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Take it out.

Welcome back.

Same old place that you will the, no, not since you hung around but those dreams everything, and they turned around each other.

Always good spot rare, welcome back.

And I smile way I think and I know what to see you again.

Learn to me.

Hey, what's going on?

All right.

Well, time's going by super quick, right?

Like it for, at least for me.

I am getting some stuff done actually, like out the hamper.

I guess I was doing my laundry.

I guess something fell out and so like an article of clothing didn't get washing.

It's kind of like driving me and I don't want to like do a whole new cycle just for like one thing.

So it will be fine.

I have got enough clothes.

All right, so Also, almost done with the radio show promotion stuff.

So that's going good also have Work on some coding and things.

So yeah, not too bad.

Not too bad.

Alright, so hopefully you are also seeing the same level of productivity, hopefully.

All right.

Let us see.


Let me close this window here.

And this one as well.

My computer is acting kind of weird.

Like, it was like flickering and stuff, like a, I think, I updated the driver or whatever and so that might have had something to do with It, who knows computers, right?

Yeah, mostly.

Because this thing stopped working.

All right.

So for this final break session, we're going to do is we're going to go over an artist that we have been playing on the radio show and most recently played.

Yeah, we played them last week.

That's right.

Yes, we actually know.

Oh, yeah, yesterday which is last week.

But yeah, so we're going to kind of check out their website.

Take a look at it and maybe you will dig them as well.

The support, you know, maybe you will find your new favorite artist or what have you?

Who knows?

Alright, so we're going to talk with when I talk with, we're going to take a look at Dr. Dunn, diff who's out of Louisiana, Kentucky.

If not, Louisiana, Louisville.

Oh, it's been a long day, Louisville, Kentucky.

And yeah, so let us take a look.

Let me see here.

Share my screen.

Definitely want to have some audio because we will listen.

Just some music.

Check out some videos if they have them.

I haven't really dealt into the website.

I kind of was like pulled it up and took a quick look at it to make sure it was an actual website and I like one of those link tree things.

Alright, so here we go.

Let me do a Refresh on it.

And cool, then bam.

It turns into like a video.

So looks like it's a YouTube video from what I could saw see up here?

So, look like it's an actual YouTube video.


And then you have all the different.

This is done.

Dip on the left.

So here, I have got the home about music videos and then over to the right.

This is Otis Junior.

And so they have a collaborative project that we played on the radio show to good stuff.

May hear that SG, jazz is who we played last week.

It's got like a dope live band, merch press, and then booking look like they didn't have enough space for booking.

So maybe because there's a whole bunch of space here.

Maybe you could probably move that over or something casual.

Press booking.

Look like a cart.

So I guess you could buy stuff.

All right, cool.

So then go here you can watch the video.

So does this open in a new window or by the way?

Not secure.

If we could make that double check.

Let me see.

We try with https.

No, HTTP Works.



That's weird.

Why would that?

I don't know.

I just click the link will see but yeah, so it is secure.

So that's good.

Shouts do that.

All right, cool.


So if I click Watch, What Happens, is it?

Okay, it opens in a new window with a video.

So, all right.

So I guess we will listen to a track star is so small.

I hardly notice it.

These little things I don't like I just turn my head and kept ignoring them all these red flags in real life you in my face with all your foolishness.

I am still so nice.

Allah surprised myself.

With all, I am fooling with just to get one thing I want is when it's sweet is so sweet.

You're right.

Yeah, you got the purchase, the album.

But yeah, that was a track.

We play on the show.

I remember that, by the way, let me just copy and paste this link before I forget again.


So you can always check out the link to all this.

Yeah later and with the archive video.

Alright, cool.

So don't join us a really good project so you can check that out.

All right, let us see what else is on the screen.

So I mean that's cool.

But then like it takes you out of the site.

So I mean if it played inside the website, that would be cool.

And then pre-order, I am pretty sure it's out.

So you click.

Okay, so take you to.


So this loads in the same page.

Oh, the vinyl pre-order.


Okay, because I am pretty sure it's out because we played tracks off of it.


So now I have to go back.

