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They are in the final break session of the second cipher. Andreww got caught up on Social Media and it felt good to connect with some people. Andreww is going to talk about a group called moonchild on the radio show. Andreww will share the link to their website. Andreww played a track on December 3rd 2016. It was the first time they played the track and moon child is featured on a track from. They played the song a lot in the last few years.

Andreww is excited about the new moonchild album coming out in 2022. they want to pre - order it. Andreww likes the way the artist's website is laid out. they don't know how it would work for people with low contrast Vision. They are going to check out the store. Andreww is listening to some music on their radio show. The mailing list opens up into a MailChimp. Andreww is playing some of the songs from the new album on the radio. Andreww went to a festival called Moms Music when they were in Atlanta. The festival supports black - owned businesses and has links to their website bookstores. Andreww recommends checking out the bail project and the bill project. Andreww is teaching Andreww how to use a website to learn more about mental health and anti - racism issues. Andreww and their band have been playing on the radio show. They have been putting out a lot of music videos. They did a radio disk. Andreww saw a video sex live. Andreww is looking through their catalog on bandcamp. Andreww likes the tour diary and the behind - the - scenes stuff. they also likes the They remix. They are going to release a new album. They have a free album called Be Free. The track list is dope and the feature on the album is going to be Alex Isley.

Andreww recommends Rhapsody, Lil Camille, MC Mumu, Messina, Shantae, and Josh Johnson to. Andreww likes the new album of moonchild, which drops on February 11th.

Andreww recommends Moon child on starfruit album to keep calm and keep focused on solving problems. They listen to their previous album and Little Ghost.

Andreww bought the album Sweet Love off of little ghosts. They are going to talk about it later. Andreww is excited about moonchild's new album Little Ghost dropping February 11th on true thoughts, record stuff, the true thoughts records. Andreww is going to link to their website and their bandcamp. Andreww thanks everyone for hanging out with them. Andreww created a highlight video and it will be posted on their social media later. they are off now. Andreww took two weeks off work to work on their side project. they are also working on their van. Andreww is looking to back up some old projects to.

  • album artwork
  • true thoughts records
  • actual catalog
  • gitlab instance

That same old place that you like.

Well, the not have all changed since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turn around.

Always good spot rare, welcome back and I smile way I think and I know what you see you again.

Learn to me was there some never lead you Yeah, well, we need your.

Alrighty, welcome back to the final break session of the second cipher, which means it is the last time you will be seeing my face until next time.

All right, this is week this one by a super quick this specially this.

One, I got caught up on some Social Media stuff just like responding to people and things and yeah, time went by super quick but you know felt good to connect with some folks.

Alright now, we're going to speak about some folks.

I am just looking for any sort of segue going to go over a group that we have been playing on the show for a while now actually looked it up.

Let me share my screen and show y'all.

But we have been playing this group 4 minutes on the radio show.

So what we will do is we're going to take a look at their website.

Listen to some tunes.

I don't remember if there're any videos.

I don't remember but if their any videos will check those out as well, but will it has some tracks from this group and yeah, share audio, cool.

So the group in question that we're speaking about is a group by the name of moonchild, as you can see.

I searched through our database of like track.

So we played and yeah looks like December 3rd 2016.

Its first time we played a track and moon child is featured on a track from Rhapsody who even playing on the show even longer before that.

And so it was through Rhapsody where we're introduced to moonchild.

And then only we know like we consistently played them like again in 2017.

20:18 pretty consistently throughout the years.

So like eight, 2018, 2018-2019, 20, 1920 19.

So, I am just saying, you know, we're no new Jack's to moonchild 2019.

Yeah, lot.

We played them a lot.

2019 2020.

And then here we go.


So yesterday, was we played them on the show and let us see.

So I figured why not go check out their website, right?

So the website is this is, and I am going to copy and paste the link.

Do the.

So I am adding it to the list of links that will be on the video page on the video archive page.


I am going to refresh it because it's cool the way it fades in.

So, here we go.

So it's like the album artwork and then it comes in saying, hey pre-order star fruit, which is their new album coming out in February.

I believe of 2022.

So yes.

Oh, I like it.

It's a nice.

I got work.

Super cool.

And I like how it's like, you know, there's this thing.


So we create a whole page that you have to know that this is a new project dropping.

So that's cool.

I like it and you can pre-order in the US and the rest of the world.

All right, let us see.

