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Speaker and their friends played a song called chardonnay on their radio show in 1990.

Speaker has been playing amara on the radio show for a few years. Speaker keeps a log of all their past games and puts them up as blog posts since the beginning of the show.

Amara is an artist and producer. Their work has been published in the press.

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Welcome back, same old place that you will then have all changed since you hung around, but those dreams everything, and they turn around.

I thought they need you.

Welcome back, welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back, welcome back.

Hey, what's going on y'all?

Thanks for welcome back to the final break session of this second cipher for this week.

So, yeah, hopefully y'all got some stuff done and yeah, so I am super close.

To getting everything is working so far on the back end as far as the video stuff.

So everything is looking pretty good.

I just got to I gotta connect because once I get like, the IDS that I need from the API, it lets me know through a web Hook when it's done analyzing the video audio and stuff.

And so then after that, I am able to make another call to another end point to be able to get the data that I want such as the summary.

And so it's kind of working on that in the back end a little bit.

And yes, was almost there.

I won't be able to get it done this week to test it live but next week I should be able to get it working out.

So once a video has been finished broadcasting and I will probably work on the other aspects who not just the summary because I want to get the summary any tags that the API finds that can used to like filter and then also like the transcript.

So, I am interested in seeing how that works out.

And so yeah, so hopefully Be able to get it done live next week, but for this week, I am going to almost start uploading.

I am a batsman start backing up some of the past sessions to yet another place.

So, I am backing up to Vimeo.

I am also going to YouTube, and I also want to go to another place.

So just in case of anything, I have like three different copies, and I will be.

So, I am going back him up.

And so I will take that link.

On the other backup place like a direct link to the video file and then send those manually to the end points and get all the information.


So yeah.

So I will test it to make sure I can do it manually.

Then theoretically it should work automatically because it's the same functions where you have it set up.

It's just called differently so we will see.

All right.

So that's where I was at during this time.

Also, finishing up some laundry and stuff.

So how was y'all work session?

Getting stuff done.

Let me know in the chat room there and cool.

So like we did start doing in the first session of the day I want to I am a big fan of like I said before, like two things, great artists.

And great websites.

So I figured I combined them on these break sessions and at least once a cipher would have you talk Talking show?

Great artists websites.

And so to kind of go over you know and plus has an opportunity to be able to talk about dope artists and listen to the music and watch videos from them.

So hopefully you will dig it and you will also maybe if you like Music, support the artists.

You know, there's always a good thing and if you make websites, maybe you will get some sort of like inspiration.

Or have you seen the websites or maybe you could find something like, oh, I could maybe do this better or what have you or build on from that.

So yeah, so figure.

So the first one was John, Robinson shelter, John Robinson.

He has a great website, John Robinson you can check out the previous video from that earlier.

Earlier and yeah so this session I want to share with you all some screen share and then there will be sound.

So here we go.

So this is she Amara super dope artist out of the West Coast I believe, and we have been playing her on the radio show for minute for a few years.

You know what?

Let me look that up, hold on.

Yeah, I got time.

No I don't.

I am always going to run out of time but Let us see.

So I keep like a catalog of all the different, all our past, all our past tracks that we have played and I put them up as like blog posts or Blogspot since like the beginning of the show.

And so let us see.

So I can look up, she will Maura Yeah, so okay, the most recent one played with the truck called easy 2020.

Let us see.

20 19 2014.

So yeah, so look like since 2014, we weren't playing.

She Amara, what song was the first one?

I track called So Fresh, So Clean nice shots Outcast.

And so, She got a new album out it's called sisters.

And, so I was like, why not check out the website and see what they feel?

Is like a representation of them on the Internet because for me, websites are the plate.

Your place on the internet that you can kind of control.

What it is that you want people to know about you kind of thing.

So, yeah.

So shall Su Chi o Mara that is X IO M, AR a

Let me post a link to this in the chat room and I will also do the same thing.

I will post it in my Twitter and Instagram recap, but okay, so this nice full-page image and that's the way call it the cover out, cover art for the album.

So super dope.

Go down, says out now sisters stream, the new album, it has links to Instagram Facebook and bandcamp band camp against the band camp and looks like it's a WordPress powered by WordPress and the theme is called start Tinker Theme by SEO themes.

All right cool.

So got like a web Press website and using our theme nice.


