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That same old place that you have all changed since you hung around, but those dreams have remained, and they turn around.

Always good spot.

Here are, welcome back and a smile way, I think and I know you went to see you at learn to me what this song is.

Never lead you.

Yeah, where we need.

Just got it.

Welcome back.

All right, I don't know what it is about that song but it just always just gets me.

It's great for people who may not know.

That was that's John Sebastian charcoal welcome back and it was made.

It was made for TV show.

If I remember correctly called, Welcome Back Carter, and I used to watch reruns of it as a kid and it just always, yeah.

Super dope.

All right, cool.

So, welcome back to another break session.

Hopefully, you're getting even a little bit of something done in that last one.

I have got my laundry started, then sent out the email blast for the radio show to let you know people signed up for Really about to let us be known to be to let them know that to be notified that the new show is up by email.

So got that also to the radio promoters of send us stuff and I actually just posted some highlight video.

I will highlight clips from the radio show on to the on Twitter and Instagram.

Well, Twitter Instagram so far, and yeah, so little bits.

All right, so, All right, so no one signed up for any show-and-tell.

So this is where I get to show until something that I thought was pregnant, kind of cool that I came across.

So let me get that pulled up.

Come on.

Why is that only doing?

So we're doing this again?

My computer is acting funny.

No, I want.

Okay, normally you could like three-finger swipe up and it will show all the windows, but for some reason, it's not it's only showing it in one screen, which is, of course.

All right, so let me just, here we go.

Yours this one.

All right, so Anna.

Oh now, does it?

That's weird.

It's super.

Wow, that's buggy.


All right, fine, whatever.

And we carry on.

All right, so really quickly wanted to kind of show about this thing that I came across on Twitter when I was doing some research and doing some stuff for the radio show.


So now we spoke about this before stackable.

It's there a like an online IDE to You can do stuff in the browser kind of amazing?

And the last time we spoke about them.

They got it to where like node works in the browser.

So you can do all these things in the browser.

You could check back for previous one, but this is kind of cool.

So, I came across this blog post from their Twitter account, and I am going to add the link to the archive video.

So, the page with archive is you build the see the links, so I am adding it there.

So anything I speak about, you can check it out there and Yeah, it's kind of amazing.

So now there's a new keyword like not can hear word but like domain name dot new and previously.

I think Google may have owned it.

I think they're the ones who like spearheaded it and because you have like paid money for the dot new thing or what have you like any new domain names for one understand.

That's how it works.

Like someone like sponsors it or something.

And so dot new was a new one that came out a few years ago.

And so just in case you're not familiar, you could do things.

Like if you're into Google ecosystem you could do like Doc's, not new and then that open up a new document.

You can do stuff like Slides, not new.

It opens up a new one.

I think sheets dot new was another one.

So there's a bunch of different things you could do, which is kind of cool.

So it just opens up new.

New documents for you.

And so now, it looks like Vite, which is a like a runtime compiler.

Kind of thing.

Is this thing here?

Vite the Next Generation front end tooling.

I haven't dived much into it.

I have only, I believe felt and ORS, felt kit uses it under the hood.

Like, I have never set up a project with jest, Vite, I use whatever.

If I am using like a framework, I was using one of our users.

Otherwise, I am just using vanilla JavaScript HTML and CSS.

So yeah, so I believe svelte has switched over to this.

And so what it does is it offers its pretty cool.

Like there's instant server start.

So on demand file serving over native.

Esm modules.

Hey esm module like esm modules in the thing ecmascript modules.

So, you know, like ATM machine.

All right, but So with that is kind of cool because it's you can load it natively in the browser now.

So it helps with so much stuff.

Like before you have to compile, a lot of things to make it on, make them browser, understand it.

But now with the SM, the browser understands its kind of amazing lightning fast.

Hm are so hot module reloading.

I say reloading but replacement I guess.

So any time you make a change in your code editor your preview.

It is automatically re-render.

Like I have just Load, that's pretty cool, Rich features.

So things like typescript jsx CSS and more.

CSS, okay, sure, optimize build.

So it looked like it uses re-roll up pre-configured.

Roll up to build multi-page in library mode.

Support, cool.

Got some plugins.

So again, some rolls up stuff, and then fully typed apis, cool.

And then some folks at sponsor it cool because it's like open source, and it's created by the creator of View Avenue.

And so something, he just kind of came up with like Be cool.

Did it?

Allow people seem to like it.

So yeah, and of course, view uses it as well, but they made it open source.

So other Frameworks can use it if they so choose.

So you find out more information about that.

Let me copy the link and put it in the link list that will be with this video so you can check it out.

Alright, so now back to V.

So now with all that background.

So stack Blitz, and we spoken about them before I quit.

It's like I said before, it's a place where you can create a Dev environment pretty quickly in your browser or just kind of cool.

So you log in with GitHub so that way you can kind of have like your own thing.

So it's integrated with GitHub as well.

