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Andreww is happy to see their old friends.

Andreww is doing the final Cipher of the day. It's a block of three hours. There's a work session, a break session and a talk session.

Andreww shows Pete how to join the chat room and how to subscribe.

Andreww is going live. Andreww will send out a notification that you will get when the live stream starts. Andreww is thinking about having the video play instead of the audio on their stream. Andreww is working on building a building in their van. Andreww is working on shelving in their van. Andreww is trying to figure out how they want things like easy for they to be able to pull and things.

Andreww is working on a side tangent.

Andreww is using the web speech recognition API to translate what they are saying into text. Andreww gives you a custom intro with your username and allows you to check it out and preview. Then below that you can join the chat room.

Andreww wants to talk about the break session. Andreww doesn't need any audio. Andreww has created a website with songs that can be used in projects and projects. You can buy it, support it or share it. Andreww will open Twitter and will pre - populate the Tweet with the artists and with their like Twitter handle. Andreww will show a list of tasks you have completed. Andreww has looked over the curriculum for web development. There is a countdown timer that counts down to the break session, 15 minutes after the hour. Andreww has resources to learn about coding. Andreww gives some tips on how to get started with web development. Andreww is a script developer and part of their responsibilities is to go over and make sure there are straightforward tutorials for people of all varying levels to be able to understand them. Andreww has created a web application where users can log in and talk to each other via the internet. they also created a Jaco to help a coder / creator out.

Andreww wants the owner of a room to put a link to a URL to their room on social media so that people can request to join the room. Andreww doesn't want people to jump into the room and create chaos. Andreww wants to improve the way people can log in to their or their room. Andreww is developing a chat system that allows speech to text and audio to be recorded and made available. Andreww is organizing a group gathering. Andreww wants people to come together and provide feedback or come up with a solution. Andreww explains how to create a profile on Twitter and send a tweet. Andreww has a video embedded for the link and a video that's in the M. Bed. Andreww has been downloading the videos and attaching them to the them.

Andreww launched a new side project and wants to talk about it in Tech this week. Andreww wants people to listen to music, watch videos and support artists.

Andreww wants to thank everyone for Hangouts. Andreww is going to create a highlight video from all the Highlight Clips and send it to Anthony Cruz.

  • work session
  • break session
  • break mode
  • script developer advocate advantage
  • phone number
  • youtube videos
  • text chat
  • group
  • custom video
  • artist website

Place the chicken laugh about well, the know-nothings have all changed since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turn around each other.

Always could spot a rare, welcome back and I smile way I think and I know what to see you again.

Learning me what this song?

Where we need each other.

You got it.

Got it on the spot.

Hey, welcome back.

All right.

So, how's everything going?

Well, I hope.

All right.

So this may be your first Cipher of the day for me is the second because we do two of these and this is the final one.

Cipher is consisting is as it's a block of like three hours, right?

And so we do on and off we go through sessions.

So there's like the work session, which you may have, like, experience just now and then there's the break sessions.

So, work sessions are like, 45 minutes break sessions about, like, 15 minutes depending on what we're talking about, and they just alternate back and forth.

And So you go from working.

They take a little break, you know, stretch it out, you know, even you just put in like some hardcore like Focus work and then you get to kind of whether it be like walk around.

Take a break, you know, do what you gotta do, or listen, to me, ramble about random things.

So, alright with that said, welcome and thanks for hanging out.

What it is that you work on?

You know, let me know there's a chat room so you can join the chat.

So yeah, let me Walk you around.

This is the break session that you're looking at now above, you will see the menu.

And so we have like home shop, subscribe.

And if you're logged in, you will say, log out.

If your log, if you're not logged in and say, log in there, you will actually the Subscribe.

You can see a list of the upcoming ciphers that we have coming up upcoming ciphers coming up.


Make sense.

So we have those and then you Can subscribe to either all of them in one shot at the top.

Or you can do individual ones, and will happen is when we go live.

I will send out a notification that you will get that.

Hey, we're going Live.

Come on by.

All right, so below that we have the video, but you're looking at me through now just like a little warning but below that it says that you may need to click play to start the stream.

And if you ever like, just come to this site, and we're already In break mode and break session browsers.

They don't allow for like autoplay video and audio, you know, because it can be jarring, which I can understand.

So it may look Frozen.

So you may just have to click play to get the stream.


What I might do.

I have seen like twitch and YouTube do it.

It's where they have the video playing, but there's no audio.

So I guess that's a way around the loop.

Well, I guess the main thing is the audio.

So maybe just having the video play.

I am out.

I will look into that.

We will see, but further down the line right now.

I am working on other stuff.

As you can see.

I have got like, then, actually, like building, like, not, not like, programming building, but, like, physically building.

I got these like, these shelves.

I have been kind of putting together for my van.

So that's why I kind of looks messy.

Also, because All the stuff in the van.

