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They want to welcome back their dreams.

They have finished the final session of the Cipher. Andreww hopes that Andreww is getting things done, unlike them, who is still doing laundry and preparing for the radio show.

Andreww wanted to talk about an artist that they played on the show. Today, October 31st marks the one - year anniversary of their passing. Andreww was skeptical when they first heard the news.

Andreww's screen was an entity that goes by Doom MF Doom. Doom character was known because they were the villain and wore a mask. It was alleged that they wouldn't be on stage performing and would be a body double lip - synching to their music. Andreww wants to

Andreww and their friends will listen to some tracks from KMD. They will also take a look at the website and Wikipedia. Andreww is adding links to everything they show to the page where the recorded video is.

Zeb disappeared in the late 90s. they started performing at Open Mic events while wearing a metal mask, resembling that of Marvel Comics' Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom is depicted on the cover of their 1999 debut album, Operation Doomsday. They are going to listen to a track from MF Doom's new album. He's trending on today. They are a collaboration between them and Adult Swim. Andreww thinks it was perfect. Doom was refused entry to the United States in late 2010, after completing a European tour. they never became a naturalized citizen.

Andreww will post a link to Gastro It's a shop with t - shirts and caps and hoodies and some music. Andreww is going to take a look at gas trolls. Andreww has been not posting Clips. They are a music streaming service where you can listen to music, watch videos and buy vinyl. They had a project together called mad villain.

Andreww is listening to some samples from operation doomsday. Andreww is amazed by the quality of the music.

Andreww likes Millie do - do - do. Andreww likes the way they put words together as an MC. Andreww is going to post links to YouTube videos and a bandcamp page. Andreww would like to manage the band. They are watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode. Andreww finds it hilarious. They are playing a game of Stripling. Andreww advises Dylan to remove the ice and wine.

Andreww is listening to the masking The Mask album. Andreww likes the song " Food " by Rhymesayers.

Andreww is working on the project. they were often too high.

Andreww is going to play Dilla's " Light Works " and MF Dooms' " Born Like This ". Andreww likes the raisin sharpen up your spirit of them. Andreww doesn't get game with.

They are discussing the MF Doom tribute concert taking place in California today. Gazillionaire was also produced by Jay. Andreww wants to pay homage to MF Doom. Andreww will be back in 3 hours.

Andreww thanks everyone for their support. Andreww will see them later.

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Welcome back your dreams.

Welcome back, same old place, but those dreams.


We got they need you.


Well, we need to come back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, what's going on?

All right.

So this is the final break such time went by so quickly.

So this is the final bricks.

Session of this first Cipher.

Go ahead and stretch it out.

Stretch it out.

Hopefully, you are getting things done.

Unlike me.

Well, I mean, my laundry is getting done, and I am actually, I am almost done, well know there's a lot of stuff.

Still left for the radio show, post-show stuff.


Yeah, quite a few things but neither here, nor there.

All right, so but I hope you are getting stuff done.

All right, so for this, Final one.

I wanted to show what's happened.

My computer's getting all weird again.

Give it a second.

Give it a second.

What is happening?



So sorry, this screens and stuff were weird.

All right.

So for this final break session, I wanted to talk about an artist who we played on the show quite a bit and Today, October, 31st marks the one-year since his passing.

And when I first heard the news, I was kind of skeptical because this person is super mysterious.


And so anybody that knows hip-hop knows like the most mysterious person in hip-hop.

You sure.

My screen was an entity.

That goes by Doom MF Doom.

And so in the thing was that Doom was known because Doom character was like the villain, right?

And he I had this thing where he wore the mask because it didn't matter who was behind the mask kind of thing.

You know, I mean, it was all about like the music and so again pretty sure it's true.

It was like alleged that he wouldn't at different live performances and wouldn't be him on stage performing.

It'd be a body double.

Lip-synching to his music.

And like sometimes you be like in the crowd from what I understand, like just watching and Yeah.


So Doom was amazing person.

And so it because it is all about the music.

