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You can view the things that were done. There's also a countdown timer to let you know when the next break session is going to happen. Speaker is a javascript developer advocate at vantage and has some javascript tutorials there.

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That same old place that you laugh about for the No, No have all changed since you hung around.

But those dreams everything and they turned around.

Always good spot rare, welcome back.

That's my way I think and I know you went to see you again learn to me what this song is.

They have never lead you.

Hey, all right, what is going on y'all?

Alright, so welcome to the first brakes.

Session of the second cipher of the day and yeah, super happy to be here and hopefully you are also so few things.

So between these two breaks from the first Cipher to this one.

I was pretty much just kind of it's Labor Day tomorrow.

And, so I was kind of like researching some of the product, some of the projects I want to get into going into To the end of this year into next year, certain products.

I am working on.

I there's like certain equipment that I have been looking at, and I am trying to see maybe if there would be any like Labor Day specials or anything that can, you know, go in and scoop things at a better price.

So I was kind of doing that in between, but for this Cipher, one of the things I want to get done or at least try to get done, is my next side.


I need to be able to like I can create an event, but now I need to be able to put that into like another.

Stage, let us say, so once the event is created, things can be added to it.

And then once, that's good, I want to put that like I said to another stage to where some of that information.

The only thing that's needed will be able to be shown on the actual front page cause I don't want to show everyone.

Sho whatever is needed.

And so thinking I was going to do that, hopefully will see because then with that, Information.

Well, no, because well, do I need any other mission?

And yeah, I need some other information.

To be able to do because there's a broadcasting part to it, the whole media server stuff house setting up.


So there's gonna be like a broadcast dashboard and you will be able to control everything on what's going out.

So that so the input from the camera comes in and then you will be able to add stuff on top of that input and then send that out for other people to watch.

And, so I want to work on that stuff today.

So we will see how far I can get and, you know, let me know what y'all are working on and while you're working.

Oh, so right now, for anybody knew, this is the break session.

This is where we give you time after working for so long for like, 45 minutes or what have you get kind of get up stretch or what have you, you know, I am saying?

And listen to me ramble about random things, or take a walk or whatever you want to do.

So that's the kind of break up the focus work sessions.

So if you're new, so right below this video, you will see a few things.

So first there's a button for opening closed caption.

And so I have speech recognition happening.

I am using the web speech recognition, API speech, recognition API, that's built into like Chrome browsers into the web in general.

And so it's taking what I am saying, converting it to text and then I am sending that to that box that opens up when you click that open closed caption.

Hopefully it's accurate.

Not sure.

So just let you know it is automatically generated.

Then below that, we have got two buttons.

There's the add a clip, which I just pressed.

And if there's anything during these break sessions that you find interesting, you can actually go ahead.

Click and it will create like a clip a five-second clip.

You get five of those and then, once you have all the clips that you want, then click create a highlight video and then what that will do is once Hit stop broadcast, that sends all that information to a whole bunch of stuff.

I have on the back end that I made and it does all this stuff.

It sends it off to shot stack.

I think that's the name of it as a pi.

Worry can take like clips and enjoying them.

And so then I add on like a custom beginning and end.

So the custom it will say like you will have your username or whatever you used to log in.

They will have that which I think is kind of cool and it will So what happened is?

Let me share my screen.

So once we're back into the focus, work mode will happen, is that you will see.

Once I hit stop broadcast and send you all back to work.

You will see right here in the bottom right here?

This we're just highlight.

The status will say, submitted first and then once everything's been processed, you will.

It's a view which will say done.

And then turn to view like this.

You can click that.

It will pop up like you're a video player and then you can preview it.

You can download it or you can click a button and or you can click a button that will open up Twitter and have a pre-populated tweet with a link to the archived version of these sessions.

So now what's cool is I have it to where the Preview in the player on the Twitter card is your video.

Which, you know, I think it's kind of cool.

So it's kind of like you're helping to promote what we have going on here, and help spread the word, which I greatly appreciate if you do.

And then what I do is, I download the video and I post it to my Instagram as well.

So, yeah, so there's that cool.

Hopefully, everyone's salaries going well so far, but now, Furthermore on this works session page here is a player so that if you wanna listen to some tunes by some awesome people that submitted some music for us.

You can check that out.

If you like what you're hearing.

Feel free to give it a tweet and you know, help support the artist.

I am a big fan of supporting Independent Artists, and then here's a to-do list, your task list you add your task here.

You can either hit enter or press the plus button to view the things that were done.

You click this.

Done and it will show your list of finish tasks and then you can click the tweet', little Twitter logo, and now we will send again open up Twitter with a pre-populated tweet and it will list everything that's done in your Tweet.

Pretty cool.

Here's the countdown timer to let you know when the next break session is going to happen.

So you can kind of you know prepare get to a nice, you know, ending point.

There's also the view tutorials if you don't have a thing that you want to Work on that, you know, about yet.

I have some tutorials there, full disclosure.

I am a JavaScript developer Advocate at Vantage.

And, so I have some tutorials in there from some stuff that I worked on.

