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Speaker and their friends are listening to the new album of a band. Speaker played a song from kiko's latest album on the radio show yesterday. The song is called keiko nevado. Speaker recommends kiko navarro's new album and website. Speaker is going out with anthony cruz. Speaker is working on a project. .

Speaker got a lot of work done during the break session for the final cipher of the day. Speaker is working on adding events to their website. They want to do it within this final work session. Speaker wants to add their own events to the website. Speaker and their friends are going to take a look at an artist's website for this final break session.

Speaker is talking about kiko navarro, an artist from nevada, nevada. They played kiko on the radio show before and most recently on yesterday. They also have a website. They have a discography. Novato was born on mallorca, spain. They still calls home or at school. Speaker is going to listen to the album of a dj on bandcamp. Speaker has heard of abby's before, but they have no idea where they are from. They played club residencies both in palma and in ibiza. Next came a monthly gig at space. They are going through bayou's discography. They are going to listen to the new album from 2020. Speaker has a radio show on spotify. They have a lot of singles sent to them. Speaker is working on remixes and compilations. Speaker is looking for information about the band chan, chan featuring lynette vada varela and keiko navarro.

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Welcome back that same old place, the chief since you hung up but those dreams have remade, and they turned around.

Hey, welcome back.

All right, so, okay, so I will type of stuff is happening.

Let us just turn off the thing that stretch it out.

Oh yeah, there we go.

There we go.

Alright, so let us get started with this final break session for the final Cipher of the day.

Time was won by super quick.

I am feeling good.

Got a bunch of stuff done.

I got like the layout of this dashboard thing that I am working on.

Got that done.

I had a proof-of-concept already kind of finished.

So it was about transferring it over into the actual projects from be too bad.

And yeah, so I am hoping to get that done within this final work session, and so I can just there's a couple of things with I have to.

I don't remember what exactly I put in its for the events.

Like different things have coming up and I wanted to be able to add my own events that aren't on, and so I am just working on that trying to get that worked out.

So Cool.

Because they will just before I have the job where I was traveling to other events, the only events I was going to wear like meetups, so I just pulled from the meetups API and put it on my site.

But now they made a change.

I think they switched like graphql or something and my like rest endpoints and for whatever reason, they decided not to, I guess keep it going.

So I have to figure that out and see how I am going to do about that.

But right now it's want to kind of add my own events.

Aren't on meet up, so they show up on the site, and so we will see.

We will see what happens.

Neither here nor there right now we're going to take a look at an artist's website for this final break session.

Listen music maybe watch some videos and who knows maybe they will become you also become a fan of them, you know?

And yeah let us get this rolling cool.

Where am I?

Double-check something.


Okay cool.

We're good were good.

We're good.

All right.

Very nice.

So let me I am going to copy and paste.

The URL.

So that it will be right next to the archive video so you can check it out for yourself and share the screen.

So now the artists that we're going to talk about goes by the name of Kiko Navarro.

Here we go.

All right so yes Kiko Navarro and the website is Keiko, Nevada, Nevada, do that es, and so we actually played we played Kiko on the show before the radio show before and most recently played on yesterday.

And, so I was like yeah, I saw that they had a website like oh cool.

And so let us take a look around.

Huh, Let me refresh it because I think there was like a pop up or something that came up.

Okay, there's like a sign-up thing, but I guess if you close it out, it doesn't pop up again, which makes sense.

All right, cool.

The navigation top stays at the top.


It's fixed.

We have got a discography.

Here we go or biography carving out an enviable reputation across the globe for his distinctive and highly personal brand of house music Kiko, Navarro's, Voyage of Sonic.

Discovery has been going strong for almost three decades now.

Wow, okay, Born on Mallorca.

I know somebody lives in Mallorca, Spain, I believe.

Or in that area is an island.

I think Kiko's.

Sound reflects the sun-drenched slow living atmosphere of the Balearic.

Okay Islands yet Island.

He still calls home or at school.

Obsessed from an early age with the more Soulful side of the US House music novato's DJ skills soon, attracted the attention of nightlife Behemoth, Pasha, who offered him.

Club residencies both in Palma.

And these ah, I have heard of Abby's, I have no clue where he's actually is.

That's what I like.

The fancy people go.

Next came a monthly gig at space.

Ibiza and the rest.

As they say, is history.


So we got some DJ and stuff there and can continue reading where that takes you to the bio page, which will take a look at.

So I knew album slowly.

I don't have Spotify, so that's going to, but he does have bandcamp.

So it will take a listen on Bandcamp.

Let us see what else we got here, I will come shows.

Nothing right now.

Music feeling.

Okay, so this is a quote from like press carving out and do the same thing.

Okay no way.

Also, that quote was from the okay, cool, you got some pictures and if I quickly make this get bigger, oh, nice.

Nice photo gallery.


This kind of reminds me of like, like, like the whole wide angle reminds me of, like, the Boiler Room events that they have other group GoPros everywhere.


Very nice.

Or you can share this with something.


You like zoom in.

We can full screen.

All right.

