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Enterprise associates, liberty, global ventures and chios, lequ'il soit ventures has been demonstrating its contact lens technology since 2020. Scott Stein describes it as the world's smallest pair of sunglasses. Microsoft mac os with the pinwheel appeared on august 24th. Technology has become fully functional. Speaker wants to buy new glasses.

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Welcome back that same old place that you like about for the none of us have all changed since you hung around, but those dreams everything, and they turned around.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, welcome back.

All right.

So, how was your first work session?

Hopefully you got everything.

You want everything, but hopefully you made like a start on whatever it is that you're working on.

So cool.

I actually wash my laundry's done.

So I am doing The drawing.

Now I pretty much got everything as far as social media radio show post broadcast promo.

Work Social, Media, stuff done.

So, yes, I posted to the all the Twitter, Instagram, Instagram, whatever the thing at the top.

Is that go away after a day thing?

Yeah, so big shoutouts to my co-host on the radio show, be unique.

So he does a lot of the like live.

We call it.

We do a live playlist on the show.

And so record like a little snippet of the track that were playing.

WE Post Instagram, and he puts the artist, he tags the artists so that people would know who they are on Instagram and name of the track.

So, yeah, so He was there last yesterday to do it.

I will have to do it today.

And that's just great.

I am a big fan of doing things while I am live or what, you know, I mean like while I am doing stuff, I like to have other things happening, so I don't have to do it later.

So like for example while I am doing this recording this broadcast, not according but it's a live broadcast.

And what's happening is that I am also doing like the little Clips creating the highlight.

Oops, and then so afterwards.

So once this is done, I can just do some more content that I could post to other places and it's happening while I am doing it.

Yeah, I mean instead of having to come up and think about it later and create it and all these things.

Nope, making content for other things while I am doing this content here.


So yeah.

All right, so neither here nor there, but it did work.

So it looks like whatever the glitch was halfway through the Broadcast last week.

We got his working now.

So the video got published to the archives and the thumbnail is generated and I didn't check to see if the other stuff like the, the what you call it.

The details were generated, but look like I was watching the logs and look like it did get sent off to be generated.

So we will see.

All right, neither here nor there, but just some behind the scenes stuff that hey is actually working.

That's Good, so it's one less thing for me to work on.


Let us talk about this thing that I came across.

I thought it was cool.

So, again, this is just kind of little short lightning talk thing for people may or may not know I am big into WebEx are which includes augmented reality and virtual reality on the web.

So I am a big fan of that stuff.

And so sure my screen now.

I thought this was pretty cool and creepy at the same time.

So I would like to get y'all.

Feedback on it as well.

So here we go.

Share my screen.

All right, so shots a CNET.

Let me, you know what?

I have this thing now, so I am going to link to the article.

I am going to add that to the video so you can always check it out.

If you want to check it out yourself.

All right?

In the archives because that works as well.


All right, so Do I hear them now?

So there's this company Mojo vision?


So they make contact lenses.

And it looks like their able to put an AR display in the context and so the processor and wireless tech all in a contact lens, which is kind of amazing.

So, Okay, yeah.

At a clip.

Alright, so and here I so do you want to wear screens on your eyes?

That's the question from Steven Shanklin or red CNET?

Wow, so I guess that's it there.

And so further, they kind of show.

Like what?

So here is like the technology.

So it has motion sensors, the actual imager, and the display is right in the center.

And then it has this Wireless thing here and the processor like, Wow.

Now they were saying was cool.

Is that some uses for it?

Which I thought was cool.

Okay, so there's some I like battery life.

So I they said they hope to reach a one-hour life soon.

So I guess you got the ticket in and out.

I am not sure how you would charge it like?

I am not sure, but looks like alphabet, Google's parent company.

Try to make a contact lens that could monitor glucose levels, but they scrapped the project and Yeah, like okay, but they had a part where they kind of said like.

Oh and so here is like of the acts that CMOS.

So here's what it looks like.

So that was this thing up here.


And now the let us see.

How on the okay.

They said go for product is for the wearer, to have the lens on there are all day and be able to access information regularly, and then recharge it overnight.

Okay, but there was a part where I was like, like highlight these things do they said something about?

Like, what they're hoping to be able to do with it.

They will say, like for like people who have like Vision impairments that it would be able to, like highlight letters and things to help make it better to see.

Of course.

I can't find it now.

Oh, man.



Hold on.

I am had to look for it.

What was it?


Here we go.

So, alright.

So Mojo's plan is to LeapFrog clunky headwear.

Like Microsoft's hololens that have begun incorporating.

An are, by the way.

Our is augmented reality.

I don't know if I saw that, so it's kind of like seeing the real world and overlaying it with data on, whatever it is that you want to look at.

So, for example, Mojo lens could help people with vision problems for example by outlining letters in text or making curve.

Curved edges.

Those curved not curb.

Oh no, more parents.

And so that'd be cool.

Some people who have like even like low vision to maybe like help sharpen it.

That'd be kind of cool.

The product also could help athletes see how far they biked or how fast their heart is beating without checking other devices.

So kind of like again, like I say like overlaying data on things so maybe because, you know, how you even on some phones, you have like, the a are.

So if you're in your maps, you can kind of get hold it up and it would give you directions.

On how to get there?

