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Speaker will try to make slides and then demo it. The final break is going to be three breaks every Cipher. Speaker wants to go over an independent artist's website and put links and stuff on the archive video.

There is a break session where speaker gives you some practice with public speaking.

  • speech recognition
  • tweet button
  • preview video
  • money spent
  • rough cut
  • radio promoters

They are and I know what to see you again.

Learn to me was that song they have never lead you?

Hey, what's going on?


Welcome back to another week until it dot Works.

Hopefully you have your it readies and getting started to work on it.


Oh, yes, just a quick intro to welcome.

Anybody new and welcome, anybody returning.

So, thank you for hanging out.

Okay, so quick overview.


Now you're looking at like the break session.

So, what happens here is that if you have a project or anything that you think is cool.

You can sign up for a show until you get like, five ten minutes to kind of just talk about it.

So, just like a little practice to at for public speaking and things.

So there's that, as you can see below the video.

There's the option and I forgot to in Able speech recognition so you can actually click the open closed caption button and it will open up a little thing and it will use speech recognition type out what I am saying.

So there's that below that you will see the add a clip button along with the create a highlight video.

So what those do is if there's anything that you found interesting And you want to highlight from the break sessions.

You can click that button and it will record like a five-second long clip.

The average was five seconds.

Then you get five of those.

So then what happens is once you do the five or less than five, you create a highlight video.

So you click that button.

And so when the broadcast is over, it sends all that information, the time stamps and everything, and the video to of thing I have on the back end, it goes to an API, all this stuff and it creates the Highlight clip.

And you will see, like a box in the work session.

When we finish the actual brick sessions, you will notice In the bottom of next to the to-do list, you will see like, it will say like submitted under highlight, and then once it's finished processing, it will have a button that says view, then, you can take a look at the highlight film is in its customized for you to.

It's pretty cool, these I think so.

And so yeah, so when you get that, you can download the video and like post Instagram, that's what I do with it, or you can just click the Tweet button and it will send.

Out a tweet with your video as the preview video for the things so for the link, so yeah, so there's a bunch of stuff that went behind the scene to get that worked out.

I think I did video previously about it kind of like, showing how I did it.

But yeah cool.

Either way.

And then, when we're not in Brick session where in the work session and that's where it's time to get stuff done.

And so, to help you along.

We have some music that you can listen to while you're working.

There's a to-do list to kind of Keep your tasks in order and everything to remind you what's going on.

Now, if you don't have a thing and it that you want to work on, we actually have tutorials.

So that hopefully will spark something in your mind where you want to create something larger or what have you or just I have a free code camp and the Odin project which I believe from what I have heard are really good places to get like a good.

Duction to coding and so see if you really like it because I don't want to force people into code, you know, I mean, like here's an opportunity to try it and if you like it cool, it didn't cost you any money.

Then you can invest further in yourself.

If you don't like it, at least, you know Ian and spending money spent little time and hopefully you got to another way of thinking about problems and things.

So that's one thing about developing and coding.

You get an another A view on how to solve problems, which is pretty cool.

So yeah.


So how Okay, and then also, if you get stuck on anything that you work on, we have the Jaco which is help a coder / Creator out and that you create this.

When you click it you create like a room and since you're the owner, you can actually share your screen and then you can invite people into your room and then my hope is that Gather, you know, you all can come up with a conclusion or a solution for your issue that you ran into or maybe if you like you make music and you want people to check out your music or what have you and get some feedback, you know on something you're working on, you could do the same thing.

So that's why it's helpful Creator / coder out or maybe you have like a rough cut of a video.

You have been working on, you know, just anything to be able to create that two-way communication to where someone gets like, Some sort of feedback and help that they need, you know, like real time kind of thing.

So there is that.

That's the Jaco.

So let me know if you use it.

How that works out for you?

I think about the show-and-tell.

So yeah, so if you have anything also, you will notice a button you can sign up for show-and-tell.

So if there's anything that you're working on or you came across anything, it was cool.

Phil, please feel free to please come on and show it.

All right.

I think that's pretty much it going to.

These intros are pretty short.

