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Speaker wants to be as straightforward as possible. Jaco is a Creator / coder which allows speaker to create their own chat room as the owner can share their screen. Speaker advises them to create a jaco post and share it on social media. Owners have the power to control how people can access to tacos. Part will come in as well. You are watching now. Speaker has a new software that allows they to convert words that come from their mouth into text. Speaker will create a highlight video and store some information behind the scenes. Speaker has created a personalized highlight video that will be visible. Speaker shows up and they can hit the tweet button to show them. Now speaker reminds them to create a highlight video. Speaker will upload the video. It will pre-populate at week. They want to create links like a link section in the video archives.

They have remained the same. Speaker is sharing a song that made they come back to their old self. Everyone is doing well. There's a chat room at the beginning. Speaker does this every beginning of every Cipher. Speaker sends you a screenshot of the task you have finished and a Tweet button will show it to them. Speaker has finished all their tasks. They want people to see what he's doing and then maybe start a conversation. Timer shows how much time has left in the work session before they go into a break. Speaker is into web components and shares some of them with their clients. They can code camp and is a javascript developer advocate. Speaker has some cool things.

Speaker is going to work on a website for three hours. They will talk about web components when they come back. Speaker is going to have a break session with each other 15 minutes after the last one. He's going to the next thing. They will see each other 15 minutes later. Speaker shares their twitter. Com lifelong video.

  • chat room
  • work session
  • clip worthy
  • video button
  • twitter preview card

But those dreams have remained and they have turned around.

Always put spotted rare, welcome back.

And I smile way I think and I know you went to see you would learn to me was this song.

It made me come back, never lead you.

Got it.

Hey, welcome back to another.

Great know.


Break session for this week.

The very first one of this Cipher of the day.

How's everyone doing?

I hope you're doing well.

Ready to be productive and get stuff done.

Even if it's just a little bit just you know little tiny actions can lead to Great events, kind of thing, you know, so alright.

So I am Going to this is probably going to be pretty short, just an introduction to kind of welcome everyone.

Hopefully you're having a good time.

There is a chat room so you can join the chat and if you have any questions as a section to ask questions, so there's that as well, cool.

So kind of wanted to quickly go over anything that you may need, while you are working on stuff.

So I just figured out Because I do this every beginning of every Cipher.

It's kind of like go over and welcome folks because there's two ciphers a day, well, on Sundays.

And so there's like an earlier one and then there's one like three hours later, kind of things.

So all of that is in the subscribe.

So okay.

Let me share my screen real quick.

So yeah.

Just figured out like, hey, I should probably take it in.

Inch like a screenshot of the desktop or whatever you're working on and so you can kind of see what's available.

So I just did it a few minutes before starting this.

Alright, so As you can see right here, here is an audio player.

So if you want to hear some tunes while, you know, work on your stuff and jam out.

There's that here is the to do list.

So you enter in your tasks here, they show up here and then you want to see what was done.

You can click here done.

It will show you the task you have finished.

And if you hit the Tweet button, it will actually send out a tweet with everything that you set to do.

So all your tasks that you finished.

Like a little motivational like, oh, look at the stuff.

I got done, feel good kind of thing.

Yeah, I mean so, and then maybe when I was also, hoping is that if you tweet out something, maybe somebody who else is interested in that will see it and then maybe you can have start a conversation or something, you don't need.

So just a way of maybe like a discovery tool kind of thing.

So if there's anything that you're working on you like, oh, hey, I got this thing done.

Maybe somebody like, oh, how did you do that kind of thing.

I am all about like Conversation and things.

So cool.

All right.

Also, here is the countdown timer to whenever lets you know, how much time you have left in that work session before we go into a break, which are these?

And I was cool, is that you see the timer that is on your site right now that you're looking at?

That's the same web component.

I am into web components.

If you have, is your first time here.

So, yeah, one of the cool things they can reuse it.

All right below that is if you don't have a thing that you want to work on or you know, nothing that you that come to mind that you want to work on now or get started we have tutorials.

And so right now they are free code Camp from.

I heard it's pretty good and the old and project another program, which I heard is good.

And they're free.

And so if you're thinking about coding, but you don't want to invest any money yet.

You want to see if you like it, you know, to be able to invest more time and more money into it for my ass and those projects are pretty good.


So, yeah, so there's those and then also I am a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage.

So there're some tutorials on how to get certain things done with our Apis and sdks and stuff.

So if you go through them, let me know your experience because I have them there because I think they're cool and you can do cool things.

Like, you can actually from your computer, make a call to your phone, which is kind of amazing, and then talk to yourself, or the other way around.

You can actually call a virtual number and it will ring your computer.

It is pretty cool.

So, there's also like a chat.


You can build a chat.

Which is pretty much what we have here.

What I am same thing kind of?

So, yeah.

So yeah, check that out.

And if there's anything please let me know.

Because again, I wanted to be as straightforward for as many people of varying levels of experience with coding.

So yeah, let me know if you run through them, then here is the Jaco which is Hope a Creator / coder out, huh?

And he can create the Jaco which is pretty much like a your own chat room where you as the owner can share your screen and you could do like voice chat.

I have text to speech their speech recognition.

There's a good speech.

I have text to speech, speech to text and a bunch of stuff.

And so it's pretty cool.