Okay, I guess this might be the crew.

True, love Creative, or maybe the people who made the site.

That's cool.

Let us see, we got the social stuff down here.

Be cool with the band camp logos here to, I mean, you already have the band camp.

Also, up here, what's this?

Beatport track source.

Nice, nice.

Okay, so that's a sort of see what else is here.

So bio.

All right, so this is kinda like it picks up where we left off at.


Then new album out.

Wait, I got the new album was owed.

Okay, this is from 2020.

I think this might have been the first album we heard and played on the radio show from Kiko.

So we will take a listen to some tracks.

All right, so there's this that okay, that was the Bayou discography.

Let us see how many albums.

Okay, so, yeah.

So, this is the latest one, and then he had one in between the remix of this one.


And then, again, there's just Spotify again, be cool.

If there was like, the band camp logo because I don't have Spotify, I mean, I have a radio show.

I get stuff sent to me.

Like the nice animation.

Cool but it's okay.

So see this one has the bank a logo, so I wonder if these aren't on Bandcamp.

You have some singles.

Not sure.

I am not seeing what we played on the radio show yesterday.

Here it is, not updated all the way.

Okay, that's a lot of singles.

Very nice.

I am putting in work and remixes, all right?

A lot of nice been putting in work.

It's cool to see but again, like all Spotify stuff, and we got compilations, okay.

All right, cool.

DJ sets, from these are like videos or audio.

Okay, got some audios like I said, I always like to see like, you know, the artist in action, I think so.

Alright, done a bunch of stuff.

Super cool.

Let us see.

Upcoming shows.

Yes and nothing there.

All right.

Whoops, stop.



Here we go.

Press pictures.


By come by the dates.

Okay, cool.

My ears and stuff.

All right.

Now, that was everything there, right?


So I guess keiko's a part of the band.

Oh, that's the band.

I guess for the album.


All right.


Okay, so I guess this album is not on Bandcamp.

Maybe that's why it only has links with the has.

I am so confused.


There's that cool.

Let us see.

So that was that one writes slowly, I think is the new album.

So it's wants me to answer stuff in Spanish on here.

Oh, maybe something like that.

But these okay.

These are the members of the band.


Cat photos from events.

Very nice performances and such.

Here We Go videos.

All right.

Also, I guess there weren't videos for the other one.

Okay, cool.

Let us take a quick listen.

This is chan, chan featuring Lynette.

Oh, Lynette Vada Varela! This is Keiko Navarro chan.

Let us take a listen.

But I need a walk.

Where do I put on my tummy?


Go check out the website one more.


So here it is slowly.

I guess the new album.


So there's an Oh okay.

This looks like it's from maybe like a release show or something.


Alright, let us take a listen to this one.

Coming soon.

But most entiendo liner Kia.


Hello Lee and La Casa Sinbad.


The democracy has Al Corazon del Cielo.

The democracy has Al Corazon de la Tierra.

The democracy has Al Corazon Del agua.

The democracy has Al Corazon del Fuego.

Gracias, a la cuatro, Vientos de Ramos.

So let us loosen this up.

Okay, let us keep going through the site.

I think this is it, right?


I was it there's no drop down from that.

All right, very cool.

You could can quickly make them bigger, right?

All right.


All right, so let us take a listen to some tracks off.

A band camp.

Let us see here.

So this is the latest album.

So the track we played, let us take a listen to that, okay?

So yes, the latest album is from last year, okay?

But Kiko has new tracks.

So compare a lot of different joints in 2022.

So this is We played on the radio show yesterday, so they can listen to that and then call it a day.

So here we go.

So this is Keiko nevado.

Featuring Dana Maman and ogun in toss it away.

She is calling.

All right, I know.

I messed that up.

Okay, here we go.

This one is what we call you.

Rudy gaytan will be bad, it does it, I would be on the moon cold and silent.

All the time.

Have you known that I am trying to remember where you were but I kinda is owning?

All right.

All right.

You got the check out the album, leave us out.

Now, is called sounds of my breath.

All right?

Very nice.

Yeah, so just got released a couple months ago, All right, got some remixes and things.

Very nice.

I think that's it.

So again, let us take a look at the website.

Okay, get me out of here.

So yeah, so the website Kiko Navarro and yeah, super dope.

So yeah, check it out.

You know, maybe it'd be your new a new favorite for you.

All right, keep an ear out, so we're dope.

All right, I think that's going to be it.

This last break session as usual is going to be like an hour long so you get a chance to finish up whatever that you need to finish.

And yeah so That's going to be it.

So till next time, I wish you much productivity.

Thanks for hanging out.

See y'all next time, and until then, I am going to go out with Anthony Cruz AKA butter.

The track is called, thank you.

All right, so two next time, good luck with everything and yeah, hope everything is good.

Thanks again for hanging out.

And hopefully next week, maybe I will have some progress on this project.

I was working on.

It on right now.

All right, again, thanks, thanks for hanging out, okay, so sure what screen All right, Anthony Cruz.

AKA butter.

Thank you.

Okay, see you later.