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Melbourne australia. They have been making music for a while. They heard of the mixtape and the benign in 2017 and likes it.

Speaker is trying to fax it because their partner Tony was killed in the. He's a veteran. Their makeup is taking a trip with their baby. Ampa is a ninja tune released in melbourne. They were born and now he's a singer-songwriter. Now they can buy it on the merch store.

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  • websites
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In nature where we need to welcome back.

Welcome back, welcome always back good spot.

And I know, hey, welcome back to the final break session of this Cipher time.

This one by super quick and wow, so I think I fixed.

Oh, wait.

I forgot to join the room.

And let me, I think I may have fixed the actual issue with the closed captions.

It's a quick fix.

So, we will see.

Let me see.

All right, so hopefully the I fix the closed caption.

Yes, it is working.

That is awesome.

It's a quick fix.

I hard-coded some stuff because I think there may be like a race condition where something I needed is not being set so it was just something on my end.

It had nothing to do with anything else.

So yeah I have so at least it looks like it's working.


Now, like I was saying before thank you for hanging out the clothes.

This is Thanks for hanging out.

Let me know how things are going for you.

Hopefully is going.

Well, kind of got setback on.

I am so excited about getting this stuff, worked out and fixing it, and creating the slide for that last one to kind of explain how it worked.

But I am getting back on track with getting after the radio show broadcast promotional work.

So, like sending emails to radio promoters and things like that and people who sign up for our mailing list.

All right, and up Eating our social media and stuff, neither here, nor there death of some of the stuff I am working on.

Yeah, but I wanted to take this time and speaking of the Radio Show in hip-hop, I wanted to talk about an artist that we plan on the show and it's super dope.

And I want to take a look at their website, so I figured I am into websites web stuff and like artists and supporting artists dope artists and put them together.

So let us look at the websites.

All right so let me I am going to share my screen and artists that we're going to be talking about today goes by the name of Samba, the great and let me share my screen.

I will need audio for this, so I figured we will take a look at the website, see how they have things structured, you know, maybe use its inspiration.

If it's something that you want to build at some point, you know?

And, yeah, sample, the great is amazing.

Then seen a lot of success and it's good to see so super dope shots, the samba, the great.

Alright, so this is the website sampe the

All right, sampha the sa MPA as you can see they're all right.

So the first thing is the home.

All right.

Which makes sense.


Let me scroll down.

Now this video we're going to see later final form is its so dope.

Like what?

I think that was the first track I heard from Sam, put the great, and I was like I was just blown away so you tell like super dope aesthetic and then so the return I said out now and has links to where you can check it out.

Looks like some shows this one past.

This was a February and March, but cool.

And then Australia will talk about like where sampled a great hails from.

And then I noticed this video, like it shows up like this, which I am not sure if it's But maybe it's just the in bed or something, I don't know.

Well, this is a dope song will hear that later.

It's cool and then it's cool.

Look like did a short film about the album nice, and then they have this song kick in bed with has the upcoming events.

Of course of merchandise nice and then a mailing list which I always think is important as well.

So cool.

All right, so that's the homepage.

Now what I clicked on music this kind of like threw me so quick music.

It takes me to like a whole nother website like totally out of the site.

Like there's no way to go back unless I hit the back button but it kind of shows all the different places where you can get the album the return.

But I was like oh that yeah it is.

So I have to I can't go back to the site to see anything else which I have to just click back I guess so that was kind of you know of for me.

So by this video we're going to see this?

It's a great video so merchandise you know if you want to cop some stuff.

So again, here's the video.

And here's some merch dig, it looks nice.

Some long-sleeve drawings, short sleeve, you got the album on vinyl got hats.

Nope and CD nice and looks like.

Okay so this is going through merch jungle and again it took me out of the site again.

So how's it go back in order to get everything else?

I mean if possible I guess it was like an iframe.

So you stay inside like the shop on until it.

That works are just an iframe that I am using spreadshirt for.

So I design all the t-shirts put them on spreadshirt, and they handle all the logistics of get making sure.

It's a setting in the people because I have done that before like in my garage.

Now I do I live in a van now, and so I am kind of like no room and just Shout out, everybody who's still making their merch in their house.

Like I know the struggle.

So shall see y'all.

All right, so we looked at merch live dates Cool.

So it goes to the same song kick in bed.

So, yeah.

So if you could embed, I guess like something in the site so you won't have to leave because then I can just click here to go about.

