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Speaker is still a little slower with their second monitor. For the final break session they wanted to check out an artist's website. Speaker will copy the link to go support. Goes is a random guy who took elements of the mega ran game. Mega Man is a good music producer. Capcom likes their work. Speaker is looking for info about mega. Congress on the first scroll is a big image ran, who used to be a teacher and now he's making a living from their rap career. Speaker can stream something on their website, but has to go back and exit first. Mega ran music. Com and directs speaker to their bandcamp page. Speaker and mega got some t-shirts, cds 7-inch vinyl and a face masks as well as a keychain. They will go to a shop to check out mega run, which has many projects and flash drives. They will click on the book to get directions.

Mega Man is speaker's new favorite. Now Meg, rap music, stream, Mega brands, most popular tracks and subscribe to get exclusive tracks. They are. They will check it out. There are 282, online and 821 members. Twitch link. They want to talk. Live events has got here. Tour dates are coming up. Speaker gives you tickets to Megara's live show and they share their hometown.

Speaker forgot to label speech recognition.

They's an immigrant, and they have also a podcast. He's an immigrant, and he's into wrestling. Now he's an immigrant, and he's also into building relationships with their fans. Speaker will make a video to show everyone holy mega. They forgot to create a highlight. Speaker has been working on a project for some time. They are now working on it. Speaker has started logging into the application and should be able to make some progress in 2 seconds. Speaker is going to send some music.

This is the final break session of this and the day. Speaker wants to be notified when they do them next time.

Speaker and mega ran are going to check out a new video by the artist. They already pre-ordered it. They are a big fan of the project and has been on the radio show a couple of times. Speaker will play a little bit of this Kickstarter bonus track. Speaker supports the project. She's a big ran and brings back the nba jam with their music. Speaker did like a halloween album and even has a fall guys, track.

God welcomes speaker back.

Website is down. They are big. So they will start and release an album. Speaker 95 is coming soon with speaker's help. Speaker spent most of last year streaming, fundraising for important causes and doing some exciting work for projects. They were also inspired by Patrick Ewing's performance this march. Speaker started playing old basketball video games and watching kuroko's basketball. They then started writing songs and came up with a loose concept for an album. It was an important year as they left home to go to college. They have seven songs completed and is excited to bring you the album. Speaker has sent some information to speaker.

Mega rent will be made from multiple sources. Friend has a cameo page with frequently asked questions and answers. They will also check out the song they played recently on mega run music.

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Take it out.

Welcome back.

Same old place that you laugh about.

Well, the note about changed since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turn around each other.

God welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

We always put spotted rare.

Welcome back.

And I smile way, I think.

Hey, what's going on?

Forgot to label speech recognition.

All right, what's going on?

How's everything going?

So this is the final break session of this Cipher and the day.

So end of the week.

So when we do these once a week and so if you want to find out the next time, we do it, if you look towards the top, it should say, subscribe, and if you will show a list of the upcoming ciphers.

And you be able to subscribe to be notified when go life.

Alright, so cool.

All right, what else?

Only I wasn't adequate to that cool now.

So, hopefully whatever it is that you're working on.

You made some progress time to go on by super fast.

And I realized I am a much slower without having a second monitor, because I am using my second monitor here.

And, so I am realizing like I am having to like go to different tabs and look up stuff and things and it's just, yeah.

I don't know how I got along with just one monitor.

All right.

So for the final break session wanted to go and take a look at artist's website who I am a fan of and I kind of see what they got going on and play some music, maybe watch some videos or whatever, and maybe you will enjoy them as well.

And, you know, going support, what have you?

So I am going to copy the link before I forget.

All right.

So now the person that we're going to talk about Goes by the name of well, I knew him as random first, but then I guess his, he had a side project called Mega ran, and I guess that kind of blew up to where.

Now, he basically goes by Mega ran and the mega ram project is kind of awesome because he took like elements of the mega ran game.

And made like a whole album out of it.

And Then he got, he should hear him.

Tell the story.

It's hilarious.

But then he got a letter from Capcom who owns Mega Man, owns Mega Man, and we're like, hey, we need to talk to you about this.

Mega ran project, and so he was all freaked out.

