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They are talking about Andreww's side project, which they launched last week. Andreww is a developer.

Andreww is going to show their screen and talk about a different aspect of it.

Andreww has been working on their website for a little less than a month. they have to remind himself to be more intentional and present in their tasks.

Andreww will post a link to the site where they explain how it works.

Andreww is using local storage API to keep their responses on their device.

Andreww is trying out a new way of keeping data on the device and not on the cloud. Andreww is able to turn it on and test it out. You can send a test notification, but you won't get notifications if you're sharing your screen. Andreww is thinking about implementing quick replies.

Andreww is showing off their new app. Andreww is explaining to others how it works. Andreww has created a website with a demo and a shop where one can buy clothes.

Andreww has some coding themed products. There's a 20 % discount on some of them.

Andreww has a web application to check in every hour to ask them what he's doing. Andreww uses Firebase and the notifications API to keep a record of the day. Andreww launched their website last week. Andreww intended to use another browser, but the API is not ready yet.

Andreww needs to use the same Firebase Cloud messaging for Be notified until it works. Andreww will post a link to the token to send messages to devices that are subscribed to Be notified. Andreww explains how Android C++ Unity works. Andreww uses cloud functions to create a node server that is tied and integrated in with Firebase. Andreww sends messages using the Cloud messaging API from Firebase every hour. Andreww uses two different ways to trigger background functions and send messages. Andreww explains to the browser how to deal with incoming messages from Firebase.

Andreww has created a method that allows they to create a notification. they are doing it through the service worker, but it may have to be open.

Andreww has posted a link to the notification API on the web. It's supported on iOS and Android, but not on Android.

Andreww is going to post a link to the new website. Andreww wants people to check it out if they haven't seen it before. Andreww is setting things up here. Andreww wants to create a highlight video but they didn't create it yet. they hope to do it within the next week or so and then go over an artist's website. Andreww is a fan of two people: new They be. Andreww is tired and wants to go lay down.

  • test notification
  • cloud messaging
  • cloud functions
  • device ids
  • firebase instance

Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket, welcome back.

Same old place that you but those dreams have remained.

God didn't need you here.

Where we need to have got him on the spot.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, welcome back.

Alright, so let us jump into it.

Time went by super quick on.

This one is just yeah, building shelves and apparently time flies, when you're on doing shelves.

All right.

So now speaking of time, flying by, I wanted to talk about a side project.

I just like launched, I put on the internet for people to check out last week.

So I kind of wanted to talk about how I put stuff together for it.

So have you ever Felt like, oh, I am so busy or where has the time gone kind of thing.

Like, you're so tired at the end of the day, but you're like, what did I do?

You want me?

Have you ever had those handle things?

Yeah, I have to, so I figured a, I am a developer.

Why not make something that will kind of help me reclaim that time?

Let me know what was happening during that time?

And so Came up with this thing to do, show my screen.

And, so I spoke about this in the previous Cipher earlier today, but I want to talk about a different aspect of it.

So I am going to do a quick overview of it.

All right, shut up screen.

I don't need any audio.

So the website is what you do that iin, and I came up with it.

What kind of like when it's just there's like a conversation in my brain where it's like, oh, I am so busy and then it's kind of like, well when you do and you just kind of like, oh, I can't really answer that because it's like you're not mean like what are you busy doing?

And so for me?

I always have to remind myself.

It's easy to be busy.

But more difficult to be productive.

And so this is the kind of thing that I so far, is not too bad.

I have been running it for like maybe I have been working on it for Maybe a little less than a month, and he has, it's helped me be more intentional and more present in my tasks, you know, because sometimes especially in development, when I am looking up something, I will go down this Rabbit Hole or sometimes you may be on Twitter and then it's like, 3 hours go by.

And you're like, wait, what was I doing?

Kind of thing?

So this kind of helps me snap out of that and I will show I will tell you how because there we go.

It says how it works.

Let me post a link to the site.

So you can check it out.

It will be with the archive video recording of the video.

So this is pretty much how it goes.

And so how it works is that there's a switch in the settings on means you get a notification every out our asking what you're doing.

And so, when it's on whatever device you're on, you will receive a notification on your device, whether it be mobile desktop, whatever.

Except Which one was it?

I think it was iOS Safari.

They don't allow the API for it to work.

So everything besides iOS Safari, I think.

So yeah, and so then you reply with what you're doing.

And so you try to be honest with, you know, so they can look back and be like, oh, I really didn't need to spend that much time doing this thing or what have you and importantly, your responses stay on your device.

So I am using like the local storage API.

So, whatever you respond with that is on your device?

It doesn't go to the cloud as go anywhere.

I don't want your data and for me to It's done cost me money, and I am trying to do this on the cheap.


Yes, all your responses, stay on your device.

And then if you turn it off, nothing happens, you don't get the notifications.


Alright, then the hope is that you see where all that time wins.

And so if you want to try it out, you can try it out here.

Click that takes you to the settings page.

I already have it on, so I can get notifications.

But so this is how it's going to look.

If this is your first time, it's going to be off.

Right, then you're able to turn it on.

And there you go.

