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They also has some information, who licenses music in a lot of places. They also has a video of their live performance at an event. Twitter event calendar. It has been created by and is organized in the main section of the news.

According to the latest information, they created an illustrated book called they see. Speaker shows you how to buy in the store on bandcamp.

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Same old place that you laugh about well, the number of all changed since you hung around, but those dreams everything, and they turned around thought they need you.

Always good spot.

Here are, welcome back and a smile way I think and I know, hey, what's going on?

Welcome to welcome back to the final break session of the second cipher of the day.


Alright, hopefully it was productive for y'all.

Hopefully, you got some stuff done or at least made some sort of small dent into something.

So yeah.

Alright, cool.

So for this one let me see here.

I wanted to go over a website of an artists who have known for a little bit, and he's actually been on the radio show a couple of times.

Yeah, a few times.

And so yeah.

So without further Ado, let me and if you have been listening to any music while in the focus work session, there's like the player he submitted some music also for that.

So you have probably heard his music.

So I wanted to go over the homie substantial, check out his website, see what he's got going on.

Listen to some music, this is some tunes.

Alright, so here we go.

Now he has a few websites.

So we're just going to go over his like artist one, and so I am

I am

So I want to do these because I think as like if you want to be like a web developer or if you're into the web and like design and everything is kind of cool to see what other artists have on their website like in like where things are laid out and what they find is like important for them in the Chris, specially artists who make a living by doing their art, you know I mean so yeah so just kind of got to go through here and check out some stuff.

Then check out some videos and music.

Alright, so here we go.

I am

That's his Twitter also, I am substantial.

All right, cool, where's the nuts?

Okay, here we go.

So we start off with the homepage and then nice little thing at the top here is as out now, substantial, dedicated and driven.

And so it's a whole thing he has going on like a campaign kind of thing, and so he's super like, proud of being a father, which is dope.

You can hear it in his music.

And so, dedicated and driven its dad.

Oh he saw that so yeah.


So I am substantial a black of all trades.


So let us take a look at the home page.

So you see right here, become a patron, all right.

And the latest information he actually released a book like an illustrated book super dope as based on the song In My Daughter's Eyes.

So now check this out, his original track that he did before was in my Otters eyes, like he had one daughter at the time, then he had another daughter, and he had another track, they put out called in my daughters, like multiple eyes, so that just pretty dope.

So, So you got so heat based on that song, he created an illustrated book called she sees.

So that's information.

Here you can click on it, you can purchase in the store on bandcamp.

Again, you notice I like band camp shows up a lot and a lot of these different and I don't know if it's that a lot of artists are using band camp, or is it maybe a lot of the artists?

I pay attention to use band camp.

I don't know what it is.

But, so I wrote a book is illustrated by Bye.

Nina Nelson and his wife edited the book as well.

So that's pretty dope.

So says she sees is a father's observation of the World Through The Eyes of his two young daughters and so it's pretty dope.

And here's a video of one of his latest songs the dedicated and driven that we saw before, and he has merchandise will see like t-shirts hats his merch game.

Is on point, any time I have seen him before wife.

Yeah, merch table on point.

The he actually has like a binder because he has like so many shirts, he doesn't have like shirts and stuff on the table where people pick us up.

He has like a binder, all of the everything any kind of like go through.

Like, I like that.

That, that and it is get it for you.

That's you can tell is a pro, you know, I am saying, been doing a lot of shows for a minute and so yeah.

So weird about the dedication.

In and driven, dad is a celebration and reflection of fatherhood written and produced by substantial.

And we will take a look at the video later but the official do it.

Okay, I didn't know, his wife directed edited and Illustrated, it nice, very talented family, so super dope.

And that is from his project, a soundtrack for fatherhood and the project is inspired by his journey as a father of two girls and his first-ever children's book and Idle.

So not only did he release the book.

He also has like the soundtrack for the book as well.

I think I am playing some of it on the show before I think, I am not sure.

