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Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Same old place.

God didn't each other where we need to have.

We got him on the spot.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, welcome back.


So for the f*** time's going by super quick, right?

Final break session of the First Cipher.


All right, get stuff done.

I am getting there with the radio show, post-show stuff, but wasn't too prepared for this.

So I have been most of my time figuring out what I am going to be talking about during these breaks.

So yeah, but luckily enough going to after this final work session have some time in between and then going to have the second cipher later on and again, you will be able to check out the Times for your local areas, if you hit the Subscribe at the top, I made changes to the schedule.

I am not sure yet because you subscribe.

I mean, it is kind of schedule and then you're subscribing to this specific dates.

I don't know.

But yeah, you go, there you can subscribe.

We're just happened.

Oh, come on, you subscribe to the data where all of them upcoming dates and you will get notified when we go live, you get notified on the device that uses.

Scribed with I am using the web push API and so through that.

So, whatever device you signed up, you subscribe to for the upcoming date?

That's where you will get the actual little notification.

All right.

So yeah, amazing.


The, the web is an amazing place.

You can do all sorts of things.

All right, speaking of amazing.

Let us go over.

An artist's website that we play on the radio show.

All right, let me share my screen.

Start screen, share.

Definitely want to have some audio because we listen to some tunes.

Okay sips share that.


All right.

There we go.

Now, the group is called a green lights.

They're out of Chicago.

There are banned dig their stuff.

So we play them on the radio show.

We actually played them twice in the past, who shows.

So like yeah, we have been playing them because with the radio show, okay, so their website is green lights, music, dot org, and so let me go ahead and paste this link.


All right, so Green lights music.

So like I said, they're based out of Chicago first heard of them, when Big Shots a Tinderbox radio promotions.

I don't even know what it is, but like their radio promoter, and they send a bunch of independent music to the radio show, and if we like it, we play it.

And, so I have been digging, we have been playing green lights for minute.

Let me look that up.

So, the thing is, I have a I have been doing this for a minute, the radio show.

So back when Blogspot was like a thing.

We actually what I do is I kind of like catalog all the artists we played and so like, you can see right here, green lights music.

So we will be listening to this song A little bit later, but let me post this just in case if you're interested in like what we play on the show, and since I brought it up on the screen.

All right, so added to the list of They're so yeah, so when's the last.

So how long were you playing green lights music?

Let me check this out.

It's been a little bit been a while.

We have been playing them for a minute.

Let me see here.

So what's cool is, I can now search through this and then I can sort by date.

All right.

So, yeah, so the latest was yesterday, makes sense.

All right, so we started playing them like last year o, like, around this time last year.

All right?


And the first track was a track called overdrive.

So, yes, we played them on two, three, four like four times.

Not too bad for like a new group.

Yeah, a lot of times we place so much new music and new artists that to play artist over and over again.

It's kind of rarity, so he must really like them.

All right, neither here nor there.

Alright cool.

So this is green lights music dot-org.

And so let us take a look.

All right, is made with Squarespace by the way.

Also, you can kind of tell because they will have like this gray square.

And so yeah, that's you need to kind of tell it.

So it'd be cool.

If they maybe have like a green star or something.

That'd be cool.

It's not secure.

So I guess you have to do that through your whoever's your DNS provider or whatever for Or green lights music.

But it would be nice if it was like HTTP and stuff.

Neither here nor there.

You know, let me see if it does do HTTP.

Let me see.

What does?

Okay, never mind.

So I guess the link on their site on their Twitter page.

I think it's just HTTP, but it is I take that back.

That's cool.

So it is what you call.


Https secure nice.

All right, cool.

Alright, so let us take a look at this.

So scroll down.

So this here is green lights music.



So here we go.

So are they knew Chris?


So since March, 20, 20, most performers, musicians and live, artists.

Everywhere were forced to take a break from playing live and deal with struggles associated with covid-19.

As we now see the light at the end of the tunnel this group of MCS and lab musicians are ready to hit the live circuit with a passion like never before.

So, then, all right.

So during the break of live music, green lights went on to the two full-length projects.

The both hell significant time in the top 10 nacc, which is like the National Association of college music or Communicator.

Something that is the college charts.

Basically hip-hop charts last summer and this winter.

So I guess are they knew again?

I don't know anything about the group.

So that's why we go through websites.

Both project would given High Praise.

So maybe they are new and that's why you start playing them.

Okay, DJ's all Gods country.

You give a generous amount of rotation, you know, we contributed to some of that generation generous amount of rotation from Hallie notable independent and College radio stations.

We try.

I am not, I don't want to brag and say, you know, we were notable, you know, but WP R k-- has been around for a while.

Let us see.

Do so based out of Chicago, Chicago.