So you can also test it out.

You can send a test notification, but I learned today that at least windows or it could be Chrome.

I am not sure.

What you won't get notifications.

If you're sharing your screen, which makes sense because you don't want to have anything that will be like sensitive information.

If you're doing something like this, when you're broadcasting on the It and something random pops up as a notification like somebody's phone number or something, you know, mean, so, I mean, that makes sense, but I did a screen capture and so you can see what the notification looks like right here.

So, it's pretty much it says a message from Dwayne me and says, what you do.

And then you click that, right?

Then you can click that and oh, also you can erase your responses anytime.

So it clears out your local storage and then coming soon.

I am thinking about implementing quick replies.

So if it's a type of thing where you're always like doing the same thing as in the meeting you be able to set that as a quick reply.

And so when you're answering the notification, you just press the button for quick for in a meeting and it just automatically do it for you.

So looking to do that.

Maybe now when you actually go and click the notification, I will take you to this simulated chat page where ask.

Hey, what you do?

And then doing another demo.

You can hit enter or press send.

It will pop up with a response.

I think there's got it.

Nice and word so far.

So I randomly pick from one of those and so cool.

So now your reply is, your reply is saved and then you can view what you did is.

So that's its like a list of the hours of the day and it kind of like your responses in there and you can go to the settings if you want to turn it off or what have you erase your responses or you just close that.

So, let us go through what you did.

Because we haven't seen Yet.

And so this is what you did.

Now funny thing is, there was the time we went back an hour here in some states in the US and so that caused the time to have to one AMS because I think it's at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning is when they go back an hour.

It might be one o'clock so that you go to 12 again.

So it's almost like you have, one am twice.

So you gain our basically.

And so, that's what this is showing, which is strange.

And so it goes through.

And so this is what I did from this morning.

So doing a demo and then this one where my time we're doing another demo, as we can kind of go through and see the day.

And so, you know, you can scroll through previous day's future days.

If you want to go to today, you click to day and it goes back to the current day.

And, yeah, that's pretty cool.

So that is that then, Also, we have got the shop.

So if your fancy you, any like new threads, you know, new year, new me all that.

You don't get some new clothes and it's getting kind of cooler at least here in Florida.

And so, maybe you want a long sleeve, like a hoodie.

What have you?

You know, I got some coding themed, like designs and so, yes obeying.

These tickle your fancy.

Have you?

Yeah, feel free to check them out.

But yeah, and there's also like only a few days.

You can get 20% off everything.

So I figured I would mention that because, you know, get save your money as much as many times.

You can't save you money in as many ways as you can.

And then here is the about And so, just pretty much everything that went into the website.

So, ever said, I am so busy or where did the time go?

Yeah, me too.

So, I mean this web application to check in every hour to ask what you're doing.

The hope is not the only provide a record of the day but also act as a check that, right?

That the right task is currently being worked on because yeah, like I said, sometimes I am down a rabbit hole.

I am just lost, I don't know what I am doing.

I don't know where I was going, but I am just doing it and then I will give the notification and then I am like, wait.

I am going down this Rabbit Hole.

Let me reset and recalibrate and get back to what I was actually doing.

So it kind of helps for that as well.

And so these are things that made it with Astro Firebase notification API, spelt, and we spoke about Astro and spelt earlier.

So, I kind of wanted to talk about how I use Firebase and the notifications API parts of it.

Like, I have used, I use the hosting cloud firestore cloud functions and Cloud messaging, And then if notification API is just what allows the browser to show notifications, even when the browser is closed.

It goes through service workers.

It's kind of cool.

And then just updates, I launched this last week and then you can check out my website for more stuff.

Alright, cool.

So let us really quickly go over the Cloud messaging because that's kind of like the Crux of everything.

So I originally intended to use another browser.

API, but I found out that it's not actually ready yet and don't know, really know, it's kind of like in limbo now because there was an origin trial, people seem to like it but it's kind of like Nothing has really happened to it.

So I am like, ah, because it would been perfect.

Everything would have been pretty much done on the device, right?

At least the way it was kind of seeming.

Like it was working.

I don't know yet.

But it felt like everything to be done device and I have been great, but since it's not ready, I needed to I use this the same Firebase Cloud messaging for until it dot works.

So when you subscribe for Be notified.

When the note, when we're live through the ciphers eyes.

I use this to send the messages that you receive on your device that you subscribed.

So, the way it works is that you get a token, right?

And so, your device has a token and that, oh, you let me, I will post a link to this as well.

So since I am mentioning it, you can go to it yourself through the documentation and read it up, on your read up yourself, but pretty much, it's your device gets a token and you can on your device.

You can have the user subscribe to like topics or just subscribe to like everything.

There's Either sending it the way I was doing it.

You subscribe to a topic, right?

And then on my end, so you say, yes, here's my device ID.

And yes, I would like to get updates.

I want to receive notifications, right?

So that's what happens and then on the, so that's what this does and it has all the different ways, iOS.

Android C++ Unity.

I use the web JavaScript one, and they have server environments.


It's a nice like walkthrough and everything.

So pretty cool stuff.

So then so I have that happening.