And, so I put them in there because I am always a big fan of like feedback and so any opportunity.

I think they're good tutorials.

And I know more people that use them can make it even better.

So big on plan for these tutorials.

So you could make a call to a phone like Phone through the browser.

That's one tutorials, do the opposite.

So from a phone to a browser, you can do that as well and the tutorial for that.

And then you have one where it's an audio call between two web browsers between two users of the web.

That's pretty cool.

And So the plan is like, my hope is to make them as straightforward as possible as regardless of your level or familiarity.

Garrity with coding.

And what I would love was not only will you be able to get it working.

Like I want it to be understandable and you know why?

Things work.

The way they worked, you know, you have a greater understanding of it.

And so that's the plan for that and if let me know, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I also have links to free code camp and the Odin project.

I haven't done them myself, but I have heard pretty good things about them.

And I said before the cool thing about coding is that To get started like to kind of get familiar with it.

If you have no clue, you can go into like coding, like stuff, like free code camp and Odin project will give you a good idea.

And then from there, if you do like it, then you can figure out if you want to spend more time and or money to get further into it to really tell if you like it and, you know, maybe change your career, you know, so that's always cool or just get a new skill because, you know, building stuff on the web is always great.

So yeah, cool.

Then below the tutorials we have the hakko which is help a coder / Creator out and those if you create one, what happens is you create a room where you as the owner of the room, you can invite people and you can and if you can see, who wants to join, check out their profiles to make sure everything is cool, and then you can invite them in and as the owner again, you can Share your screen.

And so the hope is that if you run into any issues, or maybe you want to get feedback on something, you can invite people in and you will be able to come up with a conclusion or maybe get some feedback that you're looking for on a project that you're working on or something.

So, yeah, so hopefully as a collective you be able to come to some sort of conclusion, or Solutions or what have you?

So that's that, you can view any tacos that are happening at the time, if you have something cool.

That you want to show, I am a big fan of like lightning talks and giving quick presentations and things so get like, five ten minutes, you get to come up on the camera or not.

You can have just your audio or what have you, you can share your screen and you will be able to just talk and share, what you find?


That's that.

And then I am already mentioned the Highlight stuff.

So yeah, so that's everything there.

And as usual, these are just, you know, extra but the main thing is to be able to work on stuff that you have been wanting to work on and you know, every little bit helps, you know, consistent action and just kind of working on a little pieces, can kind of come together and make big great progress.

That's so that least that's my hope and that's why I built this and that's what I am hoping will come from it.

So especially for me because I got a lot of projects and I have got one coming up that I want to like have it is used in November.

So it's September now, And yeah, so I am working on like the dashboard stuff.

It's going to be super like basic because it's like going back the beta and I only want like a few users of it.

And so going to test some stuff out and then in 2022, like really launched it on a grander scale, but for right now, it's kind of want to test things out.

So yeah, so plan is to get these this event move to different stages.

So that different aspects of the project can use the information in that stage.

So it's only using what it needs.


Yeah, so we will see.


So hopefully you will get whatever it is that you're working on, get some sort of progress on their hopefully, and yeah, if you need anything, feel free to hit me up.

Or what have you.

Well, there's really no way to hit me up.

I should probably come up with a way.

For you to reach out.

If you need help or if you're had a question, I think I guess there's always Twittered and I.

So I am on Twitter, lifelong Dev.

I am putting I created one of the things as well as doing these.

I was always saying.

Oh, yeah, there's this article here in here, but I was like, I realized she probably put a link to the article.

So on the archives page, I have it to where all the links that I mentioned.

Adam to like a list there.

So you can always check him out.

Once the video is, has been uploaded and everything.

So and speaking of that.

Everything's been working great.

So far for the whole first Cipher, no issues last week, kind of had some issues.

I am not sure what happened.

Like, I didn't change any code.

It might have been a glitch because I was updating stuff.

Like I was uploading old videos because before we got the automated stuff working, we had maybe like ten videos that weren't uploaded because the time I didn't get it working to act before the after that.

So I went through, and I am in my dashboard, I can do it manually.

So I was kind of going through and doing that.

I think while doing that may have missed up some of the automatic stuff.

So maybe things are being called at the same time.

I have no clue but it's working now and I know not to do that during the show, but I did everything the working fine, the even the so the videos are being uploaded, automatically to Vimeo and that's showing up.

The thumbnails are being generated automatically, even the details.

So like the transcript, the topics, the summary all that's being generated automatically.

I don't have to do anything.

It's kind of amazing.

I am so happy that I got to work out and it's still working.

Fingers crossed cool.

Now before I forget again, I am going to make sure I do the create a highlight video, and we will let you all on your way.

Thank you once again for hanging out with me much.

Each progress.

I wish you must progress on your upcoming endeavors.

And yeah, I am going to be out of here.

So let me get y'all situated and make sure I got the time worked out.


Thank you all once again for hanging out and yeah, see you soon.

Start screen share.

All right.

Y'all be easy piece.

This make sure the audio so you can hear the tunes and yeah again, thanks y'all Beezy.

Here we go play.

I want to say thank you.