But yeah.

So here we go.

Soundtrack and fatherhood so that's the track word.

Dad is on there.


And then you see it's a player right from band camp.

So everything you can get right on the website we have to leave.

So that's pretty dope.

Let us see.

Oh then also some information about I guess he has some music.

He also licenses music in a bunch of places and so that's like it was in a pub G mobile game thing, cool.

And then oh and then, so he has like a video of his live performance at an event.

He's based out of the DMV, the DC Maryland, Virginia area.

And so you will see a lot of shows from there.

This is like an upcoming events thing I guess and then what is this?

I guess his latest tweet.

I guess not sure what that is.

But yeah, look like it's at week because it has a 2.0, and I am not sure I guess this is an event calendar, maybe not exactly sure but then you saw like we saw the sample, the great website, there's an in bed from songkick that has a bunch of shows that are coming up with looks like nothing is showing up.

He has nothing plant right now.

All right.


So that.

All right, so this section that's the front page.

So you can see has like LinkedIn, patreon the latest news events, Twitter, something like that.


So then the news is basically that middle section again with all the news items kind of just separate it out.

So all the same stuff, So it's pretty cool.

All right, good.

Now the bio speaks about who he is.

And another thing.

So, The first time I heard of substantial it was, he was a part of a group from qn5, and they had this song, the group was called be fam.

And they had a song about that was based on Tetris.

So the beat was, it's called line drop.

There we go.

Yeah, it's called line drop and the be sampled Tetris if you have ever played Tetris, you know the further along you go, the faster the song goes and that's how the song was structured.

So they'd wrap, you know, I am saying like normal like slow normal and then it progressively got faster and faster it really clicks creative.


And, so I think that's the first time I have heard of substantial, But he also made a bunch of tracks with new Jabez and everybody that knows me knows.

New job is like one of my favorite producers, and so I think I knew about them separately and it wasn't until I guess I am maybe heard the name substantial more where I heard the new Jabez because nujabes produce like his whole first substantials first album if I remember correctly.

And so yeah substantial debuted in 2000 collaborating with the late Jack.

His producers nujabes.

So I guess because I heard about new Jabez through Samurai Champloo first, I think, and he had stuff before that.

So yeah, I think so.

I just kind of it was until the later I put it together.

Like oh, ok.

So he super dope Amazing Music, substantial and nujabes put together.

And yeah, so you can look out for that talks about like whose worked with and that Chuck D of Public Enemy for to substantial as quote, unquote.

One of the great MCS of our time, that's pretty dope.

Try to Chuck D his Ebony magazine, hiphopdx DJ booth, okay, MTV VH1 bet, word.

So it's cool to kind of show, I guess, social proof, I guess it is kind of like been putting in work and been recognized by these places that you may also recognize.

And so yeah.

So other artists worked with companies that have like featured in licenses music.

Lot of dope stuff.

So and then there's this random follows I guess once you like oh this guy, sounds awesome.

Let me follow my Spotify.

So, so now also he's a teacher.

So, in the DMV I think Virginia, well, you know, as an educator substantial has spent over 20 years teaching, and working as a youth advocate in Washington, DC, Maryland and New York.

So he currently teaches bit music business classes at the Omega Studios School of an Applied recording artist and Sciences whoo-hoo.

Okay, in Rockville, Maryland.


So one thing substantial about his business.

Yeah, I mean, and he's willing to teach people about.

He's about what he's learned in business.

And, you know, because he makes a living from this.

And so he's like, like it with the teaching he wants to be able to spread where he learned to other people as well.

And so he and his wife cosima.

Co-founded substantial art and music LLC or Sam organization focused on providing consulting services to the art and music community, and so he has built Partnerships.

Cool, cool, cool but stuff.

So yeah, so he's all that stuff.

I saw him do like workshops and things to and different like community centers and stuff, and there's something else, so yeah, there's a whole bunch of stuff there.

