuff done.

And so but why want to do?

Okay, I am gonna give you one more time.

But what I would like to do is eventually have it to where anybody can start their own.

Because I am doing all this from like a web interface.

So there's nothing to stop me from like having another person, giving them a login their own login, to be able to log in and do this themselves.

So eventually, you know, as a community grows maybe or what have you if people want to have their own like ciphers throughout the week.

They will be able to do it, you know, so yeah and then people bring people on and stuff.

So if I can't do it, you know, so yeah.

What word exactly.

So the hope is if you have something in your work on you can, and we have the music player and stuff.

So yeah, so you don't need to look at me to get work done and that's the whole point.

All right.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

When get you all back to work.

I am going to add some extra time.

And yeah, so I created the Highlight Clips tough and cool.


Y'all till next time.

Oh, let me I got a sub.

The outro.

Cool, and we do this present that share my screen.

Thanks for hanging out.

Been appreciated you.

Let us see.

Oh, and then also on your to-do list, once you get things done, you can hit that tweet button that's on the to do and it will tweet out like what you have done and, you know, a little bit of like a little fuel good at the end of the time.

Yeah, I mean, so be like, got some stuff done today, feels good.

So, all right.

Thanks y'all.

We back in like three hours, the website has All the different ciphers and when they start when they begin and is to your time zone.

So you have to worry about in do any time zone math stuff.

All right, cool.

Thank you all.

Once again for hanging out going to be out of here.

So yeah, till next time and you can see it in the schedule.

So where was that?

Next time is you can decide that.

All right, and you can subscribe to get a notification when we're going live.

All right, cool.

Thank you all.

And yeah.

See you later.

Hopefully, I am pretty sure I do with audio either way neither.

Alright, thanks.


See you later.