But you need like a back-end to where you can subscribe to the topics.

And so for that I use cloud functions because that gives me basically like a node server that I can use and so it's all tied and integrated in with Firebase.

So it's a lot easier than, you know, trying to go outside or what have you, you know, so yeah, so I use this basically as A like a node server because that's basically what it is and what happens is.

So I have you have functions that you can create, and so I am using a pub sub.

So that every hour at the top of every hour, I send a message using the Cloud messaging API from Firebase to send messages to everybody, that's described to the topic.

Pretty much.

And that's what that talks about here.

So, I use this and so it's under, I think it's trigger background functions, and yeah, pubsub triggers.

And so that's what I use for every hour for this one.

I actually call a function and so, I call the fort until it not work for this site.

I actually call it directly through my dashboard that I created here.

So, same thing, but two different ways of actually initiating the messages.

And so, yeah, so I use this to be able to cite a to subscribe and unsubscribe to the topics, and then I take those and I will send a messages to those device IDs, so that you can receive it now, that's all well and good.

But the browser needs to know what to be able to do with those incoming messages.

Otherwise, it's gonna be like, oh, we want me to do with this.

So that is where oh, by the way, let me copy and paste this as well.

So this is the cloud functions.

I use functions for a bunch of stuff.

But for this case was for that, and then the notification API, which is kind of cool.

All right, let me post that.

As well.

All righty.

Now this here is in the browser will now be able to know what to do with those, those messages coming from my Firebase instance.


So what happens is your you will get a notification like, hey, your task, whatever messages, 12, new notifications, all that stuff, but you can do it now through the Users, which is great.

And basically, the whole thing is through the service workers.

So to service worker, intercepts messages, like we call I traffic.

And so it will recognize.

Oh, this is like a push message or a message.

What should I do with that?

And with that you can say like, oh, hey, I want you to display this notification and it's actually like, show notification.

That's like the method.

It's kind of awesome.

And then you can kind of say what you want.

You can't.

Even make it like buzz a certain way because you sometimes know some notifications.

Oh Buzz, I think you can play like music or whatever.

And so but of course you have to request permission before everything.

So in your code, you make sure you request permission and then you enable it and then the chicken for then.

Yeah, so creating a notification now you can do this.

Now, this sometimes worked in some browsers is with a hole.

Thing, but I am doing it, just as if the browser is closed.

So I am doing it through the service worker because I think you can also do it through the browser itself.

I think it may have to be open, so don't hold me to that but there's a bunch of stuff.

So there's all these different.

And then what happened, then you can say like what happens when you click on the notification?

It's all pretty cool.

And so, there's all this information.

You can check them out and all this stuff.


It's pretty cool.

A lot of stuff you can do.

So I posted a link to that and yeah, yeah.

Yeah, it's a lot of stuff.

All right, cool.

So yeah, that's it.

That's how I handled the notification stuff.

There's other stuff notification API here.

If you click this, I think this talks about like the serviceworker.

Yes, he hears a service worker stuff.

So let me post a link to this as well because yeah, you have to do some registration all that stuff.

You can see it's pretty well.

We call it.

Like supported except for like Safari on iOS, like I said, and then I guess webview on Android.

So if you're creating an Android app, I am thinking of using webview, I don't think it works.

I don't haven't done that.

I just do strictly mostly just web stuff because the web is awesome and it shows all the different stuff you can and can't do.

All right.

So, let me post a link to this as well.

And yeah, has had you ever used any of these technologies that I mentioned?

Let me know.

I think this stuff is kind of cool stuff you can do on the web is kind of amazing.

And so yeah, there's that.

So I don't want to talk about that.

Let y'all check it out if you haven't seen it before.

And yeah, let me stop screenshare real quick.

Yes, cool.

Now I am going to get you all back to work.

And thanks for hanging out and indulging me.

So, yeah, the new website, what you do that iin, if you ever want to, you know, like an accountability partner, kind of thing, where it's like every hour, somebody's kind of checking in with you.

The kind of, you know, make sure everything is cool.

And so yeah.


All right.

I am just setting stuff up here.

Let me get y'all back to work again.

I want to oh, I didn't create a highlight video.

See we have been bad.

Let me get you all back to work and let me know what y'all are up to.

You know, I am still making cabinets are not counting but shelves and I think I know the layout and the or like the orientation and things I want.

So I am going to make the shelves, put them in that orientation and see if that works for me.

So that's the plan.

Hopefully I can do it within the next week or so.

When we come back.

You may see like a bunch of shelves and stuff.

By me, we will see.

And then if we don't have any show and tells we're going to go over an artist's website that we play on the radio show and then the fan of, and maybe you will be a fan of them as well.

All right, so speaking of the being a fan of someone, I am a fan of these two folks here.

One being new Jabez and other being a Pawnee be.

And the track is called.

Thank you, and this would be the outgoing music for to get you all back to work.

All right.

So again, thank you all for hanging out to next time.

15 minutes after the hour.

We will be back for the final break session of the final Cipher of the day.

And I am tired and I want to go lay down.

All right.

Thanks again.

Y'all talk a little busy piece.