Underground scene.

Okay, so that so, they're saying that they have like a native tongues type of feel word will listen to that.

They have solidified themselves as a more conscious, which is my moniker.

But breed of hip-hop, which is not too prevalent in rap anymore.

I mean, depends on what you look.

In the same, right?

You can see Chicago, hip-hop roots and green lights music.

Through punchline, driven battle Rhymes incorporated into intricate wordplay.

So, okay.

So this nice introductory sentence or paragraph tired.

Alright, so yeah so cool.

Now the picture of the group I like to hire.

Oh the hieroglyphics hat their logo.

Nice, nice represent hieroglyphics, and that's it.

And then they have links to their various social medias.

Cool, and then again, powered by Squarespace cool, and they give you, let the know, let you know the reference Chicago, Illinois.

All right, cool.

So then, let us take a look at some of these Pages up top here.

So, go here.

So this is yes.


So, yeah, so, this is a track we played.

What was it?

No, look, it's the whole album by the guess.

There's a track.

I think, I don't know.

I am tired.

But yeah again, so, let us see.

All right.

So January 2021.

So they give some information behind the project.

Releases their newest album, the auto Poise cool, the their last release spacecraft.

Drop, July 17th.

All right.


And finishing the project and still living before me under conditions influence by Kobe.

That's another thing, like covid-19 for artists who make a living like performing live, really, really messed up there like Financial situations.

So yeah, the green lights crew, decided to stay creative and move on to the next project, cool.

Okay, so in the time of the producer of it.

Nice cool.



And then here is like the tracklist?

All right, cool.

What might be nice is to actually have the tracklist like written out for like Google and things, you know, the be able to pick that stuff up because I because Google can't read text on images, you know, I mean, or other search engines from what I understand.

If they start doing that, then we may be improved and problems.

But yeah, so here is the tracklist.


Be also nice to be able to hear it.

So, okay.

So you click this.

You're a, you're taken to the band camp.

So we will take a listen to this later, but it would be if I click this.

Yeah, see, it opens in the same page.

I like it.

If it opens in a new that's my own personal preference because I will have to hit back.

All right, so cool, but it'd be cool because band camp gives you like players like that.

You can embed, it is cool to have one like maybe even under here, you know, I mean he could be able to listen to it, so, that'd be cool.

So yeah, yeah.

Okay, nice.

So then about green Lines, music.

Oh, is this way?

Yeah, I am not.

Yeah, like can't really read the text on top of photos, you know, and it goes on here like see I would even see this text here, huh?

Yeah, that was kind of if you like.


I don't know if that was on purpose or what have you but yeah.


But looks like this is the same text.

I was on the front page.

Cool, some more stuff.

All right, good.

Oh, it's got a video here.


Let us see what this is about.

All right, go, so YouTube joint.

All right.

Let us take a quick listen.

Also, this is space heater.

Okay, so that first album they were talking about.

All right, let us take a listen real quick.

I have no clue in what they look like before.

So for this.

I got the Jordy glasses on.

All right.

It's wait, what's happening?

Good, sir.

Take looks here that, like, they think cooking a steak cooked killing.

Like, they Facebook feelings.

Be state, but killing, and they station feeling the beat.

So building has a story.

True and living.

Real hip-hop.

Don't call me Russell, Simmons haters.

Take a black guy, Robin Givens been paying, you know, do, it's gonna keep it real defensible.

We go flow, Monte kiffin hungry for the show.

Go, yo, my body is itching, but I am stuck inside my home.

So cool.

So, yeah, so That their space heater.

All right, cool.

Notice the Black Star shouts.

So they got some good taste.

So tell him, quality and most def are black star.

That's a super do project.

All right, cool.

All right, so that's that nice.

So that was the about green lights, music.


So spacecraft to see what's this is?

So this is the other album, nice.

Nice little wild style joint.

All right, nice information again, it would be nice.

So if I Okay, if I click this, this goes to Spotify.

All right, cool.

It'd be nice.

Okay, again, if it's on bandcamp, it is cool to have like a player there because I don't have Spotify.

I am a radio show.

Yeah, I am saying.

All right.

I see recycle material.

What's this?


Also, this is their fifth full.

They have been around for a minute.

All right, fifth full-length project.

All right, cool.

All right.


And then again it has the She has a verbal Kint.

We played them on the radio show as well.

Read a j.

Played them on the radio show.


All right, cool.

I guess it'd be nice if the actual for like Google and stuff to have it.

Like written out, you know, I mean so that it could pick up like if somebody's searching for, I don't know, Coke and rapper.

I think you'd have a better chance of it coming up.

All right, cool.

So now, does this have anything where I can buy?

So they have this link here for band, camp, cool.


If you can have like an audio player, I be great.