Cool, let us take a look at.

So you can enter the site.

So, here we go.

All right, and here we go.

Nice full picture.

I don't know how these are as far as, like, accessibility if it's like, people have like low contrast Vision.

I am not sure how that would work.

But I like it looks nice.

So, so I like because it kind of you can see by an artist the way they kind of lay out their menu, kind of like what they want you to check out first so you can see like tour.

So I guess Is super important to them.

So and but then, you know, because the things is there's not much tour dates, but it's cool.

There's like an embed like song songkick.

So it looks like we can update on Canada's update here.

So that's pretty cool.

All right, so go back.

The store.

Let us check out the store.

And so it has like links to like North America, the rest of the world and bandcamp, which we're going to take a look at because I am a big fan of band camp and then you scroll down.

So I guess this whole image.

So, okay.

So this image look like it's not like Contained to the view screen.

Look like it's just there's this huge image in the back and it's showing it, all of them, regardless of whether or not you want to or not.

So there's always gonna be like a scroll.

All right, cool.

Back home.

Listen, let us take a listen.


So now that opened up to an FF, M Dot, t-- o-- site.

And it's showing their previous album.

So I guess I don't know, maybe update that to the newer ones.

So since you know, pushing that, but we're listened to some stuff.

I will be a little ghost.

We are playing a bunch of joints off of that on the radio show.

All right, so we got mailing list opens up into a MailChimp.

Alright, cool.

So yeah, so handled by MailChimp.


I guess it was the postal code that I can let you know like when they're going to be Area as well.

So that's mark That's super smart.

All right, cool.

All right, go back.

So donate.

I like this part took a look at this earlier the Donate you don't see that a lot on different websites, but it's cool that they're doing that.

So like you're able to donate to like these different categories and so like black-owned so black-owned businesses.

So moods music, I think it's the same one.

I went to a moods music.

I think, when I was in Atlanta, Te for festival.

I think I went to moods music if I remember correctly.

So they have links to their website bookstores.

So they have a link to a bunch of different black own independent, bookstores, dope and restaurants.

Nice, watch out to them for support and having that on their website.

That's super dope and then links.

So the bail project, if you haven't checked out the bill project.

It's something I worthy.

You know, I am saying like its something you really like.

Pay attention to kind of thing and put your time into.

Yeah, mental health nicely.

You kind of see the things that they're like that they care about and I super dope.

So different organizations and then And the anti-racism.


And some links there.

That's pretty dope.

All right, cool.

So shots of them as good to see that on a website.

Now, think it open in a new window.

So if I went home, well, this close this, it takes me back to the same page.

All right?


And then contact which is like a form problem.

Okay, so it has the link so you can like click it and it will open up your mail.

Your mail, the thing you used to send, emails, it open up that software.

Cool and shows the true thoughts records.

They have been putting out a lot of stuff.

We have been playing on the radio show.

They have a really good stable of artists.

And yeah, so like no videos or anything.

It's been cool to have like a video sex specially like live and I think I saw one.

They did a NPR tiny disk that was super dope if I remember correctly, but it'd be cool to see that on you.

Well, but they have a link to like their YouTube so you can click it and let us see.

All right.

Good, then we get ads.

All right, but yeah, so cool.

Looks like they got music videos.

Nice looks like behind the scenes of Little Ghost.


So it looks like the latest is like a year ago.

All right, but we got a lot of videos so you can check that out.

This one.

We're going to hear money, but I think we're going to hear it from him quickly.

Oh cool.

Look like I like when they do like tour diary stuff.

That's pretty cool and sew them on the road.

I dig it.

I like it.

I like the behind-the-scenes stuff.


Alright, cool.

So let us like I said, so I was looking through our catalog on bandcamp and let so that we got a few projects from them, but their actual catalog is pretty deep.

So they got a bunch of stuff here.

Looks like they did a Record Store Day exclusive thing vinyl nice.

All right.

So, yes, you can see they have got a lot.

This is cool.

I have been her don't think I have heard this but be Jazzy Jeff and James Poyser remix, they got a lot of dope producers and stuff that they work with nice.

All right.

Oh and they have a free album So for anybody or no, it's just be free, not free.

Let me double-check.

Yes, not free.

It's just called be free.

So, you know, come up off that money.

And now let us take a listen to their latest project that they're going to be dropping.

We played this track last yesterday on the last episode of our radio show and it's called what was it called to good or something that yet to good.