And Turns out they like the truck is he makes good music and is generally like positive music and uplifting music.

So Capcom was like, oh we like this is an awesome project.

And so they kind of like sponsored him and stuff and it can't one thing kind of led to another, and he was like touring all over the world and stuff.

So yeah, so the mega ran name kind of stuck.

So you can find out more about ran random at Mega

And, so I so this is the website when you go to that to the page, we go to that URL.

And so Congress on the first scroll.

You see?

So nice, big image of Mega ran and then kind of like teacher rapper hero.

Oh, that's right.

He used to be a teacher as well.

And but then he started, you know, blowing up and being able to make a living from his rap career, which is amazing.

And so he does that full-time.

So, But you know, you still teach on the mic, you know, I am saying an inch every song.

So yeah, teacher rapper hero, and then he has some links here and you can tell like the whole Mega Man theme, and then he has other links to social media here at the bottom.

So again, I am a big fan of having, like your Social Media stuff at the bottom, you know, like if people really want to find out about stuff, you know, and they make it all the way through then they can like follow you in other places, but this is your website and you kind of want to retain them as long as possible.

All right, so now if you go to stream, right?

Click that.

So now the thing is it opens in the same page, which I you know, I mean, I guess it's cool whatever but I do because now I have to like quick back instead of just exiting and being there.

But teach through download 6 me too.

And so he has another URL, Mega ran and that is directs you to his Bandcamp page, super cool.

And then as well.

So yeah, so here goes with the random Beats Music, so he still got that Goin cool happening.

So, again, it opens in the same thing and see I am about to click on here, and I was gonna get lost into other stuff.

So I am gonna but yeah.

No, that's cool.

So yeah, so he has other stuff here.


See now.

I am seen.

I could have just straight off into a whole nother thing.

All right, and then shop, Guess open the same window to hello merch site.

Cool, and so we got some T-shirts CDs 7-inch vinyl cool.

Oh and then looks like the final run of that.


It's got a mat.

A face masks.


As a pretty cool keychain.

Let us see.

Yeah, Mega ran as some like really creative ideas for like merchandise.

He's like an independent artist Independent Artists where like you could tell he puts in the work and you He really builds with his fan base and offers them some pretty cool stuff.

And yeah, cool.

So Press Start pin.

Nice and is even more stuff?

So yeah, so she will say mega ran.

All right, and even like flash drives and stuff nice.

All right, and you can tell he has a lot of projects that he puts out.

Alright, so that was shop cool.

Now, let us take a look.

So now you can see right here.

He wants to call attention that he's got a book out and you can click there for locations.

Yeah, let us do that.

So what we like it takes us.

All right.


Looks like the website is down or what have you?

All right.

Let us see.

So he's big on Kickstarter.

Also, where wait, what?


So this takes you to the kick.

So, so these are his current Kickstarter projects.

So like I said, you know, he Independent Artists relies on fans.

So he I guess to see if people want the projects.

He will kick start and album.

And if people like it, I think it makes it and then releases it.

So cool.

So now so, okay.

So this is the latest one we have been playing tracks off of here.

So I pre-ordered this one.

And so, this is the latest ones.

Let us take a look at that.

So live.

95, the new Mega ran album coming soon with your help.

And so we made it through perhaps the most challenging season yet.

I spent most of last year streaming on Twitch, fundraising for important causes while gaming DJing and doing some really exciting work for projects that you may hear in the future, but that didn't leave me much time.

Time to work on my own album and truthfully, I wasn't really inspired that is until I didn't show this March about Patrick Ewing.

That's cool.

Then I started playing old basketball video games, NBA Jam.

And the like, then watching kuroko's basketball.

I think that's an anime.

It really reminded me of how much I loved Hoops in the 90s and how inspiring basketball is to.

So many young African-American kids in my neighborhood and Beyond.

So then you can click on click here to back the project.

So then this takes you to and again, in the same browser, Kickstarter and same browser window.

All right, cool.

All right, let us, so I started writing songs and came up with a loose concept for an album.

I am calling live 95 which is all about how important that year was to me.

It's the year.

I left home to go to college.

And I learned so many.

So many of the things that made me who I am today.