So I guess all these are albums because I know this one is the latest one, I in team, so, all right, let us ban of gypsy tribute.

Okay, nice.

So this is like a track.

Or something.

Okay, this is the first part of a two-part tribute album.

All right, cool.

Again, it'd be nice to have like an audio player or something.

But yeah.

Like this link and you can make the links like bigger like check us out on bandcamp like huge, you know, you want people to click on those things.

All right, cool.

There you go.

So check out some videos.

We took that one already.

This is the one we saw cool.

This one.

Let us take a listen.

Ralph From the Bench of our nation's highest court to defend the internal rights and freedoms of all Americans, you know, by the way, America need to see.

So I am coming to you from If Justice was a lady, I am demanding that You Hear My Cry.

2018 in America.


Because they are not believed that they are deemed to be trying to get some.

It becomes concerned.

If life's a b**** up for trusting her sees, not always fight like customers.

So I try to stay sharper for The Rustic cursing.

All the curves.

When I ride the Rope, when I go For Broke with one only go one trick pony.

Got a trick up his sleeve.


All right, word.

You have to go to the website to check out the rest of it.

All right.


All right, cool like that.

Let us see.

So Green Room.

What's that?

All right.

Oh, okay, I guess like behind the scenes stuff.

All right.

Word, word.


And there's actually Green in the pictures.

All right.

Oh, cuz green lights.

See ya.

I am tired.

All right, word.


Nice, little action shots.



All right.

Yeah, word, a lot of photos, a whole lot of them scrolling for days.


All right, cool.

I like flyers and stuff or shows.

That's another thing.

Yeah, like, is there a no-show?

Section like upcoming shows or something.

There's a contact.

T', again, like some time might be kind of hard for people to read the text on their on images, especially when they're like, so, like thin.

It's like a black and white image.

So but you know, it's cool Lisa's there.

All right.

Let us see.

And then here I in team and so this is the latest project.

If I click this, okay?

Cool, but wait, there's no wait.

Is there?

No link to check out the project?

Okay, not sure.

All right, but all right, cool.

So let us go check out the band camp.

Here's the band camp.


Let us look at the discography.

So let me post a link.

I am gonna post a link to this.

The video so you can check that out as well.


All right.

So we got a bunch of stuff here.


All right.


So these are all the album's nice so you can see they have been putting in work for a minute.

Good looks good.


Alright, so let us take a listen to I in team and so listen to the track that we played yesterday.

It Was Fear.

There you go Furious.

And it's like, listen, and then we will be out of here and get you all back on your way.

So here we go.




If you want more, you have to listen to the, you have the cop that album.

And so I word shots, too.

Green lights music word.

Alright, cool.

So yeah, that's the website looks cool.

I like it and saying, nice simple site.

But yeah, audio players if anything that would be great because you could literally like, embed this audio player.

So yeah, right here and then yeah, you can just embed it like a ask you like how you want embedded and stuff.

And so you can put this on your actual website, so it'd be cool to even if it's some like this and people can listen to the album.

I think would be great.

So yeah, but I like the website good stuff and weird up now that my opinion matters or anything.

I just you know, hoping that people he see this check it out.

Maybe like it may support the artists, you know steering.

So yeah the same hope as for the radio show kind of thing, so, alright.

So again, I thank you all for hanging out.

Going to give you all like an hour.

To finish up on whatever is that you're working on and maybe we will see you in the next Cypher.

Hold on.

Let me stop the screen share.

Please don't mess anything up, screen share.


So, alright.

Let me get ready to be out of here with outro music.


Alright, so again, hopefully you got some stuff done or at least you're on your way to getting some stuff done, you know, again, little bits of stuff like little bits actions, you know, I am saying, consistently add up to, like, great things.

At least I think so.

And that's the hope of these ciphers.

All right.

So again, thank you all for hanging out.

We're going to be out of here.

Make sure I did stuff.

Everything is good.


All right.

Now, I am going to give you all about like an hour to finish up and then maybe you will see you later.

You know, I mean or not, you know, have a great week and good luck.

See you next time.


The schedule is under the Subscribe tab, so you can press that.

And yeah, let me just I am really hoping I don't miss any of this up.


Yes, someone give you like an hour.

Yeah, cool.

All right.

Thank you.


I am just super Citrus is like last time and I accidentally went to the wrong place and it messed up, everything.

I am being very cautious, right now.

All right.

Again, thank you all for hanging out till next time much productivity to you.

Have a great week and see you.



Start screen, share.

Again, the outro music is nujabes.

One of my favorite producers of all time, featuring a Pawnee be and the tracks all.

Thank you.

All right, so see y'all next time be easy.

Yeah, there we go.

All right.

Thanks y'all.

See you.