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Has been a weird day. They are getting stuff Done. Speaker one of the artists featured was kanye west. Speaker created a project. The idea was to share screen, probably audio. Speaker is a big fan of kanye but has not kept up with the music since then. Speaker made a project using kanye west's logo. Speaker will explain kanye west's new quote. Wikiquote has quotes from famous people celebrities. Speaker is going to type the quote in and it works. They are looking at a spaceship. They are trying to find kanye west's video. However, they do not know all kanye west songs are official. Speaker has made a video of their projects to help they make sure it was playable in the country. Speaker forgot to get the song, Genius. Now he's using rap's site to scrape their lyrics. Speaker will send them a video of their presentation. Speaker is doing the clip stuff behind the scenes. They were earlier. Today they saw kanye west's new album.

Speaker goes to kanye. They have a lot of money. Kanye west is doing events. It's a stem player. It costs 200 for it. There are 20 21 products on the website of kendrick. It looks like a framework and is using shopify stuff. Speaker is always interested in what people make their websites out of all right. So they started looking at the dundas templayer info. They explained that they can customise any song. Speaker gives you control over any song at the stems, including controls for vocals, drums, bass and samples. You can add effects for channels. Bluetooth is like a soft skin. It has a 3. 5 millimeter speaker with usbc power and data. It is anti-static and supports 8 gigabytes of storage. Speaker is a big fan of open source music so they can put their own music on it. It's going to be available in the and the uk for now, but there's one year warranty from the date of delivery. Speaker has posted some shots of kanye west's work. There are some pictures of kanye west's new album. Speaker sent kanye west a video that they might buy. Speaker took a picture of their wallet and the volume in their account. Speaker will create a highlight video with kanye west's help. Speaker is interested in seeing how they can buy the music they create. Google collab where you can take a song and pipe it into an ai. Now speaker is going to do the final break session, which will be in about three hours. There are no de-stem players at the moment. Speaker is interested in creating and letting people create their own versions of their music. Speaker and kanye west remixed some stuff. You can subscribe to get notified. Speaker has some work to do today.

  • actual background image
  • drums bass vocals
  • wave file formats
  • dope
  • final break session
  • final work session

Take it out.

Welcome back that same old place that you will the number of all changed since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turn around each other.

Hey, what's going on y'all?

Alright, so that was weird.

I think I might have actually started the brake quicker than the actual database was able to update with the latest thing.

I don't know, but we're here and yeah, let us get this rolling.

All right.

It's been a weird day so far.

I am getting stuff done.

So that's cool.

So I am happy about that.

I totally lost.


The thing I was going to show.

Oh, I know him.

I know mines here, I think all right.

Yeah, here we go.

All right, cool.

So It's one of those days, but at least you're getting stuff done.

And yeah.

Please let us stretch real quick.

Yeah, he got stretch every once in a while.

All right, so I was on Twitter today and I saw that a certain artist had put out an album and I have not kept up.

So the artist is Kanye West.

I have not kept up with Kanye West for a minute.

Even though I created a project.

Let me share that right quick?

Do share screen, probably share audio.

Also, I guess we will see.


This is a project that I created during my time at boot camp, coding, bootcamp, and the idea was to create like it was open field to whatever we wanted to use, and they're like, use a bunch of apis, mash them all together and create something.

What was it chaotic and beautiful or something like that?

And for whatever reason, I immediately thought of like Kanye West's, I am like, of course.

So I am a fan of Kanye West, but I haven't really kept up since what was it?

He had a movie for it again.

See it shows you how much I keep up, and there's my beautiful and Dark Twisted, something.

I think I will remember, but they so.

So, but apparently he's dropped a bunch more.

Project since then and I saw somebody list it was like 10 albums.

I am like, wow.


I thought it was like five but shots of Kanye West's.

So this is the project I made.

And so let me Sonia, let us refresh it and kind of go over it.

So this right here is comes from giphy.

And so you can search by key, name key word, or have you search phrase and I have typed in Kanye West, and it loads a bunch of just random Kanye West gifts.

All right.

Oh, and when you make this, when you make it smaller, like for mobile size, the actual background image changes to one that's more suitable for smaller size like the picture.

Of Kanye West's like looking straight ahead.

So not angle or anything.


So this quote comes from Wiki quotes, I believe and then a lot of my sites like to create like what I used to create it.

So, yeah, so, thanks Kanye West genius for the It used to work.

We will talk about that giphy and yeah, wikiquote and YouTube.

So I built it with CSS.

Grid Firebase, Google Sheets, web speech, API, react, and materialize, cool.

Of course, I got to plug, you know, the shop.

So again, you can copper shirt.

All right, cool.

Now we get back to the project.

So again, this is coming from wikiquote.

So there's they have a whole bunch of quotes from famous people celebrities, and they will Kanye West of course is one of them.

