Links mentioned: Details automatically generated.

Speaker can see the band, camp, spotify, apple music, Itunes Deezer and then take a look at videos. Julie opened the world cup in a new window. The audio one went to the world all white and the video one was saved as a hidden treasures compilation. Speaker is a big fan of artists and wants to be heard on the personal film.

They turned around and needed more parts. Speaker is going through and they want to do some work on his. Speaker is trying to find people so he's being more productive on work sessions. The video archive from last week is still active until it's working. Topics are in the transcript. Speaker needs to work on adding links. Speaker will share their screen. They are going to listen to some music and check out a producer's website. Paul Wight's music was played by Eric battalions out. Speaker will go to Paul weitz' website. You can subscribe button. Speaker is at home.

It was ice cream. Speaker has been playing the Simpson's shots and guilty Simpson's parental advisory. Speaker likes the website of Paul. Speaker will tweet a link to Paul Wight's video to Paul. Speaker is going to be back after three hours. They want everyone to subscribe to their newsletter. Speaker shares their screen. They forgot to create a highlight video.

Speaker is florida's vocalist and rapper.

Song called off of golden ticket from golden rules is lemon producer.

Speaker is going to the bands releases page. There are some tracks that Paul White is a producer. Speaker will contact various people to get started listening to some joints.

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  • band camp player
  • personal film festival
  • atmospheric spacey goodness

Made and they turned around, and they need, you're welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

You always could spot a rare.

Welcome back and I smile way I think and I know what to see you again.

Learn to me.


Alright, welcome back.

That last work session went by super quick.

Do not get all the things that I wanted to get done by got close.

I am getting there.


So now I just have to like I said before, go through and tag the artists that we played on our Instagram.

So try to find people on Instagram is a thing.

So, all right, so hopefully you are being Getting as productive as possibly as possible on your work sessions.

And yeah, so going to try and not make this one as long as the previous one, but good to see that everything is still working from last week.

The whole until it works video archive is still seems to be kicking.

So that's good.

Everything is being like, automatically generated.

All the summary topics the transcript.

It seems to be working.


I still need to get on the adding links that I mentioned.

Action, so I think I see where I want to put it as far as the spacing and stuff.

But yeah, I am going to work on that.

Hopefully maybe between the two ciphers, so I can get it launched for the next Cypher so that it will start loading up on those videos and stuff.

So, all right.

Yeah, neither here nor there.

Let me share my screen because we're going to talk about a producer out of the UK.

And so I looked it up.

Let me share my screen.

Definitely going to need some audio because we listen to some music, and we're going to check out their website, but So I looked it up in our, so I our playlist.

I keep like in a Blogspot so that I can always search for them later.

It makes it a lot easier for me to be able to search for tracks artists.

And, so I looked up this artist and it turns out like the first time we started playing them was in.

We're going Mouse.

There you go, was in.

Oh well.

But career.

In July 2010, July 24th, 2010.

So I Mouse is acting weird.

But yeah, and so the arms going to talk about is Paul Wight and Paul Wight has been doing a lot of music with lot of different artists, which you will hear.

And, so I figured because we just played on the last show one of his collaborations with an artist out of Florida, actually named Eric battalions.

Pretty sure.

I messed up that last name, but they have a group called Golden rules and there.

Remix just recently released, and we play that on the show yesterday.

And so it got me thinking.

Let me check out Paul weitz website.

And so his website is the world of Paul Wight.

And when you go there, this is what you see.

Kind of cool like an artistic thing happening in the background.

Yeah, I can't look at it too long because it will ya.

Alright, so, this is the world of Paul

And yeah, so that's pretty much it.

But then when you click, so you have to click on the text to be able to be brought into the website, click on it, and then it's loading.

Cool, and so we have this now so you can see all the different social medias.

Are up here.


You can subscribe button.

Subscribing to you.

Click that.

What does that scrub to?

Okay, subscribe to our newsletter.


And then there's a Spotify.

It looks like cool.

So I school.

So you're at home.

Let us take a look at the home.

All right.

I think this might be, well, might be the latest one, I guess, because the other one is kind of like a remix.

So, if I click listen here, where is this taking?

So it takes me to one of those linked page things.

All right, cool.

So yeah, I can see band camp.

So shot, the band, camp, Spotify, Apple music, iTunes Deezer, and then I can just go through here.


It'd be nice to be able to have An actual player in here, I guess.

So even is like a band camp player or something, that'd be cool.

And that's it for that.

All right, cool.

And then, let us take a look at videos.

Nice page, transition at school.

So goes to White and then I guess while it's loading and say back in.

All right, cool.

All right.

Now if I click so just one video so it looks like they just highlight one thing each page at school.

If I click more videos.

What does that do takes me to YouTube?


I mean be cool to have like a player in.

I am a big fan of trying to keep people as long as possible on your website kind of thing.

Your, I mean, so, but, ya know, everybody has their own and I totally just closed it.

I guess it did open in a new window.

I guess.

It just Julie, okay, that's good to know.

Okay, let me go back.

Because the audio one went to the World Cup all white because the audio one.

Went to it.

Open in a new window.

