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Speaker arranged a series of lightning talks where Jaco can talk about whatever they want. Speaker is working on a new project dealing with live streaming. They were having issues with their app engine.

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Dreams, take it out.

Welcome back.

Same old place that you can that be well, the no, not since you hung around, but those dreams everything, and they turned around each other.

Always, welcome back and I smile when I think and I know what to see you again.

Learn to me.

What's this song?

And God never lead you.

Hey, welcome back to the final Cypher of the day of this week.

So we had one earlier and yeah, it was going to round it out with this one.

So, thank you all for hanging out.

Welcome back.

Alright, so this is the intro break session.

Hopefully you're finding everything.


If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know as you can see here.

This is the break session and below it.

You can see that there's the open the closed caption button.

So if you would rather I guess read what I am saying, or that's if you can.

I mean, that's the best way for you to be able to understand what I am saying?

Yeah, so, we have go using the speech recognition API in the browser to be able to take what I am saying and translate it into text.

And so, hopefully, it's kind of correct.

All right, cool.

So there's that.

And then below that, there's the you will see, two buttons, add a clip, and create a highlight video.

If there's anything that you found kind of interesting that was said, in any of these break sessions, you can add a clip, you get five of those clips, and they're about five seconds apiece each.

And then when you click create a highlight video, when the stream is over, it sends a whole thing off in the back and it fires off a whole bunch of events in the back end, where it takes everything and creates a, your own personalized highlight video and you will see it pop up.

Like, there's a highlight box right below like The To Do List, we enter in your stuff like to the side of that.

And that will say submitted.

And then once it's ready for you, to look at it will save you, you click it.

No, pop up like a little motor.

Have you video there?

You can play, check it out.

You can download it.

Send a tweet with it.

And yeah, so got that.

So that's been working so far.

You can check out my Twitter and Instagram feed.

I am on Twitter.

Lifelong div.

That's my Twitter handle.

All right, and so there's that cool.

What else?

Yeah, so don't forget if you would like to join the chat room, this also a link there.

I will log you in to the chat room.

You be able to chat and then there's a section to ask questions.


What else?

Now when we're not in this mode that is the work session mode and that's where you have your to-do list.

There's the player if you want to do some, you know, really dope Tunes.

While you're getting work done.

You can do that.

They're like I said, there's a to-do list on the side.

You have got if you get stuck or anything, you can send off What's called the hakko, help Book Creator / coder out and that will allow you to create like a room where you as owner can share your screen and then you can invite people.

So you get a link that you can invite people on social media.

What have you to join you in that room?

And you have the ability as the owner to like, allow and deny people Access to your room, so they will pop up and then you be able to click the link and see like their profile, whether it be GitHub or Twitter.

So you have the power of check it out peoples before they join.

And so you can go, you know, make sure, you know, do some verification stuff because if it's just somebody who just like joined Twitter, you know, and they have like, no, like actual like Avatar yet or whatever.

Like they just joined it.

You may not want that person in you know, it could be a troll or what have you.

So yeah.

So cool.

So hopefully the hope is when I made it is that by everyone coming together and be able to see the issue like work on it together and solve it or like I was saying before, if you're like an artist and you want to get feedback on stuff, whether it be music or art work or a video or what have you, you can use it for that as well and think.


Yeah, that's why it's helped a Creator / coder out.

So there's that cool.


Anything else?


Now if you don't have an it for your until it works that you want to work on, we have tutorials and I have seen this, make sure I say this all the time.

I am a JavaScript developer Advocate advantage.

And so some of the tutorials are things that I have actually worked on.

So if you get a chance to check them out and you have any feedback, please let me know because I am big on feedback and I want to make sure these tutorials are straight forward.

As possible for people of all range of experience.

And, so I want them to, hopefully be as clear and concise as problem as possible.

So you get the desired outcome.

So, yeah, so that's that tutorials Jaco, if you have something and you want to, if you learn something new or something you're excited about, you can sign up for like a show and tell they're kind of like lightning talks where you have like five ten minutes, just talk about whatever it is.

You find cool or whatever it is that you're going through.

And you solve the issue or what have you like last Cipher?

And you can check the video archives.

I went over how last week, my new side project that I am working on is dealing with live streaming and I want to make it as easy as possible to be able to live stream whole bunch of stuff.

