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They have to go back live after the last break session. Speaker plays more independent artists and gets support artists.

Youtube embeds of big artists performing live then they were shot last friday. They are watching a live video of a devil in the tall grass with a serpent form a serpent.

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Take it out, come back that same old place that you laugh about for the number of all changed since you hung around, but those dreams have remained, and they turn around.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Always good spot.

Here are, welcome back and a smile way, I think and I know you went to see you again.

Learn to me what this song is my favorite.

And what good ever lead you where we need you.

You got it.

Mama you.

All right.

Welcome back to the final break session of this second cipher for the week.


All right, is it me or did it seem like that last hour?

Just not well, 45 minutes.

Just went by super quick.

I look, I am like, oh wait.

I have got to go back live.

Nice, so it's always good to have kind of breaks in between because sometimes you just get so deep into the work, you just lose track of all time and forget to know do things like eat or sleep.

So yeah.

All right.

So this for the final break session and so normally if there's no sort of like show and tell her what have you, I go over like an independent artists website and so for people that may not know I have a radio show That I do every Saturday.

So here in Orlando, Florida, local College Station about WowWee.

How long Like 13 Going on 14 years, maybe somebody that can't be right.

I don't have been doing it for a minute and it's fun each time.

Like so it's been an amazing experience.

So with that being said, I tend to play more Independent Artists and I find a lot of the music that I play and get the support artists at a site called

Benefit of band camp since it was like, I am pretty sure at one point.

The URL is bandcamp dot mu, pretty sure, but yeah.

So man, and they do these things ever.

Since the pandemic happened to help artists because a lot of artists got hurt and affected because they couldn't tour anymore and a lot of artists make their money touring.

So to help artists with that band camp, every first Friday of the month, and they extended it because you know, things haven't gotten any better really.

So They have extended to where the first Friday of every month.

They wave their part.

Their portion of each, transaction of each sale.

And so that's pretty dope.

So more money goes to the artist pockets, and they already get.

What is it?

They get like, 70, 80 percent.

I think already artists, I think get they get a majority, which I mean, it makes sense because they made the music right?

Alright, so long story short.

I like to go and check out.

Tests on bandcamp and support saying, if I like the music and then hopefully further support by playing, the music on the radio show and maybe getting more people to listen to it.

So I am going to share the radio shows collection on bandcamp.

And so, they just had a band camp fire, this past Friday.

And you can see 850 in our collection here is probably over, you know, Andrew fizzy.

So yeah, we have a lot of drink volts.

It's kind of it's an amazing place to be able to find artists from all over the world.

It's super dope.

All right, cool.

So I just want to talk about actually saw this artists performing Orlando when they were on tour.

And, so I checked out the show and I had a good time.

And so this is the person Marcel P black.

He's from Louisiana.

And so here it is.

Here's his bandcamp page.

And so this is his newest project that's coming up.

I think it's dropping.

The next week.

September 14th, the drops and so it's called everything I love and I figured why not check out his website.

So yeah, she has to Marcel P black, and so I like oh, it's got a website.

Marcel people, Let me check it out.

So that's what we're going to do now.

Now, what's interesting is that he's using Blogspot?

So, here's Marcel P, which reminds me.

Let me post a link to impose a link to our band camp.

So the archive video will have a link to our band camp and then also to monster' LP black women get the actual Marcel P

All right, add link.

See books.

All right, cool now.


So here we go.

So I like Blogspot because I use that also for the radio show.

That's where I put all like the tracks we played for each show.

So it's cool because I can now search like I said over 10 years worth of tracks and see like when and if I played artists and what tracks, so Yeah, she has a Blog

Alright, cool.

So the non-traditional cautious MC.

All right.

Let us see if he's got a bunch of stuff.

All right, cool.

So you got all so it looks like it wrapped over.

So that's cool.


So many different options.

Got a Twitter.

We call those things in bed like a widget.

Let us see.

So this is the album.

We just saw.

We will listen to some tracks coming up soon.


Keeps it updated about Marcel P black.

All right, from the pulpits and street corners of add more Oklahoma.

Comes Brian, Marcel, Williams aka the first thing.

Yeah, AKA Marcel P black, the MC, cool.

All right.