I have seven songs completed now, and I am so hyped to bring you this album.

I am telling stories about coming up life lessons.

And of course, just rapping with tons of video game.

And References packed in no game samples, but there is one NBA Jam song that you will get to hear as a Kickstarter exclusive he's heating up.

And, so I yeah, so the more information about it and cool then you can check it out and kick starter.


All right, so you can back that if you so choose and then some more information about ran.

So who is Mega ran?

And then Mega Man, is your new favorite from nosy.

And so that's cool.

Ran writes songs that are easy to embrace.

Thanks to his unrelenting charm bank at night.

So he has like a little quotes and things from different outlets at school, then some more information about them, and some background.

Now, that's random.


See ya.

So you get a nice little feel of who is a random is now for the music.

Let us check this out.

Now Meg, rap music, stream, Mega brands, most popular tracks Below on Spotify, cool down.


Download new albums.

And singles on, bandcamp And subscribe to get exclusive tracks and updates on patreon.


Now, let us see here.

See the thing is so now thing is like I don't have Spotify and so for that thing to pop up, like, hey to get the full song, you need to login.

I mean ice.

I guess.

But you'd maybe want some out of may be something that you could control it.

I guess a bunch of people at Spotify.

I don't know, and I am a radio show, so I don't need Spotify.

And so I and I have band camp.

So if I want new music, I was going to be Anakin or people send me for the radio show.

That's how it, but I am very I guess not of the norm.

So more people have Spotify, then I guess radio shows.

All right, so let us check this one out.

That's cool.

So it pops up.

Alright, we can always check out his stuff on, bandcamp me, but it'd be cool to have a band, camp player there or something, you know if you can have an embedded one, but then he says, you can go to band camp.

So cool.

So here's a Discord.


So where are you know, all things get together.

282, online and 821 members, nice.

I don't know about this court.

So I guess that's cool.

I mean, again, I am that's cool that there's like, the small community of people meeting together as though.

All right Discord.

Now merch.

Let us see.


Okay, see that open in a new window.

I like that.

Nice only takes you back to the same thing we saw before.

Now, twitch.

Opens up at which now?

Yeah, there's an issue.

Remember going to that link before and so there's an issue now.

So I plan to tell ran that yo your link to your Twitch on your site because there's no underscore anymore.

I guess he was able to get mega ran without the underscore in it.

So I am gonna have to let him know.

Let us suppose that you were able every night to dream Any Dream, you wanted to dream and that you could, for example, have the power Within one night to dream 75 years of time or any length of time you wanted, and you would naturally as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes.

It's a nice trailer for his book.


All right, weirdo.


So let us make a wrap.

All right, those twitch.

All right.

Live Events we have got here.

Tour dates.

All right.

Got some stuff coming up.


I think this is another one of those like songkick or tore something like embed.

So that's cool.

So you don't have to like keep that updated on your own.

You can just do that on the site, you know, I guess on the website and it will do it for you.

Where does it go to?

So this if you want tickets bands in town, okay, looks like a bands in town thing.


So you can check if Megara he has a really great live show as well.

So if he's coming to your town, you know, we watch it.

Oh, yeah.

Look like he's a center 29th.

Coming to a water park floor is basically Orlando.

So yeah, so good to see him touring again.

Nice bunch of dates.

All right.


As the patreon, which opens another window, cool.

So yeah, the different tiers.

They're nice.


Let us see.

And then frequently asked questions, cool view, even Calabro.

And so talking about how do you want to collaborate with him?

Nice, what equipment he uses?

And what's cool is, I think these links are like Amazon affiliate links and so, he will get some money from that.

So that's good.

So, Mega rent, always thinking about ways to, you know, make some money to get, you know, from like all these multiple sources and, you know, helped create a living.

And so that's dope.

And then, can you shut up my family / friend?

Okay, so he has a cameo page to where you can, like, paying your give you like a customized.

Shout out and stuff, nice.

And then cool.

And if you want plays music in the background and stuff and things, cool.

A lot of stuff, nice.

All right, cool.

So yeah, so much of frequently asked questions and then contact.

For business, booking merchandise, inquiries and fan questions submission snail mail.

Everything else.

