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Work Cipher has been doing 10 weeks consecutively. It's the first break session. Randy had some glitches last week, like towards the end of the show where things were not updating in the backhand. Speaker is doing the editing and generating thumbnails, getting automatic transcriptions, summaries and the topics. Speaker is working on a break session which usually lasts 15 minutes. After the break sessions there are some videos auto-playing on pages 10 through 12. Speaker is doing some speech recognition through the browser. Speaker will create a highlight video and send it to the back end. It works because speaker is a javascript developer advocate. They get the archive video, they can coat it with a back-end. It's been working for 2 weeks.

There is also a chat room where one can chat. When all this is over, speaker will share their screen. It plays tracks that they know some pretty amazing producers. If speaker likes it, they can send them a tweet button. Speaker has sent some things to speaker as their to-do lists tasks. Speaker created a timer and a web component. Speaker has links to free code camp and the Odin project. Speaker is going to try some cool cOding projects. They asked them to share their tutorials with vonage. There's some information about projects which speaker always likes. Speaker is always interested in feedback and wants feedback on how they can improve it. Jaco has created a room where speaker can share their screen. Speaker sends a link to the Creator so they can present it to others as a collective. Speaker is testing. They will sign up for a show and have a guy talk about things they find interesting. And so they like meetups. Highlight clips will change the status of the notification. Once again it pops up a little window so speaker can view it. Speaker is doing things through creating content and sending a tweet. Recently, they added links to the archive page of the video archives. They put speaker's instagram account. Speaker will be back 15 minutes after the 1 hour mark. He's going to work on some post radio show stuff. Now they need to do social media stuff.

They always put rare things back.

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Welcome back your dreams.

Welcome back.

Same old place.

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Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

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Welcome back.

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You would learn to me what this song is.

Never lead you.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, what's going on?


Welcome back to another weekly until it died.

Work Cipher.

I just realized that.

So I got all the previous videos.

So they're all up on the archive page and I realized that we have like 60 videos.

So been doing this for a ten weeks.

So that's not too bad, a pretty good run.

You know, Ten Weeks consecutively pretty good.

So I hopefully you all are also doing very well and getting ready.

Well if you're in the US Yes, I guess I am not sure where else like celebrates labor day.

So if it's a long weekend for you, hope you're enjoying it and you know, maybe spend a day like today to maybe start working on something or continue working on something you have been meaning to work on and that's what these sessions are for.

And so this is the first break session.

I am Duane.

I almost said my radio show name because I am so used to introduce myself on that.

But Yes, O.

Created this a lot for me, so that I can hold myself accountable to.

We're like, all right.

I need to go live on something.

So, I might as well work on what I need to work on because I have this time set for it.

So that's the story behind this and maybe hopefully other people can use this time as well.

So, whatever it is that you're working on.

I hope you work on it until it works.

So, yeah, all right.

Real quick.

And now, I am also hoping is that because Randy some glitches last week, like towards, like the middle towards the end of the show where things weren't being automatically updated in the backhand.

So all those because I was doing stuff like backing up stuff and maybe that cause things to kind of get out of whack or whatever.

So hopefully I haven't done anything.

Like I didn't change any code in the back end.

It was working the way it was.

So I am just thinking, maybe I had too many things.

Uploading and creating the thumbnails and getting the automatic like transcriptions the summaries and the like the topics.

So I think I might have like throwing some things out of whack by, you know, asking too much from it, I guess.

So, yeah, so hopefully we will see.

Hopefully this will be because it's recording now while I am broadcasting, so I am hoping that it will go to the archive.

Create a thumbnail and then generate all the different details.

So, hopefully, we will see if that works.

All right.

So this here right now is the break session, if you're new, I totally forgot to enable speech recognition.

I saw this early and wanted to have the speech recognition on too early.

So here right now.

We're in a break session, these happen 15 minutes out.

The our the normally lasts about 15 minutes is just to give you a break from what it is that Working on.

So there's the 45 minutes of focused time about for it could be more, it could be less than 45 minutes around that focused on getting work, whatever it is trying to get something done on that then, 15 minutes.

So 50 minutes after our we have these break sessions and with that, as you can see here, we have the if you look below the player you will see you may need to click go depending.