All right.

Let me start off again here.


Now if we could yeah, yeah.

Yeah, that's okay.

No, it's cool.

Like it's just it'd be nice.

If everything kind of like opened in the same browser or what have you but it's cool.

Either way.

I dig it.

All right.



So does the pre-order thing, they're cool.

And then so this is what I listen to more tracks over here because this is what we played yesterday on the radio show.

So then if I do this, okay, now this goes to the band camp.

So does it open in a new window?


Opens in the same page?

All right.

Sure, it'd be cool because in this is a no, this is the first one.

Yeah, because we played from to.


So I guess the website hasn't been updated because this came out.

Yeah, two years ago.

So I guess it's been like two years.

This is the product since it was updated.

Yeah, because here's the rising with it.

Yeah, I came out last year.

So at least last year, it was updated.


So yeah, so this is what we will listen to later.

But let us Go back.

See this is what happens, like you go and start going.

Seen other things and you get distracting.

You just leave the website and you're like wait, where was I?

So but band camp has liked it in bed of the player that you could put on the site.

And so you will be able to listen to it from the site like this whole big section use have like the band camp Player thing here, so, that'd be cool.

All right.

So this is wash.

So this goes to another YouTube thing.

So I guess it's like a look at that.


And that opens in a new window, okay.


You have the purchase the project.

Alright, so yeah, so that was two off of the first.

All right, cool.

So let us keep scrolling.

Alright, and then we have links to all the different places.

You can find.

Dr. Dunn.


All right, so let us go back up.

All right, let us see about All right.


See, it even knows that.

Dr. Dunn.

Dunn diff done.

Diff is short for done different.

All right, is known as one of Kentucky's top hip hop producers.

All right, with dozens of beat tape, Sandy piece to his name.

Dr. Dunn.

Div has made official releases with labels, such as your Carter records, just Jakarta records.

We have been playing a bunch of their stuff on the radio show.

They're based out of Germany.

I believe cold, busted Grand Garden records and more nice.

Can be summarized.

All right, cool.

Nice little thing.

Oh, so yes, so surprise release through 2019.

So yeah, so this hasn't been updated in a minute.

All right, cool.

Same footer.

All right.

Let us check out the music through this does.

All right.

So yeah, so here looks like yeah, this is the band camp player, nice.

So let us take a listen to this track here called waiting on you.

So, this is Otis Junior.

You saw the video before and Dr. Dunn.


All right, so take a listen.

Moving fast.

All, I know, all these walls in the way they eat a tonight.

No, all right.

Yeah, you will have to purchase.

That is super dope.

All right.

So what else we got here?

All right.

I still like a SoundCloud thing here.

All right, cool.

Some more stuff.

Alright, let us see if they go.

You know what?

Let us just keep going because we're running out of time here.

All right.

Got some vinyl nice.

So, the Otis Junior inductor done diff.

So it's like, they have a few projects.


I think I am only familiar with the most recent one.

So, yeah, so this was released, hemispheres, March 2017.


So there's all these different ways.

All right.

It's just a player.

What is this does?

Okay, that's just the okay.

All right, so it's not players image, right?


All right, and this is a Spotify so okay.

So I guess that is wait.

What is all this?

This is a very long, just nothing here.

All right, cool.

Let us see.

Alright, so yeah, cool.

Nice, so is all different ways to be able to check in check out?

Dr. Dunn, diff nice.

All right, let us check out videos.

Alright, so this is the one we saw for nice and some other ones.


Who's a clear, Renee?

All right, let us take a listen to this.

It's a new one.

And if I gave you all my heart gambled away, my said, would you stay if I gave you every dollar in my pocket help, reach it up here in my mind slacking if you would still do we do I will never be quite nice.

You got the purchase that and then this is another, so he's done a lot of collaboration with its cool to see from producers.


All right.

So, this is James Lindsay.

Let us check this out.

Long, naps, hit the snooze time sacks for the shoes.

Black and some crude oil gas from a new black bean soup.

For I smash, let it cool broadcast on the tube, back at the pulpit back, like, lose my train of thoughts.