People came there for the music and not like the person kind of thing.

You know, I mean, I don't know but this really quick want to go over.

So here's the Wikipedia also and another thing, like I want to look at his website, but then the thing is so mysterious.

You do not really sure especially since it's passing, like, what's official or what's not.

Not, you know what I mean?

And so figure, we will take a look at the website, but we will also take a look at Wikipedia to give a bit more information about, and then we will listen to some tracks and stuff.

So, all right, so I am adding links to everything that I show here will be in the page where the recorded video.

I saw Daniel do Malay and that's what it Dew.

My guests came from do Malay.

So he's born, July 13th.

And then so original is actually born in the UK and made it way over here as like a teenager, and he and his brother started a group called KMD and his first rap name was Zev.

Love X.

As you can see right here.

And so they started 1988, and they actually put out a lot of things like two albums.

Maybe, I am not sure.

But what happens with the group broke up, when his brother who went by DJ sub, rockso's.

He and his brother in KMD passed away.

And so Doom, kind of like went on Hiatus.

So Zeb, love X, like just disappeared.


And then it wasn't until like I guess like the late 90s that he came out and so, is he here?

It says he began performing at Open Mic events while wearing a metal mask, resembling that of Marvel Comics.

Supervillain, Doctor Doom, who is depicted on the cover of his 1999 debut.

Solo album operation doomsday, which will take a listen to Because when I heard like there's like two joints on there that the samples I was like, oh, Doom is like the greatest.

All right, so he adopted the MF Doom Persona in rarely made unmask public appearances thereafter.

So this is where, like, the whole mystery kind of came from like because it was a good like, almost ten years.

I think.

Well, yeah, a good while like for he came back, and he was wearing this mask and you nobody knew where you look like then.

They release a bunch of joints.

One of them, the critical Acclaim was em food, which is super do.

We're going to listen to a track off of there.

I think I have a check ready.

And then, so I saw on Twitter.

He's trending on Twitter today, MF Doom.

And, so I posted it, you know, it's gonna be a good day.

And so people are posting like their favorite Doom joints.

So, listen to some of that and it kind of goes through a bunch of stuff that he's done.

He has a bunch of different collaborations.

One of them, one of the like one of my favorites is the mouse.

So, the mask danger, danger, Doom is a collaboration between Danger Mouse and MF Doom, and they didn't in partnership with Adult Swim.

So you have so Adult Swim is a like a late night.

Late nights block of shows that happened on Cartoon Network and some of like the most hilarious, most of the area's shows are on there.

And so they kind of collaborate and so some of the characters, like we're on the album.

It was great.

It was perfect.

It was like well, Perfectly executed.

So yeah, so he was born in home.

Slow London.

All right, and so, yeah, so 1988 297 cool, and then he settled in Atlanta, but then I went to say, I think you got deported.

I believe back to the UK.

And so that's where he was at for a long time that they mention that here.

Yeah, doom was refused entry to the United States in late 2010, after completing a European tour.

And even though he lived in the country most of his life.

He never became a naturalized citizen.

So yeah, again, u.s.


All right.

So there's that.

Now, the actual website that I found.

All right, so there's MF and so let me type it in here.

MF and so MF, then Ford's you to gasps drawers.

Dot-com eventually.

At some point.

Hopefully what is happening?

Okay, well it did earlier and need to open a new window.

What's Happening Here?

Tell you, I did it.

Oh, okay.

Sure, so I am just going to Take a look at gas trolls, like, so I will post a link to Gastro and then is pretty much like a shop basically.

And so, Has all the different t-shirts and caps and hoodies you can buy and then here are some music.

He's been doing like one of his last collaborations was with Tsar face, which is see how we play them on a show.

Esoteric and I forgot the producers name.

Oh, I feel bad.

But let me you tell me.

Esoteric and I will know it when I see it.

Inspectah deck.

That's right.

So those are face is inspectah deck from Wu-Tang and esoteric.

That's what it was.


All right, cool.

