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It's not secure. It's important for independent and the mailing list. So they are going to listen to some tracks. They played to dixon's girl. There was a snowstorm when andrew and their son met at st. Sebastian's club. Clothes came back today and jumped on lance's fire. Speaker is angry with the crow and left out going to vinegar. Speaker has to buy a badly broken code. It's called call off your ghosts ". There is a remix of the speech. Speaker has been living with the lost and wants to check fire drills. They saw gibraltar, they. Report is about fixing the Wolfpack. Speaker has added a link to besa's band camp. Speaker met Desa. Speaker is going to give everyone some extra time. They played with the image upload and code sandbox. Thanks and their friends for hanging out. Speaker has a time zone calculator, so they can Subscribe to all of them and get notified.

It's going to rain really hard and speaker wants to get over with it. Speaker is going through some weird stuff. The second monitor went out, the toolbars were disappearing, and the next break session is for the of the day. Speaker is a fan of some artist who appeared on the radio show. Speaker will start screen sharing to share the screen. Dessa De Ssa is a dope artist and a writer. They are going to check their website, dessa wander. Com. Logan is on tour now. There are multiple pages, so they are booked out till the end of the year. They are going to see some stuff at school. She's a writer and has published a couple of books. South desa has an organic bourbon whiskey. Speaker is curious about the music. Speaker sends full screen video and music to their friends. They will do a sampling.

Speaker's second monitor went out.

Is the same place speaker used to stay.

Dessa wants to know more on youtube channel. Miss. Speaker got the car keys, and they will go with an album to find the new one. Woman yelled ides every month. It's the beginning of the year. Speaker got a lot of free stuff. He's working, orchestra. Now he's going to play the song you are going to hear late. Speaker has the purchase album. It's the sixth and final release in the ides series of monthly singles.

Speaker is going to check some stuff. Speaker will look at the store which opens in a new window. There are some more upcoming dates and events related to the artist. Speaker has found a necklace with cocktail shaker vinyl t-shirts.

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Come back that same old place that you like.

Well, the not have all changed since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turn around.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Always good spot.

Here are, welcome back and I smile and I know what to see you again.

Learn to me.

Hey, what's going on?

That was super weird.

My second monitor just went out.

Give me a second because I need to figure out where all my screens went to.


Hold on.

Give me a second here.

What is happening?

That is weird.

Okay, great.

Of course, to end off the final.

I won't let me.

That is weird.

Okay, that's of course for the now it.

Now, it shows back up.

I just so weird.

Okay, great.

Alright, so let us get this over with because it sounds like it's going to rain super hard and let us just get this on.

How am I gonna get this over here?

Here we go.

That was as soon as I started screaming like my second monitor just went out.

So I plugged it out, plugged it in, and everything.

Got all weird, like toolbars were disappearing.

All sorts of stuff.

All right, let us just get into it.

This is the final break session for this second Cypher of the day.

And yeah, so I figured we'd go and take a look at an artist that were a fan of or these.

I am a fan of on Radio show and this artist actually took the time out to appear on it on the radio show and do an interview and amazing artists.

We have been playing them like 10 years now.

And probably even more before that, like its part of her group, you know, so I think we played our group first.

And then she came out with a solo project, and we just been playing her ever since and the group as well.

So the person were speaking about is hopefully things won't break.

Let me start screen share, they make sure yes, we're still good on this, the streams.

All right, cool.

All right, so let me share my screen.

Definitely want to have the audio so y'all can check out the goodness.

So the person we're talking about it goes by the name of Dessa de SSA, and the website is Dessa

And this is a dope artist and a writer.

And at one point she was like scoring music with an orchestra.

She's from Minneapolis Minnesota, but I think she splits her time between that in New York somewhere.

I don't know.

But Super dope artist.

And so let us take a look at her website, Dessa, All right, so you can Co, and so she does a lot of touring.

So it's good to see that like that's like a Mainstay for and so right here tells you like on tour now because knows where that the bread is being buttered.

That's Logan, right?

So let us take a look at that.

All right, so it opens up in a new page to slash event.

So still her domain, but just another thing.

So, all right.

Got a lot of tours, dates.


We got North Dakota, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio.

It's like I said, and there're multiple Pages.


So, let us see where they're booked out till, so they're booked out till the end of the year.

Nice, nice.

So, that's good to see staying on the road.

All right, let us take a look at those.

So, here's actual page.

And so at school, so it has, oh nice.

So some of the stuff that's up here.

So, like, the music and video so you can music and it says what it is.

That's cool.

Like I said, she's a writer.

I think she published a couple of books.

Let us see and speaking, and she goes speaking also, cool.

Alright, so keep going down and then some more events.

And then oh, so this looks like a bunch of stuff from Instagram.

Oh, she has her own.

Okay, opens anything.

So, Looks like she has an organic bourbon whiskey.