So instead of looking down at your phone all the time.

I guess you'd be able to just look and then you will see arrows pointing to wherever you want.

Or maybe you could like.

Hey, I am looking for this type of food and then it will show you like the menu or whatever.

Like you're looking at a restaurant from the outside.

Maybe you can see the menu of what they have and specials and things or sales in different shops and, you know, stores and stuff.


Oh, that's cool.

But only be like in movie theaters because remember, we have like a 3D glasses and movie theaters.

What if you didn't need, like the 3D glasses and you just now thing is I don't know if I want that all the time though.

Your, I mean, like just want, I don't know.

I just want random things jumping in front of me because that would freak me out at least with, like, glasses.

I know that I am I have that, you know, like, I don't know.

It's what do y'all think?

I am seems cool.

But for The Right Use cases and knowing that you have it on because if it's like contact lenses, I don't wear contacts or anything but like isn't it that the whole need is that the whole point is that you forget that you have them on?

And, so I can only imagine like if you're driving or whatever and like an AR pterodactyl comes out of nowhere or something, you know, I mean like and its technology and can these things be hacked?

Because is it connected to the internet?

Like what?

What is going on?

So my mind go through goes to those places whenever I read stuff like this.

So it's cool technology and I can see the use form.

But, you know, let us be careful with what it is, you know, I mean, so, and then they're saying like what was it?

Like 15 million people.

So they're looking to replace the thing.

Oh, no.

So yeah, so to start up.

Pick contact lenses as an AR display technology because a hundred and fifty million.

Ian people around the world already wear them, they're lightweight, and don't fog up.

So, that's another thing.

When it comes to a, are their work.

Even when your eyes are closed to what, pretty much my eyes are closed, and I am sleeping.

I am not trying to do have any work done like me physically on my body at all.

So contacts or anything.

So yeah, I don't know if they want you to sleep with, but the other charge, and they said, you could charge them overnight.

I don't know.


This is just you can check it out.

I have a link to it.

The video page so you can check it out.

So the development, the Mojo is developing its lenses with Japanese contact lens maker mennick on its raised 159 million dollars.

So far from venture capitalist, including new Enterprise Associates, Liberty, Global Ventures and chios, Le qu'il soit Ventures.

And so yeah, so they said that been demonstrating its contact lens technology since 2020.

And so the person Scott Stein said that it was like the world's smallest pair of sunglasses.

Okay, that's another thing.

Like you don't want it to like whip it like shuts down or because you don't want to get like, hazy or turn like black and you can't see, you know, I mean, like what if you again is you're driving or something and it's like it's trucks down or something like, I don't know.

But that's or maybe get like the pinwheel and an iOS or whatever.

What is it?

Yeah, Microsoft Mac OS with the pinwheel.

Maybe you will see.

I don't want to see that.

You know, I mean or turns blue.

Like in our windows or something.

I don't know.

The company hasn't said when it will ship a product but on Tuesday, this came out August 24th.

So last month, it's technology is now feature complete, meaning, the company has all its necessary ingredients including hardware and software.


What do y'all think?

Would you get these?

And even if you don't have glasses like me glasses, would you get them anyway, because there's people who have like glasses, but they don't have prescription films in them.

Like they're just glasses.

So it would you get these?

Also, I don't know.


I am funny about all you have work, regular glasses.

So I am funny about sticking my finger into my eye.

Too many times.

So what do y'all think?

I think it's interesting as fascinating for a simple fact that they're able to get the technology down so small and like working.

And it's so that's pretty cool to me.

I don't know.

So what do y'all think?

Let me know but it sounds kind of fascinating.

I am looking forward to seeing where it goes.

I like to see more information on things, some of my concerns that I brought up.

So yeah, she will some Mojo.

And yeah seems cool.

So yeah, so it's kind of like people familiar with Google Glass.

So but with I guess both eyes, so would it be both eyes?


Yeah, I guess so because it'd be weird just having one.

I right.

I don't know.

But we're getting closer and closer to being like cyborgs.

So there's that.

All right, so I am going to send you all back on your way and get some work done to its time right to do.

So again, let me know what y'all think about it.

I find it kind of fascinating and creepy at the same time.

So, yeah.

Okay cool.

All right.

Yes again, look at that.

That's so tiny and has all those things at All Those sensors and stuff.

That's pretty cool.

I don't know.

I think it's cool.

I am more on the side of like that is super cool.

But my other side my brain is like, oh, I don't know.


I am a vegan, trust humans with that.

I mean is cool technology, but people are people, you know, I mean, so, I don't know.

All right.

I am going to get you all back to work.

And yeah.

So again, thanks for hanging out.

Let me close this stop.

This screen share, so I can get the outro where my mouse go ours.

Okay, cool.

All right, y'all, good luck with your next work session.

Hopefully it's productive for you.

All right.

Thanks again.

Y'all be easy piece, crit.

Don't forget to create a highlight video.

I almost forgot to do that.

That would be bad and sad.

All right horse.

Cool art.

Thanks again.

Y'all start screen share and get you all back to work.

This here, go and when we come back, we're going to go over.

It was band, camp, Friday.

I bought a whole bunch of stuff.

So we're gonna go over a band's website, which is pretty cool.

So yeah.


So see y'all soon?

15 minutes after the hour.

All right, here we go.