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Speaker is having fun right now. Speaker is not sure what they are supposed to be doing, but they are going to do what they need to do. Speaker and their friends are watching some shorts videos.

Speaker is going through the front page. Count stays in the record shops. They have a lot of videos all over the place. Speaker and their friends will listen to some tracks from the new album, my river. Speaker is watching a concert. Speaker and their girlfriend are discussing the difference between prosperity versus law and order and 3 blessed versus blessed. They are going to meet. Speaker is attracted to count.

Speaker and their friends are going to listen to the new album. Speaker is working on an e-commerce template for a client. It's a shots account-based d.

Speaker got some packages. They listened to music and watched videos during the final break session. Speaker and their band played a track from a new album on a website called count based d. Com. The artist goes by the name of count base d. Speaker had them on the radio show three or four times. Speaker will not send more than two newsletters monthly. They are looking for more information about count basie. They watch some videos and listen to some music. They will listen to a song with snoop dogg called too much pressure. Speaker is helping cookie create an e-commerce template for the website. Speaker wants to thank cookie.

Speaker has a lot to do before their trip. Speaker is always nervous before trips and things, so they would like to get their visa back this week. Speaker thanks anthony cruz for hanging out and sends them a song called " thank you ".

  • due respect
  • count newsletter
  • vices consists
  • petty preferences
  • prosperity versus law

Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket, welcome back that same old place that you like, but those dreams have remained, and they turn around.

There was one on y'all, welcome back.

Alright, just stretch it out for the final break session of the day.

Oh so much stuff.

Got some packages, which is pretty cool and it's kind of like, sitting some things up.

So ya Feelin pretty good.

Hopefully you are doing well also, you know, being productive and stuff.

So, yeah, let me add as go through.

So this final break session.

We're going to take a look at an artist's website and maybe listen to music.

Well, no, we're definitely listened to music, maybe watching videos.

I do remember those, any videos on this site?

Remember it, kind of like went through it really quickly but the artist by the way, remind You're right.

I am going to put the link so that is next to the recorded video so you can go to it directly.

So the artist goes by the name of count base D and shouts of the counts.

We had him on the radio show.

I like three four times, I think and anytime you come into town he would you know we haven't stopped by the show.

Super nice guy.

And yeah, so this is website we just put out a new album called all due respect and So we played a track off of it yesterday, and so I figured, hey, I saw you on a website, and I was like, let us check it out.

So this is Count based

If I refresh it, I don't think it was like any animations or anything.

Yeah, I know.

All right, cool.

So we got home music clothing, the logo, very nice.

He's might be just like one of those like eat like, e-commerce sites, like template joints.

So, just kind of had the stuff on here.

All right.

Cassette the new joint.

All right.

Our mission never underestimate the benefits of staying true to the game where you can sign up for a mailing list, okay?

And they got a social medias cool.

Okay, there's an okay, accidentally click the YouTube and so all right, so we will open that in a new window.

We have been nice to that open in a new window.

So I don't have to like go back um, Okay, so yeah.

So the and so, like since he's the count, he has like, like a little Jack Eula figure as his like Emoji or what have you.

So the count newsletter is published every two weeks is a detour from social media and interviews.


I announce new releases and I share what I have learned to be a musician over 40 years, I will not share your email with anyone.

I will not send more than two newsletters monthly, please sign up below.

Thank you.

All right chefs for the cow.

So okay, so that's home.

If we go to music, is it just like?

Okay, so it's just a subset of what was on the front.

All right, cool as with anything.

It'd be nice to have like more information about Count Basie because like I said, the bottom here over 40 years of being a musician, be nice to look a little bit more about that.

You know, me?

Or you can always check out interview from the radio show, there's that as well.

So okay, so I guess, let us take a look at some videos.

All right.

Okay, that was super loud.

Okay, so we're going to listen to a track that he wants us to hear and it's no.

Wait this here.

Is there an actual video?

Because this is the official I guess audio, I think the video is right here so mi will watch the video, right?

Yeah, let us do that.


So, but he has a song with Snoop Dogg called too much pressure and so let us take a listen to that.

All right, here we go.

Go to Shopify today and there's an ad.

Okay features to step is popping up.


Okay, here we go.

Chef over Rising pressure to the lesson, male days, everybody seemed like they distressing.

They used to laugh — I am looking at how they dress.


Welcome to the Usher to deliver.

My Confession, need a psychiatrist for this type of my profession.

It's hard to survive.

If you alive is the best counter and I can get it done with no discretion, correction and put the spotlight on my reflection come back soon.

No, instructions meeting I went undefeated if you catch a case, my new, I hope you beat it.

They got a b**** War for the home, even receipted gave him the air for the crime, and he cleaned it.

All right, there we go.

You have the checkout account based if you want more and this like, okay, so I always liked events, like live video.

I think it would be cool if this stuff was on the website.

But again, I think it might just be like an e-commerce template thing.

So I don't know if you can even put that on there.

So let us take a look and look like it's like, maybe it's in Japan because look like Japanese characters.

So, let us take a listen and watch about can't B's deal.

Here we go from four years ago.

Looks like all right, check this out.

Want to thank you, Cookie.

I appreciate you having me out here.

I appreciate being here, and we just go have some fun right now.

And I am just going to do a little bit anything because I am not really sure what I am supposed to be doing, but I am going to do what I need to do, and we're gonna have a good time everybody, okay?

