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Andreww is back. Andreww is happy to see them.

Tom is flying by doing stuff. Andreww is preparing a radio show promo work.

Andreww is researching an artist's website. Jake Palumbo from New Jersey is the first person they're going to talk about. They are going to look at Jake Palumbo's website and listen to some of their music.

Andreww shares Jake Palumbo's website. It's not secure and it's not up-to-date. The project with elder Sensei just came out and Andreww doesn't see it on the website. The label is spacelab recordings. There's a logo and a

Andreww shared the sound with. They are discussing EXO skeleton, featuring Rusty jokes and They. They also discuss Jake Palumbo and upcoming shows.

Andreww has a lot of projects. Jake Palumbo is a producer MC recording and mixing mix engineer, DJ dry humorous, perv again.

Imprint has released 36 titles independently since 2003. Andreww let them check out.

Andreww is looking for a rap song. Jake Palumbo is a producer. their website is

Andreww is looking at artists' discography.

Andreww is an engineer. they have broken down like all the different services and things that they do.

Andreww is listening to Sean Price's lecture.

They are discussing the latest information about They the Sensei on the radio show. Andreww is listening to clean versions of tracks from their new radio show. Andreww's new album is called " Solving Cases " and it came out in September. Andreww sends people clean version of El de sensee by Jake Palumbo. Andreww will be back in 3 hours. Andreww thanks everyone for hanging out and sends them on their way again. Andreww is going to send them with some traveling music from new Jabez featuring a Pawnee song.

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Since you hung around.

But those dreams, everything, and they turned around thought that nature.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Hey, what's going on?


Welcome back.

I could have sworn.

I looked at it and was like, oh, yeah, three minutes.

Alright, cool.

Let me prepare.

Oh, 15 seconds left.

I was like, oh wow.

So yea Tom's super flying by but getting stuff.

Done feels good.

Call the Post route host a radio show promo work.

That's all out there.

Got that going as well.

Kind of setting up the next project.

I am going to be working on.

So it's kind of researching that so yeah, good stuff, good stuff.

But this being the final break session of this first Cipher of the day figured go check out an artist's website and kind of take a look at it and see, you know, maybe become you're an artist you like maybe want to support or what have you?

You know, I mean, so cool.

All right.

So, the person we're going to talk about first.

Well, Jake Palumbo, and I first came across Jake Palumbo because we play.

He has a project with elder Sensei who we have had on the radio show before Elda Sensei from the group.

I cannot believe, I just forgot from New Jersey, Tim.

Oh man, other side of the tracks.

It's been a long day.

Give me a second.

I cannot believe I do remember.

I actually have to go look it up.

I know it is artifacts the artifacts.


Wrong side of the tracks, artifacts.

And yes, he's got a project with El de sensee.

By the way, shut cell distance.

A super nice guy.

I think he's been on the show a couple of times and it's been a super cool dude, both times.

So shall the Sensei.

All right.

So we're going to take a look at Jake Palumbo's site.

Now, see some here on the double check.

I am checking something.

Adding the link.

Cool save start screen share.

So I figured what we do is a little bit more about Jake Palumbo and check out some music and yeah, maybe you will dig it and you know, become a fan.

So I share Now, the first thing that I noticed was that it's not secure and I tried to go to the https version, right?

And I got back, I was like, oh, okay, right?

It's not right.

So, but yeah, so maybe that's something we can look into.

So it will load.


Here we go.

Alright, so here's the website Jake Palumbo.

Now, I don't know how like up-to-date it is because the project with elder Sensei just came out and I don't see it on here.

So maybe if we go through, it will see it.

But, but yet is his eyesight.

I think, the, his label is spacelab recordings.

So, you see that here in upper left-hand corner.


Nice logo thing here, cool.

We got beets producer artist, engineer News, contact about in the social media.

Is the kind of tells you like what, what?

He's about?


So then you got this video.

So let us take a look at the video you want, you know, it's right there up front.

So let us check it out.

See how it is.

I am pretty sure I shared.

The sound.

Let me double-check.

Let me stop screen.


And then share the screen and make sure I actually shared the sound because that would be bad, you know?

The recording trying listen to track in the nothing there share system audio, cool.

Did that good?

And here we go.

All right.

So let us check out.

This it was EXO skeleton, featuring Rusty jokes and Tech of Smith & Wesson.

Now, parental advisory just because, like, just who's on feature on the track.

I just know there is so explicit lyrics, let you know.

Alright, here we go.

So The Jig Palumbo.


Let us take a look.

See what's about, who, you know.

The rate, increasing whack rappers.

Let us see.

Six fragile and well with that mad step, right?

Here's the big Campbell.

All right, so that's why Jake Palumbo.

All right.

Let us see what we got shows.

Know what coming shows.

All right.

Okay, looks like goes to another website called wolf themes.

I am not what Okay, I am not sure what that's about.

But okay.

All right.

Let us see.

Release it recent releases.

So that's cool.

Nice little, a slider here.

Got a bunch of joints.

What are these two?


So look like he's using Wordpress.

So when I click it, okay, so It'd be cool.

If it went to like a band camp or something cuz look like it's just images.

Yeah, they're just images.

All right, the latest news and see.


I don't think this has been updated cuz it doesn't have the project of the Sensei.

So I have a lot of projects though.


All right, let us see here, the latest news.

