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Welcome back that same old place that you live for the now about changed since you hung around, but those dreams have remained, and they have turned around each other.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Welcome back.

Always good spot.

Here are, welcome back and a smile way, I think and I know what to see you would learn.

To me, was this song is my favorite.

I believe yeah, yeah.

Where we need each other.

Hey, alright, welcome back to the second cipher of today.

Hope you are all doing well and super productive and getting ready.

Ready to put in some work.

Hey, so I realized that this break session makes break 100.

So we have done a hundred of these so it's been like 16 weeks.

We have been doing this and yeah, it's kind of awesome done.

I have actually it helped me a lot.

Like I have done quite a bit of projects.

Yeah, I mean, so yeah, like one of this being this I created this kind of like while I was doing this.

So yeah, feels good.

Good feels good.

Hopefully, all you're also getting stuff, done.

I am also working on my latest project, my side project, and it's getting there.

So I am just working on, like, some permission stuff in the browser and be able to turn it on and off and stuff.

So, that's coming together.

So I am hoping Like its functional.

Now, I want it to be easier to use and then I will make it prettier.

And so, that's the plan.

So, yeah, right now, it's working the way I kind of wanted to sort.

Well, there're some functionalities kind of missing but the main part is working, though.

The parts are just like kind of plug and play stuff, just kind of get that working.

So yeah, when working on that stuff, during this break fish, all the video promo stuff and so it's good.

That for me to have a set time when I work on projects like a week.

So even if like I have had a busy week at work full disclosure.

I am a JavaScript developer Advocate Advantage.

So like this last week has been pretty good.

Like it's been like full.

So released one of my blog post that I wrote got released got published.

So that was cool.

I did it.

Internal hackathon project.

Thing and I guess people liked it enough to where they want to actually see if we can make it a real thing.

So we worked on that.

Had a meeting about that worked on another blog post that I was working on that set to be published like Monday.

So I was finishing that up.

And then Friday, I got to go on to a livestream, like our company livestream channel on Twitch or whatever and the host, like I Up the hose through said like creating and Publishing a web component and it worked so that will that was cool.

So that was good.

So, yeah, and so I didn't really have a lot of time in between.

I did work at my side project but not really enough that I normally get to.

So, yeah, it's cool to be able to kind of have this time to do that.

So I am hoping that is similar for everyone else, you know, I mean, so that's why these things are here.

So, you know, hey, even if you don't get to work on what it is that you want to work.

Work on fully.

At least there's this time here to where you can put a little bit of time and effort in to, you know, making that work.

So something to look forward to.

I think, you know, it's a good way to kind of start off the week for me.

Alright, so let us go through so that the first break session of this Cipher.

So how it goes is that until it dot works.

There're two ciphers, right?

Right now there once a week.

And so, I had one earlier.

And now then there's this one, each Cipher consists of work sessions and break sessions.

So there's about like, 45 minutes of work session and about 15 minutes of break session.

So, work session, as may tell from the name is, when you actually work and focus on what you want to do.

Break session.

Is this where you see my face for like 15 minutes or someone else.

Hopefully, somebody else wants to come on.

But yeah, so it's kind of break you go stretch, maybe walk around.

Or what?

Have you done't have to look at me?

It's fine.

Like you don't have the just it's about time for you to break.

So I make it so that the site kind of just goes into the break session.

So you're like forced to take a break.

Yeah, I mean, so that's where we're at.


If you look above this video, you will notice it will say, subscribe now, subscribe is if you click that, it will show all the upcoming ciphers coming up.

Yeah, upcoming coming up.

Whatever and you will be able to subscribe to get a notification for those or all of them, whatever you want to do.

Then here we have the video.

So this is what happens here below the video.

You will see where it says.

You may need to click play to start the stream if you haven't interacted with the site, in any sort of way like clicked or did Anything Audio.

There's no autoplay videos audio anymore from the browsers, which I can understand.

So it They look like it's frozen or what have you?

But you just click play and it should start right back up.

All right, then next to that.

There's the open closed caption button that.


Now, I am using the web speech recognition.

That's API built into the browser.

At least Chrome.

I believe all the ones have it as well.

But as I am saying things, the web speech recognition API is taking that and turning it into text.

And then I have it being transmitted to the Block that opens up when you click open closed caption.

Hopefully it's accurate.

I am trying to make sure I speak clearly and not too quickly.

So working on that below that you will see at a clip and create a highlight video.

If there's anything in these videos these break videos that you find interesting you can add a clip and without do is they will travel back like three seconds and then go forward like two seconds and then Get that clip.

So it takes the timestamp.

So it goes back, like three seconds.

It takes a team site.

And what happens is you get five of those?

And so whenever you're done, you can click the create a highlight video button.

Well, that will do is that will save the timestamps into like the database where when I hit stop broadcast.

It sends all that information to a back-end thing.

I have working, do some API calls and it will take the clips join them together.

I have a custom intro that has your username, whether it be like Twitter or GitHub, depending on what you logged in with, and yeah, then you will be able to check it out.

And then that will pop up in the work session and I will go into that.

I will show that screen soon.

Alright, so now that we got that cool, and then below that is just the timer for when or to decide depending on your screen size, but there's a countdown timer.


So, when the next actual session happens, and in this case, it will be the work session and then you can join the room if you would like to chat.

All right, cool.

I am going to share my screen, but first, let me do this thing here.

So this is the break session.

Like I said, want to show you all the work session which is all right.

Here we go.

Yeah, okay.

So here is the work session up here in the upper left-hand corner, you will see that there's an audio player.

It's a band camp player and I know a bunch of like super like amazing producers, and so they allowed me.

They submitted some tracks that and allowed me to be able to create kind of projects within so yeah, so if you like any of the music that you're hearing you can click the title here.