Eon when it is a weird like well that weird because I can kind of understand it auto-playing videos on pages.

Are you first come to a lot of browsers don't allow that?

So you may need to click play if it looks like it's frozen there next to that is the open closed captions.

So I am doing some speech recognition through the browser.

So as I am speaking it's going through the speech recognition API, and then I am sending that to that space where you will be able to see what I am saying, hopefully as close as possible.

School, I am trying to make sure I speak as clearly and as slowly as possible.

So that works out properly cool, then below that you will see two buttons.

Hopefully add a clip and create a highlight video.

So there's anything in these break sessions where you see that.

Oh, that was cool.

I want to clip that.

So you can click that button and it will actually clip 5 Seconds.

Of that around that when you started around there.

And so you get that clip, you get five clips and once you hit, once you finished with the number of Clips you want to do you can just hit create a highlight video and then hopefully, because this is where the issue was last time, it will send it off to the back end and create your highlight video, put everything together, puts like a beginning and an end on there and even customize it to your username if you're signed in.

And up.

It's also yes.


So then, yeah, so it does all that, and it will let you know when your video is ready to be viewed and you can check it out.

You can down, load it up, load Instagram, or you can click think it?

I think it sends a tweet and it will actually open up Twitter pre-populate, a tweet and the preview video for that link is your video that you created.

And so yeah, that was pretty cool.

So Yeah, it took a minute to figure out but got it working.

So it all depends on if some stuff in the back end happens.

And yeah.

Oh, I am a, by the way, I don't do a lot in the back and really, you know, mean so because I am a JavaScript developer Advocate advantage.

And so, there's a lot of stuff on the site using Vonage products.

And so Yeah, so I am relying on stuff that has nothing to Advantage.

So I built like a back-end.

So once I get the archive video from Vonage, so I get those, that's no problem.

Because I can always, I am at step two, I can do it manually, but why do it manually when you can just coat it, right?

So, so the video so the recording is there just, I am not sure there's something on my back end, where it's not getting it.

I didn't change anything.

It was been working for weeks.


So again, I think it's because I was doing some backups and stuff and it might have thrown things off.

Who knows kotick.

All right.

So also there's the chat room on if you see that, so you can just join the room.

And then you just log in with, like Twitter and GitHub and you will be able to chat.

There's also questions of the question section.

So if you have a question, feel free to ask there and then when all this is over, Let me share my screen real quick.

So when all this is over, you go back to the focus work mode.

You should see something similar to this.

And so, what's happening here.

It's kind of go through it real quick.

So up here at the top left is an audio player from band camp and I know some pretty amazing producers.

So I asked them for some music, they submitted some tracks.

And so this is what's here.

So it will just play Just tracks if you want to as you're working on, whatever it is that you're working on.

So and if you like it and you want to support the artists, you know, you can help by spreading the word.

So there's that tweet button so you can click that and it will send a link a pre-populated link Twitter.

Yeah, tweet or whatever and so that you can look it over as some things and send it if you so choose.


And then here is like your to-do lists tasks thing.

So you enter it.

Here, I can either hit enter, press the plus sign.

So all your stuff will be listed here.

Anything you complete will be under done.

So you click done.

It will show you the things you have finished.

There's the Tweet button.

So it will tweet like a list of the things that you have got done.

So it's nice little like feel-good moment.

Like, oh I got some stuff done today.

Not bad.

So that's what that does.

Here is a timer and say web component that I created.

So this same time.

Or is the same time or that you see, now on the break session.

So I get multiple use out of it.

Great things about web components here, view tutorials.

So if you don't have an it that you want to work on and you're like, you know, I heard about coding and coding is pretty cool.

So in the tutorials I have links to free code camp and the Odin project.

I personally haven't done them, but I have heard good things about my look through them and It's pretty solid.

So there's that.

So and I will only say this, a cool thing about coding is that if you have no idea, if you be interested in it, you can there's so many different ways to try it for free to determine whether or not you want to spend more time and or money on it.

So that's a pretty good way to get it started.

And then if you're into coding and you want to try some cool projects, you know, maybe get your brain juices going on another project that you may want to work on.

I asked them tutorials there.

