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Speaker wants everyone to be able to get help. They have a text chat and an audio chat. Speaker wants to get back to work. They are going to japan and wants to send off their friends with some traveling music. Speaker added a new feature to workshops page.

Speaker is taking a break. They will pop up and talk about things they found interesting during the week. Speaker has a video with their face on it during break sessions. The video is frozen, because browsers don't allow for autoplay video that has audio. Speaker hopes to have a demo next break so they can talk about it.

Speaker has a website with links to free code, camp dot-org and the odin project. Speaker is a javascript developer advocate at vantage and they take care of some tutorials. Speaker explains to jaco how to create a phone call and create an application. Jaco is interested in signing up. Speaker explains how to create a status on twitter and how to share a video on instagram.

Speaker is back and feels good. Speaker has a lot of work to do. Speaker is in unto the dot works. It's a thing they made for situations where they have a lot of stuff to do and it gives them time to block out to work on the things they want to do.

Speaker explains how to go back and share the url to twitter. Speaker has changed the way people join their room. Now they have to request to join. They can check out the room via github or twitter. If they don't join, Speaker can block them.

Speaker has created a highlight video and a countdown timer to when the next work session happens.

Speaker has a presentation for the work sessions. Speaker has a schedule and a list of upcoming ciphers. On the other side of the house there is an audio player where you can listen to music while you work. Speaker doesn't know if they will do it while they are traveling. Speaker has created a tool to help support artists' bandcamp accounts.

  • break session
  • speech recognition api
  • highlight video
  • bandcamp accounts
  • check box
  • phone number

Welcome back your dreams were, you're welcome back ladies, but those dreams have repaid.

And they credit We got him on the spot.

Welcome back, welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, what's going on?

Welcome Back.

All right, this stretch the stretch.

Oh, it feels good.

Alright, okay.

Alright, so hopefully you are doing well, I am actually like running around as usual, but I got some stuff done so feels good which is important because I have got a lot of stuff to do.

So it's good to get off on a good foot there.

All right, so welcome to until it dot works.

It's a thing I made for situations like this where I have a lot of stuff to do and it gives me time to block out to work on the things that I want to work on, right?

Let me get my glasses.

So, Unto the dot Works consists of ciphers, a cipher is a three-hour block of time, right?

And Within each Cipher, there are sessions and there're two types of sessions.

There's a break session, which we're in now and a work session.

Work sessions are like 45 minutes of just focused head down working on your thing right about 15 minutes, and they have been 15 minutes after the hour.

And it's time to like stretch walk around and get something to drink.

Do what you got to do?

So it's a break basically.

Or if you want to just still kind of hang around, I will be I will pop up and talk about random things.

Maybe I am working on things.

I found interesting throughout the week or just will take a look at an artist's website.

Now you will also be able to come up here and talk about things that you found interesting as well and I will show you how to do that.

All right?

Yeah, cool.

So, break session, you see the video with my face on there?

Now, if you ever hop into one, These break sessions and it's like in the middle of the break session, the video will look like it's frozen.

And that's because browsers don't allow for autoplay video that has audio.

I may switch it to where you just need to unmute it.

But for right now I just have like that.

Notice that says you may need to click Start to start the street.

Need to click play to start the stream.

Then I have the open closed captions so the words that I am saying right now are being hopefully And accurately into text using the speech recognition API that's built into Chrome browsers, and if you click open closed caption a little space will open up and the words I am saying will appear there, hopefully and that kind of leads into what I have been working on recently and hope I have a demo next break so you can check it out, so we can talk about it.

What else?


Adequate create highlights video.

If there's ever anything that you found interesting Within These break sessions, you can actually clip out segments and you get 55 seconds segments.

So if you click add a clip, go take that timestamp will actually go back a couple of seconds and there's like a five-second clip that comes out of it.

And when now, if you click create a highlight video before, I end this broadcast, What happens?

Is those timestamps, get saved?

And when the recording of the stream, the broadcast is ready.

It will go and take those timestamps, cut them out of the broadcast, put them together.

Put on an intro, outro.

And then you will be able to view it and download it and do what you got to do with it.

So yeah, that's that.

There's a countdown timer countdown to when the next work session happens.

So you can just like kind of glance that if you're doing something else.

What else?

Oh, and if you want to join the room to ask questions and things that nature, there's that as well.


Now, let us talk about the work sessions.

Actually have a presentation for that because what I do, okay, so share my screen, don't think I need audio, but I am gonna share it.

Anyway, I say that every time I know I don't need audio but just in case there's ever off chance that I need to.

So this is what the until it that works work session looks like.

The background may look different.

That's because I am just randomly pulling an image from an API that has like Nature images, cool.

So, upper right-hand corner.

We have the menu.

As you can see, like, it stays the same break session or not, but I can show it here home shop.


Subscribe and logout or login.

Depending on for logout, login, subscribe, has all the list of the upcoming ciphers They might not be some for a while because I am traveling.

I may, I don't know.

We will see.

I don't know if I want to do it while I am traveling, but we will see.

I don't know.

So yeah.

So you can actually subscribe to either all of them or specific ones and get notified when we go live on the other side we have an audio player so if you want to listen to some music while you're working on what it is that you're working on, I asked a bunch of really talented, Ooh, sirs to send me tracks for random projects I make.

And, so I asked them to submit their, bandcamp tracks, the tracks that they have on their bandcamp accounts.

And so they did that.

So shots of them and so since the band camp player, you can buy them, you can share the track or you can also I added this tweet.

So if you want to help support artists by spreading the word.

You click tweet cool.



Then towards the center.

We have the to do section.

And that is where you list the tasks that you want to try and work on.