Now, let us get music for now because that goes to the band camp, so we will do that afterwards about So cool.

So nice short thing there.

So she Omar's vocal stylings flows.

Effortlessly along the Jazz.

So R&B and hip-hop Spectrum with influences ranging from afro-cuban flow, folkloric rhythms through blues and classical hers is a unique sound only partially explained by her Oakland California, Roots, shots, Oakland Oaktown, as an artist and producer, she Amara strives to create That bridge the gap between past and future, dope.

And again, got the Social Links.

Alright, so that was about now, the press this is pretty cool, so all the different, it's cool when you can kind of see the coverage that an artist has kind of got from different Publications and things.

So, that's pretty dope.

Let us take a look.

Some good are some good magazines here.

Nice, save some good things, afropunk.

All right, Bama love Soul.


Okay player.


So this first link goes to a YouTube video, so I figured check it out a little bit.

You want to you know see in here she Omar and big shoutouts to Amerigo, God's way they had a project called 1990, they put out together and super dope, shout to Amerigo, guys away.

And yeah so let us play this track.

Can't Get You Outta My Dick tree as it.

Seems you won't be on the forked.

All right, super dope joint.

Only got like 5 minutes left.

So I want to get you all back to working on what you're working on now.

Let us take a look at the music.

Oh, and contact is just a form to contact them.


There we go.

Now music So we saw some visuals.

Now this is the album.

I bought the radio edit because I have radio show.

So let us take a look at that again, shots, the band camp.

All right, so now the song that we played on the show this called Chardonnay, well, we play a couple of joints late as you saw.

But this one right here was like the first one off this album.

Take a listen to that real quick.

Super dope.

Even if it's just your day, don't borrow.

The bottle is back in.

I don't want from me.

So again, this is off as sisters.

Super dope project.

Another track that we played was called easy.

Has a nice reggae feel to it.

Nice reggae vibe to it.

So let us play that real quick.

Sample that Tom Waits for No Man's face.

Catch me on the Dance Floor.

Real gone into you watch me.

Watch me.

Watch me.

Watch me all watch my ways.

I am in.

Patient bathing make a reservation cool.

So that's another one off of sisters from she will Maura.

Now this other one we haven't played in the show yet, but I am kind of looking forward to playing it on a future edition of the radio show and it's going to do a quick snippet of that.

Tell you about my friend, she Never let me tell you about my brother or my friends or that's all you get.

If you want anymore, I suggest go in purchasing sisters.

Check out the bandcamp page.

The website again, is fuel

As XIII om ARA music.

Mus I, super dope project you're going to hear.

A lot more from show, Mara on the radio show and yeah, so dope website as to the point I am saying, yeah, I would like to see like being able to maybe like a link to.

I don't know if they have like clothing or something.

I will be kind of dope like she Omar across the chest of a t-shirt.

We kind of do, but um, yeah, everything that you need, he is here way to contact, see what people have been saying.

About them.

The about what they say about themselves, the music, which is like the most important thing as a musical artist.

And, yeah, super dope, again.

Shout to show Amara and continued success to them.

And yeah, I think that's it.

So, thank you all.

Once again, if you like the music, feel free to support the artists, big fan of supporting artists and cool.

Thank you all.

I am gonna put y'all, send you all back to the focused work screen and hopefully whatever you're working on.

You are productive at it and getting something done so even if it's a small thing.

Alright so again a thank you all and going to head out of here.

So let me get that out tro, so we can get out of here again.

Thank you all and I may give this like a little bit longer so that you have more time to work on something.

Alright so this is the last session of the last Cipher for this week.

Be back.

Next week, you could check out what it says, subscribe at the top.

You will get, no, you can subscribe for notifications when we go live again.

And, so I have all of August, all Sundays plot out and it's to your local time.

So you don't have to do any weird time zone math or anything like that.

All right, so I am going to give to 30 after the hour or so about an hour more, so you all can work on some stuff.

So again, I hope it was super productive for you.

All thank you very much for hanging out and yeah, go back to work now.

All right, thank you all.

Alright, be easy.

Peace, so let me share the screen.

Let me know if you like these like covering different artists websites and the music and like you know, so I always try to sneak in like supporting artists and letting people know about them and stuff.

So let me know what you think?

All right, so thanks.

All right, here we go.

I will be out of here.

Thanks once again, y'all.

Bz, thank you.