Substantial is that guy so it's super cool, dude.

And then again Sound the song kick because again like touring is super important like he's a veteran at touring.

All right cool so we got the audio.

Which is cool.

Like now, for sampled the great, when we click that, it took me like two a whole nother webpage.

Whereas here, he has stuff embedded, which keeps you on the site, which is super dope because you don't want people to lose focus.

You want?

They came to your site.

Try to keep them on your site as long as possible and give him all the information they're looking for.

So he has a bunch of his albums and music up here.


A lot of good stuff.

Shouts to (substantial) than got video.

And again, it's tougher embedded inside of the site which is the store.

So that opens in a new window and it goes back to his substantial art and music website.

And, you know, maybe we will talk about that at another time.

But yeah, so like I was saying, here's the t-shirt for the dedicated and driven and so, yeah, he's on his merch game, like he, he's about it.

All right, so back to the site.

So yeah.

So we got a bunch of videos here and then the Songkick again.

So he definitely wants to make sure, you know that he may be in your town, and we got some photos another, in bed, just cool events, which is a sound kick thing, kind Tack and then all the socials and I like how when people have their social towards the end because like I said, you want to keep them on your site as long as possible.

You don't mean and so that you kind of control where they're at, because once they go to another site, they may wander off on some Other artists and just down this Rabbit Hole.


I mean so yeah cool.

So okay.

So we're going to go to this bandcamp page where he has for that latest album, the soundtrack for fatherhood.

This is his latest project and let us check out this music video then his wife Illustrated directed and edited super dope.

So transfer show, all right, here we go, click play.

Make it so check.

If we make some children, they give me life in part because I am giving them loving options with this freak is convenient.

When needed, please move with caution here, destroy those doubts about always lie there when needed that was there for your first breath.

And I am here with my last sleeve and your dad is always looked forward to moving the family forward to play the bad guy.

So there you just go get a little snippet of that.

So, go cop, the album.

Oh, yes.

And I did buy it.

So, yeah, right there.

So there are certain artists where is just an automatic cop.

I am saying I just buy it because I know it's going to be good music and most importantly, most of the time Queen.

So I play the stuff on the radio show so yeah I don't remember I think I got the digital of the book, I don't remember what I got but yeah so shots is substantial.

He's got the book out and let us play so.

Okay, here's the original In My Daughter's Eyes.

Let us all hear that real quick.

This is what I believe he had one daughter, and then we will play the one where you had two daughters that were.

It's the book was based off all.

So this couple of quick Snippets of the song, Here We Go.

Hopefully, they will play.

There you go, things are slow and I will add more time late.

So for the last session, it's a man's world all about him because you're cool.

But she knocking ladies first only, but she put there by one of the take more than ever see your resin Soldier.

Hold up, let me stop acting like I am not him, like I never woman, I don't undermine it, wanna have a one and where I want to win, I want it in a whole heap.

A bigger treated, like a fool.

Natasha only valuable if Scott him and if she can have a baby boy by Future male chauvinist just like him.

All right words.

All right so you have to pay for more, all right?

And then right here, this other one in my daughters more than one eyes.

So work May remember this be if you're listening to your works, at you have never been careful.

She sees someone While others are.

There you go?

That's all you're gonna get right now.

So all right, cool.

Also, with all that being said and done, we're going to head out of here.

So once again, thank you all for hanging out this week.

We're going to be doing this again.

We're going to do this again next week, so check out the notifications page where you will be able to get notified and see a list of all the upcoming events and yeah.

So again thank you all for coming through.

I really hope I shared that sound but I won't know until afterwards.

So hopefully you heard all that.

Otherwise, we will do it again at another time.

So, all right.

I am really hoping eyes.

Share this out, hopefully.

All right, so I am out of here.

I am going to give it about another an extra hour.

For this last session and so hopefully it's productive.

See y'all next week and thanks again.

So the next week I will be easy and productive.



Y'all hear about your music.