So now sample I hope I am pronouncing it.

Right sampe Born in Zambia raised in Botswana but now lives in Melbourne Australia, and so I have been playing looks like been making music for a while and It's a good like about section it kind of shows the accolades and things and yeah.

So I think the first thing, the first time I ever heard of sampled the great was offered the mixtape Birds and the benign.

I don't know how to pronounce that but mixtape in 2017.

Yeah, I think so.

I don't know.

I would have to check the archives of the playlist but let me Play this song that I have been talking about, when I first heard this beat, I was like, Wow, and the way she rhymed on it dope.

So I let me go through in this play.

A couple of seconds of this.

This is so awesome.

All right, so this is sampled a great final form off of the return.

All right, here we go.

It's a way for them to flip.

Oh, got a little taste of it there.

The whole aesthetic of it is super dope too.

I like seeing where people have come from.

You don't even see acting people traveled with wait, baby.

I can't afford to cover the course.

Of course, may be several no one in corkers judging by the basics.

Y'all already comfortable stuck up in The Matrix should have basic pants credentials but I understand your baby rather people go potential come out of Shame being passionate trying to fit the circle cause I don't know how Action — y'all was steady and secure them.

Trying to fax it just because the seasoning of rose already had killed Tony for years.

Fantastic, young.

Veteran, you classic knock the war.

So f*** the whole, keep it going.

He's too old or wrong.

I am still a lady, never forget it.

It's like that the death roll the credits credit.

My makeup take a trip to see Jamaica — trip with the baby, so yeah.

I should have probably said parental advisory.

There's going to be certain words but yeah that I suggest checking out the whole video is super dope.

And now from that list of the different places we can purchase the album, one of them was bandcamp and, you know, I am a big fan of band camp.

So, yeah.

So shouts, a ninja tune, who put out the project and as you see from Melbourne Australia, but like I said, born in, where was it again?

Zambia, but raised in Wanna so cool and then nice little is a poet and singer-songwriter, expressing herself through her through music, poetry, and visual arts.

Ampa captures listeners with thought-provoking words while encouraging people to enjoy his duplicity of creativity.

So it has different links and stuff.


All right.

Now you can purchase the stuff here.


Actually I think it's a cheaper to buy it here then on the on that merch store.

So either way cool you can buy the lp and stuff and these are some of the people who purchase through band camp which is cool.

Another thing with band camp, we can kind of like see who bought what and like follow them and see, you know, see what else they purchased and, you know, maybe get hip to new artists and things.

That's why I like bandcamp screwed up so you can see a bunch The stuff is sold out, which is cool to see.

All right, so let us go through a couple of tracks that we played on the show and kind of get you a feel of awesome.

But real quick, I think that was everything.


And there's a contact page.

Yeah, and then links to the different social media and stuff.

All right, cool.

Now let us get back to some joints.

So this one here is freedom, we play this on the radio show, super dope joint play a little bit snippet of it.

All right, so this little snippet, you know, cop the album.

All right, another one.

This super dope doing just the versus it's dope.

So it's Times Up featuring crown.

It was a video for this one too, I think.

And again, press look like I got the clean version planaria stroke.

Yeah, it is.

Basic he's been going on the through the dope back and forth joints.

So super dope, another track that we played.

Is this one heaven.

So check this out.

Super do.

Joints shots to sample, the great.

Again the website is sample, the and yeah, just artists of you may not been familiar with just want to kind of let people know about and the website is pretty dope as well.

So I like having large video head, its kind of just show like first impressions of the artist, you know I mean like so it's pretty dope.

So again.

Alright, so yeah, so this is the final break for this.

Cipher will be back in like three hours from now.

So you will be able to check out the website to see when we will be back and get notified as well.

So yeah, thanks everybody for hanging out.

Going to leave it like another hour so you can get more stuff done.

And yeah.

So if anything we will be back later.


Alright, so thanks for hanging out.

All right.


So send you on your way and again, let me stop the stream here.

Stop this.

So then I can actually share the going out.



So again, thank you all.

So yeah, like I said, we will be back again later in about three hours, so you can sign up again for notifications on the website until it dot works.

And yeah, just get notified.

All right, cool.

Thanks again.

Share the screen again have like another hour to finish up.


You need to finish up again.

Hopefully, this has been helpful for you.

And yeah, feel free to reach out to me.

All right, again, thanks.

See you all later.

Music piece.

All right, y'all.