I kind of put it in here and so as I am working on stuff inside the van and so yeah, that's why that stuff is there.

So right now I am working on the shelving.

So I am trying to figure out how I want things like Orient and like easy for me to be able to pull and things.

Some kind of like it's going through like all the different permutations on the layouts and stuff in my brain.

So yeah, so I think I might have something, so I am going to Kind of like build up the stuff and see how it is before I start actually, you know, physically putting it in there.

All right.

That's just what I am working on.


Now below the video, what you just watched me go, that whole side tangent.

We have the open closed caption.

So what's happening right now?

Is that, as I am speaking?

I am using the web speech recognition API to translate what I am saying into text.

Hopefully, it's pretty accurate, but you never tell.

So it also helps me speak more deliberately and Clearly and slowly just make sure I am understood.

So that's happening.

So you should see if you click that button.

You should see the text popping up on the side of what I am saying.

Cool below that now, if you find anything interesting during these breaks you can add a clip and will do is it will do its best to clip out that segment that you were looking for.

And then you get five of those there, five seconds apiece, you get five of them.

So when then when you get the five, you hit create a highlights video.

And so what that does are, it stores all the different time stamps of your clips.

And when I hit stop broadcast, it sends it to my back end, where I have all these things happening, and it will combine the clips.

Give you a custom like, intro with your username, and then you will be able to check it out and preview.

Do it and see if you want to post it to social media or what have you, and I will show you where you will be able to get that.


And then below that we have well or to the side, depending on the width of your screen, but we have the countdown timer which counts down till the next session, which in this case is going to be the work session then below that you can join the chat room.

And so we have a chat section, and we also have a question section.

So you have any questions, feel free to ask them during that time in that area?

Cool, so now that's that.

So that's the break session.

Let us talk about the work session.

This is where, you know, the good stuff happens and All rights, share my screen do something that.

All right.

I don't need any audio.


So, Here we go.

All right.

So now this is the work session, yours may look different because the backgrounds are like randomly chosen so that may be different.

And also the tracks, I know a bunch of like really, really good, producers really talented producers.

And, so I asked them to they would want to submit any checks and a lot of them did, and so I appreciate them.

And so we get to use them in like joint in projects and stuff.

So if you want to do some really cool Tunes while you're working on your thing.

There you go.

And we can do is also if you want to support, if you really like it, you want to support.

You can actually buy it.

It's blue band camp.

So big fan of band camp, so you will be able to buy it.

If you want, you can share it as well.

And then, if you want to spread the word, if you just like the bare minimum, spread the word you can hit tweet and you can help spread the word about its.

Well, they will do is open up in a new browser.

Will open Twitter and will pre-populate the Tweet with the artists and so with their like Twitter handle.

So that way you kind of spread the message.

So, yeah, cool.

Then towards the center of the screen.

We have our to do section.

And this is where you add your task.

So right here, was, it's a task, you enter.

What you look to do hit enter or the plus sign and that will add it to the to Deuce you be able to check the to dues when once you complete them and now put them in the done.

So you can click done and I will show a list of the tasks you have completed.

Now when everything is all said and done and your look, you're calling it a day.

You can actually just click the Twitter icon and now again open up Twitter in a brand-new window with the pre-populated tweet, and we will List all the different items that you have got completed.

It's kind of like a nice way to like and like, you know, put a rapping on the boat kind of thing of the day.

You're like, ah, got stuff done.

Feel good about it.

I can move on.

Yeah, I mean, so.

Alright and then we have another countdown timer.

This one counts down to the break session.

And again, they happen 15 minutes after the hour, cool.

Then below that lets say you have no clue what you want to do.

But you heard coding is cool.

You have no idea about coding.

I have in the to Orioles to good resources from.

I have been told I have looked over the curriculum seem pretty good.

So it's fish especially for like web development.

And, so I have free code Camp, dot org and the Odin project.

And with those, I believe you can get a good feel for whether or not you like web development and whether or not you want to devote more time and or money to find out if you maybe want to turn into a career.

Something or start a business or do whatever, you know, make your fansite or whatever, you know, you do what you got to do and I think those will give you a good like basis on to decide whether or not you want to continue.

And let us say you do want to continue or maybe you're into coding already looking for some cool projects, the kind of just get started and end like in a few like within this time slot.

You don't mean get something kind of cool working and maybe get your creative juices going to be able to build upon it.

I am an of a script developer Advocate advantage and part of my responsibilities are to Like, kind of like go over and like tutorials.

And I have a hand in tutorials, and it kind of makes sure there are straightforward for people of all varying levels to be able to kind of understand them.

And so, I got three of them on there.

And we have got the, this is cool.

So you can type in a phone number into your browser on the web application and then that will ring up and actual phone in the real world and you be able to have a conversation.

Station back and forth.

Super cool.

Then we have the opposite.

We can call a virtual number from a real phone and then pick it up on the web application and carry on a conversation again.