And you, as the owner can share your screen.

And so if you get stuck on whatever it is that you're working on.

You can create a Jaco posted to your different social medias and then be able to invite people.

And my hope is that everyone collectively can kind of by seeing what's on your screen help come to a conclusion and a solution.

And everybody can like pitch in kind of thing.

So like I am big on like learning and public and building in public and showing what you got in public and stuff, you know, I mean as far as code.

And yeah, so that's the thing behind tacos.

And then you can view any hot girls that are currently going as well.

And then, you can request to be invited and I try to make it everything.

The owners have the power, so they can check out, you know, they can allow and deny people access to their tacos.

So one try keep it a safe place.

So, yeah, so If there's so like initially thought of recording and but then I was like, oh, you know, if people make music or what have you, then they can actually show it maybe get feedback, or they have a video, and they want to show and get like feedback on it or what have you.

I thought that would be a cool.

So ask for the Creator's part come in as well.

So yeah, so that's that.

So you can view any hot coals are going on.

So if you want to help somebody, and you can take a look in the view and then help out.

Then there's a show and tell.

So if you have a thing you work on in this, you think it's cool and you want to show people because again, I am big into that building and learning and showing and public kind of thing.

So if you have got something, you can sign up like a 5-10 minutes lot just to be able to show what it is that you're working on and you know, cool.

So yeah.

Oh and then also below, you may find that there's a two buttons.

So well, actually three buttons below the video you're watching now.

There is the open closed captions.

So I have this whole speech recognition thing happening now so that the words that are coming out of my mouth are being turned into text and put into like a section so, you know speech-to-text basically and so it got that but then below that, there're two buttons.

Where there's at a clip and create a highlight video.

And so if there's anything that you find interesting and noteworthy or clip worthy, you can actually just click that button at a clip and then it will take like five seconds of that clip.

And then you get five of those and then when you hit create a highlight video, that store some information so that when I hit stop broadcast, Just a whole bunch of stuff behind the scenes happens where it takes that information, those timestamps of those clips that you clipped out.

I got something clips that but that you selected, and it turns into like a highlight, a personalized highlight video, and it has like your user name on there and everything.

Pretty cool.

So, if you want to see what they look like, on my Twitter and Instagram, so my Witter is lifelong death.

So you can check it out.

It will be in my feed.

I don't tweet a lot really on Twitter on at least on that account.

And so it won't be much so to find them.

So you will be able to see him and I think it's pretty cool, and they show up, and they can hit tweet button.

So, yeah, so what happens is here.

It will say like status submitted, right?

But remember, I always forget to do this.

You gotta hit the create a highlight video though.

Once you have all the clips that you want, make sure to create a highlight video.

Could I forget that all the time?

Let me do that now just in case.

So this status will say submitted, and then when it's done processing, it will say done, and they will have a video button that you can click to view it and it pops up like a modal and you will be able to view the video and then you will be able to download it.

And then I like I download it, I post to Instagram and you will be able to click a button to tweet it and it.

Will pre-populate at week for you.

And what school is?

Some stuff I did in the background where it creates like a personal link, like a personalized, link unique link for you.

And in that link, the Twitter preview card is like a video card and it shows your video as the preview and then when they click the link, it shows the full video.

But yeah, so it was when I got there was like, oh, that's pretty cool.

So yeah, so that's that.

What else think that's it.

So, yeah, so explore the site.

A couple of things.

I am trying to get done this for this Cipher.

Instead of Cipher.

First Cipher is finish up the radio show, post-show promo work stuff.

So sending out emails, some social media posts things that nature.

Then also the meaning to I didn't get a chance during the week.

So that's why we have until That works.

I want to create a links like, like, kind of like a section.

Because I post I talk about links through these brakes and I thought it'd be cool to be able to have a section where in the video archives, the links that I talked about during these breaks have like, a link section.

So like links mentioned or something, it will have links to the links that to the sites or what have you that I mentioned?

So I am going to work on.

On that as well, hopefully to get that done in this first Cipher this first three hours.

All right.

So yeah, I think that's it.

Thank you all for hanging out.

When we come back.

I am going to talk about some stuff.

I was kind of doing that work with web components and how to style them and pretty cool thing.

So we will talk about that.

And then after that, the next one, if we don't have any sort of show and tells we're going to go over artist's website, you know, like a producer out of the you Okay.

So, yeah, so thank you all for hanging out.

Going to get you all back to getting work.


Let me stop sharing this.

These break sessions, they happen 15 minutes after the hour.

So you get about 45 minutes of just work Focus goodness.

So hopefully that's enough time for y'all to get which whatever it is that you're working on getting that done.


If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up if you want to sign up for a Hey, show-and-tell.

Cool, get stuck.

There's the Jaco.

And again.

Thank you all for hanging out.

Going to go to the next thing here.

Go cool.

Let me this one present that.


So going to be out here again.

Thank you all for hanging out.

See you 15 minutes after our and much productivity to you.

I wish you much productivity.

All right, let me know what it is that you're working on and cool.

I did click the create a highlight video button.

So alright cool.

So check.

My lifelong Dev and you will see a highlight clip.

All right, cool.

Thanks y'all and yeah be out here.

Share the screen, share the audio, cool.

Good share.

All right, Cheryl.

Thanks again.

See you like 45 minutes.