The size of a bus to see vices consists of lust and greed idolatry.

Means counterfeit, God's tip killer in my study.

I will be sure to pray Night and Day Night.

Kid, Cudi, my Muddy Waters.

Bloody, I don't want somebody because God Don't Make jokes Shorty Wanna holler because cow.

Big bouffant girth of a tree trunk.

150 push-ups a day, no car.

I figured I make it difficult because don't dissolve this stuff resulting, Heights, updated can't escape all these cattle core.

Hey, every day with you, I live in the studio with some people claim the go find.

All right, you guys like 21, is that?

So you have to check it out later.

All right, let us see.

Okay, so when do those all right, close that?

All right, let us check out a couple more videos.

What's this one?

So okay, let us go view all very some newer ones.

Okay, we have like shorts.

Not sure what that's about?


A lot of shorts and stuff.


Maybe I should go back to the other page.

So, you know, Not sure all this is.

It's like two years ago.

Okay, I will go back to the front page, not sure exactly what's happening here?

Okay, long hair, gold star.

Okay, Okay, let us try this one.

Count based the purchase necessary to.

All right, here we go.

And yeah, alright, if you want to know what it is.

If you want to know how the purchase is necessary.

I don't really care about how you feel about it.

We can't argue, We can't disagree.

We can discuss this.

I will stay to choose a fake.

Keep it as Century.

Purchase is necessary.

I know it's something you're not nice.

Count stays in the record shops.



Then apparently there's one of him in Cologne Germany.

All right.


I so cat has a bunch of different videos all over the place.

That's cool.

The United was like on the website though.

Alright, let us try this other one can't base the, my River.

All right, let us see.

And then we will listen to some tracks off of the new album is like an instrumental album, so least from what I have heard so far we played so far.

All right, here we go.

My River can't be, is the Self-esteem versus ego and how praise affects each Petty preferences are what keep us from good love.

So focused on the surface left with bogus — with emotion into action.

Emotion is energy.

Excessive emotion feels evil.

It's like they are on the side of the darker.

Prosperity versus Law and Order blessed is the man who possesses games, he who is the pastor of a 501?

C, 3 blessed is the man who figured deeply count based version encouragement in empathy exactly what you want when you want, no matter what on a quest for their soul, to give our hearts to can't help but let our whole be a phony.

She called me go cause I am worth every penny.

There we go.

Oh, that's pretty cool.

So it's always cool to see like artists, you know, on tour.

You know, I mean it's not like all the glitz and glamour is like the real life like putting in work, those Duke so chefs account base D.

Let us see, let us do this one instantly knew because since that tour was called instantly knew, let us check that out.

Here we go.

All right.

Instantly Knew by Count.

Basie Dean.

Ain't that a b****?

And my point of view, I believe it when I am receiving.

Sweat is the answer?

Lord of the Flies, with the 45, Fraternal Order of cop Eastern Star of blow little .50 power.

I am hot nasty black with poking my drawers, but not from Arkansas.

Find myself thinking about, you can't wait to see you.

You're my girl.

I know you're the one for me.

Well, what I do it.

Out you, you're all I ever wanted.

I thought maybe we could chat for a second.

How's life?

What's up with your friends?

Anything cool going on.

Do you need help with anything?


Who is your partner not a servant employee or child that contrarian spirit that keeps you devised against yourself on able to take a stand salaried employee at a thankless job.

The Lamb with poison in his fur.

I was the Tesla.

Edison's gentlemen, Dwight Convoy Rising power.

Passion is Essential, but we just let s***.

That's what I cannot basically.

All right.

So real quick, take a listen and some Joints off of the new album, all due respect.

There we go.

Again, you can get on cassette, got the digital version and the track we played was called My brain introductory.

Here we go.

So I think we have listened at that, and then we will call it a day, all right, here we go.

I was only like a minute long, so you're going to get like 30 seconds of that.

Alright, so again, big shots to count bass.

Di, they have been nice like to have videos or maybe like audio.

They can listen to on the side but again, I think it's just like an e-commerce template so you probably Limited in what you can do with it.

So yeah, but no, it's a shots account-based D.

I mean, much continued success.

All right, let me get you all back to work because again, this is the final break session.

I will stretch.

Now so this final work session, means it's going to be an hour long.

So give you some time to finish up what you need, what you're working on and yeah.

So again, thanks for hanging out.

See you all I guess next week of.

Yeah, I am gonna be doing this again next week.

So before my trip all my trip is coming up and so much stuff I still have to like do so.

Yeah it's like back-to-back-to-back trips.

To back trips.

So yeah, so should be good time.

Should be good times.

All right, thanks again for hanging out.

I am always nervous like before trips and things, so there's gonna be good times as you get my Visa back.

Hopefully soon.

I needed to get back like this week.


Well, I actually have like two weeks kind of, but I would like for it to come like this week.

That'd be great.

So, all right, thanks again for hanging out.

I will let y'all know what's up.

Feel free to hit me up on social medias and things or not as cool as long as you being productive.

All right, thanks again for hanging out, send you all off with this traveling music.

This is Anthony Cruz, AKA butter.

The track is called, thank you.

Because thanks again and see you all around.

Hope everything works out.

All right, have a great time here.

My screen.

Here we go.

Okay, y'all be easy.

Thanks again.

See you later.

I want to say thank you.