And, so I am pulling a random quote from that.

Now, this is what I found.

Really cool.

So you're able to click here and through the browser.

Say your favorite Kanye West's.

All right.

I am not sure how it's going to work with this, but I am just going to type it in and so let us say you like I am a big fan of spaceships.

So let us look at spaceships.

This is off of a College Dropout from number correctly enter.

So what's happening is going behind the scenes and going to YouTube to try and find a match for it.

Looks like a spaceship sauna.

So this is what happens.

Another giphy if it can't find it.

So let us try again.

This spaceship.

Again, I have not kept up in such a long time.

A spaceship.

And so, what's happening is going and searching through YouTube looking?

I guess it is patient and it's looking for the video.

So it's like Kanye West and the name.

So it tries, it's best.

And I have some things because certain not all Kanye West songs are actual Like, official videos.

So that causes some videos that are fan-made not to be available in certain countries.

So I had to go through a whole thing to figure out to make sure it was playable in the country.

The person looking at and yeah, it was a whole thing.

So this became a lot larger than I thought it was that I thought initially going into it.

So like most of my projects so alright, so you have the video here.

I have been, there you go.

Yeah, you can hear that.

I am not trying to get strikes or anything here.

So, yeah, so there's that, the info.

So I pull this.

I forgot where maybe from Rap, Genius.

I think I might get it from there as well.

So I am able to pull.

Add information.

And then also now this used to work because it doesn't work anymore because I think Rap Genius may have changed something.

And so because what I was doing was I was basically scraping their site for lyrics because apparently it's illegal or something to be able to have lyrics on the Internet or something.

I don't know, whatever.

It used to work.

It doesn't.

I am not interested in actually fixing it.

So right.

All right.

Actually have video of it working.

So that's my presentation.


All right, so that's that.

And then cool.

Let us go with one that actually has video, Otis.

Is doing a sling behind the scenes?


My internet is super slow bamboo.

Okay, and then there's the video for it.

Play a little bit.

Yeah, so there is cool now.

I was on Twitter earlier.

Let me see.

I am doing the clip stuff.

Here you go.

Alright, so I was on Twitter earlier.

Oh, and I last break with everything going all.

While to the dashboard.

I totally forgot to create a highlight video.

All right.


Do so.

Now that brought me to today, when on my Twitter feed, I saw that Kanye West's new album.

Don does here.

Michael, where you go?

Well, Cool.

Last time I remember he was doing these few calls Sunday, service, Sunday's something and there's like out in the field, and they were throwing shows or something.

I don't know.

Shoutout to Kanye West.

He is amazing.

We have a much as much money as you want.

Just be able to do whatever you want.

It's amazing.

Hope to be there at one point.

But, so I saw this in my cool, so it was trending Kanye.

And donned donda, which I believe is, Named after his mother.

I think don't hold me to that because again, I don't know.

And this is funny kind of Kanye 2020 for.

That's wow.

And so you can see, Kanye West doesn't tweet a lot.

So like this last one was from November 3rd, 2020 in November 4th 2020.

So, so I guess it's big news.

I guess he's doing events.

Also, I think I saw, I don't know if it's real.

I think he set himself on fire, at one of these listening party things out.

Oh, it's wild.

So Chelsea, Kanye, so I was like, oh, we're let me go check out his website and I think it was down for a minute.

Like he does some cool stuff with his website.

So it's like, oh, let me check out what he has now.

So went to his website.

And so this is what came up.

And, Not sure.

So it looks like it's donda.

It's a stem player.

I guess.

It's $200 for it.

Yeah, $200 for it.

You could get a Max of 3 since it releases.

I guess some are 20 21.


So below that some, you know, let me check because we looked at the, the Kendrick Lamar.

I wonder what they're making this out of because this is just like, I don't know.

We will see.

That canvas nice.

All right, no doesn't look like any Frameworks, really?

Using them.

That's cool.

Oh, so this isn't I frame it.

Stored on netlist, fly.

It looks like.

So my friend short, I friend news.

Okay, look like might be a Shopify.

Yeah, so it looks like an iframe.

With some Shopify stuff in it.

Okay, at least for the cart, that's cool.

All right, my bad.

I wanted to check out what it was made of my fault.

I am always interested in what people make their websites out of all right, so, cool.

So, now, what this thing is, let me look at the info.

So, okay.

So is the Dundas templayer.

Customize any song ships with Don do the album, you can split any song into stems and Stems are like the pieces of the track.

So where the be like, I guess if there're horns, drums bass vocals, so everything's all split up so you can remix it.

I guess.

So you can split any song at the stems cool features.

So I could say, control vocals, drums, bass, and samples.

You can isolate different parts, so you can mute things out or, you know, we remove them or solo them out.

You can add effects for channel.