Then we have, we have a web application where to users can log in, and then one can call the other, and they can carry a conversation through the web.

It's amazing.

So those I think can be useful in all sorts of applications.

So, yeah, so we have that.

So maybe you want to build.

On top of it.


There's that.

Now we have the hakko.

The Jaco is help a coder / Creator out.

When you click create to create a Jaco, you put in like the information like the topic of your room that you would be creating.

And as the owner of that room, you will have a link to a URL to your room.

And so you can put that out on like social media or what have you saying?

Hey, could you help a Creator out a coder out kind of thing?

Or maybe you want some feedback on a project that you have been working on a just going to get people thoughts on it.

So that's what these are cool for you, put them out there, people can click the link and then request to join your room because as the owner, we just don't want anybody jump into your room.

Yeah, I am saying that.

If you ever seen like some of these YouTube videos of people like hopping into, like all these video chats and doing total chaos, we don't want to do that.

So to help hopefully help with that.

That you can see who's requesting to be in your room and you will be able to click their username and view their profile whether on GitHub or Twitter.

Those are only two ways you can log in.

And then from those you can tell whether or not you want allow them to access to your room, or you can deny them reject them.

There's that now as the owner of your room, you can actually share your screen and so that way people can see what it is.

Exactly, that.

You either need help or want feedback on and through the, we have text chat there's like audio.

Check is again.

Basically using that same tutorial.

You can actually speak.

You can hear other people talking if you want.

So a person could say hey I want to do this and then you can also allow speech to text.

So if you don't want to hear anything, you can have it sort of somebody speaking, it will come up as text and then also text to speech.

So somebody only wants Audio then everything that's going to be shown up in the chat will be like audible will be spoken through the computer, like synthesized.

Pretty cool.

Since I want to be able to capture and allow and make available all the different ways people can communicate.

Hopefully, so let me know how that works out.

So yeah, and they can also so there's that and then the hope is that as a group collectively be able to come together and either provide the feedback or come up with a solution.


Cool, I am all about like group working, togetherness and Community.

I mean, all right, and then you be also the view, other different hackles that are happening.

All right, then below that, let us say you have something you want to share with everyone and something.


You came across.

There's that's what we have, the show until sign up.

So if there's something you want to be like a lightning, talk, five, ten minutes, you know, whatever you're excited about.

Come and present it to everyone.


And then below that is where that same.

Highlight clip that you were creating before and got some and submitted while we're doing the break session there, in that box where it says, highlight it will say status submitted while the work is being done on it.

And then when it's done and ready to be viewed, it will show done.

Just like that.

And the view button will appear and you click the view button, it will pull up like a screen and then it will have your video so you can preview it.

Then you will be able to download it.

And then you will also be able to send a tweet with it.

Now what's cool is with that tweet is that it's Unique to you.

And what I mean by that is that Twitter has like these embed cards.

And, so I have a video embedded for that link and that video that's in the M.

Bed will be your custom video that you created.


It depends on Twitter doesn't always show it.

So it depends on I guess it might be like device and screen size if they decide to show it.

So what I have been doing is I have been downloading the videos because there's a link to download it.

You just right click save as and then I have been attaching that to the Tweet so that it always shows up.

I am also posting it to Instagram as well.

So, you know, so there's that cool and yeah, that's pretty much everything.

So I want to thank you all again for hanging out.

It's like a little quick orientation.

And to show you what you can do on the site, you know, let me know.

Oh, I was so, I was looking for the mouse and I saw it moving, but it was on the other screen.

So I am like, why is it why can't I move it down?

Because it's on the screen.

All right.

So yeah, let me stop the screen share and yeah, thanks again for hanging out.

I am going to send you all back on your way get some traveling music and yeah, so 15 minutes after Our is when the next break session will happen.

So I wish you much productivity, good luck with everything.

If we don't have any like show-and-tell signups.

Well, I normally do is, I will talk about something in Tech this week.

I just launched a new, like, side project.

So I might talk about that and like, how I got some things working.

So, talk about that.

And then also, I like to go over an artist website, that we have been playing it on the radio show, and I am a fan of and, you know, No, just check out their website.

Listen to music, watch some videos and maybe you will also be a fan and you know about spreading good music kind of and you know, supporting dope artists.

So yeah try to do that any opportunity that I can?

Now with that being said, I am going to get you back to work, and I am going to send you with some traveling music.

And this is a butter AKA Anthony Cruz and the track is called, thank you.

And so because I want to thank you all for Hangouts.

And then we will be back and I think that is everything cool.

I got to remember to actually click the create a highlight video because I am going to Tori is for not doing that.

So I am going to do that.

While this thing is sharing.

All right, cool did that?

So now I saved it.

So all the Highlight Clips will be combined and created into a video.


So again, thank you all for hanging out.

See you soon?

15 minutes after the hour.

All right.

Thanks again.

Y'all be easy and much productivity to you, Anthony Cruz.

Thank you.