And like I said, I work at Vonage and so those tutorials are tutorials that I have had a hand in to make and so some cool stuff like you're able to from the browser to call a phone that get actual phone from a phone to a browser or have an audio chat between two browsers.

So pretty cool stuff.

So that's all there.

I put them there because I am always interested in.

Feedback on projects.

So I want my goal is to have everything be as straightforward as possible.

So like, regardless of like your level, just by following it.

I am hoping you will get to the desired outcome and it works.

But not only that, but you understand, kind of like what happened.

So always interested, and if people are checking it out, so please let me know.

Like I said, I am always interested in feedback and how we can make it better.

So there's that then.

Jaco haco help a coder / Creator out that is where you can.

If you click create what you do is you set up like your own room and in that room as the owner, you can share your screen and you're able to invite people.

So you have a link and you can send that out and have people join your room.

And my hope is that if you're ever stuck on something, or maybe you just want feedback on something or Anything you be able to present it and as a group as a collective you're able to come up with a solution or maybe get the feedback you're looking for or what have you?

So that's what helped a Creator.

/ Creator / coder out Haku.

That's what it is.

So if you get Hawk, if you get hot, you get stuck.

Send out a hawk.

Oh, all right, and then you're able to also see any current haku's that are happening.

I think I have to that.

I We're testing.

I probably need to delete them.

But so, yeah, those aren't active.

So, don't go into them.

All right, then if you do have an it and you think it's cool, you found something interesting.

You can sign up for a show and tell so it's like a lightning talk.

We have like 5 or 10 minutes the kind of go over what you find interesting and this guy talk about it.

So I am a big fan of like side projects and talking about things you're interested in.

And so those things I believe helped me a lot in my career.

And, so I kind of Other folks to be able to give it a try as well.

So kind of big fan of like meetups.

And so if ever given the opportunity I always try to do like a quick lightning talk and kind of talk about stuff because that this kind of puts where you're at in your coding journey, and then maybe other people are also interested in that and you know or have questions and you talk about it.

And yeah just it's a good way of just kind of I guess sparking conversations.

And again, I am a big fan of conversations and communication and stuff.

So yeah, that's that cool.

Cool, and then here is where the Highlight Clips will go.

Once again, it will say like status submitted and then hopefully if everything works, it will change to look like that was the status done and then you will be able to view it.

And then with that you will be able to again it pops up a little window and you can view it to make sure everything is cool.

You can download it.

And what I do is I post it to Instagram, you know.

Try to think of ideas, create content.

That's just, you know, as I am doing things through creating content and also be able to send a tweet with it.

And, so I am super hoping that it works out because I got my videos.

So if you want to follow along, my Twitter is lifelong Dev.

And one of the most recent things I added to the archive page of the video archives, is that able to add links whenever I mention a link, I can just add it.

Lifelong death, and so like I just added lifelong, Dev Twitter.

We put my Instagram as well.

They're super boring.

I really don't use them.

So, don't worry about spam.

And what is it?

I think it's this one.

That's a good question.

I don't even know I think is that one?

And yeah, I think that covers everything.

So, all right, so I just got that done.

I did the create a highlight video, South screen, share.

And yeah, so I think that's So, about to be out here, must send you back and, you know, start working on, whatever your it is.

I need to set the time here.

So yes, we will be back 15 minutes after the hour if hope everything is going well on your end.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help and yeah, so we will see.

Hopefully this whole thing in the backend work.

We will see.

Otherwise, I will be working on that to get that done, but I have Right?

Now, I am going to work on is some post radio show stuff.

So, you know, let me put my radio show here.

So I do, I got up early and I finished up a lot of it.

So now I have to do some social stuff.

So I did the mail outside, get all the other stuff.

Now, I just have to kind of do the Social Media stuff.

And so yeah, so you can check out the website know, better, hip-hop.

Dot-com, no better

Yes, add the link.

Save links.


All right, I am gonna put y'all, I am gonna get you all back to work again.

Thank you all for hanging out and Yeah, enjoy.

Feel free to hit me up if you need anything.

And yeah, I am going to be working on some radio show stuff and hopefully, not some stuff on here.

Hopefully, this all works.

All right, thank you all.

Once again and share this got to have the outro music.

Here we go.

Shantanu, Jabez, and thanks, y'all.

See you soon.

Unique opportunity.