You can just fill out a form.


All right, cool.

So let us check out some music from mega ramp.

So let us take a look at his band camp.

And going to go directly to Mega ran, which is cool.

Alright, so now let us check out a song that we played recently on the show.

All right, I noticed yeah, like I didn't see any videos.

I know he has music videos.

So I didn't see that on the site.



No, that'd be cool to see like videos on the website as well.

Because yeah, can you see like video?

What does it take?

Me too?

What video is this?

Yeah, so I know he has bunched of videos and stuff.

Who are you?

But yeah, okay.

Running over like you can see he has a lot of projects that he puts out.

So even with like the Mandalorian he has the Randall Orion that is all he like the creativity of Mega ran is kind of amazing.

So I so let us check out a track.

All right.

So the latest joint we have been playing like we played on the show.

Was this 95 live goodness?

So yeah, because I already yes.

He already pre-ordered it.

So I am looking forward to checking it out, and he was cool about bank, and they can see, kind of like, who is also supporting the project.

And you can see he's got quite a fan base and this is come from like years of just, you know, hitting the road and meeting people and like a super nice guy.

Like he's been on the radio show like a couple of times and so all right, cool.

Oh, okay.

So this is a, I am gonna play a little bit of this Kickstarter bonus track.

So if you want to check out the project, make sure you know, support.

So here we go.

Get up, get up.

If you know what's holding, you better enjoy.

Keep the perimeter.

I rather attack more.

That's all you have to purchase the album.

But yeah, she's also a mega ran and is brings back the whole NBA Jam, just playing it and just dunking on people, and he's on fire.

And oh, yeah, so just a mega ran and again, he makes like some most like, Creatively, well-thought-out music.

And so, like, he's got some Final Fantasy stuff.

So even did like a Halloween album and stuff.


So, no Mega Man, shoutout to make a ran during a lot of dope stuff.

And even has like a Fall Guys, track.

I think he did.


Was it among Mungus?

What is the think it was?

Yeah, so now yeah, shell some immigrant, and he's also into like wrestling as well.

So he has songs, and he has a podcast with wrestling and stuff.

So yeah.

So again, just shout to the whole me mega ramp.

You mean like, you can check out all this stuff, see, it has like a lot of music.

He's been putting out.

So get shots of him.

Like, like, he's an independent artist, you know, doing it, right, you know, and like he kicked and you could tell he's really into like building with his fans and stuff.

Like he has a really good fan base and things.

So every time it comes to her.

No, it's like packed out.

Yeah, I mean, so we're shots to make a rant.

All right, then again, that took me back out his website.

So let me go back.

Check out his website again and off on that.



There you go.

All right, cool.

So yeah, make a ran shots of holy Mega, ran.

And if you like it, you know, support and yeah, I think that's it.


So I am gonna get you all back to almost forgot to create a highlight.

Video, so I am going to get you all back to working when we stopped the screen share, and I am going to give like about an hour, you know, so you can continue working and button up any final things that you want to finish up again.

Thank you all for hanging out.

Let us see.

I have got made some progress on the project that I have been working on.

Like I am like trying to figure out the logic and where I Things that show up and when I want things to show up and stuff, so I am built on building.

Its felt so that for me, makes things a lot easier to be able to do all that.

And so I got hooked up the Firebase.

Everything is cool.

The login with email.

So if you are on the approved list, and we will let you will send you an email with a link so that you can log into the application.

If not, it's like you're not on the approved list.

Sorry, you know, so that's cool.

And so that's working.

And, so I should be able to make some pretty good progress.

Once I can have my seconds.

Screen back.

Alright, cool.

So, again, thank you all for hanging out, much progress, and productivity.

I wish you for this last session.

And yeah, so we will see you again.

You can check out the schedule under what I call it again, under subscribe.

You might call it schedule, right?

I don't know.

But you're able to subscribe for upcoming.

Upcoming sessions in ciphers.


So again, thank you all for hanging out.

I am going to be out of here and I got to send y'all with some music and yeah again, thanks y'all and you have a great week and yeah reach out on Twitter or what have you if you need anything and stuff like that.

All right.


And yeah, we're out busy.

Down and out.