So you can pull in files and save files to GitHub and so with just like a click of a button.

So this is a new thing we're talking about where these are just spun up like before it's kind of difficult like node js in the browser like in your browser.

It's not like a virtual machine somewhere that's being spun up.

Like now in your browser.

You hit refresh it starts over again.

That's so it's pretty cool.

And you see like graphql with the node js next and next.

So next is a framework built on top of view.

So it gives you things like server-side rendering and server site generation and all those things and Pat like routes and all those things.

And so that's built on top of knocks next.

Same thing, but built on top of react.

And there's a spill kits and I have been using sapper.

But now that's going to kind of turn into spill kit and that's the same thing, but for a spelt, all right, speaking of felt, so yeah, and then you with one click, you're able to kind of set up starter projects using any of these.

So, it's pretty cool.

So now they made it even easier.

So instead of you having to go to stack, Let us say you want to have a V8 project.

You know, with a project that has v in it, that does all the things we spoke about before.

That's already kind of, like pre-installed already.

You guys do Vite that new.

So if we do that, the new that's going to do is going to set up a thing here.

And so see, it's installing all the stuff for you and then it's going to start it.

And so, there we go.

That's pretty cool.

These I think that's cool.

And so yeah, that is it.

So now you can build on top of that.

Now that's what they had before but now they have templates.

So this is, so I mean, that's cool and all like, if you want to play around with v and see what it does.

Cool, but what if you want to use it in like a framework of your choice, so now that's where you get the templates from now and so bam.

So now you have like view Vite, New / view, V, Dot, new / smelt / react.

So now that will actually create it.

So, like here, you have vanilla typescript view, view, typescript react, react, typescript pre-act, crack typescript lick Elements, which is pretty cool and let Emmett helps create like web components and svelte.

So I am a big fan of smelt.

So let us try that Vite got new.

New Clash svelte.

Previously you have to do VDOT new and then install spelt instead all that up.

But now it does it for you like just in the browser, which is kind of amazing so you can see I am not signing in.

Thanks, though.

And, Bam.

Now you have a spelt project using Veet.

Pretty awesome.

So it's just kind of way of being able to start something quickly, which I am a big fan of because sometimes just go.

I mean, it's cool to understand all the minutiae that goes in to creating.

So you have a better like appreciation for it.

You know, I think you would have at least me.

I appreciate the framework and what it does so much more if I had to go through it myself.

And so tools like these just kind of make it easier and it's kind of cool.

So If you just were wanted to play around with like felt you can just do that in the browser and you're good to go.

It's kind of amazing.

So you have to do all this stuff locally and store.

All these node modules and all this stuff on your computer.

You can just do it in the browser, which is amazing because the web is an amazing place.

And yeah, that's all I wanted to talk about it.

It's kind of cool.

I don't know if you think it's cool.

I will see, isn't it?

Cool I think so, and we are absolutely we are so absolutely happy.

This kind of workflow is now available to Developers.

Like I said, I am a JavaScript developer advocate.

So and so you can now both start quickly and have access to the underlying tooling and its configuration.

It really blurs.

The line between what is a playground and what's an actual app that you can start and just keep developing right there in the browser.


That's that says it all there.

That's what's it all for me.

That's so yeah.

So thanks to beat maintainers for creating this amazing tool.

So, yeah, so the background is that They have the that new, but then you can only initialize a basic JavaScript template project.

Like I said, and then you have to install all the necessary dependencies.

And then I think they spoke with Evan, you the Creator.

Yeah, had a brilliant idea to incorporate the template feature into V Dot new workflow as well.

And so yeah, we suggested was we can just append the name at the end of the URL.

And yeah, so they made it work and which is kind of amazing people coming together, you know, and that's collaboration.

That's what I really like about the web is just one person has this thing, and they think it's cool.

Another person thinks that's cool, and they do something on top of it.

And Then this person is like oh, that's cool.

How about we do something together and make it even better?

You know if only the world is like only if you like the rest of the world is like that.

But yeah, so I think it's super cool.

Something to kind of just play with, you know, start a project and build something.


And yeah, that's what I am all about building stuff.

That's cool.

Alright, so I am going to get you all back to work.

Let me know and stop sharing my screen here.

Stop screen.



I want to make sure I don't accidentally, like kick you all off or anything.

All right.

Now, if I 3 swipes up, all right, that worked great.


All right.

So, let me set it up so that y'all can get back to work.

And then I am going to give you all some tunes, some back to work, Tunes here, cool work, great.

Alright, so this track is by Anthony Cruz AKA butter, and it's called.

Thank you.

Because, you know, I want to thank you.

All right.

So back to work.

Let me know if you think this V stuff is cool?

And this stacked with stuff stacked with, with viets and the templates.

That's, I don't know.

I find it fascinating and looking forward to what else comes from me.

And yeah, thank you all and see you soon.

All right, here we go.

I want to say, thanks.