During these work sessions, you can click you.

If you input the tasks in a task hit, enter or the plus button now, added to the section where your tasks will be listed.

You can click the text to edit the task click X to delete the task or In Market, the check box to mark it done.

And that goes into the done section, we can click the word done and I will show everything that was completed when this is all over.

And before I again close everything out, if you click the Twitter button, they will open up Twitter with a pre-populated tweet with all the things that you got done.

So it's kind of like a nice way to be like, oh feeling accomplished.

Got some things done?

Ready to start my week?

Towards the right.

We have a column at the top is the countdown timer countdown to the next break session happens.

And again, those have been 15 minutes after the hour roughly really depends on how busy.

I am a waiver view tutorials.

So now offer folks who are maybe happened to come across this site and like oh hey I heard about this coding thing, I think it could be something.

I may like I have links to free code, camp dot-org and the Odin project.

And from what I have seen from what people have told me, if you go through those, you'd have like a good understanding of what it takes to do, like web development and then from there, you can make an educated guess whether or not you want to spend more time and or money pursuing it as like a career or passion project whatever or let us say.

And okay, so I guess it works both ways because if you brand-new, he went through the free code camp and Odin project that you may be looking for.

Objects for your portfolio or whatever you write.

Or maybe you have already been into coding and you're looking for a cool project to kind of do semi quickly.

You know, you kind of like, step through something and learn something and get a pretty cool project.

At the end, I am a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage and part of that entails like tutorials.

And so, I kind of take care of some tutorials.

So I have them there and if you're interested, I think they're pretty cool projects.

Look good on a portfolio like if you integrate them in a project I think it's pretty cool.

So for example, tutorials that I have there, one is where you create an application, where you input a phone number into the input box.

Hit call, it will actually call your real-world phone number.

That's a, that's that number two, right?


Then I have the inverse where you get a virtual number from Vonage, you from your real-world phone.

Phone you call that virtual number and in the application you create through it tutorial.

You will be able to answer the phone call and have a conversation.

It's amazing And there's another one where you create an application.

There're two pages on that application.

You log in as two different users, one user can call the other and have a conversation between the browsers.

It's amazing.

I think that's so cool.

All right.

Um, yeah.

So that's that Jaco come back to because I Like a whole presentation about that show until sign up.

So again if you want to come up here and talk about something like a quick lightning talk type of thing, 5-10 minutes where we found interesting on the internet come up then that video where the highlight video that you sent off the be created under the Highlight box.

The first is a status submitted while it's being worked on and then when it's ready, it's a status done and it will say the view button will show up You click view a little like window pops up and you will be able to preview the video.

You can download the video and you can also click a link to tweet the video.

Well, you tweet a link to the archive where the preview video is your video hopefully because sometimes Twitter doesn't show the video.

I think it depends on like screen size or maybe the operating system browser.

I am not sure.

So I have been doing that just been attaching the video To the Tweet.

So I know that it's actually going to be seen.

And plus I also posted to Instagram as well if Instagram lets me so yeah.

So I download it anyway.

Now, Jaco Taco stands for help a coder / Creator out, right?

And that is where My bad.

I am watching the video trying to catch up.


Oh so basically when it is if you want to view the hawk owes you can see what tacos have been created.

If you want to create a hot cocoa, you fill out a form.

You enter the title, The keep three keywords and then you create it, right?

When you create it, you get a unique URL.

When back too far, how do I go back?

There we go.

So you can copy the URL and then you can or you can click to share it to Twitter, right?

So you send it out to folks that you want to join your hot cocoa and I will show you what that looks like.

So you join your Jaco so over so you can like leave Jaco you can open the menu.

You have a text chat over here on the right side.

The title on the left side we have a countdown timer again.

As coming on to her next break session happens.

You can copy the URL to your room again, and you can click the share to Twitter.

Now, when people click the link, they just don't join your room automatically, right?

They actually have to request to join your room.

And so, you will be able to check it out.

They will pop up under pending, you can click their username to check out either GitHub or the Twitter, depending on what they logged in with.

And then from there, you can approve or deny them.

Now, let us say you approve them and it turned out to be a total horrible person.

You can always ban them.

All right, let us see.


Now you as the owner of the room you can only you can share your screen and it's my hope that by showing everyone else.

What it is that you're working on, and maybe you have an issues with, or you want to get feedback on you.

Be able to get the help that you're looking for because everyone can see what you're seeing, right?

So that's why only you can share your screen, then we have a text chat and so The communicate basically by also not just a text chat but I also enabled audio chat and it goes along with the same tutorial I am talking about before where people can speak with each other.

So anybody who has their audio chat enabled?

Would be able to hear and speak with each other, but for people who don't have it, they're not going to be left out because those were people are saying would be turned into text and put into the text chat so everyone could follow along.

And I have The opposite where it's from text to speech.

So if you're not looking at this chat, you will be able to kind of follow along because each text message would be read out by your browser.

Cool stuff.

Yeah, I think that's it.

Then you will be able to check out all the other hot coals and things that nature, what else?

And that's it.


So let me get y'all back to work because I have got a lot of stuff I am trying to get to as well.

So hope you enjoyed, thanks.

Again for hanging out, I wish you much productivity, and we will get you back to work, and I am going to send you off with some traveling music.

This is new Jabez, which is funny because I am going to Japan and new job is a Japanese producer.

All right?


New job is one of my favorite producers and this is the track featuring a Pawnee be is called thank you, because thank you all for hanging out.

All right, so yeah, 15 minutes after the hour.

Next break session I will probably demo the thing.

I added a new feature added to Workshops page.

All right, so thanks again for hanging out.

See you all later.

Be easy.