He's a part of an underground hip hop Collective wonder.

Which one.

Alright cool.

So then all right as I am big fan of this so bandcamp allows you to embed player on the website.

So that's cool.

This is a song.

We just played on the last show.

So and then it has the back cover of it as this link go anywhere.

Okay, it opens up bigger.

All right, cool.

Let us see.

And then everything.

I love podcast song number five on the real.

On this episode me in eternity trapped it up about on the real.

My second collaboration with both big sunt and backpack beats.

Okay, so does look like he has an okay, so he's okay.

So he's going through the tracks.


So it looks like it's giving kind of like a back story on the tracks on a podcast high school.

So the like he created a podcast.

So everything I love podcast.

All right.

All right.


That's what looks like.

So he's going through each track.

Alright, that's cool.

And then what is this?

This goes to what goes to YouTube by whom?

Whoo, good job, support, monster everything.

I love podcast.

I decided to bring it back around to let y'all know exactly what's going on with the new album.

This is no different from when I did such a black Messiah deluxe edition the instructor, or what have you as opposed to be just running my mouth and interviewing other people.

I have got some of my good friends and supporters of mine to interview me, you know what I am saying?

Everything I love drops the September, but we will talk more about that later or what have you?

It's moms do.

All right.


Now would have liked if it open in a new window because now I have to go like back and stuff.

So that's dope.

So he created a podcast to, and he's having people interview him about the tracks, interesting.

All right, cool.

Shouts to a Marcel P black.

All right, cool.

So that's the front page.

All right, cool.

Let us see, talk.


So the yeah, this is the front page and yeah.


Make sure I get that in a clip.

So we got home tour videos.

Merch contact, really outchea podcast.

So I guess is another pack podcast that.

Yes, and then you can buy.

And so in search of the black Messiah was a previous album, and I am pretty, I think I have got that one and then a press kit.

Always good to have a press kit as an artist.

And music.

All right, it'd be cool.

If I mean music and videos and tour and merch, we're up here, you know, I mean like together but yeah, I am not sure how he hasn't set up in, you know, Blogspot but big as long as it's there, that's good tour.

Alright, so got some stuff coming up.

As using a song kick in bed.

That's dope.

All right.

Cool videos.

Just will you be able to just do it in song, kick in automatically updates?

That's good.

That's some videos.

All right.

Let us see.

By the way, let us take a look at a video.

But by the way, parental advisory just in case lyrics, even though he's been good about sending me radio edits for the show.

So Xiao Su Amor, soapy black.

All right, here we go.

Hold on.

See how this sounds?

So we got some YouTube embeds, like being around story, too.

So look at the line.

And it's always good to see live.

Big artists perform live then got shot last Friday.

Long story short.

Let me get, like, 45 minutes east.

So, what's happening and violence on many sides?

What the f*** could tell me?

Bleed hands from the original sin.

All right, so you got purchase album.

All right, cool.

So we got some now if these were big as this, that'd be cool.


See the bigger here.

And yeah, the video is not available.

We may have to figure out why there.



Got a bunch of joints.

So, you know again, like I said, I like to see live video.

It's in kind of get a feel.

Do you know if he's ever in your town, you know, you can kind of check it out left for dead in the tall grass with the devil in the form of a serpent.

Let us take a look.

Is this a good live show?

Live video.

So it's cool.

You can spend a lot of time on there and get to a feel for what Marcel P black is coming with.

All right.

So this is thing real MC Zone trap over vocals.

So that's a like his moniker.

That's what he goes by.

That's the you know, the mission statement.

All right, cool.

When you click here with this go to it be cool.

If it open in a new window.

Okay, cool.

So goes to band camp.


Let us see another shirt.


And okay, so he's got the entire discography, three albums, an EPS, two singles, five music videos on flash drives.


Nice, keeping a digital.

I think just am slain, go.

That's the homie only.

I think it might have been em Slagle with told me that Marcel P.

Black was in town.

I remember but that's a pretty dope.

So Chef M sleigh.

Go super dope producer.

So yeah, that was done project.

For the culture, t-shirts, cool.

Nice CDs.

All right.

All right.


So cool.

So, pretty much is like CDs t-shirts.


So, it's good to have that combo contact.