So yeah, so you can see like the latest It was two years ago and six years, six years — six years five.

So yeah, so this site doesn't like it's been updated in a while.

So there's that.

All right, and then Twitter feed is not Is currently unavailable I guess probabilities like a plug-in that's went out of like date or some, but at least has the Twitter handle.

Cool Spotify.

Can't really read this Wednesday.

Oh, bad request.

So I don't know.

What's happening.

Let us see about Jake Palumbo.

Jake Palumbo is a producer MC recording and mixing mix engineer, DJ dry humorous, perv again.

It's okay and the proprietor of spacelab recordings independent hip.

Imprint has currently released 36 titles independently since 2003.

All right, nice?

Right work with the contrast though.

That's kind of hard to read.

Well, yeah cool.

It has the links here, nice.

So I let us check out Beats.

All right, that's cool.

So what type of track are you looking for?

Let us see.

I don't know rap.

That's pretty cool and it shows that's nice.

So I click this, what I will do.

It takes me to a website.



So the quick back.


Let us see.

I don't know.



All right.

Okay, it'd be cool.

If you're able to.

Oh, here we go.

So wait, so this takes me to the there.

Oh, the whole site.

Oh, I am out of his sight completely.

Okay, so, this is Jake Palumbo .b


I have been nice if it open in a new window.

I got confused there.

I was even.

Okay producer.

Let us see.

Okay, so this is on his website.

All right.

In front of the equipment.

Cool, some information.



It's an images.

All right, cool.

All right guys, discography is of these produced cool.

Very nice.

A lot of stuff now again, yes, he's just it'd be cool if you could like listen to it or something, that'd be cool.

Alright, then there's that.


So artists, what's up with artists?

Alright, image similar layouts and information.


Discography again, but it's just the images and the videos.


Can you?

Okay, wait.

Wait, no, wait, what?

Okay, so you can't like scroll.

You have to click this here.

All right, cool.

All right.

What's this?

That's random for deep in the Hondo.

Let us go.

Because you will be rapping, sometimes need a lot of angels, no Guardian hours and you guys have to me honor because you saw me as a lot on my gal 100 proof, or you were several Moscato.

I got a model but everybody in the club vote even a Honda we hot as lava.

Rock Mike's rhombus with words, a people as you made a DJ My whole neighborhood's fluid human, reject their lives.

A b**** named Phyllis with dysentery the simplest dish, thinking Killers.

It has Memoria angioplasty knock.

My past is negative two revolvers.

All right, cool.


All right.

Let us see.

I see.

That was artist school engineer.

Let us see.

So it's cool.

He has broken down like all the different services and things that he does.

That's cool.

All right again, Image will appear at some point.

I am thinking.

Maybe still loading on.

Here you go.

She has probably the large image.

All right, cool.

It's more information.

The stuff that he's engineered.


Gonna be cool.

These just images.

Be cool to be able to hear it, you remain.

So yeah, that's cool.

Is that Sean Price?

All right.

All right P.

Sean P.

Let us see.

Oh, look, like large professor nice, and he has some information.

You can book time with them.


Nice News.


I think this is the same blog post.

So it's nothing like earlier than like two years ago.

I think.

Alright, yep, two years ago.

So that's the latest thing.

But let us take a look at what it looks like.

Oh, not the roots.


Okay, so just like an announcement of a show.



It's a WordPress blog site.

Let us see contact.

All right, cool form their nice in the mailing list.


Then about right?

And some more information.




So let us take a listen to one of the joints off of solving cases, which is Jake Palumbo and L the Sensei.

So the latest project we implanted on the radio show.

So they have got clean virgins.

Let me make sure I am going to get a clean version here.

All right, here we go because shots at them.

They actually provided like clean versions of tracks, which is always as a radio show host.

That's always appreciated.

So let us take a listen real quick.

To rule and rock.

And then we will be out of here and get you all back to work.

And I am going to give a little bit more time on this last work session because it's the final work session of this Cipher.

And the next one is going to happen in like three hours.

So again, you can sign up and subscribe to that one and get notified when we go live, but I always check this out.

This is Rule and rock L.

The Sensei and Jake Palumbo.

All right, the album is called solving cases and I came out in September, 20, 21, One, so, all right.

Here we go.

Check it out.

All right, you just clean version.

Here you go.

She just raise it up, people bring it back.

I only get a minute.

You're gonna have to purchase solving cases, which is this album here with El de sensee in Jake Palumbo, whose website, we just took a look at and yeah, check it out.

If you like it, you know, feel free to support an artist if you dig it.

And, yeah, that's where we're going to leave that one at.

Cool sub screen share.

All right.

All right, so I am gonna send you all back to some, get some work done, hopefully.

You're getting things completed or at least working on stuff.

And again, thanks for hanging out.

I will be back in like three hours, little bit more in three hours, because we solve this final break session, but be back and again, thanks for hanging out.

Send you all on your way again.

We're going to send you with some traveling music.

And again, this is some goodness from new Jabez, featuring a Pawnee be the tracks called.

Thank you.

And yeah, thanks again.

Some will give you all I can about an hour worth, you know, I mean, so hopefully that's enough.

Time to get some stuff done.

All right.

Again, thanks to you all for hanging out.

Make sure I did highlight video.


Thanks again.


See you later.

Hope this helps.

All right.

See, y'all are busy.