So taking a look at the track list is looking pretty dope and I think I saw somewhere.

Yeah, so as far as like feature is going to have Lalah Hathaway.

Dope, Alex Isley.

I am not too familiar tank and the bankers are they from Louisiana?

That name sounds familiar Rhapsody.

Of course, that's dope, Lil Camille.

Another dope, MC Mumu, fresh super dope, producer, and singer goes by, I think it's Messina.

Also, goes by mu fresh, I believe Shantae can I am not familiar with that and Josh Johnson, so it's Their fifth album, which felt like a big mines Milestone to them.

That's dope.

All right, cool.

So, let us take a listen to too good from moonchild off the album star fruit, which drops February 11th.


All right.

Here we go.

Some goodness.

Like this is like good coding music because I can put you back in the zone and you just to relax.

So even if you come up with, like, if your screen and your console is turns all red, like the music.

Would you like keep Calm and keep you focused on solving?

Your issues are pretty dope.

So for any coders out there, check this out.

Anybody just in general, who likes music.

A dream come true waiting for the next shoe to drop.

It's still good.

I got the purchase.

You have the pre or the album if you want to hear the rest of that, so all right, so that's two good.


Moon child on starfruit.

Let us take a couple listens to their previous album.

That was released before or the current album, I guess and so called Little Ghost right moonchild?

So let us listen to a wise woman, the first track off of there, and we play this on the radio show, as well.

So change that.

Be nice.

What did you waiting for?

Why do you wait?

Wait, wait for his way in for go.

Pick up the album.

Nice, another joint.



I think is one of the one we played.

So let us take a listen to this real quick.

So again, Sweet Love off of little ghosts, and they have instrumentals as well available.

So if you like, Animals, there's that as well.

And yeah, super dope moonchild.

Here we go.

Please like, it wasn't like I cleaned it up.

I got the cleanest edited version.

All right.

You got the purchase.

All right, we're gonna go through one more joint.

Let us go with money because, so we're going to talk about that.

There's a video for this.

It's pretty cool.


We go money by moonchild off of little ghosts.

All right out now and yeah, here we go.

Check it out.

I got the clean version.


All right.

So if you can put your money on a moon child and the album Little Ghost super dope joint, big fan looking forward to your new one.

And yeah, that's pretty much everything.

So, again shall see moonchild.

Their album star fruit is dropping February 11th on true thoughts, record stuff, the true thoughts records.

And so yeah, here's album you can Let me, I am going to link to their bandcamp.

As well.

So the video, the recording of the video will have a list of Link's.

So I have their website and link to their bandcamp which you can get from their website, but there you go.

Alright, cool.

So, again a lot of goodness from moonchild, expect more goodness from moonchild and you will be hearing them on the radio show and yeah, that's pretty much everything.

I want to get.

In to thank you all.

Once again for hanging out whether you watch this live or, you know, the recorded or what have you either way, neither here nor there.

Thanks again.

And yeah, let y'all get back on your ways gonna be about like an hour for this last work session just in case, you know, you want to get some stuff done and things so word.

Alright, so thank you all once again for hanging out.

Let me get ready.

So we stop sharing this screen.

Cool, and I did create a highlight video.

So, they will be up on my social media later.

Alright, cool.

Let me switch over my windows.


Alright, got this one set up.


So again, thank you.

All, you all have a great week.

I am actually off.

I took like two weeks off of work and stuff.

So that's how I was able to get so much done with my side project.

So that's coming soon and hopefully be able to show on the next one.

And I am also working on my van.

So I am building out the inside.

I love it.

So yeah, I am looking to get some stuff done with that.

And yeah, just get stuff done.

Yeah, I mean, and also looking to back up some older prod, some old side projects onto a GitHub because I have my own gitlab instance, but just in case I want to back it up to GitHub just in case as well, so I will be doing that in this during my vacation and stuff.

So yeah, thank you for hanging out and I hope you got some stuff done.

You know, you were productive.

If and if not, you have like an hour left to get some stuff done, and yeah, good luck.

Thanks again for hanging out.

We're gonna leave on the tunes from Anthony Cruz, AKA a butter.

The tracks call.

Thank you, and thank you all once again, for hanging out and see you next time.

All right.

Thanks again.

Y'all see it.

Be easy piece.

Get this playing.

Here we go.

Thanks again.

See you.