Lossless, audio mixing real-time, looping and speed control tactile effects.

You can save playback and share mixes.

You can customize colors and expects.

You have Bluetooth is like a soft skin.

Has a haptics for touch sensitive light.

Sliders, so, I guess these things here are sliders those things.

They're cool.

I wish you could like move this so you can but it just rotates.

So yeah, so I guess these are sliders cool.

As a 3.5 millimeter like a headphone Jacks.

And as a speaker, USBC power and data, so I guess all that's on the bottom where you can't see it.


Coating 8 gigabytes of storage and supports all these different wave file formats.

That's pretty cool.

So I guess I think you can stream the album now, but I guess if you want to be able to play around with it, that's pretty cool.

So again, I am a big fan of being able to have people take you like a creation and remix it and make it their own.

So almost, so it's like he almost or open source his album.

So that's pretty dope.

So shots a Kanye West, and they have frequently asked questions and stuff.

So can put my own music on it.

Yes, the platform can split any song into stems.

So I wonder how that works.

That's pretty cool.

So you just put it in a song and automatically I was like software on it, the plug it into, it says going to be available in the US and the UK for now, said your ship this summer warranty is one year warranty from starting in the day of delivery and you get to date two business days.

And then there's a link, that's cool.

So, pretty cool.

So, shots of Kanye West's for always doing something like Innovative and (creative) than a school and like techno technological.

He focused pretty dope, shoutout to Kanye West.

All right, so I am going to post a link to this so that you will be able to later on after in the archive of the video.

Be able to check it out.

But yeah, it's pretty dope.

So shut the Kanye West and I want to say if he liked, so I guess those are speakers.

They're the top and I guess below is where all the other inputs are and here, I guess are like to toggle through things and the volume it looks like and there's a speaker and then look like it might be a button that's on the top.

I wish it was like a three thing where I could like move this around and look at all the parts.

But yeah, so do the looks like, okay.

Yeah, there goes the Right there and the USB.

That's pretty cool.

Yeah, word.

So, shots of Kanye West's, again, I think is pretty dope.

We will see.

I am sure they're probably like videos and stuff for it by.

Yeah, sounds Kanye West.

Would you buy?

This is this.

The type of thing that you'd be interested in checking out and I might, I don't know.

Seems pretty cool.

Just to see, like, what is the volume and pick it up?

We will see.

I gotta check with my financial advisor.

It came my wallet.

Yeah, me and my online accounts so but yeah, that's pretty cool shots.

A Kanye West.

Let me make sure I click highlight, create a highlight video this time because I forgot, definitely last time.

And yeah, so what do you think?

It's like, he open source is album and asked.

That's pretty dope.

So shoutout to Kanye West.

All right, so let me stop this screen share, so I can pull up the outro stuff.

So, yeah, let me know what you think.

Would you purchase this?

Like, are you an artist you make music?

I am interested in seeing how we can.

Take any song and turn into stems because I did there.

Was this AI thing who did it?

I don't remember.

I remember doing like a collab, like a Google collab, where you're able to take a song and pipe it in to the AI.

It was able to split out all the different parts.

So like it would take out the guitar, the drums, the It split in separate tracks, you can download them separately.

I will see if I can find it.

I was pretty dope.

So I wonder if that is built on and this is like maybe a few years ago.

So I am sure the technology is gotten better.

But yeah, super dope.

So shoutout to Kanye West.

Alright, so this is the final break session for this Cipher.

We back in about three hours.

So what I am going to do is I am gonna give more time for this final work session and so that, you know, and you could be able to work on whatever it is that you need to work on.

But yeah, so let me know what you think.

Is this a thing, the don't de-stem players at a thing?

You're looking to check out and purchase.

I might check it out just to see like the pot, like what is possible with it?

Because that's kind of cool.

Like I said, Always been into artists creating their music and then letting it out for people to add to it and create their own versions of it out.

And then to me, that's like you be able to kind of, like, locate new like artists and like they collaborate officially with them.

I don't know.

I think it's super cool.

As long as you know, you don't really like sell it as it is or whatever.

I don't know.

But yeah, all that remix thing is stuff is kind of like a whole nother issue but Shoutout to Kanye West for making it happen.

That's pretty dope.

So cool.

Alright, so let us get out of here again.

Thanks for hanging out.

I did video player.


All right.

Thanks y'all.

If you want to check out the future, the following Cipher coming up or later on at the top.

There's a schedule.

It shows all the other ones.

You can subscribe to get notified.

All right, cool.

Thank you.


Once again, for hanging out.

I have got some work to do.

Hopefully, you have your thing you're working on until it works.

Thanks till next time.

All right, cool.

Let me share my screen.

Whoo, today's been like off having fun getting stuff done, but just off.

All right.

Thanks to all be easy piece.