Let us see.

I have been not posting Clips.

Okay, so then you can buy vinyl and all these things.


And then they have a you can listen.

So you can stream some music.

So if you have like Spotify or whatever Apple music, you can check them out, then I you can watch, they have some videos here, which is pretty cool one beer, which is often food, and they got some videos.

So, another collaboration that really like skyrocketed, Doom also was with him and oh man my it's I am tired madlib.

And they had a project together called mad villain.

And this one of those this is one is accordion is super dope.

So I guess we will take a listen to that real quick.

And they're like, really short drinks, too.

Tom, the clock tick faster, Dick, Dastardly, and Muttley.

He sold Scrolls lo and behold.

Know who's the illest?

Never liked the greatest story told Keep Your Glory golden glitter.

I have half of this n***** to take him out the picture.

The other half is Rich and it don't mean s*** to fill in a mixture between both what a twisted liquor Chase it with more bit.

Alright, so now you have to pick up mad villain.

All right.

So now let us go some of the joints off operation doomsday that I was like, oh, this guy is awesome.

All right, so this when I heard this sample, I was like I was blown away.

And so let us take a real quick.

Listen this.

So this is hey, MF Doom.

Yeah, operation Doomsday.

Good evening.

So he sample like Scooby-Doo, and I was like, oh, this is amazing.

Like it's all, man.

It's so good.

All right.

So now this one is another sample and it's Sade.

Amazing amazingly done.

So, here we go.


This is Doom off of Doomsday.

This track is called doomsday.

And here we go.

My check.

Steps that casket that simple to just take them to the breast and let the rest know whose it that metal first terrorists claim responsibility, broken household, name usually said a hostility on.

What does that matter?

Actually, I like to take offense to the end for to Millie do-do-do-do.

So yeah, you have the pickup operation doomsday.

And what was cool is that he had like other like analogies as well.

So like he also went by like Victor Von.

There was there's so many, and he put out these like beat tapes because that only like the way he put words together as an MC was amazing.

And the imagery that he would conjure up is amazing, but like his Beats were also wild like you just heard, and he put out these special herbs like volumes and I forgot how many, but there's like a lot of them.

Just like all these be tapes and it was amazing.

So yeah, so I forgot to let me post links to these YouTube videos real quick as well before I forget because I will forget.

And so you can check them out.

And this one as well.

And I am definitely going to go over but this is the final one.

So I will give more.

I will get extra time for folks to finish up.

All right, and so now there's a bandcamp page and I think it's official because like Rhymesayers Entertainment that from, I remember would like managing him.

So I think it's official, so we will see.

So I figured we'd go through some tracks off of band camp.

Check him out.

Um, Okay, and then, so I think one of the first ones is, I guess spoke about the masking, The Mask danger doom.

And this one here.

Oh man.

It's so hilarious.

Like I remember the episode and I think it's Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or one of the shows on Adult Swim.

And yeah, we're good Larry's.

All right.

So here we go.

This is sofa king and danger, Doom.

Of the mouse in The Mask.

It's amazing.

Read from sheets.

I am.

I am Sofa, King, scared of a bunch of water and get out the rain, holding a raffle for lunch, spit out the same then kick along you off.

The tip of his Timbo and took a honey.

Dip into a game of Stripling.

Bold hard.

He couldn't find no remorse.

A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse.

Of course, his technique was from a Divine Source.

Now, remove the Chrysler ice and what's wine cause Guy tried to fight the he just wanted to discover the other white meat, all the one they hate so well, so cute to cycle.

Like the old Bates Motel, they can ask him for at least some tracks but only God, confronted by the Beast with two backs.

Not Mouse is a made, man.

Dylan laid it down, like the best laid plan Bell, the cat.

Who the hell is that near the middle?

God saw what?

It's not all beer and Skittles, prepare the vittles, got riddles, and spindles crystal clear to the jot or tittle.


So yeah, it's yeah, that's super dope.