Nice Forever by having all sorts of projects.

That's pretty dope.

South Desa.

All right, cool.

So it's like a little social thing.

All right, the list.

Oh and then email list, of course, you got to have the email list and so for the bottom, nice, so let us take a look at music and video.

You know what?

And I am curious.

Let us Okay.

Let me see what music does.

Okay, takes you to slash music and video takes to the same place.

All right, cool.

Just curious.

All right, let us see.

Music and video.


Nice full screen.


All right, but wait, what?

I almost forgot to do Clips here.

All right, cool.

Check out our sampling.

So let us check out a sampling.

So what does Dessa want people to know first from her website?

So, let us first video in this section.

All right, and you can check out the full complete catalog, wears a complete catalog, take you.

To YouTube.

Alright, thanks to YouTube channel with a bunch of different playlists.


All right, go back.

So, let us see what Dessa wants us to know about her from the first going here.

Flip a coin, flip a car.

I don't care where we are.

The picture in the sound, won't sing something.

Some can fix.

I am built for nights like this.

Don't mean, I am proud.

And the rose in my teeth was a pin.

So it seems you put in your brace to Black and Freddie bang and fetch.

All right, Just One Last Dance.

Make it fast.

I know the type whose eyes open, but the mines asleep fast Frozen.

The driver see lights and potion, but they lost on is, it doesn't shelve?


You're trying to be the one to run the night.

You got a couple album, right?

Let us see.

Also, this one is a good one.

So we don't have to play it causes I was probably, I think it's gonna play this later but let us say, I did not know there's a video for it.

All right.


Oh, by the way, it's Miss. it there.

It's maybe it's me.

Look what my future's.

Gonna get the car keys are the signs and all right.

You got the cup an album.

So, alright, let us go.

This one.

So this is a newer one really something this year.

If you have it now, who's yelling, who's yelling now?

Dumps on the left.

Hawks on the right crosstalk in the block trying to fight mid-flight, but here comes yelling with that inside voice.

Never mind.

The mild-mannered policies, make noise.

And she's five foot, nothing but hands of God.

She could pop a collar.

She can rock a Powerball Bay Ridge represent, put things in a cabinet.

Damn, didn't go and get it fits in my presentation.

Asian Fortune saving in.

So you can check that out.

She was doing a thing.

We're at the beginning of the year.

She was releasing a track every month.

It's called like the Ides of March.

So it came out in the middle of the month.

That's my that, and you had an opportunity to if you like, I think there were free or like pee what?


And if you paid a certain amount, then you were like entered into like a giveaway or something to where you would actually like sit down and talk with decimals that whole thing.

So I remember seeing on bandcamp, so super dope.

All right, so we got more stuff and this is the thing I said about with her working with the Minnesota, Orchestra, super dope.

This song, You're Going to Hear late.

If you watch the video, you know, watch the video now, because I didn't know those actual video and I won't play as going to play this track later, but this Bars.


Change that.

Double jointed triple threat.

I am not so method actress, trying to see my descent.

You're gonna have to play the tape back with save that drip requires for.

I just got no time for my detractors standing on my staircase.

All yours, a fire hazard.

I have put my son and now I am vetted uncontested.

See, hold on a sensor shuts, down m***********.

Asking trick questions.

Am I her arms wide?

Hide, nothing.

I have done it all in broad daylight and I left the cameras running.

So, yeah, you gotta have the purchase album.

Alright, so more stuff.


Good and okay.

So more.

So, yeah, so, the sixth and final release in the Ides series of monthly singles.

As the thing I was talking about.

All right, cool.

So, if you click listen, what does this go to?


Another smart URL, it But this one, we looked at somebody else that had it and looks like you do can do HTTP, right?


All right, cool.

Good stuff.

So, yes, you can check it out.

We're gonna check out some stuff on.

Bandcamp some more stuff, cool.

So this is Ides of March stuff so you can find out more about that series.

Cool, so he had like its own thing dope.

And then.


And this is, I guess the Desta and the Minnesota Orchestra, so they kind of like we did some stuff though.


And then some more upcoming dates again, super important to let people know where she's going to be performing so you can see your life.

Then again the mailing list cool Publications as soon as I put this.

So like I said, I believe she has a so, okay, just one book.

Okay, there's other stuff too here.

All right, cool.

Yeah, so she's doing a lot of stuff.


And more writing stuff.


It goes back to the thing here events.

I think we have looked at that.


That was this.

I will take a look at the store opens in a new window.

All right, shall to Doomtree.

That's the crew and the label.

All right.

Shut the laserbeak.

Let us see.

Okay, cool.

So then okay, so oh yes.

/ desolate.

Okay, so this is her part of the store.

Nice, all right, cool.

Dope stuff.


You got like a little skeleton key, necklace thing.


Cocktail shaker vinyl t-shirts, dope.

All right.