So, I set up some servers.

And last week.

I was having an issue where I couldn't get it to work.

So earlier, I spoke I talked about how I went.

Through and like, all the things I that went into getting it to work.

So going from like, finding out that app engine wasn't what I needed, and how I found that out.

And then going on to a virtual machine with the Google Cloud compute engine and getting all that stuff, worked out.

And having to do like HTTP, secure, certificates like secure certificates, because you can't stream and like on the website and all that stuff.

So it was the world, one of the things.

And so I spoke about it last time.

So anything like that you solve figure out a problem.

What have you?

So cool.

I think when we come back from the next work session, by the way, break sessions are like 15 minutes after the hour.

So you can kind of plan accordingly.

So the time timer and everything there.

So on the next break session, I am thinking about, speaking of timers, Tanya like a few weeks ago.

I think it was brought.

Because we're talking about I guess the timer I have is a web component that I created and as a bunch of stuff that went into it, to get like the date and time stuff worked out properly because when you look at the page where there's a timer, it's in your local time zone.

So and it's all the stuff that kind of went behind that.

And so tiny was saying that I believe was python.

They have like a thing where is like built-in?

It's pretty straight forward to Use, and so I will try to remember, like, what was the one that we because we have like date and international or have you in JavaScript built in?

But there's I couldn't remember the other libraries, because the built-in ones are kind of dense.

Like there's a lot of going into it.

Like when I made the web component, I did it because I never want to do it again.

So I took the time to make this one web component, so I can get it working and it seems to be working for my needs never want to do that again.

Made it a web component.

So Yes, but then there're libraries and stuff that kind of help ease the pain of being able to calculate the date and time and stuff.

I couldn't remember the library.

And I remember that there was like another API that was coming into the browser, to help, make it a little bit easier and understandable Norris and extendable to get things done with date and time.

I couldn't remember that recently saw something about it.

So the next break is going to talk about kind of talk about all the dates stuff, and I am going to have like the pages and stuff.

You can go to and check out, and I was also thinking in the last Cipher that I am another update, a future update to this website is going to be in the archive video.


I am going to have like a links that were mentioned or mentioned the links section.

So I will be able to just kind of copy and paste links while we're doing this live.

And it will show up on the archive page of the things.

So it shouldn't be too bad.

It's have to add another section to it and then add a section in the database.

So it reads from it when you pull up the page.

And so yeah, you can check out the, so I don't know when to do it.

Maybe I don't, I got stuff.

I want to get done.

I don't know, maybe in a couple of weeks or what have you?

But if you check out the archives of the videos, everything is like once I hit the Top Broadcast, like a whole bunch of stuff happens in the back end and so it gets uploaded to Vimeo, it gets embedded in the page.

There's like if you created like a little highlight clip in your Twitter you get like a unique URL and if you post that into Twitter, it will show your highlight video in the preview card for the video.

Then, whole bunch of stuff things are get added uploaded.

I am creating a thumbnail for it.


I am also all the like, the summary, the topic, / tags, and the like the transcript are all automatically generated with this, AI thing and point that I found, and I spoke about that in another previous videos.

You can check all that out in the archive section.

And yes, all that stuff is automatically generated.

So I am pretty much just hit stop broadcast.

It's all taken care of for me.

And so yeah, it's pretty cool.

Yeah, so I think that's it.

So yeah, when we come back we're going to have like a quick presentation about time and date in JavaScript.

Not going to go too deep into it just kind of give resources and stuff and things.

You can check out for yourself and things.

So yeah, so I think that's it.

So I am going to do is give you all a few more minutes back of your time to be able to work on stuff.

And I yeah, 15 minutes after our, we will come back, and we will talk about time.

And then the final one, if we don't have any showing tells like lightning talks, want to like cover, and hip-hop artist website, and check out some of their music and things.

So, yeah, so cool.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

Hopefully, these session will be productive for you.

So I wish you much productivity.

All right, even if it's like a small thing, you know, it's still something.

Alright, cool.

So I totally forgot to keep adding Clips.

So, yeah.

All right thing, that's going to be it.

So again, a thank you all for hanging out.

Going to be out of here.

It's adding Random clips and cool.

Let me see.

I gotta go here.

Let me start this screen share.


Go going to need the audio as well.

Share, Cool.

All right y'all.