If you know, it's above at the top, you will see like shop and I think subscribe if I remember when I called it.

Yeah, so subscribe is that we send our notifications, push notifications to your computer that you signed up for the notification.

So we have a list of all the upcoming ciphers.

You can subscribe to the ones that you want.

And yeah, you get a notification when we're live.

Yeah, I think that's pretty much everything.

I don't think I am forgetting anything.

But yeah, so again, good luck.

Oh, oh, and the shop.

There's also the shop.

So, so like I make t-shirts and things so you can see, this is the spread love t-shirt and so like hip-hop and code the thing that I am really into.

So yeah, so I got some shirts there.

Check them out if you want.

There may be a sale or something.

So yeah, what else?

I think that's pretty much everything.

I have got all my Clips going.

I am going to create that highlight video.

So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will The sea, like the highlight videos as I create a mess.

I am posting them and stuff throughout the day.

So yeah.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

Good luck with whatever it is that you're working on.

Feel free on Twitter or Instagram to hit me up our show?

No, wait, that was a radio show at.

I am so in the radio show mode, but my Twitter is lifelong Dev.

So if you're working on something, feel free to let me know, and yeah, I am a JavaScript developer.


So if you have like a JavaScript stuff, I work at Vantage, and pretty cool.

Oh, and so, yes, we can that a lot of the stuff that were using here is Vonage, like, products and apis.

So I figured as a JavaScript developer Advocate, how can I advocate for something that I don't use in my own side projects, you know, I mean, so in this way, I can really get an understanding of what's capable and an answer other people's questions of what they have when they Use it, you know, I mean, or I can like recommend certain things because I have done it before and I can help you get it completed kind of thing.

So, yeah, so the tutorials there is some from bondage, and they're ones that I helped work on.

So if you have any issues with them, feel free to please let me know because I want it to be something straight As straightforward for people to be able to use and get something working up and running.

So, yeah, I think that's it.

So Well, thanks for hanging out.

We're going to get.

So let me set this timer here.

So the break sessions are always 15 minutes after the hour, right?

So, you know, I only have like, 45 50 minutes to work on what it is that you're working on, and then we come back.

So yeah, a nice little break session, kind of thing to go break up the whole just focus work kind of thing.

So I have got a bunch of post radio show promo stuff this setup.

So email blast to Different radio promoters and post stuff to our social media and things that nature.

So that's all be working on for this first part.

And then so last week, if you were here you keep it up.

I have been trying to set up this media server thing.

So where I can take a camera and stream from the camera through rtmp to a server so that I can pull it up on a web page.

And last week.

I did it one way.

I was working on it through the week and it didn't work out the way I wanted.

So I did.

In totally different and I got it working after a bunch of Trials and errors.

And, so I am going to hopefully demo that next break.

So 15 minutes after the next hour.

I will hopefully have something if I have time, I will maybe make slides or whatever.

But yeah, I am going to demo it because it's working and hopefully, we will still keep working and then kind of like what I want to do next to that.

And then the final break could get three breaks every Cipher and the final break if we don't have any show-and-tell stuff.

I am going to go over an independent artist website because I am big into hip-hop and Independent Artists and the web.

So I figured why not combine both and maybe put people on whom aren't familiar with the artist and you can check out their website at the same time.

All right, and then also I was thinking about this.

So a new thing I may add is that links and stuff that I talked about.

There's no way of being able to show that on the archive video.

So I am thinking maybe in a Your update.

I am going to add a section where I can put links and then it will show up on the archive page for the video like links mentioned or something like that.

So yeah, because right now what automatically generating the summary of the video any tags or topics from the video and then also like a transcript all like an I generated?

So you like your use case made very like whatever comes out of it.

So just let you know it is on.

Actually generated.

I didn't put those things in there myself.

So, yeah, cool.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

I am going to get you all back to work, and yeah, again, hit me up.

Let me know if you need anything.

Sign up, if you want to show something, cool, send a hawk.

Oh, if you need help.

And otherwise, good luck and much productivity to you.

All right.

Again, thank you all for hanging out me.

Share my screen.

And then I got sure the audio.


All right.


Y'all Beezy.