So that's a key there.


Let us see.

What else?

It's not secure though.

Yeah, you know, make sure make that secure.

All right.


Soul contact and see what's on contact.

And then it has all the bookings.


Because again touring is super important, especially for Independent Artists and then the mailing list.

All right, looks good.


So let us take a couple of listen to some joints.

So you can see Dessa has quite an extensive discography, and we're going to take a listen to some tracks.

All right, cool.

So let us this one here.

So we played this track.

I think this might be one of the first tracks.

I think we played from Dessa maybe but super dope.

So this is Dixon's girl.

Check it out.

I ain't heard a thing.

There was a snowstorm in Jackson when you and I met at a club called St. Sebastian's, but the son said, something different.

I remember thinking that I didn't have a shot at Mississippi, television told us which road grader closing.

There goes our action.

Everybody knew you as though.

I would love a famous man.

Everybody who knows that there goes Dixon's girl again, even though I got the purchase album.

All right, so that's that one.

There was another one.

Was it the crow.

I think we played.

All right, just real quick, little snippet of that.


That old clothes came back today getting in my way and jump like a problem out on the fire.

Escape to say anger is just love.

Left out going to vinegar.

You wake up, a stranger to yourself and then you need to live with it until you fill out of figured, you know, like a telenovela.


Yeah, you're gonna have to purchase a badly, broken code if you want, if you want more.

All right, let us Real quick, this one.

Yeah, call off your ghost.

Oh, Warsaw, we play that joint to.

Okay, hold on.

We're gonna play a little bit of call off your ghosts.

And see the skeleton key track.

I remember this one being like dope.

Kind of like kind of late.

So hand on the brick through your window behind, but I am single and, um, and I am just a most sides.

All right, you have, the, you look up towards the speech.

I think there's like a remix, like a redo of it and see how on.

Yep, The re-edited Joint.

So yeah, check that out.


This one here, one of the latest full albums.

I think so, this track here.

So we see, we already heard five out of six.

Let us check out fire drill and then jump.

Rope is dope too.

So I am like super do product developed drummed up this log.


So a lot of those joints.

Let us check out fire drills real quick.

I have been windy Living With The Lost Boys.

You have spent as a deckhand on the Convoy moves every night to prove.

It was something got confused.

If it was from a to the, we were running.

I have seen Gibraltar.

I have seen the Taj Mahal.

So why don't I ask Sofia chefchaouen paint the walls blue.

I played two full moons upgrade the full to burning through the Alms of a pair of new boots, cut my hair, take my kids.

Now, a woman on her own must be from, I attend funny.

You don't know the concessions that you're making until you catalog them and by their many into battle hardened heat, makes it with the best for keepsakes and parking tickets.

On the dashboard.

I am here to file.

My report is the fixing of the Wolfpack.

So patient zero.

He can have his rib back you can.

So yeah, you want that hook.

You have the Just the album shine.

But yeah, super dope, South adesso again, the website Dessa, and I am thought I am pretty sure.

I added all that in here.

I don't think let me put a link to her band camp as well.

If you want to check that out.

If you want to go directly to the music and check out some videos and stuff.

But yeah, make sure the Besa super dope artist.

Super nice like took a trip to I am in the apples Minnesota one time, and I was in a record store, and Desta happened to be there too.

And I think she kind of remembered.

And so she even if she did, she pretended, like she did, and she was super nice.

So again, shall sedessa.

And yeah, you can capture on the road if you so choose, she's touring all over the place and super dope.

So again, piece of Desa, check her out.

And yeah, thank you all for hanging out.

Going to give you all some extra time till maybe about half an hour like 30 minutes after.


So you can get any sort of final work you want to get done?

I am actually, I am all I played around with the image upload.

Like I said, the third party can get it working.

Well, show it.

But I played around and code sandbox.

They had an example include sandbox and it seems pretty cool.

So I am going to see if I could put that into my project and get it working within my project.

So, alright, cool.

So again, I thank you all for hanging out.

Hopefully, you got some stuff done.

And whatever it is that you're working on.

And yeah, so let me non-stop screen share this.

So I can get ready to sew again shot, sedessa.

Super dope, artists.

All right.

Let me see.

Go out with this track here.

And yeah again, thank you for hanging out.

We do these every week.

So check out above, it should say, subscribe, and you will be able to see a schedule of all the upcoming ciphers and you can like Subscribe to get notified when we go live.

So or you can subscribe to all of them and get notified, but all of them and don't worry about doing any time zone math.

I have it to where it, it automatically calculates to your local time.

So you don't have to worry about that stuff.

All right, so cool.

Thank you all for hanging out.

Once again.

I am like I said, I will give you all more time to finish up and I hope you have a great week.

And if anything see you next week.

All right.

Thanks for hanging out.

All right, here we go.

I want to share audio.


All right.

Thanks y'all Beezy.