Like the hyperloop.

They are polluted like Italian shoes.

A Looper back until I got A pool brainstorm category to lucid dream.

Enrolling album in my Slumber.

Now that like a number, my head.

I slowed up and wonder these days seem to be better than my last.

I was cold.

When you're tired, only medicine for that long naps.

I think I feel something inside.

Maybe I should wait a little longer.

There's a minute that you're gonna have to purchase that's nice.

So I doctored under featuring James.

Lindsay Scott.

Nice, nice.

I got some more stuff from Otis Junior.

All right.

Look like they're Kasich.

Lab eration.

Otis, Junior, doctor, done, diff dope.

Nobody likes beets.

Let us listen.

I think it was in that one.

Let us see what that's about.

So real quick.

Nobody cares about your stupid, Beat Beats are the worst.

People love being.

Nobody likes.


Everyone loves nobody likes beets.

Why don't you grow something that everybody does?

Like you should grow candy.

I would love a piece of candy right now.

Not a Beat.

Nice, nice.

That's funny.

That's funny.

All right, word up.

All right, cool.

So we got some more, got a lot of videos.

That's dope.


It's good to see that super dope.

All right, cool.

That's good.

Digging it.


So then.


So yeah, so they are because he has a whole section for, it's a nice.

All right, cool.

So since the beginning of 2016, nice.

Based on Louise, when I keep saying, Louisiana, Louisville, Kentucky dope.

Like I said, Berlin, so the German label Jakarta records.

Nice, so you can find out more about the group, which is cool.

I like it and we got some photos and stuff.

Very nice.

All right, cool.

Then this is the other one, the SG Jazz, which is live band.



That's a little video.

Was there a video for this one?

No, okay.

So just images, I cool with this one has a video in a listen now.

All right.

And cool.

All right, so and everybody in the band.


Cool, looks good.

All right, nice, and then merch.

Let us see what the merchants about.

Cool, so you can buy the vinyl.

Nice more vinyl.

Alright cassette tape.


More vinyl.


Vinyl nice.

Obviously something like on a t-shirt or something, that'd be cool to something.

You can wear.

That be nice.

All right, press.

Complex, huge popmatters complex again.


They go directly to the now if I click it, does it?

Yes, it opens in the same browser if it'd be cool.

If I open it, like, at least for me, open a new tab because then you get lost and stuff.

All right, cool looks good.

And then booking.


And then, so I guess this is where in Louisville.

He's kind of like centered at nice.

All right, looks good.

Dig it.

Nice website, Big Shots who are Dr. Done.

And if you will be hearing much more on the radio, so if you listen to the radio show, but if you like what you heard, you know, maybe go check it out for yourself and maybe support an artist if you dig it.

Yeah, I mean if you can and yeah, good stuff.

So shots are Dr. Dunn, diff.


Yeah, cool.

So that's that.

I am Gonna Give You All some more time like an hour worth since.

This is the final break session.

Hopefully you got what you wanted, the least part of what you're looking to get done, and we stop sharing the screen, cool.

And then let me set up to go ahead and get up out of here with outro music.


So, yes, we will give you all like an hour of time before we close this first, Cipher of the day.

We will be back in like three hours for the second cipher for today.

And again, if you look above, it will say like schedule.

No, it doesn't say schedule.

It says, subscribe.

I should probably make it have, it's a schedule.

But subscribe, it will let you know all upcoming ciphers and you will be able to actually subscribe to them and get notified.

When we You go live next.

And yeah, I think that's it.

So cool.

Give a little bit time here.

Let me hopefully I don't mess this up.


Yes, that should be fine.

All right, it's going to be the work.

All right, so let me get you all out of here.


Thank you very much for hanging out.

Hopefully, you are getting things done.

And yeah, see you all later, hopefully.

All right.


Y'all sure screen.

This with audio and I did.

Oh, wait, did I?


I did save for the highlight video.

So that's good.

All right, cool.




See you later.


This is nujabes featuring a Pawnee.

Be called.

Thank you.

All right.

See you later.

Here we go.

Thanks y'all.