But the video just open in the same window.

I was fine.

All right, cool artist releases.

All right, cool.

Yep, I will be hearing some stuff from here.

This is a good project.

The hello personal Film Festival would open.

Mike Eagle.

Danny Brown is always a good, listen to, and a lot of kids.

I think the first time I have heard of was may be rapping with Paul Wight.

I think that's why I first started to know about them.

Like I said, 2010 is the first track we played and it was Paul white and purple brain featuring guilty Simpson called ancient Treasures.


All right.

So what is more releases take me to?

Let us see.


So yeah, so it takes me to the bandcamp page and that did load in the same page.

If I was, if I wasn't paying attention, I would have closed it like I did last time.

All right.

So now these are the artists releases cool.

Let us see producer work.

What's that about?

Because Paul White is a producer, if you haven't gotten that part yet.


So these are tracks that I guess that aren't on his own like releases that he put out but that he's produced for Also Limitless, Sudan archives, super dope, Danny Brown Convention before my familiar with Connie Constance.

I am not the check that out.

Alright, again, Danny Brown and here's we're talking about Golden rules.

We will listen to that.

Charli XCX to be a part of them and Jamie Woon.

So now the more was just taking two.

Takes me to these cocks.

Okay, but then it did open a new window.

All right, cool shows.

Let us see what's going on based out of London.

UK, by the way.

Let us see.


Looks like it's a embed from Saint song.

Kick, cool.

Don't have anything planned yet.

Alright, and then contact is what?

All right, cool.

And all the different people you can contact.

Nice good website.

All right, let us take, let us listen to some joints.

So this is the latest style saying is it previews remix, which is a preview 73 is another producer but this is the latest track.

So we will most another producer.

So we will check that out.

Maybe we will check out previous me3.

They have a website.

I don't know.

But I want you here some of the Paul weitz Productions.

So why the tracks we played on the show?

Is this song called off of golden ticket from Golden rules?

Which again is lemon producer.


Why in Florida vocalist / rapper?

Eric burdines?

All right.

So this is life power life's power.

I will check it out.

You have come to love.

Don't be.

I am thankful.

I don't need to care.

Nobody put some noodles or deposits on the lights.

The gas bill is going to be, do some waiting for my fight.

The battle field is just the canoe, paddling up, the river with the current flow against you.

I am a little what you think about me.

I am just Eric, the version that you thought I believe is no more than generic.

That's all you get.

You have to purchase that one.

So again, that was golden rules Paul Wight and Eric burdines.

It's the album's golden ticket.

Super do.

All right, then.

Here's something that we have played on the show before rejuvenate.

What's up?

Okay, it was Ice Cream, Man.

Featuring shouldn't Goods.

Oh, dope artists have been playing on the show as well.

You see, here we go.

I am a kind chasing.

Can my feelings are safe?

Talk never wanted to come down cuz my fist with me.

See above ground, Microsoft, easy, easy.

I promised, God, so easy.

Now the ice cream, man, if you want more, you have to buy the project but yet.

So you kind of like it's like a the sound.

Like he has a wide variety of soil.

You're going to hear something else.

But like the first one kind of like atmospheric Spacey goodness and so word.

But, you know, he does all sorts of stuff.

So and I guess This is might have been the first project.

When did this come out 2011?

So now I have been playing them before that.

But let me see.

Let us check out a track from guilty.

Simpson's shots and guilty Simpson by the way, parental advisory.

So just be warned.

All right, let us check this one out shelter.

Guilty Simpson representing Detroit.

All right.

So this track, if I remember correctly is like the grimy, like hip-hop joints.

So Paul Wight can produce.

Us all sorts of things.

So here we go.

Check this out.

Simpson, Paul White.

Rapping with Paul wife.

He didn't I like straight dog.


If you want that goodness, you got pay for it.

So again, shouts a pole white, dope website.

Just sometimes things like I get lost because sometimes things open a new pages and, or they go into the same page.

It'd be cool.

If you know you had players in there.

You could check them out if I want to actually hear songs and stuff, but dope website.

I like it.

It's clean.

It's fresh.

So again, shout out to Paul Wight the world of Paul Wight.

Dot-com I will post a link to it when I tweet this video out.

But yeah, she does Paul Wight looking forward to hearing more stuff from them, especially like the golden rules stuff so word.

All right, that's it.

Thank y'all going to add some more time since I ran kind of long on that second break.

So we're going to make it like an hour-long.

Alright, so again stop screen share.

Thank you all for hanging out.

Hopefully, you will productive for you.

And yeah, we will be back after this in like three hours.

So if you look above, you will see, subscribe, you can click that.

It will have all the upcoming ciphers so you can actually sign up for notifications to get them.

All right, so there's that.

Thank you all for hanging out, and I am going to be out of here.

So if you don't come back and don't see you to next week, have a great week.

Alright, thanks y'all.

And Share my screen.


Wait, let me this one here.

Share my screen.

This one cool.

And yeah, almost.

See, almost forgot again to create a highlight video.

Alright, thanks to you all and yeah, see you all in a few hours or whatever.

So hope everything goes well for you.

All right.

Thanks again.

Here we go.