Cool, you want to contact for any business?

Contacts booking features, press Etc.

It's got a social stuff here.

All right, cool, really out your podcast and see how this is working.

Okay, so looks like you got some YouTube stuff here and you can wear this link.

Go to okay, go see you too.


All right.

All right.

Cool, nice, your shelter Carnage.

The Executioner out of Minneapolis Minnesota.

Super dope, MC beatboxer.

Really cool guy.

That's cool.

We see that we'd like know the same people.


Their logic.

Who's from Ohio.

I think I have never met him but in and Caesar Comanche from, North Carolina.

That's cool.

Alright, we're not.

So he's interviewed some cool people.

Mickey facts.

Oh, she doesn't owe me.

Mega ran another cool, dude.

Yeah, bunch of people.


Alright, so that's so yeah.

It's a podcast, and he's also putting other people on, that's good.

I mean you can buy with it.

Okay, so goes here and you can stream it again, bandcamp.

Nice, press kit.


So have some of the places where he's been interviewed and things and links attracts and stuff.


Again, bandcamp music, was it go to Cool?

A bunch more band camp, stuff, nice.

All right.

So let us check out the band camp.

So here are a couple of tracks that I have played on the radio show.

So let us see you on this.

All right, dreaming was the last dragon played.

So nice sample in there, too.

So let us go real quick.

Dedicated to the woman that I love, yo.

Look, oh yes, I love like a gypsy way.

Let me stop Captain.

I am sure it's with some capital.

I wanna answer this would capture.

We will figure that out later, but I got it.

That's what matters.

I never thought.

That when I holler that, I have a look.

I shot my shop for 40 feet like dangling over b g and OKC and it was a game where I ain't.

You got to buy the album.

You have to buy that one to get that and then okay, this Inspiration single pack and this one has a radio edit.

Here we go.

All right, sweet as inspiration, Marcel P black, I believe this is also on everything.

I love.

All right, here we go.

Radio at it.

Kill pop culture, man.

So again everything I love drops September 14th.

And yeah.

Shouts to Marcel P black cool.

What up?

So yeah, Marcel P and I have that saved.

Let me double check.

Make sure yep.

Everything is in will be in the archive page and be able to check that out.

Alright, cool.

Again, shouts to Marcel P black and everything.

I love drops soon and now.

Yeah, so that will be it.

So this is the final break.

For this week, subscribe and share.

All right, cool.

So yeah, this is going to be the final break for this week.

I am going to add like another 30 minutes will be about an hour of just final Focus work time.

Alright, so hopefully you're you know, you're making some progress on whatever it is that you're working on and yeah, good great way to start the week.


So again, thank you all for hanging out.

Let me get the outro music.

So we do these every Sunday.

And if you check out above it should say like subscribe.

I think let me know double-check something.

Yeah, should say subscribe at the top.

Click that it has the list of all the upcoming ciphers when we go live.

So you're able to subscribe to all of them or individual ones, and they're all in your local time zone.

So I have it to where it goes to your local time zone.

So you have to do any time zone map or anything like that and then you can subscribe to individual ones or all of them at once and you will get notified when we go live.


So, Yeah, a little message will pop up on whatever device you subscribe on.

So, yes.

All right.

Is a notification API.

I try to use as much web stuff as possible.

All right, cool.

So we're going to be out of here.

So again, I thank you all for hanging out.

Get you all back to work.

I got some stuff.

I am trying to finish up and things.

So, yeah, cool again.

Thank you all.

And yeah.

Until next time, y'all be easy and until it dot works and yeah cool.

Yeah, share the screen.

Make sure I share audio because we got joints.

I am really hoping I shared the audio that whole time, but we will see.

So by have the links to get check out the music.

I am pretty sure.

Sure the audio did I do that's gonna bother me.

I will see in the archive will see.

All right.

Thanks again y'all and I will be out here.

She will say butter Anthony Cruz the tracks.

Well, thank you.

And it's amazing Shelton.

Natural elements.

Here we go thing.

That's it.

Alright, so next time, y'all be easy.

Feel free to hit me up.

Up on Twitter or wherever.


Thanks again, maybe next week.

See it be easy piece.

I want to say thank you.