And we will take you to the actual bandcamp page so you can check it out more.

You can buy it.

You can also share it.

And then below that, if you like the track, you can help spread the word by on Twitter by clicking the tweet word.

And now we will open up a new browser to Twitter with a pre-populated tweet to help promote the artist.

So, if you like what you're hearing and you want to promote the artist because I am all.

That's where all about here.

I mean making cool stuff and promoting artist and being productive.

All right below.

That into the right, we have the to do section.

So, you add a task here where it says, add a task hit enter or press the + sign.

It will add it to your to-do list here.

This section here.

Now, you will be able to edit them if you need to or you also able to check them off as you complete them.

And when you complete them, they go under the done.

So if you click done, it will show a list of all the tasks.

You have completed now towards the end of the cipher.

Once you know if you like to kind of put a bow on everything, you can hit that tweet icon and then that will again open up Twitter and a brand-new browser tab or window and pre-populate wheat with all the tasks that you got completed.

And so it's kind of nice way be like, oh look, I got some stuff done today, you know, so it was a productive day kind of thing.

So there's that and then to the side you will see we have another countdown timer.

This one counts down to when the next break session is and like I said, Those are 15 minutes after the hour.

So that's another way of kind of timing that below that.

Let us say you don't have a thing, you want to work on, but you still want to, you know, do something productive, we have tutorials there.

So again, I am a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage.

And so, I have three tutorials there, at least for right now, probably add more.

But right now we got three tutorials and I think they're pretty cool.

The things I have worked on.

And so, the three things are being able to from your browser doll.

A number and then connect that to a real phone.

So you can dial from the browser, a real phone and have a conversation, then we have another tutorial.

That's the opposite where you call a virtual number from a real phone and then be able to answer that in the browser.

And then the third one is being able to have like audio chats like conversations between two browsers.

So, it's kind of like you select a user and you can call them, and then they can pick up a you can talk cool stuff.

So my goals for tutorials are like for the person for the reader to be able to follow the steps and get the desired outcome.

But in addition to that to also be able to understand what's happening in the steps and then take that outcome or what have you and expand on it, you know, I mean because you understand what's going on.

Hopefully, you will see like more opportunities to expand it and make it better and do, and then feel confident in being able to do it.

And so, yeah, so let me know if that accomplishes it accomplishes.

If those tutorials accomplish that, let me know?

All right below that.

So let us say you get stuck or you want to get feedback on something.

That's what the hawk was before.

Hope a coder / Creator out.

And so what that is, you create a Jaco by clicking the create button, and they give it a title, and then you will get a unique URL with that URL.

You can then Put that on social media.

I would have you and then people can click that, and then they will get, they will be able to be invited.

There will like the request to join the room.

And then you as the owner of the room, would be able to see who wants to request.

And if your name doesn't look familiar, be able to click, it will open up in a new window and you will be able to see that person's profile.

Whether it be Twitter or GitHub, depending on what they logged in with cool.

So person logs in and then you can accept Kept the inveterate, you know, invite them in or deny them and then in your room as the owner, you can share your screen and so that you can show what it is that you either have an issue with or you want to get feedback on.

And there's also a chat room.

So there's text chat.

You can also audio talk audio, and there's also speech with text and text to speech.

So regardless, however, you want to communicate.

Hopefully you can.

And that's the whole purpose of having the different ways of being.

What to communicate?

And the like I said, the goal is to hopefully get some feedback and, or solution to the thing you're looking for cool.

And then you will be able to view other hot coals happening.

And then if you want request to join those.

Now, let us say you have a thing that you have been working on a you want to in your ex super excited about it and kind of want to share it, then you can do the show-and-tell.

You can sign up there with that button right below there.

And yeah, so then you get it's like a lightning talks like five to ten minutes and you get just the talk about What is that?

You find interesting and fascinating and hopefully other people find that fascinating and then can reach out and you can talk and network and build and create great things.

That is my hope.

All right.

Now, let us say with all the clips that you created.

What happens now?

Is that right here.

That's where this highlight boxes for the status.

Once you submit it, and we go back to the work sessions.

I will say submitted.

And then while it's doing a sling in the back end, once it's done and your video is ready to be viewed.

It will send a message to your browser to let you know.

Hey, your thing is ready to be viewed.

So the status of turns are done.

You will be able to click view.

Then you will be able to preview it, you can download it.

And then, yet again, you will be able to click a link open up Twitter and then have a link that's unique to you.

Where the embedded card, the Twitter card.

The video will be your video that you created.

Now, Twitter is kind of off and on with it.

So I think it depends.

Like I said, it depends on I guess the browser or maybe Vince like mobile or, I don't know.

But I have been actually downloading the videos and I post them to Instagram and I also what you call, I attached it to the Tweet as well, so that I know that the video is going to be there.

And yeah, that's pretty much everything.

So yeah, let me ask stop sharing my screen.


So yeah, that is everything.

Let me know if there's anything that's confusing or what-have-you like just kind of let me know on Twitter or whatever.

And yeah, I think that's it.

We make sure I hit create a highlight video because sometimes I forget and yeah, so going to get back to work again.

Thank you all for hanging out next break session, 15 minutes after the hour, and yeah, let me get you all back to work.

Thanks again, y'all.

This is the 100th break.

That's kind of cool.

So yeah, consistency and follow through, you know, that's all what I am about.


So again, thank you all for hanging out.

Going to share this screen.

So I am going to get you all.

Get you some traveling music.

So you get back to work and yeah, thanks again.

Y'all and see you 15 minutes after the hour.

All right.


This is Anthony Cruz.

AKA butter, the tracks called.

Thank you.

All right.

See you all soon.

Be easy piece.