So again the masking The Mask an amazing project and if you're a fan of like Adult Swim, you probably already heard this.

But hilarious.

Alright, the next one.


So, this one, I think this came out on Rhymesayers and this helped him blow up a lot as well.

And so, just like all tracks, like around food and stuff.

So, here we go.

So this one is a favorite shot of the homie count base D on this track and it's super dope.

So get me food.

Mmm, food.

Here we go.

And because it's like MF Doom backwards kind of sort of, so I can replace them.

Letters and you're okay.

Here we go.


What these old things about the away with the gold rings that make up don't fit like OJ?

Usually I take them off with oil only MCS is crabs in a barrel past whole be hot as hell and it's a cold day in it.

Working on the way that we Corolla way.

You did it.

Some say the fights are holding.

He was often too high.

You either being a Will you be the new guy?

The one has to fly to eat you up?

I never drink.

Okay, so yeah, you're gonna have to purchase some food.

All right, this one here.

This one was, this was with, was this?

It was it just all do?

My don't remember but there's like stuff.

So, okay.

So this was I think just as album they put out and it's called born like this, and we got.

Yeah, so, it's MF Dooms last solo album like a They did a lot of collaboration joints.

And yeah, so one of my favorite joints, so he did this track over J.

Dilla, over a date over J.

Dilla joint and oh, and like works.

Okay, I am gonna play light works because that was great, too.

Yeah, let us do that.

Okay, here we go.

So this is light works as a J dilla like doughnut and doom rhymed over.

It's like the greatest of like both.


It's kind of amazing.

So here we go, light works.

You're waiting for a parade.

The raisin sharpen up your spirit of Adventure, The Fabulous gay way and was dope about Doom is always had like these samples like from like old TV shows or whatever like super superhero shows and things, and they just like in this like, it was though, like it's just like the Doom stuff like.

Yeah, it's just so a lot of fantastic for like, old like cartoons and things is, it was great.

All right, here we go.

The light.

Featuring J.

Dilla, big idea.

I have no idea.

I don't get game with me and Ty.

Hi boots.

No, huh?


Where is Oh man, it's not like what is the magic?

Okay, never mind.


Well, let us go.

Gazillionaire was also produced by Jay.


Here we go, huh?

That is not the track.

I thought it was going to be here.

Your kazillion are grilling stare.

You're all right.

So yes.

That was gazillion are doom off of born like this.

All right, so just wanted to kind of bring up.

There's this like a benefit now.

MF Doom tribute happening actually today.

And so in California from 12:00 to 5:00 PM So from noon to 5 PM As a daytime outdoor event and 30-plus artists offering to the public Doom, inspired art objects.


Villain specialist soundtracks of course.

And yeah, so it's against that City station San Francisco and then fifty percent of all profits donated to the estate of MF Doom, and so they have links to all the different artists and stuff.

So yeah, that was going to be kind of cool.

People say they were Nita, MF, Doom movie.

But yeah, so happening today and it's kind of want to shout out so words, so that is Doom.

MF Doom, make sure you spell.

Damn it all caps.

Make sure you spell.

The man's name all caps.

All right, cool.

So yeah, that is it.

Let me stop the screen share.

Almost stop the broadcast that we have been bad.

Stop screen share here.

Alright, so yeah, so just kind of wanted to pay homage to MF Doom.

And yeah.

All right.

So give you all back some more time.

I will give it like an hour.

Yeah, I mean, so you can get stuff done because I have got so much stuff.

I need to finish up.

So, I am just doing this here.

So, I give it about an hour.

And yeah.

So again, thanks for hanging out.

We will be back in like three hours.

Hours again, you can check out the Subscribe for when the next one is going to be and will be the next time on life.


So again, thanks for hanging out.

So the screen share.

All right.

Here we go.

So many buttons.

All right.

Thanks again.

Y'all see you soon.

And yeah, word.

What am I doing here?


All right.

See y'all later.

Much productivity to you.

Alright until next time.

Alright, thanks again.

See you easy piece.

Here we go.